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Will H1N1 End Freedom in America?

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Rev. Pinkney, thank you for the opportunity to address your audience again today on your Sunday BlogTalk radio show about criminalizing mental illness and other justice concerns. I enjoyed listening to Bro. Larry and Bro. Billy and learning more about the Black Panther Party and contributions made by that organization. The fact that the breakfast program that is in most public schools today was their initiative attests to the organizations' little-known success in serving communities where it is/was active.  What an honor to be on the same show with such committed people as you and others who understand the need for people to work together for positive change.  The Internet allows us to do that in a way that was not previously available. Below you will see urgent information about the threat of enforced vaccines that also require people to come together and work out immediate solutions.  Your opinion is needed on some polls regarding this matter.  Also, concerned medical professionals made a set of videos about H1N1 vaccines, and one video is posted below.

It is convenient that interested persons who missed our shows can access them by using the link  and that they can review the list of concerns I had inadequate time to cover in my article entitled "Mary Neal Discusses Human Rights for Prisoners on Rev. Pinkney's Sunday Blogtalk Shows." The article is at this link:

Again, congratulations on your freedom from house arrest for quoting the Bible! Despite the many injustices I learn about and those that are thrust upon my family regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of my handicapped brother and subsequent to his yet unexplained demise, I am nevertheless amazed that your outright suppression of free speech and freedom of religion happened in this country. I pray that you speedily receive contributions for the $1,700 penalty you were assessed in connection to your quoting Deuteronomy 28, which a Michigan judge took as a terrorist threat against his person.

As you know, my advocacy for the incarcerated mentally ill and exposing injustices against disenfranchised people of all races, religions, and socio-economic categories also depends on contributions from those who care about such matters.  I hope that more people will use the DONATIONS APPRECIATED depository at my blog to help with this effort as well as my own subsistence. I live almost as Anne Frank did in pre-WWII Germany because I exposed The Cochran Firm Fraud and continue to speak and write freely about injustices that occur across the country.  Despite censorship and endangerment, I will continue to update my blog with news and invite you to review it at and other links in my Google profile about justice issues that impact millions of people. A link to my Google profile is in the signature block below, and it can also be accessed it by entering "Mary Neal Google Profile" into your browser. Examples of my victimization and denial of remedy under the law are in the police report in this article:

"Finally Heard from Police re: 911 Emergency Call When Waylaid"  
Many officials, organizations, and individuals in our communities, including police officers, address injustice daily and effect positive resolutions. I report those developments in my Steps Toward Justice series on HubPages. Just browse for "Mary Neal on HubPages" to access good news. A new hub will be published this week, because numerous encouraging reports deserve attention, and those responsible for them deserve our commendation.

Because I live almost as a prisoner for safety, prisoners' issues have become my main interest. As you know, there is a pressing need for all freedom-loving people to come together and discuss projected plans to enforce H1N1 vaccines on Americans under Marshal Law. Massachusetts passed a Marshal Law Bill on October 13 with the provision to set aside the U.S. Constitution and arrest people who refuse vaccination in FEMA centers (concentration camps) if an emergency is called. It is unclear to me whether those arrested who survive internment would be released at the end of the flu season or if they would be imprisoned indefinitely. As you probably know, medical professionals threatened lawsuits if forced to take the vaccines.  A New York judge recently ruled that medial professionals in that state will not lose their jobs because they elect not to take the vaccines, as they had previously been told.

It is disturbing that although a bill to enforce vaccines is now law, neither the Government nor drug manufacturers are willing to accept liability for the deaths and injuries that H1N1 vaccines could cause. That speaks to me of a lack of confidence in the drugs' safety and a definite lack of accountability. To my idea, it is not national health care insurance, the economy, or even war that is the most important issue before this nation. Rather, it is the prospect that our elected officials who swore to uphold the Constitution perceive a threat of the H1N1 virus worthy of deleting the very foundation of democracy in this country. Your guests on the show today spoke about the oppression of a people who fought for inclusion in Constitutional protections and privileges. However, under Marshal Law, no people of any race would have Constitutional rights.

