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Mary Neal Finally Heard From Police Re 911 Emergency Call When Waylaid

FOREWORD:  People are quite serious about hiding secret jail deaths and abuses.  A large municipal area has apparently decided that some citizens are too "unacceptably different" to live  - chronic mental patients and people in the GLBT community.  Therefore, they are subjected to arrest (even secret arrest), abuse, and death.  This information is protected in mainstream news, ignored by authorities, and if families of the abuse and murder victims complain, they suffer persecution and endangerment.  The actual police report regarding my worst stalking event and twenty-two (22) links are this blog.  Also, please see below my EMPTY CHAIR AT CHRISTMAS poem about our Holidays without Larry Neal, my brother who went "missing" but was actually under secret arrest until death.  At the end are my Cochran Firm Fraud videos - two of them.  I report the contents of this blog because cyberstalkers sometimes delete (or render invisible) portions they consider most damaging.  If you think it cannot be done, remember the rocket shot through the moon recently and ask a savvy computer tech.  Please visit over 170 other articles I also published at -  Links herein do not open in a separate window. Please read all before opening links, or use your back arrow to return.  YOUR help to continue giving Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill is urgently needed.  Secret arrests and murders of mental patients and people in the GLBT community must not be tolerated.  Thanks!

December 2008 - I feel it promotes security to keep the public informed as my family continues our justice quest regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal in Memphis/Shelby County Jail, so this is the latest installment.  I discussed my most frightening stalking event during an interview on the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio show on October 11, 2009 at this link:  MARY NEAL, A WARRIOR - Although we had numerous other stalking episodes (online and in person), September 27, 2008 remains the most frightening because of the USDOT truck leading other vehicles.


September 27, 2008 was indeed a dog night. Interesting news events unfolded about a month after my Chevron ordeal regarding abuses to inmates in county jails. Secondly, Duanna Johnson, who was to become a litigant against Memphis Shelby County Jail, was murdered execution style on November 9, 2008, just weeks after my grandson and I escaped the stalkers at Chevron. Johnson was a transgender person who was beaten in the jail's intake area, and a videotape of her beating was broadcast worldwide. I tried to make contact with Johnson through GLBT online sites where I left warnings about the potential for danger her lawsuit might present and the stalking I endured; however, she never responded. I was disturbed because when I called Johnson's lawyers' office in June when the video of her beating at the jail was released, I learned that Julian Bolton worked with her attorneys. Bolton was the 20+year Shelby County Commissioner who created the conflict of interest in my family's never-filed wrongful death of Larry Neal lawsuit against the jail where Johnson was assaulted. Bolton was the managing partner of The Cochran Firm's Memphis office when the law firm contracted with my family although the Shelby County Commission owns and operates the jail where Larry died and where Johnson was beaten.

The Cochran Firm defrauded our family by pretending to prepare Larry's wrongful death case for court while it actually did ZERO but lied to Larry's survivors about legal work being done for 10.5 months. Duanna Johnson's lawsuit was never filed, either. When she was murdered in November, her time was running out to file suit in Tennessee, which has only a 12-month statute of limitations for such complaints as Johnson's beating and Larry's wrongful death.

At least three recent federal lawsuits involving death and abuses of mental patients did get filed against Memphis police and/or Shelby County Jail after The Cochran Firm Fraud in Larry's case (Larry died in 2003, and the other three mental patients' lawsuits were filed in 2006 ). There may be others, but not all incarcerated mental patients have family members who would know about or care enough about their abuse or deaths to file suit. Some people consider GLBT people as being mentally ill, also. That could be why Johnson's abuse was tolerated by all the police in the intake area on the video at the link below, and her injuries were ignored by the nurse who can be seen attending to the officer's hand which he claimed to have injured while beating Johnson. The former policeman later threatened to sue for his "on-the-job injury."

Unfortunately, the attorney who filed lawsuits for the three dead or badly abused mental patients reportedly had a heart attack after filing the suits, and their civil actions stalled. Lawsuits for abuse and deaths of "unacceptably different" people in Memphis like Duanna Johnson, Larry Neal, and other victims, encounter bad luck. Either they are never filed, or jail abuse-related cases are dismissed before reaching jury.

Baxter and Friends Website (See the three lawsuits, including one about a mental patient who was shot 21 times and survived. I noticed that when I elected to view the .pdf of the lawsuits on 10/19/09, they no longer open. They are public records, however.)

