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Mary Neal on Facebook and Questions for Your Reps

Hello, everyone.  I noticed "they" hide my Facebook account, so I want to make sure everyone knows my link so you can look me up and give me a shout-out when you want!

Mary Neal on Facebook

Sometimes it is a pain to have to log into social websites to open emails.  Just email me directly at gmail whenever you want.  I may get it, but sometimes cyberstalkers redirect my mail. I was advised that I should change my passwords, and I do that, but they have a keystroke counter on my home computer and make it REAL DIFFICULT for me to go out to use another computer.

 Just put "" at the end of MaryLovesJustice@

Get most of my links from my Google profile.  Just browse for Mary Neal Google Profile, or use this link:  - and look on the right side of the page for numerous links to my articles, blogs, petitions, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, and more.

I used to update the bottom of my Google blog with whatever happens in my advocacy - usually Internet interference regarding some taboo subject like abuses to mentally ill citizens, executions planned for people whose DNA indicates innocence, covert changes to Dr. Martin Luther King's speeches, etc.  However, cyberdogs don't allow that any longer.  They now block updates to my Google profile by responding to my input with an Internet Explorer message that says "Your changes cannot be saved at this time. Try again later."  This started after I input the final update that my Google profile below.  I wrote about my Care2 ecards inviting people to listen to my radio interview having arrived to recipients as SPAM mail (which I think they corrected after I reported it widely).  Then I wrote:

The same invitation [to Rev. Pinkney BlogTalk show] went to 566 groups and individuals on my Yahoo list yesterday via American Greetings eVites. The cyberstalkers added a code after the link to Rev. Pinkney's show that redirected the readers to a page unknown (the code is not visible on the eVites, but is visible in the browser @ the page where one is directed.  [They also redirected the link that leads to this blog - don't want people reading FreeSpeakBlog.]


LOOK AT REV. PINKNEY'S AD (for our radio interview 10/11/09 - it may be changed by the time you read this) AND SEE HOW THEY DELETED ITEMS 24 AND 25 RE: AMERICAN'S LOSS OF PRIVACY RIGHTS AND H.R. 645 FOR FEMA CAMPS:  
Rev. Pinkney Show *CALL-IN NUMBER 347-994-3644

Are our loss of privacy and H.R. 645 supposed to be secrets?

American Greetings' eVites can only account for sending out 30 of the 566 eVites the company claimed to have emailed when I hit "send."  The only people who actually got them are probably folks cyberdogs know I communicate with regularly, just in case I check. 

That was some radio show!  Rev. Pinkney is the first minister in America imprisoned for quoting a Bible verse, and mine is the first family this century to have a member secretly arrested and returned dead with no questions allowed.  That used to happen lots to African Americans in the 1940's, I understand.

I will let you know if American Greetings ever comes up with an explanation for my other 530 eVites. Most of the time, folks don't even try to explain themselves - like Care2 ignoring my helpdesk inquiries about my Sharebook's RSS feed that was stopped, Shelby County Jail ignoring federal subpoenas regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, etc. They know I already know the answer is that I'm in the slave class along with all Americans who live on paychecks and fixed income rather than dividend checks and interest income like the elite do. Slave class people are for paying taxes, supplying military troops, and are in the future-inmates-of-America pool. If you don't believe me, call your congresspersons and ask them who the six concentration camps proposed in H.R. 645 are intended to house. The elite are probably tired of paying any wages and job benefits, and they have discovered that prison slaves work so well. But don't worry. I hear you have to break the law first, like refuse to take whatever drug yo massa says.

Ask your own representatives what is planned for you and your mom, dad, sister, brother, and children. Your congresspersons know:
Murmurings and trading rumors didn't help the Jews. If it is on the table, you should be able to ask what's in the dish. After all, it may not be good for you. Let me know what yours say. Mine wrote me back about some Georgia storms.

Although I received no answer, I did ask.  I figure if people are bold enough to plan concentration camps with our own money to jail us and our families, we should be bold enough to ask for a straight answer.  But that's just me.  Many of you want answers, but "ye have not because ye ask not." (James 4:2)

Does Denial Help?
Not in Massachusetts

Carried by CLG News email:

., October 8, 2009  

Senate version includes placing restrictions on right to public assembly, allowing arrest of individuals without warrant, mandatory vaccinations, and isolation orders issued to anyone who refused to be vaccinated. Public health officials would have the power to isolate individuals and order quarantines to contain the outbreak of serious contagious diseases under a bill approved by the Massachusetts House [113-36] on Thursday. One of the most contentious parts of the bill would give public health officials the authority to force individuals or groups into isolation or quarantine when there is "reasonable cause to believe that a disease or condition dangerous to the public health exists or may exist or that there is an immediate risk of an outbreak."


I have written for a couple of years about my denial of First Amendment rights.  The Bill of Rights is despised and already ignored for many people like myself who lack wealth.  Your turn seems to be coming - at the "risk" of an outbreak.  What is proposed in Mass. is essentially slavery from my point of view. 

- Loss of authority over one's own person
- Loss of authority over one's children
- Loss of freedom of assembly rights
- Arrest without warrant

As I wrote in my Concentration Camp article, "First they came for the Neals."  My family endures censorship, persecution, and endangerment for making inquiries about Larry Neal, a handicapped relative who was secretly arrested until death in 2003, with records and explanation DENIED.  Rev. Pinkney was imprisoned and lives under house arrest for quoting the Bible.  Therefore, freedom of religion and freedom of speech are no longer protected rights, and neither is the right to life protected for many Americans.  Loss of rights is like a spreading disease that is capable of destroying any semblance of freedom.  I think we're at level 6 on that.