There is too little discussion regarding the prospect of setting aside the Constitution of the United States of America and imprisoning people who are not criminals but reject vaccines they deem unnecessary and/or hazardous.  Indeed, there is a surprising lack of discourse about this unprecedented threat to freedom.  Elected officials are very forthcoming with provisional plans to enforce vaccines and intern citizens who refuse same.  The Massachusetts Marshal Law Bill is public record, and so is Rep. Alcee Hastings' bill H.R. 645 proposing six additional FEMA centers in the U.S. to intern Americans. Therefore, let us also be forthcoming with our questions and opinions about the possible loss of rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in our homeland, militarized inoculations, and prison facilities to intern citizens built with our own tax money. I have no historical reference of any people who lost their freedom ever regaining it except through military intervention by other countries. It is doubtful that Americans could expect such intervention should it be needed on our behalf.

Millions of people are as confused and concerned about the H1N1 virus, the prospect of enforced vaccines, and threat of Marshal Law as I am.  It behooves us to request town hall meetings to discuss our concerns and gain needed insight from elected officials, who are in the best position to impart information about these matters. I propose that town hall meetings are needed coast to coast, and should include elected officials, vaccine manufacturers, medical professionals, civil liberties attorneys and organizations, as well as the general public. Through such meetings, understanding and accord on mandated vaccination or the negation of such a mandate might be reached.

Below are two polls to obtain participants' viewpoints and initiate more discussion about the clear and present danger presented by the H1N1 virus and responses to it by decision-makers. I hope that all who read this will also participate and share with others. It is our country, our own bodies and our loved ones, and the very foundation of freedom in this country for which vital decisions are being made. As people who value health, civil rights and democracy, let us please participate in the decision-making process. It is important to be proactive and not reactive. More information and discussion regarding H1N1's threat to the preservation of constitutional law in America are warranted.

POLL No. 1

Do you agree that we need town hall meetings regarding enforced vaccines?  

News excerpt - 12 Oct 2009 - The armed forces, according to a news report, has ordered a different vaccine against the swine influenza for Germany's 250,000 soldiers. The vaccine is different than the serum which will be used to inoculate the civil population as a protection against the swine flu. The more acceptable vaccine for the soldiers contains neither controversial additives nor mercury-containing preservatives, reports the Bielefelder 'Westphalian's sheet,' according to armed forces circles. It concerns the Serum Celvapan from the pharmaceutical manufacturer Baxter. (This news, which was also carried in German by Yahoo! News, is in CLG News' short-term archives. See Oct. 12 reports at )

POLL No. 2

Do you believe elected officials, military personnel, and the elite should be given a safer vaccine than the general population in any country?

If vaccines are enforced, I urge citizens to insist that those mandating mass inoculations get themselves and their families in line with our children and accept vaccinations from the very same serum.  God was generous with brains - we all have one.

Free people are urged to consider that even if all inhabitants of this country submit their bodies to accept the first one-drug-fits-all that has ever been invented to avoid concentration camp internment in 2009/10, what new demands might lawmakers make on the population to avoid imprisonment in 2011?

In case vaccines are enforced, here is medical advice:

What Would I Do If Forced To Be Vaccinated Against My Consent? by Dr. Ken O'Neal, ND, MD

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. Again, please share the opportunity to participate in these polls and discussions with your contact list by forwarding this to all. My own use of the Internet suffers interference, and I rely on concerned persons to recognize how vital justice is and help disseminate important information in my emails, blogs, and articles.

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD. ~ Isaiah 1:18

If God Himself invites reasonable people to come together with Him and gain understanding, surely decision makers and We the People should do likewise.

May God continue to richly bless you.

Mary Neal 

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Mary Neal's Google profile:

Below is medical advice relative to H1N1 vaccines:

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