Duanna Johnson's Beatdown by Memphis Police (See the VIDEO near the middle of the webpage)

See raw footage of the police brutality and Ms. Johnson's interviews:
Footage of Duanna Johnson's beating in the intake area of Shelby County Jail is removed from every site for which I post the link. I was disappointed to note that even the website for "LGBT Hate Crimes" removed the video of Johnson's brutal beating, but I suppose money talks. See the former home of the video at this link. . Sellouts are more common than one would think.

Like many chronic mental patients, Larry was released in the early 1970's from the mental hospital where he had been an inpatient for two decades. Subsequent to that, Larry was frequently arrested for conduct that related to his mental condition: paranoid schizophrenia. He was denied readmittance for long-term inpatient care, but Larry was admitted from time to time for crisis intervention when he suffered from heightened delusional episodes. Larry also was hospitalized many times in the last few years of this life for his bad heart as well as for pneumonia and other respiratory problems. He faced declining health because he did not know how to dress appropriately for the weather, and he usually walked many miles each day. Unfortunately, Larry's family was not legally allowed to restrict his movements, and the care homes where he was placed also placed no restrictions on Larry's autonomy.

When Larry's family asked that he be readmitted to the mental hospital as an inpatient in order to save him from repeated arrests and declining health, the requests were refused. On August 1, 2003, Larry died in Memphis Shelby County Jail while being held under a secret arrest that lasted for weeks while his family and social worker searched for the mentally ill heart patient as a missing person.  During that time, the jail repeatedly denied having Larry incarcerated.  Police were simply sick of "fooling with Larry Neal," as a relative had been warned a couple of weeks prior to Larry's "disappearance."

My family's justice quest is intended to ascertain information and accountability about Larry's secret arrest and demise and to hold The Cochran Firm responsible for its fraud as our wrongful death attorneys in the matter. Investigative help from the USDOJ, which was in overview of Shelby County Jail in 2003, is denied Larry's family. Discovering that my family is deemed undeserving of the investigative effort of Michael Vick's dead dogs is why dogs became the symbol of our justice quest. Please see  

Since I am still uncomfortable driving after my experience of September 27, 2008, when I was accosted by four cars and the US DOT truck and 911 did not respond to my emergency call, this will be the first Christmas ever when I will not get out to the malls and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas with my family. It simply takes all the joy out of going places when one has to beware of who is driving nearby and observe how long the same car has been trailing. However, I certainly hope all of the administrators and members of NowPublic and our readers have the merriest of times throughout my favorite holiday season.  See the YouTube videos made for our protection at the links below:

Cochran Firm Fraud Videos 1 and 2
See the actual videos at the end of this blog. Use these links to share with others.

On September 26, 2008, FourWinds and published my announcement that videos would be released to expose The Cochran Firm Fraud.  We hoped to save other families from being defrauded by a law firm that had a widely-advertised Atlanta, Georgia office, but managed to have itself declared nonexistent in Georgia Superior Court.  (Our videos did not save survivors of 82-year-old Atlanta police murder victim, Kathryn Johnston, however.  Many African Americans still do not use computers where I have published information about this, and mainstream media blacks out news of The Cochran Firm Fraud.  The media's failure to report that the major law firm declared its prolifically advertised Atlanta office nonexistent to dodge standing against my family's fraud lawsuit in court while its commercials continued should be a matter of concern for all people and cause one to wonder what other news events might be similarly withheld from the public.  What else might we be uninformed or misinformed about, and who decides what news gets published in America?  According to former Cochran Firm attorney, Shawn Holley, after Johnnie Cochran became terminally ill, the firm turned racist and embarked on a program of delivering its minority clients substandard legal services.  Google for her NPR interview online for related news and listen at this link )  My worst stalking experience happened the next time I left home after The Cochran Firm Fraud video announcement was published.   Before then, my stalkers' intentions seemed to be intimidation.  All year they left me alone whenever relatives came to help or when I pulled into a crowded business lot.  After announcing the videos would be released, that changed.

