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Thomas Arthur Murder: March 29

Thomas Arthur, Alabama Death Row
DNA eliminated as murderer July 2009

(Five(5) links) BEFORE Y'ALL MURDER THOMAS ARTHUR, could you tell me one thing? What did Arthur really do? There is no proof he killed anyone. In fact, the DNA test he took already in 2009 eliminated him as a match for ALL of the evidence that was tested. There is more evidence that could be tested against Arthur's DNA, and he wants desperately to do that to clear his name. But Alabama refuses to allow further tests at Arthur's attorneys' expense. We therefore might assume that Alabama knows the man is innocent and there is some other reason why Arthur is to be sacrificed. What is it, please? Did Arthur offend someone powerful? Please see an excerpt from a report below:

AL Refuses to Allow Important DNA Test for Death Row Case
Arthur's attorneys are even willing to pay for that testing, the few thousand bucks it would be, and the testing could be completed by the execution date. It is here where prosecutors and judges lose me when they prioritize "finality" in capital punishment cases at the expense of "accuracy." It would cost Alabama nothing to let Arthur's lawyers do the testing. And it might solve a case that already has cost the state millions of dollars. Instead, Alabama wants to finally solve its Arthur problem by executing him. No matter how the new DNA test could come out, the state is more interested in defending its dubious conviction.

Have people forgotten that Thomas Arthur already took a DNA test and it eliminated him as the murderer? The way my cyberstalkers get busy every time I write about Arthur is very disturbing. It is like a premeditated murder is about to happen. The Care2 ecards I sent out in 2009 announcing Arthur was about to be executed although his DNA test results indicated innocence arrived to most addressees blank. Care2 reported there was a technical issue. Then Gmail, which I use for prisoner advocacy, had technical issues, also - on the very same day that Care2 ecards reported problems - September 1, 2009. Arthur's DNA test results from 2009 are in a .pdf file at this link - This week my cyberstalking got worse than before. There is something strange happening regarding the Thomas Arthur case, and it seems personal - like someone WANTS the man dead no matter what.

I have been locked out of Care2 for weeks. Is that to prevent my contact with my Care2 friends? We worked together and pushed my Thomas Arthur article to the front page of Care2 in 2009, letting as many people as possible know that a man who passed his DNA test was facing imminent execution anyway. The story is at

Like most activists, I never met Arthur or any of the condemned people for whom I advocate. I just believe Arthur is innocent based on the evidence presented in the media and compelling evidence on Arthur's website at this link . The same was true about Troy Davis. What about Hank Skinner in Texas? The court stepped in and gave Skinner a stay of execution when he was going to get axed in November 2011. But has he had his DNA test yet? This is four months later. Are stays of execution just to give the public a chance to forget?

People have a right to know why they are being killed. Arthur begged for a DNA test for 20 years to prove his innocence and did not get one until another man said he killed Troy Wicker, the man Arthur was about to be executed about. Alabama wanted to prove the confessor did not do the murder, so Alabama ordered DNA tests for both men. It would have looked real bad to let the confessor take DNA tests just to eliminate his confession but deprive Arthur of DNA tests he begged to have for many years. Arthur finally got a DNA test early in 2009, but it apparently does not matter to anyone in the Alabama justice system that THOMAS ARTHUR'S DNA TEST ALREADY RULED HIM OUT AS CONTRIBUTOR FOR ALL OF THE EVIDENCE THAT WAS TESTED.

Do you remember what Judge Pulliam said and did when Arthur's and Bobby Ray Gilbert's DNA tests came back? She said that the DNA test had conclusively proved that Gilbert was NOT the murderer. Regarding Arthur getting the VERY SAME results, she said, "Put Arthur's test results under seal and do not let anyone see them!" This is serious.

Right away Alabama was ready to execute Arthur although Arthur's DNA test results were the exact same as the false confessor's who Judge Pulliam said had been CONCLUSIVELY ELIMINATED. If the test conclusively proved in the judge's mind that the confessor was not the killer, then why didn't the same test results for Arthur exonerate him?  

After Arthur's DNA test results came from the lab in the summer of 2009, he and his family thought they were home free. His daughter and I talked several times. Not only did Arthur expect to be moved off death row, but we all believed Arthur would be going home soon. Contrarily, an Alabama district attorney told Birmingham News that he was going to go ahead and request Arthur's death warrant - time his DNA tests came back NEGATIVE FOR ALL EVIDENCE TESTED.

At least tell Arthur why you really plan to kill him. Did he hit someone's bumper and neglect to leave a note? Did he date someone's wife 30 years ago before being imprisoned on this unproved murder charge? Arthur should be told why Alabama wants him dead so he can stop begging for DNA tests as though someone in the justice system cares about innocence and guilt. 

I just read that Thomas Arthur had three trials, and Alabama set a $1,000 cap on his attorney's fees all three times. How many hours of an attorney's time will $1,000 buy?  In the law firms where I worked, it might purchase between three to five hours of legal work, depending on whether a partner or an associate did it. I read that the public defender assigned to handle the Troy Davis appeal had over 70 open cases to defend simultaneous to his case. Is that not ridiculous? It is beyond ridiculous to execute people when their defense was necessarily negligent, and you know it. Is that loving thy neighbor as thyself? No.

