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Twitter Posts Tampered Today - 10/14/09

My blog does not open links in a new window. Read all before opening links, or use your back arrow to return to the blog.  My articles tend to have relevant data throughout rather than putting the most significant data at the beginning. Sorry!  It is challenging to organize with interference happening. This article is about important news censored by the media, and my cyberstalkers (whoever they are) want you to trust the media without question.

Is something WRONG with Twitter today?  I was writing posts as KoffieTime to alert the public to how important it is to check alternative news sources and the Internet about important events because mainstream news is censored and controlled.  Everything was moving along well with my tweets until I informed the public that we cannot trust mainstream news to report anything that it is not authorized to report.  For instance, consider Thomas Arthur, on Alabama's death row.  Mainstream media reported on Arthur's case for years during Arthur's quest for DNA testing to prove his innocence and the numerous times he was granted stays of execution.  Finally this year, after 26 years in prison, Arthur was permitted to take a DNA test.  Everyone but Arthur must be disappointed with the results.  The media did not tell the public that Arthur's DNA tests eliminate him as a match for Troy Wicker's murderer, but I did.  The court actually SEALED Arthur's DNA test results proving him innocent that the forensic lab released in July, and the D.A.'s office continued plans to execute him.  I experienced much interference publishing Arthur's innocence.

A month after receiving Arthur's DNA test results, an Alabama district attorney was reported by Birmingham News to say he would ask for a death warrant for the man.  I was amazed to find that the reporter did not mention Arthur's DNA test results that eliminated him as the source of any crime scene evidence tested.  Perhaps Alabama yet intends to kill Arthur, because the mainstream media still does not report his DNA test results. If it were not for a couple of independent reporters like me, Arthur might already be dead. Take a look for yourself at censorship about his test result.  Browse for "Thomas Arthur DNA." 
The media likewise stifles all reports regarding THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD.  Read about the media blackout regarding my brother's secret Guantanamo-style arrest and death, which was followed by an elaborate cover-up facilitated by The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm pretending to act as Larry Neal's wrongful death attorneys:

Here is an example of the cyberstalkers at work to contain my writing.  They must not like Jewish people and do not want to bring attention to the Jewish Virtual Library online.  I bookmarked it, because it gives much information about what WE NEED TO AVOID.  They switched the post to my article about the Senate bills proposed to give the president's office the power to shut down the Internet - Senate Bills 773 and 778.  See how it looks in my Google Bookmarks.  The link no longer leads to the Jewish Virtual Library, but to my article on the senate bills at this link:  Therefore, perhaps this interference causes both my article and the Jewish Virtual Library to be omitted on Google's browser!

Starred Please Don't Delete My Creative Product to Hide... - - Oct 9 - Bookmark: edit - remove
[SenateBill773, SenateBill778, MaryNeal, 1983]

I am an African American.  Plenty of my Care2 blogs have the www. that should be in their links replaced online with the word PRIMATEIf you follow the links, you get to a picture of a monkey.  All of this is done because I publish news regarding disenfranchised people being victimized in America like my family was by The Cochran Firm Fraud.

The media's silence enables the continuing fraud against minority and disenfranchised persons by The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm.  Johnnie has been dead for years.  The Cochran Firm had NO defense against my family's fraud allegations, so it simply said the firm had NO office in Georgia where we served suit.  That is the perjury presented by the firm's attorneys Carlock, Copeland, Semlar and Stair in 2005.  Surprisingly, the lie was accepted in Georgia Superior Court despite the firm being open and operating ever day.  In May 2006, the court issued an order that my family's fraud lawsuit had been served wrongly by serving the widely advertised Atlanta office because that office had no connection whatsoever with The Cochran Firm.  The lawsuit that was dismissed regarded The Cochran Firm's fraud against my 80-year-old mother and our family following the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, a lifelong mentally ill heart patient who Memphis Shelby County Jail secretly arrested like some of the Guantanamo prisoners, but gave no explanation or records about his demise even now - six years later.  Some Americans need the Red Cross to help prisoners, too.
Weeks after the court ruled that our lawsuit had been served wrongly to the widely advertised Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm because there is no Cochran Firm office in Georgia, my family was watching television.  We could not bear the continuous Cochran Firm Atlanta office commercials that repeatedly aired.