December 2008 - I finally heard from DeKalb County, Georgia Police Department regarding the night my grandson and I were followed by numerous vehicles and sought cover at the neighborhood Chevron station. As I reported in a previous story, I wrote to my representative, Congressman Hank Johnson, about the drama and my apparently being on a "no-response list" for 911 emergency services. Congressman Johnson asked Chief Bolton to look into the matter, and subsequently, Major Conroy recently called me and looked up the police record. He reported that my distress call was placed to the DeKalb County 911 operator at 10:18 p.m. and that police arrived at 11:11 p.m. to the Chevron station where my grandson and I sought cover that very memorable night.

That was apparently after my son-in-law arrived at Chevron and my Nissan was sandwiched between his car in front of me and my niece's car directly behind me, and we all drove away, sticking close to each other's bumpers for security. We hoped that whatever the men who followed me into the Chevron station planned would not include taking out three cars of people, including two little children.

My niece had actually arrived to rescue me about 20 minutes before my son-in-law, but it turned out that we needed more help leaving the Chevron station after waiting for the police who never arrived, while those cars just sat and facing the service station - part of the time with their motors running and headlights on and men walking around looking at us talking on cell phones. When my niece and I started out of the drive to the street, the US DOT truck came directly behind my car. That is why I signaled my niece to not leave and we re-parked. Of course, so did the US DOT truck and the other vehicles. After that, we all sat there until my son-in-law arrived, and they let us go - apparently aborting the mission, whatever it was. Whew! If you think smoking takes years off one's life, try living through an ordeal like that!

I asked Major Conroy why the police officer who allegedly responded an hour after I placed the emergency call did not at least call my home to ensure I was OK when the officer finally got to Chevron and found I was gone. Major Conroy responded that the number I gave the 911 operator was the store number where I used the phone to call for help. I seem to remember giving my address to the 911 operator also, so I placed an order for the 911 tape.

Frankly, I don't know which was worse about September 27:  being followed and accosted at the Chevron station, or believing the police were not interested in helping my six-year-old grandson and me. Looking back, I believe seeing the US DOT truck on my bumper as my niece and I tried to leave Chevron and watching the truck re-park when we did was the most scary thing I ever experienced while awake, because of the implications.

It was not until more recent events in the news that I began to have a clearer understanding of the possibilities of why this truck followed me. Dogs never were a more apt symbol than yours truly on September 27. I felt completely dogged out by everyone in government, and the idea still completely blows me away every time I think of it. The following link has some familiar phrases that include the word "dogs" and their origins:

Some citizens are indeed treated worse than dogs.  Larry Neal's relatives are certainly treated worse than Michael Vick's dogs.


Note:  Bracketed data was not in my original police report but was added to make it easier for you to realize what we face.  Major Conroy called me over two months after my seige at Chevron, after I reported to Congressman Johnson that DeKalb County Police ignored my endangerment.  No investigation ensued, and no official ever asked for license numbers of those who stalk me and followed other members of Larry Neal's family. 

Major Conroy, attached is the completed tape request and a report on the stalking incident and others like it. I would appreciate any follow-up the police are willing to do to bring an end to my harassment and endangerment. Below are helpful links that may have pertinent information. However, I have no proof at this time that my being stalked is actually connected to my lawsuit against The Cochran Firm for fraud, unless you count the fact that Cochran Firm attorney Angela Mason knew exactly what color the vehicle was that followed me from work each night in January and February [and she reported it to USDC in a pleading she filed in our federal lawsuit against The Cochran Firm.  I had NEVER told anyone the color of the vehicle.  Because I read detective novels, I was aware that police always withhold some bits of vital information about crimes in order to see who will give himself away.  It seems to work.  See a few of our affidavits in our case.  We have other witness statements, as well, that we expected to present to our jury, but our case was dismissed instead.  Pleadings are public and available to those with a free USDC PACER account.  See docket no. 22, final paragraph: ]
Please let me know if you have any problems opening or reading the document attached. It should be six pages. Let me know if there is anything or any investigative effort applied to my harassment.

Thank you for your follow-up, Major. I appreciate any attention you give this matter.


Today’s date: December 9, 2008

Georgia Open Records

Request for 911 Tapes/CAD Printouts

All persons requesting a 911 recording should submit the request in writing, pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Act, pursuant to the Georgia Code, 50-18-70. Acknowledgement or Response to your request shall be sent to you within three (3) business days (Georgia Code 50-18-70 (f)).

