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NAACP v. Rev. Pinkney for Being Real

SECTION I. CORPORATE TAKEOVER OF GOVERNMENT is probably most apparent in Benton Harbor, Michigan. All of the city's duly elected officials were essentially fired and replaced with a city manager appointed by Michigan's governor in 2011. Benton Harbor residents, overwhelmingly African Americans, allege that they are victimized by systemic racism, including murders, nooses being hung, extreme prejudice in courts and health care facilities, and a land grab that wrongly turns public land into a golf course for the elite. At the forefront of residents who are resisting oppression is Rev. Edward Pinkney. He is president of the NAACP's Benton Harbor chapter, but maybe not for long. Rev. Pinkney asserts that NAACP is attempting to oust him for standing with oppressed people against corporate greed and government misdeeds, which are reasons why the organization was founded and enjoys members' support. Rev. Pinkney is also president of BH BANCO organization. (Four links in Section 1 and six links in Section II of this article). Information about Rev. Pinkney's fight with the NAACP and plans for days of mass demonstrations in May 2012 wherein Benton Harbor residents and others will resist oppression are revealed at the B.H.BANCO website and during weekly discussions at Rev. Pinkney's Blogtalk Radio shows at, which this blogger is honored to join most Sundays from 5pm until 6pm EST.


For the first time that we can recall, Whirlpool has come right out in print and declared a takeover, in this case, of the NAACP-Benton Harbor. IT'S STUNNING, SHAMELESS, UNREAL!

WP employee Marcus Robinson (liaison to Benton Harbor), is circulating an email that has come to our attention. The content is screaming his desire to rid NAACP-BH of it's president, Rev. Pinkney. See an excerpt below from Marcus Robinson's email:

"The State Commission of the NAACP and their national office has decided to undertake the reorganization [of] this chapter with a specific intention of revitaliz[ing] the leadership and membership body... contact Marcus Robinson, by cell (269)277-7711 or by inbox at"

We urge any and all to contact Robinson with your views on the WP takeover attempt.

The Michigan NAACP has announced it will come to town on April 14 to hold a special election (to vote out Pinkney we suspect). He's currently president of the local BH chapter; elected by a very wide margin. Are you sitting down? Marcus Robinson is currently giving free NAACP memberships to those who promise to vote against Pinkney. [Rev. Pinkney exposed $12 mil H.U.D. grant benefited Whirlpool on  his December 12, 2011 radio show at this link . The grant was supposed to help Benton Harbor residents!]

Pinkney has been involved in organizing a five day protest from May 23 to 27 when the PGA tournament will be held in Benton Harbor on land Whirlpool stole from the town's residents. It doesn't take an IQ of 200 to understand why there's an effort to oust him from NAACP-BH.

Pinkney is initiating plans to file a lawsuit against the NAACP and is looking for members to join the effort. He said the organization claims to fight for rights of voters, yet disenfranchises the voting rights of NAACP-BH members to please "the corporation."

He feels confident that there are many who will attest to the fact that the NAACP ignores many injustices against Blacks, and even encourages discrimination.

(Look this up: NAACP v. Black Cigarettes Smokers (2010))

Did Whirlpool and the PGA promise money to the NAACP to oust Pinkney? After many years of living in the shadow of this corporation and observing the racism and corruption, Pinkney believes the answer is "yes."

REV. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. refused to be involved with the NAACP; he was never a member.
SECTION II. RESPONSE FROM MARY NEAL (two poems and seven links in Section II). The civil rights movement had a strange side effect that NAACP founders probably never expected. After Jim Crow was seriously wounded in the 1960s, many blacks became decision makers for oppressive government agencies and major corporations that prioritize profits over people. As a result of the Voting Rights Act and affirmative action, our oppressors now include African Americans who have close relationships with NAACP officers. In fact, high-ranking members and officers of the NAACP may actually include government officials whose jobs entail helping to suppress justice after deaths of minority people in custody and other abuses of power.

I am a human rights and prisoner activists and director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill  - I was the sister of slain mentally ill black man whose secret arrest and murder NAACP officers refuse to acknowledge and address. Some members were/are actively involved in covering up Larry's murder and other racist acts in the USA. See the Wrongful Death of Larry website. NAACP members were on Tennessee's Shelby County Commission in 2003 when my mentally, physically disabled brother was essentially kidnapped and lynched in Memphis Shelby County Jail. County Commissioners included Michael Hooks, nephew of former NAACP president, Ben Hooks, deceased. After Larry's death, an elaborate scheme was hatched between the United States Department of Justice, Shelby County Government, and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm to hide Larry's wrongful death that occurred while he was in secret government custody. One reason why the NAACP refuses to help my family and many other oppressed African Americans is simply because the civil rights movement promoted a large number of blacks to important positions working for oppressors, and their first loyalty is to their own wallets.