We called the television station and asked "Why are you running commercials for The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office?  We have a court order claiming that office is NONEXISTENT."  The television station responded, "So?" 

That is a statement I had much trouble posting on Twitter today.  Obviously, the powers that control my Internet input want the public to have 100% confidence in mainstream news.  I have already exposed The Cochran Firm fraud too well for today's interference at Twitter to be intended to protect the firm's reputation.  In addition, Shawn Holley, an attorney who worked with Johnnie Cochran for 17 years, also exposed the firm's new program of deliberately under-representing minority and disadvantaged persons in lawsuits against rich, powerful companies and government entities.  Tune in to her National Public Radio interview at the link below where you can hear the former Cochran Firm attorney inform you about the unethical law firm that defrauded my family to prevent our lawsuit against Memphis Shelby County Jail after Larry's yet unexplained secret arrest and death there in summer 2003.  She explained regarding her own lawsuit against The Cochran Firm for race discrimination that when Johnnie died, the new owners fired her and other attorneys who refused to give minority clients poor representation:
LISTEN:  Former Cochran Firm Attorney Shawn Holley's NPR Interview re: Cochran Firm Fraud

Six months after The Cochran Firm was ordered non-existent in Georgia, Kathryn Johnston, an 82-yr-old African American elder, was killed by Atlanta police, and The Cochran Firm Atlanta office was on the scene to "represent" that family, which never saw a dime damages yet, to my knowledge.  Tricking minority and disadvantaged citizens is probably the firm's job now to protect certain parties.

Ms. Holley did not know how deep the rabbit hole goes.  Unfortunately for my family, it goes very deep.  I have been followed, accosted, and denied 911 emergency help when surrounded by four cars of men and a USDOT truck driver using cellphones, who followed my little grandson and me to the neighborhood Chevron station and surrounded us - with what intentions, I am not sure.  That happened after 10:00 p.m. on September 27, 2008, just one day after I published articles exposing our intention to publish The Cochran Firm Fraud tapes you can now view on YouTube.  I live in the suburbs of Atlanta nowhere near any federal highways.  I cried out to the crowd of shoppers after the off-duty policeman guarding the liquor store next door would not call 911 again for us when 30 minutes passed without police response to my emergency call. 

The experience was so horrifying that I still tremble to write about it.  It is bad enough to get accosted by criminals, but much worse when it seems that those who should rescue you are complicit - at least in their lack of assistance.  HORRIFYING!  That is how I feel about the prospect of our military and police officers forcing us into concentration camps for not accepting mystery drugs.  Soon, millions more may know my sickening sense of betrayal and utter terror that Friday night when I was frightened for myself and even more concerned for my little grandson and later my niece who came to rescue us.  (To discourage my reporting these illegal acts, I am bombarded with cyberterror messages while I work online with pictures of coffins, children having their heads flushed in toilets, and housefires.  I published the coffin ad at my Google profile.)  The men did not leave when my niece came to drive close to us and exit the parking lot together.  The USDOT truck and four other vehicles lined up to follow us still!  We returned to park, and so did they all.  Shocking!  Many more may soon learn what terrorism up close and personal feels like, just as I did. 

Again the media ignored my reports.  Perhaps if they had been published, Duanna Johnson would have known to watch out for herself.  She was the transgender person who planned to sue Memphis Shelby County Jail after her beating in the booking area there in February 2008.  Her lawyers never actually filed her lawsuit either.  Several weeks after I escaped those who accosted me at Chevron, Duanna Johnson was murdered a few blocks from her home in Memphis on November 9.  The former Cochran Firm's former managing partner, Julian Bolton, worked in the same office as her attorneys, and he was a 20+year Shelby County Commissioner.  The Commission owns and operates the jail where my brother was killed and where Duanna Johnson was badly beaten on film, and the video was published worldwide. Naturally, Johnson's murder remains unsolved.

Do you think my terrorism ended?  No.  To this day no one responded to my police report or even asked me for a single license number, and no mainstream media will report the fraud.  The persecution for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL continues.  Take my advice - when you have a relative or dear friend secretly arrested and killed, just ignore it.  Pretend your mother, father, sister, brother, or friend never existed.  Don't even go to the funeral.  Maybe that is the point we have already arrived at in America.  I only know that this is true for my family as well as some others I communicate with who were similarly defrauded by their attorneys after such occurrences as their relatives' wrongful convictions.  Sometimes, the only people in the courtroom who do not stand to profit by the defendant going to prison are the defendant and his family.  That is frequently why it is hard to get calls back from one's defense attorney and key evidence is omitted at trial, the defendant's witnesses are not called to testify, and other such malpractice.  Prison profiteering is rampant in the U.S.A.  I am very sad to report that, but it is true.