The request should include the following:

Your name, address, contact number and fax number (if available)


Regular phone no. 770.651.8413 [added 770.559.4690 in 2009]

The date and approximate time of the incident: 10:18 p.m. on September 27, 2008, according to police records as relayed by Major Conroy, of DeKalb County Police.

Brief description of the incident:  I have been regularly followed and stalked by parties unknown since successfully serving suit to The Cochran Firm in its Dothan, AL office, Memphis, TN office, and to David McLaughlin, our assigned attorney regarding plaintiffs’ allegations outlined at the website  .

I wrote thousands of people about being stalked home from work at night as I depart the Atlantic Center Building at 1201 West Peachtree St., Atlanta, GA. Guards who work there have observed my harassment and are witnesses to parties unknown hiding in their vehicle parked next to mine me on the otherwise deserted parking lot, apparently waiting for me to exit work. Cochran Firm Attorney Angela Mason answered my email to The Cochran Firm about the stalking by complaining to USDC about my email, saying I should not accuse a lawyer in that law firm of having a Caucasian man in a WHITE vehicle follow me. I believe she unintentionally gave herself away, since I never told anyone the COLOR of the vehicle that stalked me regularly, but somehow that attorney obviously knew. See the docket in our federal court case: Neals v. Cochran, Cherry, Givens & Smith; United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia; Civil Action File No. 1:07-cv-01935-TCB.

On September 27, 2008, my grandson wanted a treat, and I took him to Kroger at Harriston Road and Redan Road. The microphone feature on my computer is open (although I did not open it), and I am unable to close the feature. I was told by Microsoft Corporation that I am NOT the administrator of my own computer when I asked that firm to install extra firewalls and security. Microsoft could not help me. I suppose the microphones are used to monitor my movements, enabling others to anticipate where I am going and when, since I was laid off from my job in late February and no longer have a set schedule. (My computer is completely taken over, as I reported to DeKalb County Police in a report filed 5/10/06 with Officer Perkins, no. 2426, case no. 06‑064301, Center Precinct. I reported to Officer Perkins about my stolen emails, telephone tampering, and electronic communication interference; however, DeKalb County Police ignored Plainitff’s police report, just as my 911 call to DeKalb Police was ignored on September 27, 2008.)

Leaving Kroger around 10:00 p.m. on 9/27/08, I noticed several cars that had pulled into the Kroger lot when we did were waiting and pulled out of the Kroger lot when my grandson and I departed. The cars proceeded to travel down Redan Road headed toward Panola, which is the route I was taking. Realizing we may be again victims of stalking, I did not turn right on Panola Road to go home, not knowing whether these stalkers would open fire on us when I exited my car at home. Instead, I crossed Panola Road and made a quick left into the Petro service station at the corner of Panola and Redan. The vehicles also made the left right behind me. I proceeded across the lot at Petro without stopping and crossed Panola Road and entered the parking lot of the Chevron station at the corner. So did the vehicles that had followed me from Kroger. I got my grandson out of the car and we went inside the Chevron station. I stopped carrying a cell phone months ago when I realized it was easier to lose my tail when leaving work at night when I did not have a cell phone with me. Therefore I needed to call 911 Emergency police from inside the store, which is what I did. Officer Conroy reported to me today that I left the store’s phone number on the 911 tape, but I am sure that I gave my home address. No officers got back in touch with me regarding my emergency call until after I wrote to Congressman Johnson and Chief Bolton about the negligence of DeKalb Police to respond to my 911 call and follow up on my apparent endangerment and continuous stalking.

After waiting for about 25 minutes (which felt like a lifetime) for police to come, my niece came to help me get home safely. In the past when I was accosted this way and called for a family member to escort me home, those following me would give up and leave me alone. This night, they did not give up. The US DOT truck that was among those following me pulled right out of its position where it parked at the gas pumps when it followed me into the Chevron lot as though the driver was still going to follow me, although I had my niece to help me get home. That kind of outright harassment was new and very frightening, indeed. They were not backing down this time because I had family help and had told customers and storekeepers about being followed. Some of the customers were so afraid for me that they volunteered to wait in their cars until police came to save me and see me safely home. But no police came.

