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Which Type of H1N1 Vaccine Will You Be Forced to Accept?

I felt confident that there were at least two different types of vaccines, because it does not appear that news reporters and many others are concerned about the idea of enforced vaccines.  This includes people who one would expect to be disturbed over the projected loss of freedom to decide what will and will not be injected into our bodies.  Few news reports carry any information about potential risks associated with the H1N1 vaccines, partly because that kind of news is discouraged. I ran into so much computer interference trying to post news and photographs of the health care professionals' protests against enforced vaccines that I temporarily abandoned the quest. 

I wondered months ago if the people who interfere with my publishing H1N1 vaccine news had been promised a special serum.  Now I have reliable collaboration that there are different serums available - some safer than others, apparently.  I want the USDOJ, Congress, and Senate to let me know what day they are taking theirs and allow me to line up with them and have a blind child under age 4 choose the bottles of serum for each of us.

CLG News Report

German soldiers to get different flu vaccine than civil population

12 Oct 2009 - The armed forces, according to a newspaper report, has ordered a different vaccine against the swine influenza for Germany's 250,000 soldiers. The vaccine is different than the serum which will be used to inoculate the civil population as a protection against the swine flu. The more acceptable vaccine for the soldiers contains neither controversial additives nor mercury-containing preservatives, reports the Bielefelder 'Westphalian's sheet,' according to armed forces circles. It concerns the Serum Celvapan from the pharmaceutical manufacturer Baxter. [Note: Above is a rough translation of the German article. Also, see: Baxter working on vaccine to stop swine flu, though admitted sending live pandemic flu viruses to subcontractor By Lori Price 26 Apr 2009.]

The original report is in German and was carried by AFP:

It is time for Americans to get our heads out of the sand and ask questions about the H1N1 vaccines, because Massachusetts House and Senate just passed a Marshal Law bill in preparation to enforce vaccines at the threat of quarantine and/or $1,000 per day fine for citizens who refuse to dutifully obey their leaders and stick out their arms and their children's arms if and when their leaders see fit.  MA 2028 is the Preparation and Response Bill  meant  to ensure that Massachusetts is ready to use tough love on its citizenry if necessary to get that vaccine into them.  See the Massachusetts news report and video at this link:

Massassachusetts Approves Mass Quarantines

I know what some of you might be thinking, and you are probably too late.  The borders closed to Mexico and Canada on June 1, and there is discussion around limiting travel unless one can prove having taken the vaccine.  That stipulation has not passed yet to my knowledge, but it is my understanding that one needs a passport to leave the country.

I have followed the news regarding enforced vaccines and concentration camps since Congressman Alcee Hastings proposed six new FEMA centers for us on January 23, 2009 in H.R. 645.  It appears that Congressman Hastings and others appreciate the fact that there will be a substantial number of Americans who prefer not to accept mystery drugs.  The FEMA centers are proposed to be built with our tax money, so I am sure the representatives would prefer that you be informed so that you can ask intelligent questions when YOU CALL OR EMAIL THEM TODAY.  See my article below which will acquaint you with the considerable attention our lawmakers are giving our health and prison space for dissidents.

American Concentration Camps Proposed in Congress - H.R. 645
February 3, 2009

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Before having vaccination ,having a test is necessary. You can use ELISA kits to determine your body condition.