I PLANNED TO WRITE CHILDREN'S STORIES.  I always enjoyed writing and knew I would do more of it after retirement.  However, I thought I would write children's stories after the order of Mr. Rogers, whose television show was replete with subtle moral messages to inspire the children to love and respect themselves and others.  How disappointed I am to find that those people who need to be reminded to love and respect others are frequently the ones running things!  Lord, have mercy!  This is a different world from what I believed it to be.  We are much closer to the End Times than I hoped.

The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm, and perhaps others, are about the business of protecting the establishment from citizens' lawsuits in many cases. Of course, to be viable, it is necessary to win some. But citizens never know if their law suit is meant to be won, lost, or in our case, parked inactive on the shelf while the statute of limitations passes. If such unethical law firms are sued like my family sued The Cochran Firm, nothing may come of that legal action either. The state bar associations, mainstream news media companies, and judiciary may rescue such lawyers from your righteous lawsuits and save the law firms from exposure by not reporting or investigating their frauds against citizens. The bed is big and holds many quite comfortably.

The public must not be lulled to sleep on the clear and present danger of enforced vaccinations at the threat of concentration camps and other important issues because they are not covered widely on the evening news or in large newspapers, news magazines, or discussed in respected documentary shows. Please do not feel complacent because many such matters appear mostly in independent Internet news or emails from non-officials. People must read and research numerous sources before reaching TRUTH about the world today. Blind faith in the 21st century is out of style and potentially dangerous.

PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION since I am trapped at home still and cannot get out to work.  We plan to apply for non-profit status for our organization which was founded after Larry's murder and our denial of due process of law - ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL.  There are 1.25 million other mentally ill inmates in America who should be either in hospitals if violent, or treatment programs such as Kendra's Law in their communities if nonviolent.  Kendra's Law participants in New York experienced around 90% decrease in their rates of homelessness, arrests, hospitalization, and incarceration.  Kendra's Law is an assisted outpatient treatment program that combines court-ordered psychiatric treatment with subsistence allowance for those who qualify for financial support.  Nothing worthwhile will be gained by releasing acute mental patients from prisons and jails unless treatment is enforced.  Any prison release under other circumstances will not be as effective or lasting simply because acute mental patients do not ordinarily recognize their own illness or agree to treatment, much less ask for help.  Each re-arrest costs taxpayers significant sums in police services, court costs, attorney fees for indigent mentally ill citizens, and an incarceration bill for the sick person's cruel imprisonment. 

The annual cost to incarcerate one acute mental patient is usually more than the average family of four earns in two years.  No savings are realized by imprisoning instead of treating mental patients. The difference is the inhumanity of imprisoning America's mentally ill citizens and in who gets paid.

I was very surprised to learn when I read material by Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC) that what I had been advocating since Larry's secret arrest and death - enforced treatment with subsistence assistance - has already been tried and proved to be wildly successful at a tremendous savings to taxpayers compared to the cost of imprisoning men, women, girls, and boys all across America - 1.25 million people! - for mental dysfunctions they can no more help than a diabetic person can.  All that is needed in most cases is psychiatric treatment on an outpatient basis, a social worker to ensure that patients continue their therapy, and for some, assistance with housing and food. 

The cost of assisted outpatient treatment programs is nowhere near the $50,000 to $200,000 per year per patient taxpayers now shoulder to treat our most vulnerable citizens as prisoners.  Be aware that condemned inmates and people who are warehoused in cruel solitary confinement (60% of whom are mentally ill), and those getting medical or psychiatric treatment (on the books) are usually billed at at more than twice the cost of inmates in the general prison population.  Since assisted outpatient programs are successful in restoring lives and reuniting families at a significant savings to taxpayers, why do you think AOTs are not used more widely?  If prison profiteering ended, then the entire nation would likely use Laura's Law, which has already been approved for some parts of California, and Kendra's Law, which proved successful in New York.  Furthermore, families and neighbors of acute mental patients would be safer as well as the patients themselves.