I then called my son-in-law and told him we were surrounded at the Chevron station and that no police came in about 30 minutes. I told him how my niece and I started out of the drive to go home and those following us were persistent enough to be coming right behind us, so we had to re-park. My son-in-law then came to our rescue. By the time my son-in-law arrived, I had been held up at the Chevron station for nearly an hour. During this time, the vehicles stayed, including the US DOT truck that went back to park when my niece and I gave up trying to get home without more help and re-parked.

My son-in-law got in front of my car and my niece got behind my car and we kept tightly on each other’s bumpers, and that is how I got home safely.

This is one of several occasions when I was surrounded by men in multiple cars who converged on neighborhood businesses where I was and milled around talking on cell phones, looking at me and not shopping. On one occasion, the manager of Franklin's Printers had to close her shop because everyone inside was afraid as these men filled the sidewalk outside and some remained in their vehicles parked just outside the computer/printer business. Employees leaving work at Franklin's had to exit out of the back door!  [See the affidavit from the business in my USDC court case - Neals v. The Cochran Firm.  I seldom went anywhere alone except to work, and I never go to isolated locations without guards.  Therefore, most of my stalking has witnesses we expect to present in court - IF we can ever get before a jury.  The frightening thing is that their stalking is open and notorious as though the men feel above the law.  Because we are denied resolution on Larry's death and The Cochan Firm Fraud matter, I recognize the men probably are above the law.  That is why my elderly mother and I just stay home now and hope we do not get attacked in our home for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL.] 

Another time, I was followed down Harriston Road and went into Ms. Winner’s (at the corner of Harriston and Redan) to be around people, thinking that would promote safety. The vehicles followed me in there, and some of the drivers came inside, and others stayed outside. I left Ms. Winners when two thuggish looking men entered and one of the men who had followed me inside the restaurant looked at them, then at me, and nodded his head as though to indicate me. I left Ms. Winner’s and went to Kroger on the same lot and told the guard I was being followed and had to call someone to see that I got home safely. As I wrote before in this report – having a family member escort me had worked in the past to get rid of those following me. As I spoke to the Kroger guard, three of the same men who were in Ms. Winner's came into Kroger and picked up the hand-carry baskets. I was held up in Kroger awaiting assistance for about an hour. During that entire time, the three men just walked up and down the aisles and put items in and then out of their little baskets, never going to the register to pay for anything and not leaving. Kroger’s guard asked if he should call 911 for me, but I declined because someone from my family was on the way to help me get home.

The Chevron station incident was the worse stalking event because of the apparent inclusion of the US DOT truck and the lack of assistance by DeKalb 911 and because of how notorious the stalkers were, apparently not caring that other people recognized they were after me. [The store has security cameras, and I hoped the police would look at the tapes and perhaps ask on television for the public to help identify the men, but nothing was done.  In retrospect, I recognize that the men fully realized their stalking was being videotaped, but they were not concerned about their likenesses being captured by cameras in Chevron, at Ms. Winner's, the supermarket, or the parking lot outside Franklin's Printers.]

The reported location of the incident: Chevron service station at corner of Panola and Redan Roads.

A case number (if one is available): Please assign a case number.

The reason for the request: Police report and investigation requested.

Are you requesting (check one or both) I request both a 911 Cassette recording and a 911 printout

The costs are explained below and are accepted in Check or Money order only.

* The minimum approximate cost would be $20.00 (explanation is listed below:

* The cost of the cassette tape recording is $15.00.

* The cost for the CAD print out is $.25 per page in addition to the cost of any redaction (Portions of the documents may have been redacted based on O.C.G.A. §§ 50-18-72(a)(3), 50-18-72(a)(16), 50-18-72(a)(11.1) and 50-18-72(a)(13).

* The labor cost for the recording and/or research is based on the hourly rate of the Shift Supervisor who is qualified to make the tape.

I understand and agree to the cost of reproduction of my 911 tape and reasonable fee for administrative costs. I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF SOMEONE ASK ANGELA MASON HOW SHE KNEW WHAT COLOR THE VEHICLE WAS THAT REGULARLY FOLLOWED ME TO STONE MOUNTAIN FROM DOWNTOWN ATLANTA WHEN I EXITED WORK AT NIGHT DURING JANUARY AND FEBRUARY 2008, AND MANAGED TO STAY ON MY TAIL NO MATTER HOW MUCH I TRIED TO LOSE THE VEHICLE BY TURNING INTO DIFFERENT SERVICE STATIONS, ETC. One night I had to pass my house and proceed back to Harriston and go into Kroger and call for assistance. After I stopped carrying a cell phone, it was much easier for me to lose my stalkers. I prayed about the situation after the Caucasian man was waiting, hiding in his vehicle next to mine on the otherwise empty lot (there were three vehicles, one on either side of mine). Atlantic Center Building at 1201 W. Peachtree has the guard’s security report on this incident.

