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Cochran Firm Fraud in Mann v. Ford re Environmental Racism

Mary Neal exposes hypocrisy in government officials and media
to cover-up The Cochran Firm Fraud against minorities in America,
including the Ramapough People of New Jersey.

(seven(7) links, 1 photo)    The following information comes from an excerpt of my "Open Letter to The Ramapough People re Cochran Firm Fraud" at this link

I will try to answer in this article with seven(7) links.  Former Cochran Firm partner, SHAWN CHAPMAN HOLLEY explains the racist direction Johnnie Cochran's new partners took against minorities after Johnnie died when she interviewed with NPR in 2007 at this link - Shawn Chapman Holley is an ethical attorney, so she had to go. She sued The Cochran Firm for racism, sexism, and fraud.

VICKI GILLIAM represented the Ramapough People against Ford Motor Corporation earnestly until she was suddenly taken off the case that was worth between $2billion and $3billion. The Ramapough People's case was then handled in The Cochran Firm's home office in Dothan, Alabama, and devious partners settled the Mann v. Ford case for a mere $12.5 million, not enough to pay for the tribe's sick Native Americans' ongoing medical care, much less address the tribe's many wrongful deaths. Vicki Gilliam is an ethical attorney, so she had to go. Now she has her own law firm. Listen to Ms. Gilliam speak about the Ramapough People's case to Terry Lowry in during a two-part interview (two(2) links):
Vicki Gilliam interview Part I
Vicki Gilliam interview Part II

In the edit field, the second Vicki Gilliam link is a different color and so is the Shawn Chapman Holley NPR interview link. I selected for all links in my articles to be the same color, but cyberstalkers apply censorship coding to my links often. When using a cellphone, I found that some links will not open. A team of cyberstalkers were hired to monitor and interfere with my computer input 24/7 to contain damaging information about The Cochran Firm, which I believe is a CoIntelPro agent against minorities. That is why the media pretends not to see me outside their offices with my COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD sign. There are no attorneys in Johnnie Cochran's Los Angeles office who worked with him. The firm reportedly eliminated all people who worked with Johnnie Cochran in his original law office after his untimely death, including attorneys and staff. Now partners in the Los Angeles office are suing each other over sex with the staff and Johnnie Cochran's name. See  "Cochran Firm Partners Buy Sex."

Steps to Justice A thru R

A)    Shelby County Jail was under federal overview in 2003 when Larry Neal was secretly arrested and murdered in that facility.
B)    Shelby County Government was supposed to make an inmate fatality report to the USDOJ regarding Larry's fatal incarceration, which the County Attorney said was done.
C)    But the USDOJ denies receipt of any such report from Shelby County regarding Larry's death. The trouble is that whether or not Shelby County made required reports to the USDOJ regarding Larry's demise, the federal agency is not off the hook.
D)    That is because the USDOJ communicated directly with Mary Neal about Larry Neal's death after his family learned The Cochran Firm never did discovery and sought records about Larry's fatal incarceration.
E)    The communication between Mary Neal and the USDOJ happened before the USDOJ allowed Shelby County Jail to omit reporting Larry's death in the jail's Release hearings regarding Shelby County Jail's federal overview.
F)    When the USDOJ allowed Shelby County Government to omit reporting Larry's fatal incarceration during the jail's release hearings and subsequent reports, the USDOJ officials joined Shelby County officials in committing a fraud on the USA and denial of due process to Larry's survivors. 
G)    Collusion between Shelby County Government officials and USDOJ officials was done to cover-up the murder of Larry Neal, a harmless, middle-aged, black, schizophrenic heart patient and disabled American citizen.
H)    The Cochran Firm's fraud against the Neals was supposed to complete the cover-up by keeping Larry's murder off the record and out of court. 
I)     The Neals' lawsuit against The Cochran Firm for its fraud foiled that plan. Therefore, judges prevented the Neals' lawsuit from proceding to jury.
J)     Mary Neal is now stalked, persecuted, censored, and threatened because the USDOJ wants to avoid investigating and prosecuting criminal behavior in county and federal officials and their Cochran Firm fraud lawyers.
The preceding information at "A" through "J" comes from an excerpt of my "Open Letter to The Ramapough People re Cochran Firm Fraud" at this link
K)    In fact, it appears that citizens police have been moved into the foreclosed homes around the Neals in Stone Mountain, Georgia.
L)    I make frequent reports to the public so as to avoid being attack and will file suit to get all cyberterror, videos recording censorship, and witness affidavits that evidence disparate treatment, collusion and terrorism by government officials against the Neal family into public record.
M)    We hope to discourage actual attacks and further censorship against the Neals by entering these allegations and proof into federal court records although the Neal family anticipates another kangaroo court process.
N)     The conspiracy between federal and county government officials, The Cochran Firm, and courts to hide Larry Neal's fatal incarceration prove that SOME PEOPLE ARE CONSIDERED MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.
O)     WHEREAS Larry Neal was murdered under secret arrest in a government owned and controlled facility and government officials refuse to answer a single question about it and do or allow crimes against Larry's survivors including censorship and terrorism to prevent wide disclosure, I hereby make the following requests: 
P)      Death sentences for every condemned inmate should be commuted to life in prison and all such inmates should have new trials and/or DNA tests upon request, beginning withDarrell Lomax (CA), Jeff Wood, Andre Thomas and Hank Skinner (TX).  Thomas Arthur (AL) is to be the next victim. His  execution is scheduled for March 29 although Arthur's DNA test results conclusively excluded him as contributor for all evidence tested in 2009. Mary Neal was locked out of her advocacy group at Care2 about the time Thomas Arthur's death warrant was secured in Alabama to prevent wide disclosure about his pending murder. Visit Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI). Arthur's DNA test results were sealed by Judge Pulliam until Arthur's execution, just as Troy Davis was under gag order until Georgia killed him. Arthur's daughter defied the court order, and Thomas' DNA test results are online at his website. Cameron Todd Willingham (TX) should have been saved from execution by the fire expert's report that stated there was NO evidence of arson, therefore Willingham should not be punished for killing his children who perished in a fire at their home. But Texas killed Willingham despite the report, possibly because death penalty states are in a race with one another to see who can kill the most people. Virginia leads because that state killed the most people before 1976, but Texas will take the lead with around 50 more executions. Perhaps they get extra points for executing innocent people like Willianham and Thomas and Davis.
Q)      I further request for capital punishment to end immediately and that public apologies be given to Troy Davis' survivors and to everyone who was executed for murder, because government employees essentially kidnapped and murdered a harmless schizophrenic man, Larry Neal, without censure, colluded to cover up Larry's murder like a criminal gang, and continually allow or facilitate terrorism and censorship against the victim's survivors to intimidate them into silence.
R)     Having proved that federal and local government officials disregard human and civil rights of individuals, including U.S. citizens, and that some officials have no regard for the Constitution of the United States of America or state law, I further request that NDAA Section 1021 be immediately repealed under pending congressional bill H.R.3785 or another act of congress. Larry's secret arrest and murder and the denial of resolution for eight years through two presidential administrations prove conclusively that nobody in government is that trustworthy. Neither the founding fathers nor God the Father intended for any human being to have such powers over another.
The preceding information at "A" through "J" comes from an excerpt of my "Open Letter to The Ramapough People re Cochran Firm Fraud" at this link - The Ramapough People were also defrauded by The Cochran Firm on behalf of certain government and corporate interests. WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED TO THE COCHRAN FIRM AFTER JOHNNIE'S DEATH?  I tried to answer in this article with seven(7) links. For more information, Google "Cochran Firm Fraud."
Mary Neal

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