While advocates at Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill work hard to decriminalize mental illness and many thousands of other prisoner activists, dedicated human rights organizations, and some officials work to help reduce the nation's high incarceration and recidivism rates, other leader are busy planning FEMA centers to hold millions more Americans and have a new reason to imprison people - H1N1 vaccines.  On October 13, 2009, Massachusetts passed a Marshal Law bill authorizing officials to tell citizens, "Either accept mystery drugs from our friends' labs, or go to concentration camps built with your tax money."

Hundreds of thousands of health care workers are being ordered to accept H1N1 vaccines or lose their jobs.  They are fighting in court, but someone should send them a copy of THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD so they will understand how that is likely to turn out.  Send them copies of Troy Davis' pleadings for a new trial that span years.  Send them copies of Thomas Arthur's DNA test results showing that he does not match the murderer, but those DNA results were sealed by the court in July as the state continued plans to execute him.  (That is more news mainstream media failed to report.  After following Arthur's case in the news for years, I found no mainstream news reports about his proved innocence.  "Let's all be quiet while another innocent man gets lethal injection.")  Send the protesting doctors, nurses, and staffpersons a copy of the fax sent to Texas governor's office prior to Todd Willingham's execution in 2004, saying there was likely no arson, which was ignored and Willingham was killed anyway.  Justice has holes big enough for many innocent people to fall through.

Send the health care workers who are fighting enforced vaccines pictures of the bodies of men, women, and children killed in Iraq (plus over 4,000 American soldiers) to save Iraqi people from tyranny, just as we Americans are now to be "saved" from H1N1 by taking drugs for which neither the government nor the drug manufacturers are willing to accept liability.  Even the medical personnel who inject us are absolved of responsibility.  In some cases, the serum contained live H1N1.  Health care professionals who fight enforced vaccines in court need support from as many people as have eyes to see, and still it may not matter to those making decisions.  Consider the support Troy Davis has, yet he remains on Georgia's death row with a slim chance at the new trial that millions hope he will have.

We have representatives who we stood in long lines to vote into office.  Contact them and ask:

~Who makes everything army personnel wear into battle?  Prisoners.

~Who owns most of the private prisons in the USA?  Who are the major investors?

~Who ordered soldiers into war? Are any among them also prison investors/owners?

~Pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the H1N1 vaccine have enjoyed a tremendous increase in profits since the pandemic was announced.  Who profits? Who owns the pharmaceutical companies and stock?

~Who is slated to build and operate new FEMA camps? How will the millions of Americans there be kept occupied? Will they also make military uniforms, equipment, and supplies as prison slaves to prepare soldiers to go and "save" others from tyrrany? 

The 13th Amendment to the Constitution outlaws slavery except for those who have their rights set aside as criminals.  Apparently, Americans who break the new law to submit to experimental drugs will be counted as criminals and rendered slaves.  If Americans do submit to the vaccines, will a new requirement to escape camp internment is likely to arise in its place next year or the next (assuming that the drugs are relatively safe and most people survive)?


The need for abolitionists is as urgent today as it was in pre-Civil War America. Slavery never ended.  The prison industrial complex was born immediately after the "emancipation" of Africans in America. Bear in mind that race does not matter regarding greed.  Caucasians from Europe's ghettos and debtor prisons were also imported as slaves and serfs.  Native Americans were enslaved.  America's first Asians worked for little more than slave wages, and Japanese citizens were interned in concentration camps during WWII.  Latinos still work for low wages, and illegal aliens from Mexico often settle for no benefits and working conditions similar to prison laborers.  With 2.3 MILLION inmates, the number of prison workers (most of whom were arrested for non-violent offenses) is probably larger today than during pre-Civil War slavery. 

The threat of Marshal Law and enforced vaccines is perceived by many people to be an ambitious expansion plan for the prison industrial complex - slavery, perhaps with a population that is thinned out to manageable levels by disease released in the vaccines themselves.  Consider the way this unidentified writer imagined just such a thing in 2008:



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say your the leader of a country. it flourished for awhile but its fallen into desperate times. the population is growing very rapidly. the amout of babies being born is at the highest rate its ever been and immigrants are flooding into the land. the food is extremely scarce and if it keeps up you'll go bankrupt. the people would literally have to eat each other to survive. you have the option of enforcing a vaccine that would ultimately weed out the weak and leave the strong ill, but alive. this is your only option to survive....what choice do you make? is it more morally correct to ensure a few some survival, or to not cross the line of inhumanity at the cost of everything...