After praying, God immediately blessed me to be laid off so that I could stop going through that nightly ordeal. God is good all of the time! However, with the microphone feature open on my computer, my movements are still tracked, apparently. I have bought five computers since my initial lawsuit against The Cochran Firm in 2005, trying to get rid of the computer administrators who take over my computers. In our initial lawsuit, the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm where we served suit alleged that it was not a Cochran Firm office, and Georgia Superior Court dismissed our lawsuit on that basis.

Since successfully serving the federal lawsuit, I have had to have the hard drive replaced twice in one computer, trying to get rid of other people being my Computer Administrators and opening the microphone feature on my computer and destroying my documents at will. I bought my present computer in September, but within minutes after bringing it home, it was taken over also, and the microphone opened at the bottom of my screen. Now I just give up trying to go anyplace, and I have no money to keep buying computers or replacing hard drives. These people can do whatever they want, apparently. Two things that the Computer Administrators have done with my current computer that interferes with my court preparations are (1) they apparently disconnected my CD player and disc burner (that device no longer shows up in my computer hardware list at all!), and (2) they destroyed my USB device where I stored files related to the court case.


That is the end of the police report I sent Major Conroy.  I included many details because I thought there would be an investigation.  Wrong.  No investigation ensued (just like Larry's secret arrest and death), but our online and in-person terrorism continued.  Some time later I was told that everything that happened to Larry and to his family was "immaterial," presumably because we are - a family of taxpayers with numerous active-duty military service members, civil servants, and veterans.  Below is Larry Neal's picture on his last Christmas when he proudly modeled his new coat before the camera.  Read my poem below about our family's subsequent Christmas Holidays without Larry, called "Empty Chair at Christmas."

Larry Morris Neal (May 2, 1949 to August 1, 2003)

Christmas 2008 - I never thought we would come to another Christmas Season without having resolution regarding Larry’s secret arrest and death in government custody after filing our federal lawsuit against The Cochran Firm, but here we are. The shroud of secrecy surrounding these events has been punctured by our Internet advocacy, but censorship remains tight in mainstream media regarding Larry’s justice quest and our work to help 1.25 million other mental patients who suffer in America’s prisons for reason of their mental dysfunctions.

Despite not being able to shop this Christmas, I am blessed with life, unlike Duanna Johnson, the transgender woman who also planned to sue Memphis /Shelby County Jail, but was shot and killed execution style a few weeks after my Chevron station fright night.

Unfortunately, the poem I wrote last Christmas about my family’s denial of justice is still applicable this Holiday Season with only one edit needed: four years of dogging out Larry's elderly mother and family and atrocious treatment as U.S. citizens have turned into five years.

The unbridled stalking – open and notorious – seems to indicate that resolution is never intended to take place. But we trust in God.  If you think this is all there is to this drama, you are very wrong.  However, of all the parties to The Cochran Firm Fraud, only that law firm had a sworn contract with Larry's survivors to be our agents of justice after his death, so they are the ones we tried to sue.  My mom fell in the lobby of the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm exiting the building after signing what turned out to be a completely bogus contract the law firm never intended to honor.  Until that fall, our mother was very vibrant and enjoyed cooking, doing housework, attending church services, and she was active in Senior Citizens of Stone Mountain.  Since her fall while exiting The Cochran Firm after signing contract with tears in her eyes the day after Larry's funeral, our mother is unable to comfortably move around in our home and has to use a wheelchair when she goes out.  She is in constant pain and has nightmares about the different scenarios under which Larry might have died. The Cochran Firm Fraud prevented us from learning the circumstances of Larry's incarceration and death, which any honest attorney would have uncovered during discovery. Those unethical lawyers never conducted any discovery, although they falsely reported to us that a vigorous discovery process was underway during the 10.5 months The Cochran Firm merely held our case inactive while the statute of limitations was passing - to PREVENT us from having the opportunity to hire lawyers who would really sue Shelby County Jail.