Please explain the prosecutor's position on killing a man whose DNA test results indicate innocence. Taxpayers have a right to know why killing is being done in their names and with their dime. Why does Alabama really want Arthur dead? Is it personal? I saw some television shows featuring people who held grudges from childhood against individuals who bullied them when they were little kids. Is something like that happening here? Or is Arthur being murdered to propel Alabama to a higher score in the DP race with other capital punishment states?

I am against capital punishment even for the guilty. But if Alabama wants another notch on its belt in the DP race, couldn't the state kill someone who is guilty or at least "likely" guilty of murder instead of using a man whose DNA test results completely eliminated him on everything that the State of Alabama was willing to test?

This is serious. We want to know, and Arthur has a right to know, what is the real reason for Thomas Arthur's execution? The Bible says "Woe unto hands that shed innocent blood" (Prov. 6:16-17). Isn't it worth a test - a test that will cost Alabama zero - to be sure? What is wrong with simply using the test results that were already received from the forensics lab to exonerate Arthur? Is everyone still pretending that Arthur never had DNA tests already? Why did the judge put Arthur's DNA test results under court seal? Who ever heard of such a thing as that? 

Did you know the former police officer who stretched Oscar Grant out on the cold B.A.R.T. station platform and shot the 22-year-old father in his back only served 11 months in prison? Even if Thomas Arthur is guilty, he already spent 30 years behind bars and underwent the stress of imminent execution more than once. The disparity in sentencing from state-to-state and person-to-person is truly unacceptable. I know you probably respond, "Says who?" I have to reply, "God says." If you place no value on being fair, what is the "justice" system?

Please consider that everyone is mortal. Everybody in the justice system from Mr. Holder to the man who mops the floor in a jailhouse in a little country town is going to have to stand before God some day. Do you want innocent blood on your hands? I wore myself out trying to appeal to the justice system for Troy Davis, and I recognize now that something is terribly wrong. It is a hard thing to understand, but I don't think y'all care if people you execute might be innocent. Arthur's case proves you don't care if they are highly likely to be innocent. If DNA tests are good enough to send people to death, why isn't Arthur's DNA test good enough to save him?

To my atheist friends, please don't take offense. I know religion is not strictly necessary for a person to be moral and support human and civil rights. I also know that just because a person claims to be religious does not mean he/she really is. But it seems that some people who believe human beings are apes' great grandkids can do just about anything to people and feel no more guilt than I do when I eat hamburgers. Human beings are just meat to them.

I will finish this article later and add some links. But after all the work I did to help save Troy Davis only to find out you killed him anyway, I just don't know whether it helps. With Troy, I thought everything was fine and went to bed. Then the next morning, someone said, "They killed Troy last night around 11."  I could not believe it. If over a million people worldwide could see more proof of guilt was needed, why couldn't you? Why don't you care?

This is overwhelming, and it is late. May God bless SOME of you and prove His power to the rest. I cannot take much more of this human rights advocacy right now. It is disheartening to know how MEAN SOME OF Y'ALL ARE. MEAN PEOPLE. Have you ever dreamed you were falling? You awakened with relief in your bed, right? Well, hell is a bottomless pit with fire and hot lava all the way down leading to nowhere, ever, and you do not awaken in your own bed and Jesus refuses to hear you repent.

Repeat of paragraph 1 for cellphone users. (My articles are often coded to begin after the first few lines or paragraphs to censor photos and introductory information.) BEFORE Y'ALL MURDER THOMAS ARTHUR, could you tell me one thing? What did Arthur really do? There is no proof he killed anyone. In fact, the DNA test he took already in 2009 eliminated him as a match for ALL of the evidence that was tested. There is more evidence that could be tested against Arthur's DNA, and he wants desperately to do that to clear his name. But Alabama refuses to allow further tests at Arthur's attorneys' expense. We therefore might assume that Alabama knows the man is innocent and there is some other reason why Arthur is to be sacrificed. What is it, please? Did Arthur offend someone powerful?

The quoted text in this article is from this link:

A photo of Thomas Arthur is below. Imagine nearly 30 years on death row, most of them spent asking for a DNA test, finally getting the test, then the test results are ignored because they eliminate the inmate for the crime scene evidence tested. Amazing!


Susan Barringer Wells (Vaughan) said...

Susan Barringer Wells (Vaughan) said...

I suspect Alabama does not want to pay the reparations cost of incarcerating an innocent man and therefore does not want to give him the chance to prove his innocence,

Susan Barringer Wells (Vaughan) said...

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Hi, Susan. Thanks for posting the petition for people to support justice for Thomas Arthur. It is wise to believe everything in the injustice system comes down to money. Fear of a lawsuit for Arthur's wrongful conviction my be the impetus for the judge sealing his DNA test results and proceeding with Arthur's execution despite the 2009 DNA test results that eliminated him as contributor of any of the crime scene evidence that Alabama allowed to be tested.

I think sensible caps should be put on the amount of damages for wrongful convictions to eliminate that barrier to justice - perhaps twice the inmates' expected annual income for each year of imprisonment.

I share your belief that decision makers will not prioritize justice over money. Therefore, We the People must make injustice unprofitable. Please see my video about a nationwide shopping moratorium: BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE

If you see this comment, Susan, please tell me what you think of the proposal in the video.

Thanks for commenting and for caring about Thomas Arthur, a potentially innocent man facing murder, perhaps because it is the expedient thing to do to save money.