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in this instance the strong will get better, life will go on but with a dramatically reduced populace. the question remains....

1 year ago

The first answer was from a philosophy student, and the question was probably also from a philosophy student.  However, their question and response in 2008 had uncanny similarities to the thoughts of some conspiracy theorcists today regarding the H1N1 vaccine.

I REPLIED IN MY CARE2 SHAREBOOK, as I was too late seeing the question to reply at Yahoo Answers.

To the writer of that question, please learn your place. You are not God, and He who made the world is well capable of sustaining life and providing for all of our needs. No one should justify genocide by pretending to believe it is best for humanity. The world is not running out of space or resources. Most of the earth is uninhabited, and the ground still yields her bounty. It is only man's artificial systems that create shortages, and sometimes it is in man's labs that diseases are created. Resist the temptation to play God or to excuse great evil by self-delusion.

Regardless of what I advise, many people will not believe news until it comes from mainstream media.  Therefore, see this FOX News report about the Army preparing to enforce experimental H1N1 Vaccines:
TWITTER was acting funny today - interference was the likely cause.  I enjoy Twitter.  It challenges me to be very precise, and you can see how lengthy my writing is without Twitter's 140-character limitation.  Perhaps some information in this article is valuable, and God allowed me to be chased from Twitter in order this article would be written. 

While you are visiting my blog, please see the list of articles to your left for more data that I hope you find interesting.  Visit my articles at  My Google profile has more relevant links - browse for "Mary Neal Google Profile."  Follow me on Twitter, where I am KoffieTime.  Please also visit our online advocacy organization intended to help decriminalize mental illness as Dorothea Dix did in the 1800's - Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill -

Many blessings to you.  If you can donate to our subsistence and advocacy, please do.  If you find this article or any others in this blog worthwhile, an ADD THIS button is available on the upper, left side to easily share my news and views with others.  Your viewpoint is valuable, and I invite you to use the comment area below.

The point of this particular article is that we do not have the luxury of meeting on July 4th and Memorial Day and celebrating sacrifices others made to secure our freedom.  We must also be active and diligent to safeguard it daily.  We need to be alert and well-informed.  This cannot happen merely by reading the morning newspaper and watching the 6 o'clock news.  Neither should we necessarily believe every conspiracy theory that comes our way.  We should research and validate news reports, and look for the hidden reasons for events.  One should consider news from outside the mainstream carefully and give at least the benefit of doubt.  My brother's murder and the Cochran Firm's fraud as well as Thomas Arthur's DNA test results being ignored prove how little we can rely on the completeness of mainstream news reports.  We must be on watch.  Freedom is worth it.

Incidentally, validation regarding THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD is in the Documents Tab in the website below.

Mary Neal

Larry's death certificate said heart attack, but his survivors do not know whether his heart failure was caused by his secret arrest and intentional depravation of vital heart drugs or if  Larry was Tasered, assaulted by guards, restrained in a deadly restraint chair like Sean LeVert, or if he had violent hallucinations from depravation of his psychiatric meds. Officials decided that unlike Michael Vick's dogs, Larry's death deserved no records, explanations, investigation, or accountability.  He was only a mental patient, and a black one at that. Since the Cochran Firm tricked my family and never subpoenaed records, my mom's nightmares continue six years later about the different scenarios under which her son was murdered. 

See how the mentally ill were exterminated in Nazi Germany:

My mother sometimes dreams Larry starved to death, other times Tasered, etc.  At 86 years of age, it is time for an explanation and closure which The Cochran Firm Fraud deprived us of having, not to mention justified damages.  However, the stalking is intended to keep us from seeking truth, and it keeps me from providing for my family.  Did someone say "equal justice?"  Therefore, keep informed, and never trust mainstream media as your only information source.  Remember, one of the many television stations carrying The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office ads that help to defraud the public said "So?"  Watch as well as pray.

I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top. ~ Psalm 102:7

Pray for this lonely sparrow, but don't worry about me. 

His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.



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