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Mary Neal's Letter to Rev. Pinkney

From one who fights for DOG JUSTICE FOR HUMANS, Mary Neal

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Rev. Pinkney, thank you for allowing me to be the guest today on your 5:00 p.m. BlogTalk Radio Show today, October 11, 2009.  The link below should take you directly to the interview, unless cyberstalkers interfere.
Notifying people about today's show was met with major resistence. I sent 566 eVites to my Yahoo groups and contacts, but American Greetings can only account for 30 going out.  I wrote American Greetings and asked what happened to the other 536 eVites it confirmed sending, but got no response.  Lots of companies are involved in The Cochran Firm Fraud, an elaborate conspiracy against justice for African Americans and other disenfranchised persons.  Our radio interview allowed others to hear about and participate in correcting issues of injustice facing us.  Your interest is appreciated. 

One day soon, I must sue those who help to censor my messages intended to give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL -  - I likely will not be permitted to win the lawsuit.  Rev. Pinkney, you and I know what the courts are like, as do millions of others.  You were actually imprisoned for quoting Deuteronomy 28.  Despite the trouble we endure, there can be rewards in exposing injustices and hypocrisy.  Sometimes with exposure, authorities decide to CHANGE.  Otherwise, they walk around like the king in the children's story who wore no clothes.  Everyone in the kingdom pretended to see pristine, flowing robes when they really only saw puffy, naked flesh.

My predecessor, Dorothea Dix, also had to file numerous lawsuits in her pursuit of justice for the incarcerated mentally ill in the 1800's. At the end of her advocacy, less than .07% of the inmates in America were mentally ill people. When God wants something done, He often uses the least likely people to do His work. In the 1800's when women could not even vote, He used Dorothea Dix, a humble Sunday school teacher who was the daughter of a mentally ill man. I am honored that in the 21st century, He chose to use me to help other advocates and human rights activists decriminalize mental illness in America AGAIN. Regarding the 1.25 million mentally ill that these private prison owners have locked away in America's prison dungeons for reason of their health disabilities who should be in treatment instead, my Lord has said, "LET MY PEOPLE GO."

I want you to know, Rev. Pinkney, that just as you were imprisoned for quoting the Bible (Deuteronomy 28) and now live under house arrest after release, I am also greatly censored and live under self-imposed house arrest for security. If they break into my house to attack me, it will leave no doubt why this is done. On the street, I perceive they planned to arrange an accident, which is why they follow me in several vehicles and usually have an official car among the group that follow and accost me at neighborhood businesses. (See Cochran Firm Fraud videos 1 and 2 on YouTube).

Be it known that I do not speed when they follow me, but I pray to God, and He directs me usually to park. When I ride with others, I instruct my drivers to go the speed limit or beneath the speed limit and stay with other vehicles so that those sent to intimidate me cannot catch us in any isolated situation on the road. Therefore, if you ever hear of my involvement in any road accident, know that they lie. For the most part, my 86-year-old mom and I stay home unless absolutely necessary. We live in evil times, and unfortunately, the evil exists in the hearts of many people who should expose and prosecute wrongdoing and uphold justice. My family is greatly persecuted for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL. (See the website link beneath my signature)

I need people to use the DONATIONS APPRECIATED box on this blog to pay my utility and Internet bills. I have exhausted my savings conducting our advocacy for incarcerated mental patients, the wrongly convicted, and condemned, and thugs followed me home from work each night in 2008. I prayed, and God blessed me to be laid off. I have not yet applied for non-profit status for our organization or found work I can do from home.