When I saw on television that The Cochran Firm was representing Ms. Kathryn Johnston's family after her murder by police officers during the world's worst no-knock warrant case, I felt very sad that the media withheld the information about our family's victimization. I know that law firm cares nothing about elderly black women like Ms. Johnston and my mother. Apparently, the firm is doing its job and is intended to continue. I do what I can to warn others by writing about The Cochran Firm Fraud prolifically online while having to fight cyberstalkers to publish and endure cyberthreats like the coffin ad that I published the link to at my Google profile (Google "Mary Neal Google profile"), threats to my family like photos of children with their heads being held in toilets, and lethal injection tables with my name underneath (a printscreen shot is filed in our USDC court file along with an affidavit by a neighbor who saw it one of the many times the lethal injection bed labled "Mary Neal" popped out at me when I opened Internet pages). You can also see the lethal injection bed threat in the comments way, way down beneath my NowPublic article "American Concentration Camps Proposed in Congress - H.R. 645," unless my comment with the lethal injection bed was cleaned up like so much of my work is.  If so, I have printouts. (Pray with me that elected officials do not intern American citizens in FEMA camps as threatened.  I am quarantined in my own home for standing for justice.  Ordering people to stay home who refuse vaccines should suffice in the event of an H1N1 crisis.)  Oddly, one cyberthreat I received often when working in my Yahoo email box concerned induced cancer. I know that chemists can really do such things and that Johnnie Cochran died of cancer shortly after partnering with the new owners of his firm, but I hope that is a coincidence. U.S. Code 18, Sections 242 and 245 are not honored regarding my family's victimization. I wish that the U.S. Constitution meant more than it does and that all Americans really had "inalienable rights" that could not be set aside.

Because my family is allowed to be treated this way, we cling to God and rejoice, knowing that He is enough all by Himself.  He promised His protection to people who have faith in Him, saying He would never leave or forsake us even unto the end of the world.  In God we trust.  I also rely on YOU who read this to assist us financially since I am trapped at home like Anne Frank and cannot get out to work.  (I look for work to do from home but must be honest and warn potential employers that every word I type is monitored and no spyware or anti-virus programs can stop it, so that is a drawback.)  Also, please help other unsuspecting families like Ms. Johnston's relatives by sharing this news.  Alert people that their health may depend on understanding that some reports are withheld in mainstream news and curtailed online by censorship.  A PayPals button for donations and an ADD THIS button for sharing this article are posted on the upper left side of this webpage at


There is an empty chair at our Christmas table
That was yours to fill
It’s been five long years since you left us
And we don’t know why – still

We’ve asked year after year
But no one will answer our query
Why was he arrested – why did he die
Please tell us what happened to Larry

"No explanation! No records! Stop asking!"
This is the official reply
From all the government offices
“He’s dead – let sleeping dogs lie"

But we’ll not give up, my brother
Until we know what is true
There’s an empty chair at our Christmas table
That should have been filled by you

We’ll meet for dinner again some day
At the Lamb’s great Wedding Feast
You’ll have a sound heart and clear mind
No longer last and least

Until then we’ll help those like you
Befuddled, confused, afraid
In jail for mental illness
May our commitment never fade

                   by Mary Neal 
                   written 12/2007, published 12/2008 (all rights reserved)

UPDATE - February 23, 2009

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. ~ Psalm 46:10


DECATUR, Ga. -- DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis has formally terminated the employment of DeKalb Police Chief Terrell Bolton effective Tuesday.

According to a release from Ellis' office, a termination letter was forwarded to Bolton and his attorney, William McKenny.

The chief is fighting back. His lawyer says firing him is illegal.

There was never much doubt that Ellis would fire Bolton. Even Bolton's attorney expected it to happen.

"There's just a lot of stuff you don't expect a professional chief of police of a large, urban police department to be doing," Williams said.


Then said she, Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall ~ Ruth 3:18


UPDATE - October 20, 2009

It still makes me tremble to read that article and police report.  Please donate to our advocacy to decriminalize mental illness in America and for my subsistence.  I am still stalked and seek employment to work from  home where I feel safer.
  At least if they come here, YOU will know what happened.  I felt when so many vehicles followed me that they planned to stage a road accident.  Meanwhile, I write about justice issues - hundreds of articles and blogs and thousands of emails to help deliver sick people like Larry from prisons into mental hospitals or assisted outpatient treatment programs, according to their ability to function in society and their offenses.  I lead Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, the online advocacy I founded to decriminalize mental illness in the tradition of Dorothea L. Dix, who successfully did that in the 1800's.  Ms. Dix's advocacy was not faced with opposition by prison profiteers, and neither was she ignored by the media to help hide news of a relative's murder like I am.  Decriminalizing mental illness in the 21st century is much more challenging than in the 1800's; therefore, we need your support.