We have met the enemy, and he is us. ~Walt Kelly

Be encouraged, Rev. Pinkney. Your struggle is classic among blacks who actually walk the talk. Nevertheless, the NAACP has many members and supporters who remain dedicated to justice. I am certain that NAACP headquarters will hear from plenty of them regarding your persecution because you stand for justice. The biggest hurdle is disseminating news about your persecution with so much censorship in place to limit communication among oppressed people. Your tenacity as a human and civil rights advocate is something you share with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Malcolm X, Black Panther Party members, Ghandi, and leaders of all races who were and are devoted to promoting human rights above their own selfish interests. Such persons cannot be bought, so they are treated with enmity by sellouts. Sincere advocates, especially during the civil rights movement, contended with frauds, black racists, and CoIntelPro tactics. It still happens - maybe more than ever before.

Unlike some so-called leaders, you are sincere, Rev. Pinkney. That is why people from all over the nation call you when they are defrauded, falsely accused by law enforcement or wrongly convicted, brutalized by police officers, mistreated by their employers, or otherwise victimized because of corporate greed and government misdeeds. Are there no NAACP offices in the various states where people live who yet come to you for assistance? Of course there are. Everyone I have introduced to you, Rev. Pinkney, had been to the NAACP and other human rights organizations in their areas first. But they received no assistance addressing their victimization.

You are strong and keep working for justice no matter what the system throws at you. You are the only pastor in America that I know of who was arrested for quoting the Bible. A judge asserted that your references to Deut. 28 were terrorist threats, and you were imprisoned for a year and under house arrest after prison release. The real reason, of course, may have been to cause you to lose your bid for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. It is my understanding that you ran a very successful campaign from behind bars and nearly won despite your arrest. What a warrior, and what strong support you have from people who believe in you for good reason!

Now the system uses your own organization, the NAACP, to malign you and try to limit your success resisting racism in Benton Harbor. There were always "colored people" like that. In the 1960s and 70s, black people and other races suffered attacks by vicious police dogs, strong water hoses, and dared to disobey illegal injunctions in order to help to push blacks toward the mountaintop. Some died, but thousands were helped. The blacks who received help were then expected to send a line back to enable other brothers and sisters to also climb to their dreams. Too few of them did or do that. Instead, some look the other way regarding the subjugation of our people, and others actually joined oppressors in an "Elite Integration." See my poem by that title below:

Elite white people and black people done got together against 'lil people.
And they imprisoning 'em and waterboarding 'em and executing 'em

Elite white people and black people done got together against 'lil people,
And they lay 'em off, make 'em bail out banks, layin' railroad tracks to concentration camps

Listen people, here's what we gotta do
Better get together, 'cuz they comin' for you!
(by Mary Neal, all rights reserved)

Rev. Pinkney, I always urge unity among working class and impoverished people and all people of conscious without regard to race, political parties, and socioeconomic levels like you do. Overcoming oppression requires the kind of unity that defeated SOPA, an Internet censorship bill. Numerous large corporations do not want a government takeover of the Internet that could negatively impact their businesses. They united with poor and middle class whites and minorities to overcome that threat. African Americans recognized that SOPA would have given the Justice Department control over the Internet, meaning that police could kill even more of minorities without worrying that videos of police brutality would go viral on YouTube. Because we united, we won that battle to keep freedom of press, but new congressional bills to limit or eliminate net freedom are continuously introduced in Washington, and the latest bill is by Senator McCain.

We the People must unite and oppose everything that is Nazi like we did to defeat SOPA. We must unite despite differences in race, party affiliations, and socioeconomic status, because unscrupulous elitists of every race already have consolidated their efforts against the People. Some say the GOP and Dems are too partisan to accomplish needed change, but I do not see partisanship. The GOP and Dems work together like the parts of a Swiss watch to vote almost unanimously on bills and government measures citizens oppose, such as wars, the Patriot Act, corporate bailouts, and the National Defense Authorization Act, which provides for concentration camps within America. I think people are operating under a strange delusion. They see what is happening, but they do not really see it. Drone plans will soon fly in American skies, yet people suffer from "Mass Hypnosis." Indeed, while America appears more democratic than ever as people from every race are "running things," civil and human rights for everyone in the country are actually declining. If whites oppose lost civil and human rights, they are accused of being bigots. Blacks who resist are accused of being disloyal to their race. And all feel threatened by the powers government assigns itself to retaliate against Americans who exercise our "freedoms." Please enjoy my poem below, "Mass Hypnosis":

This is how we'll win the game
Let just a few live the dream
Marches, sit-ins all in vain
Make 'em think they overcame

Show 'em an empty Jim Crowe grave
Apologize for making 'em slaves
Rising tempers, we must tame
Make 'em think they overcame.