Many blessings to you, sir. I will call in to your show next Sunday. We need to read the list of 26 justice issues that I sent and you placed at your BlogTalk radio site so that millions of Americans will understand that our advocacy is about their issues. Please note that the cyberstalkers removed two of the issues - not from the end where data would be cut off if there were space restrictions. The two topics that were removed were numbers 24 and 25 - LOSS OF PRIVACY RIGHTS FOR AMERICANS and H.R.645 FOR CONCENTRATIONS CAMPS FOR AMERICANS. See the full list at this invitation that I sent to many people via email, which plenty probably did not receive:

Compare that list to yours at your radio show to see how hard "they" work to prevent Americans knowing the plans being made for us:

Yesterday, I discovered that cyberstalkers removed from Care2 News Network my article that made front page news in April regarding Senate Bills 773 and 778 to give the presidents' office the power to shut down the Internet.  Cyberstalkers cannot hide Senate bills, so they must seek to hide citizens' reaction to the proposed law.

Based on the amount of interference I experienced broadcasting today's show, I understand that radio interviews are quite important. I shall call plenty of radio shows from now on and talk about the injustices that should not happen in America, but happen every day. They may need to speed up processing Senate Bills 773 and 778 to possibly shut down the Internet if they wish to prevent my talking about justice issues that need to CHANGE. Then, unless I am in one of the planned FEMA camps, I will grab a bullhorn. I believe in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and in equal rights and equal justice for all without regard to socio-economic distinctions, race, religion or lack thereof, ethnicity, and health status. I believe in human and civil rights because


and Jesus said

"Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto ONE of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me!"
Matt. 25:40

There are numerous elected officials, organizations, and individuals like yourself who are working to improve justice in America.  Many police officers are working hard to keep society safe and uphold human rights. Without them, all citizens would be living in the kind of situation I now find myself - unsafe to leave home and dubious safety while at home.  I publish good news in justice at my HubPages account.  Please visit it, also:

For access to my censored articles and posted videos that uncover human rights abuses, please see my Google profile:  - I am not like Noah's son who uncovered his father's faults to embarrass or ridicule those in authority. Rather, it is my hope that someone with the means and power to answer abuses with JUSTICE will read my articles, view the videos, and bring remedy. That means YOU, my readers.

In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that love[s] us. ~Romans 8:37

Again, thank you for having me on your radio show today. Many people, including mainstream media, civil and human rights organizations, church leaders, and individuals would prefer to pretend gross violations against people's human and civil rights are not happening, especially my brother's secret jail death and my family's victimization. They remind me of the three little monkeys.

Here is a newsflash:

Where is the good little monkey who saw no evil, heard no evil, and spoke no evil?  He is in the same FEMA camp as the naughty little monkeys who protested abuses against people's human and civil rights while the Constitution was still on the books BEFORE Martial Law was declared over some likely man-made disease.

Too many people choose to remain silent while our human and civil rights are being deleted, many of which are being eroded for the sake of security.  There is no security where human beings have lost their freedom - NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE! - MLK.  Thousands of people now wear microchips. Many of them were forced to accept the microchips as a job requirement.  Numerous persons including some who don't have the microchips report experiencing problems. I have met people online who report being "targeted" for electronic torture.  At first, I was very skeptical, but having been subjected to gross violations against my Frist Amendment rights and having found no remedy under the law, I no longer discount reports of abuse that I hear about.  There are international protests planned for this week.  Below is information I received via email today:
On Oct 14th, targeted individuals plan a Worldwide Protest against Electronic Torture
For specific locations and times around the planet, please email Deborah A. Newhook
International Alliance Against Covert Electronic Abuse
'We live to achieve justice'
dbnewhook@ yahoo . CA (remove the spaces)

I do not agree with microchipping human beings.  People are not cattle.  Microchips have the capacity to monitor a person's movements, may be equipped with sound devices to eavesdrop on private conversations, and are said to be capable of delivering punishment to those who wear them.  I researched microchips and directed energy weaponry to write the following two articles:

Biblical Prophecies Unfold - Your Microchip Is Ready
July 3, 2009

Michael Jackson's Death - The Conspiracy Theory
June 28, 2009

Remember, if you wish to continue receiving my reports, you must pay my utility and Internet bills.  Please use the convenient DONATIONS APPRECIATED icon above for PayPal or credit card donations.  Thank you in advance.  I invite you to follow me on Twitter where I am KoffieTime-


Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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