Approximately 1.25 million mentally ill people are in prison in America, and many of them suffer cruel incarceration - solitary confinement in dark isolation, naked to prevent them from harming themselves in environments where harsh methods are used to control them during psychotic episodes - Tasers, restraint chairs and tables (such as those that caused the deaths of a Michigan teenager,Tim Sauders, and famous singer Sean LeVert).  Imprisoned mental patients are also controlled by gassing them and even by starvation, such as was endured by Anthony Gay, age 35, in an Illinois prison.  He is a mentally ill plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against prison doctor, Rakesh Chandra.  The doctor allegedly had guards to repeatedly handcuff Gay's naked body to a cold, iron bed frame in a solitary cell and deny Gay food for 32-hour periods.  Please read about Gay's torture in the article at this link (a SHORT article, I promise!):

Prison Torture within the USA, by Mary Neal

See a list of articles in this blog on your left and read about other people who need Dog Justice.  Use the handy index field to access articles on other subjects that I write about, like capital punishment, wrongful conviction, excessive sentencing, over-use of force, and more.

My family has still no information on the circumstances under which my brother died, and it has been more than six years since his death. Memphis Shelby County Jail refuses to release any reports or give us any accountability about my brother's death - a happy, harmless, lifelong schizophrenic man - even when presented with a federal subpoena.  It must have been something horrible for so much to be done to prevent authorities having to say. The Cochran Firm Fraud was followed by online and in-person stalking and other persecution of his family members who are denied police services.  Since Larry died under secret arrest in 2003, we pray that he was not waterboarded to train interrogation experts for Guantanamo. Poor Larry.

Please give if and what you can in the handy PayPal and credit card depository on the upper left side of the FreeSpeakBlog to help us continue to expose how acute mental patients fare behind bars and how their families suffer.  Another way to assist is by sharing my blogs and articles on your websites, emails, and in your social networks.  Together, we can decriminalize mental illness in America and help expose other problems faced by disenfranchised persons.  Public support helps turn things around.  If not us, who?

The police report herein was first published in December 2008 in It is about my most frightening stalking event. It was re-published here in order to update it. I am no longer permitted access to update my NowPublic articles, as my membership privileges were suspended after publishing my "Michael Jackson's Death - The Conspiracy Theory" series wherein I re-published and expounded on a theory linking his death to his intention to advise the public not to accept H1N1 vaccines during his planned concert series. I did not actually believe the theory at the time but considered it interesting enough to research and write about instead of watching Michael's videos replay on TV immediately after his death. It hurt me to watch them. I believed while writing the first article in my conspiracy theory series that Michael died of regular heart failure. Now we know different.

Mary Neal

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Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?

When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?

Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. ~ Matthew 25

JAIL IS THE LAST THING THAT MENTAL PATIENTS NEED, AND TOO OFTEN, IT IS THE VERY LAST THING THEY EXPERIENCE. Please join our effort to decriminalize mental illness. No one deserves to be punished for having a disability.
Thanks for your interest.  God bless you!

Mary Neal's worst stalking experience since Cochran Firm Fraud started - 911 Emergency!


More videos coming this week
showing cyberstalking captured on film as it happens.


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Irishgreeneyes said...

Great Post Mary

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

I have had so many frightening experiences since Sept. 27, 2008, that I may have run out of fear. Nothing compares with that night, however. It happened when I thought I had only to prove the allegations I made, and the cavalry would come. The cavalry did come eventually, and it was on the side of the oppressors. A young man admitted he was "paid well" to follow me. I gave his license number to police with a complaint, and police came to my home and threatened me.

I researched and discovered that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled years ago that police have NO CONSTITUTIONAL OBLIGATION to protect citizens. They can completely ignore YOUR endangerment at any point, like they did mine and other people's. I don't think it is legal for police to threaten citizens for making police reports, however, as happened to me.