Let a few experience success
Toms come aboard and control the rest
Millions will be left in pain
But they'll think they overcame.
(All rights reserved by Mary Neal 11/13/10)

Rev. Pinkney, too many blacks who we push up the mountain join our oppressors along the way. Courageous civil rights heroes by the thousands who faced mobs of racist police officers, dogs and water hoses to win affirmative action and the Voting Rights Act got too little in return. Yes, the results in terms of the number of blacks there are in important government and corporate positions are impressive compared to 50 years ago, but some "winners" are more apt to step on the fingers of his brothers who climb the mountain behind them than to give a hand. Please consider that 1 in 9 young black males was not imprisoned, many of them used for prison labor projects (slavery), until after the Voting Rights Act was passed and many blacks went to Congress. I assert that there are plenty of prison profiteers who are black and liberal whites, including people who have yet to examine their 401-K plans and investment portfolios to make sure that their investments reflect their values.

Numerous blacks who climb the mountain listen to the enemy who offers a lift. They collude with oppressors and agree to be plantation overseers instead of overcomers. The agreements between sellouts and oppressors are made in secret because the plan itself is a secret in 21st century America. Hoods are not fashionable these days, and neither are tap dancing shoeshine boys and black Confederate soldiers, but they still exist. See four articles about this and the need all Americans share to recognize the program and unite for positive social and political change if we are to remain at our present level of personal freedom. That is not to say that we have a true democracy, but it behooves us who share the dream to keep striving for that.

It is disappointing but not surprising that the NAACP's leadership seeks to remove a sincere and highly effective civil and human rights worker like yourself, Rev. Pinkney. They wish to prevent you from presiding over Benton Harbor NAACP, which you practically built, according to the city's former mayor. The organization's leadership betrays all of us who apply unity in protests and boycotts to accomplish social change and it betrays the blood of martyrs. We need sincere, dedicated leaders who are devoted to promoting justice and human rights. Instead, some of our so-called leaders are "Killing the Dream," which is the name of the first of four links below that lead to more articles I published on the subject:





A man's enemies will be of his own household. ~Matt.10:36 

I attended NAACP town hall meetings in Atlanta after police staged a home invasion in November 2006 and killed 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston. I gave NAACP officers and other so-called black leaders irrefutable proof that The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm was purchased and run by racist whites and black opportunists who undermine justice for The Firm's clients in some police murder cases, and the firm gets help from courts to run scams on its own clients. Some so-called "black leaders" promised to call me to get details of the documents that are under the "DOCUMENTS" tab at website. Instead, when I exited my home for work the next day, all my car doors were open, my hood and trunk were up, and nothing was taken. That was the beginning of a rein of terror against my family and me for requesting accountability and due process of law for Larry Neal's murder, and it continues today. As a result of "leaders" suppressing the truth about The Cochran Firm, Kathryn Johnston's family, the Ramapough Native American tribe of New Jersey, the Anderson family in Kentucky, the Jackson family in California, and now Marine Sergeant Loggins' family in California were or may be defrauded by The Cochran Firm. That is what happened to my elderly mother and our family were when The Firm worked for Shelby County Jail behind our backs to see that Larry's wrongful death case never went to court.

The fact is that the Neal family has black police officials, mayors, a black CEO over DeKalb County, Georgia, and a black U.S. president and attorney general, but that has not made a difference. We are treated like black families in the 1940s who had a loved one to be lynched. The Neals are terrorized, censored, denied due process of law and open records and generally treated like blacks were 70years ago. Our civil and human rights are violated continually. What's worse, other African Americans, including journalists, refuse to assist black people who experience obvious victimization by high-ranking blacks. Instead, most remain silent in homage to the blackness of oppressors. The civil rights era's success for African Americans was an equal success for racists. It quelled dissent among a people who were once more united in challenging injustices. For example, it is doubtful that the concentration camp bill, National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), could have been signed or Africa invaded in 2011 without strenuous objections from African Americans if that bill and invasion been authorized by a white Republican.

Rev. Pinkney, you are fighting on the winning team no matter how it looks during the battle. Liberty and justice for all is God's idea, and their arms are too short to box with God. Please share this as well as the poems and links to four articles about "elite integration v. the masses" that are herein. Thank you for informing more people about "NAACP v. Black Cigarette Smokers" through your organization, B.H. BANCO. When I told people in 2010 that the NAACP requested Congress to outlaw menthol cigarettes and ONLY menthol cigarettes (the type that 85% of black smokers use), they were astonished like I was. There was a time when the NAACP leaders like Thurgood Marshall fought for equal justice for minorities. But today is a time when prison profiteering is spreading like an airborne disease and large corporations turn civil rights organizations into their personal lobbying groups. The People are awakening fast now! Unless the NAACP improves its commitment to the People it was formed to serve and upholds the ideal of justice for all, then you are right in your assessment: It is time to burn NAACP membership cards and support leaders who support justice for ALL. Make assessments based on character and not skin color like MLK admonished, or we can be manipulated to act against our own best interests. Stalkers prevent my links from opening in a new window. If you open the eleven(11) links herein, use your back arrow to return to "NAACP v. Rev. Pinkney for Being Real" in this FreeSpeakBlog (the name's a joke, believe me).


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