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Google Something's Broken - Justice System

1.    Hello, Google. Stalkers apparently plan to steal paragraph no. 3 with its 5 links. I filled out a "Question" form at Blogger, as I have numerous times in the past. I finally found out what is broken, and I wrote about it at Blogger Forums.This article has eight numbered paragraphs and nine links.  A copy of my Blogger "something is broken" post is below.

2.    I know what is broken. It is the justice system. Law enforcement refuses to investigate and prosecute cyber stalkers. My blogs suffer repeated hacking. I am so thankful to Google for getting my blogs back online when the stalkers took them down after I protested S.968 to put the Internet under the Justice Dept. Look what they did to my article, "Rodney King, My Write-in Candidate."  . He said, "Can't we all just get along?"

3.    Stalkers stole the link for headline news for December 6, 2011: THE TOTAL COLLAPSE - "Chinese President Hu Jintao Tuesday urged the navy to prepare for military combat amid growing regional tensions over maritime disputes and a US campaign to assert itself as a Pacific power."  [Now it appears that THE TOTAL COLLAPSE link is there and the link for Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill is missing - They hate the Care2 group I direct.] They turned the link for Rodney King's full speech gray  - That happened months ago. For several weeks, stalkers kept me from updating my Care2 site ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL . Tonight, I learned they may be keeping the public from visiting my site by using a fake "Care2 site down for maintenance" post - I decided to check Care2 at Twitter and see if they explained there. Stalkers then said Google Chrome couldn't find Twitter  [Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? If not, you should read about The Cochran Firm's defense when my elderly mom and I sued the firm for defrauding us to help Memphis Shelby County Jail escape accountability for my handicapped brother's secret arrest and murder. The Firm had no defense against our fraud allegations, so the devious lawyers had Judge Wendy Shoob dismiss our lawsuit by saying there is no Cochran Firm office whatsoever within the State of Georgia. That is the most ridiculous perjury ever, but the judge dismissed our against The Cochran Firm while it represented clients for numerous cases in that same court. Something is broken.]

4.    I hope they let me back in Care2 and my group after Alabama kills Thomas Arthur. They do not want me to advocate for his life to be spared. Alabama decided to go ahead and execute Thomas Arthur March 29, 2012, despite his 2009 DNA test results showing he was eliminated as contributor for 100% of the evidence the state allowed to be tested. 

5.    In 2008, Arthur won a stay of execution because another man stepped forward and claimed to be the murderer. The State decided to test the confessor's DNA. I guess it looked bad to test the confessor and not finally give Arthur the DNA test he'd requested for decades, so Arthur finally got the DNA test. Both men's came back NEGATIVE. Judge Pulliam said the test had CONCLUSIVELY PROVED THE CONFESSOR WAS LYING. HIS DNA TEST PROVED HE WAS NOT THE MURDERER. But Thomas Arthur got the VERY SAME RESULTS AS THE MAN JUDGE PULLIAM DISMISSED AS DEFINITELY NOT BEING THE MURDERER. Do you think Alabama let Arthur go? No. He will be executed March 29. It is supposed to be a Cameron Todd Willingham-type execution (pictured with a child he allegedly burned to death). After Arthur is dead, people will start talking about the DNA test he already took and passed. With Willingham, a fire investigator's report surfaced after his execution that says there was no arson and therefore no murders. AFTER TEXAS HAD ALREADY KILLED HIM [while in custody of the fire report, which the state ignored]. That is how things are supposed to work for Arthur, also. But I reported his DNA test results. His daughter defied JUDGE PULLIAM'S COURT ORDER TO SEAL THE TEST RESULTS UNTIL AFTER ARTHUR IS KILLED.   See the DNA test results at this link to "Thomas Arthur's Fight for Life" website.

6.    On September 1, 2009, they took down gMail and attacked Care2 eCards when I was publishing the info about Arthur's DNA test results and his pending execution. I still made it to front page at Care2 News Network with the plot against a likely innocent man. This time, they're taking no chances. 
7.    Stalkers locked me out of Care2 around the time they got Arthur's death warrant. If I try to log on at Care2, I get kicked offline immediately. Tonight I corresponded with two Christians via gMail and invited them to visit Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill in hopes that they would help decriminalize mental illness at - But then I found out they may be prevented from visiting the group I spent thousands of hours developing. CoIntelPro completely took over my Care2 site and puts a fake "Care2 is down for maintenance" page on view whenever they want. This article has eight numbered paragraphs and nine links. That is a type of censorship I discussed in "Internet Censorship American-Style" at this link [adding later]. It is really pitiful. Internet censorship is the 21st century equivalent to Nazi book burning. I started a new blog to keep helping families with mentally dysfunctional persons facing lengthy incarceration at "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" . By creating that new blog, our advocacy work to decriminalize mental illness does not have to stop until after Alabama kills Arthur. But tonight, I asked a member of AIMI to log on and tell AIMI members about our new blog. I guess that fake "Care2 is down for maintenance" kept her from doing that, also.

8.    Blessings from Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (website above), sister of slain mental patient Larry Neal , human rights advocate sent to the battlefield by Jesus Christ, my Lord. Jesus must be coming soon. These people are so anti-right. Note: I usually add photos and more data after initial publishing. That is because if I leave my edit screen to get photos, stalkers steal links, redirect some, and sometimes steal whole paragraphs. They already attacked the link to my Google doc proving stalkers posted a page saying Google could not find Twitter (at paragraph 3). I added five photographs to this article. Please pray for America, especially the justice system. Something is broken.

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