I don't see why anyone would spend money curtailing my freedom of speech now - I told you most of my story about my brother's secret arrest and death under undisclosed circumstances, although not much about how it affected our family like the book does. Of course, I daily tell stories for the voiceless who are abused, don't I? That must be their reason for continuing to censor me - unless it is to practice and get ready to start on YOU.

I hate to fill my blogs and articles with the illegal attacks intended to prevent your learning about gross human rights abuses to sick, minority, and disenfranchised Americans instead of just using them to give you the facts about the victims' abuses, and I thought I had found the answer by using my Google profile. NOT! They put that on lockdown now. I think that means "they" were unable to find a Google employee to go behind my back and covertly delete my data, redirect links, create DoS viruses just for me, set up phony URL views that show me one thing from my home computer but something entirely different when I view the page from another computer, and other tricks like I experience in abundance on some LARGE, WELL-KNOWN SITES. You Go, Google! The others face full exposure and possibly a lawsuit since I have proof aplenty, so your employees did right to turn them down if they asked.

Only some of the things that are done to violate my freedom of press rights can be done from outside the networks. Lots of the illegal interference necessarily must have inside help. You computer savvy people will be able to determine which tricks needed inside help when you see my footage. So if they let me post, I post. If they don't let me post, I add the interference to my growing library of Cointelpro-like video footage. In a way, I think the powerful, in-the-know people are not worried about lawsuits for things they do now, or there would not be so much blatant injustice. We're probably skirting pretty close to Marshal Law over some "pandemic."

When I really want good footage of Internet cyberstalking, I just try to update my page. That really sends them into overdrive! Either there is more than one of them assigned to me when I work on my page, or that dude is FAST! I type around 85 wpm, but while I'm typing or formatting data at the top of my page, this guy is blocking off data and then deleting it from the bottom! First, they outline what they are going to delete in a broken-line box if it includes graphics. If it is only text, they can use a broken underline. When I hit "submit" on my article or my page, ZAP!@ Whatever they had outlined or underlined is GONE! Some of my videos will require an adult station to show them to you. They make me cuss!

One of the most irritating things they do is slow your computer input down to about 2wpm - that is happening now as I type this. Another activist friend told me that when I first reported these things to her, she was skeptical. Now they got her, too - stop her mail and slow her computer down to 2wpm. It is like watching a foreign film - you type, but the data comes later. You know how the actors' lips move and their words are heard later? They do these things to many prisoner activists and other human rights writers, but none as intensely as yours truly, and the others don't have it on video. I advise everyone to start working with a camera ready, if you notice funny things happening to your emails and posts. It will probably be them. You can see what is left of my page below. Note all the EMPTY SPACES!

Mary Neal's Care2 Page

We're planning to show some of the videos and save others for a CD to be in the bookjacket for my book, COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD. That is how this drama started - with The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm defrauding my family after the secret Guantanamo-style arrest and wrongful death of my brother Larry Neal in 2003. He was a lifelong paranoid schizophrenic man who Memphis Shelby County Jail was sick of arresting on minor offenses common to acute mental patients who are denied inpatient treatment when they present no threat to self or others, like vagrancy, eating from stores without paying first, begging, singing loud in front of businesses and disturbing the peace, etc.

The Cochran Firm tricked us by signing contract to represent us, but the managing partner was a county commissioner which owns and operates the jail that kept Larry for weeks, denying they had him to make sure he died without his vital heart drugs (unless they did more to kill him - the jail won't release any records or give any explanation, you see). When we discovered at the end of the statute of limitations for Larry's wrongful death action that The Cochran Firm had actually done zero to represent his 80-year-old mom and family against the jail and sued the lawyers, the powers that be came up with the most uncanny ways to protect The Cochran Firm from our lawsuits. And we won't go into all the stalking and persecution in this post! My goodness! The book will be an interesting read, and the videos are fascinating. Let me know if you can suggest an agent. I read that is the first order of business. See this article I wrote:

What to do with a Bestseller Manuscript?

.Frankly, I'm a little worried about agents and publishers being in the New World Order, too. American Greetings surprised me by their notice that only 30 of the 566 eVites I sent via their service actually were sent. I guess addressees who actually received my eVites are those people who I communicate with regulaly - just in case I check. That's usually how these things work. I wrote eVites for an explanation, but nothing came yet, unless the cyberstalkers got the mail.

Since big online communication companies, mainstream media, and at least one law firm seem to be sopping molasses from the same plate, hopefully we can find an agent and publisher who are not in the End Game Group, Inc. - deleting citizens' rights daily (including the right to life for Larry Neal), while keeping abuses hush, hush from the public.

Getting back to my search for a separate place to record my free peech/freedom of press violations online, I tried setting up a group for that on Care2, realizing that all of these fancy ways to impede freedom of press online were not devised just for Mary Neal, but I discovered that my posts there were censored, too! Can you imagine? Here is the group I started for people whose writing wrist is chained like mine. When I discovered it was not searchable on the web by putting in the link, I said "My Goodness!" I think they fixed that now. See it here: LET FREEDOM RING

I did not use the group in a while, so you will see the posts in the archives:

How do you like that concept - Let Freedom Ring? I like it lots.

I just don't think I'm suitable for slave life in one of those FEMA camps and would prefer if our representatives(?) just forget "mass quarantines."  In fact, I'm so sure I am not suited to being a slave that I decided to SPEAK UP ABOUT IT NOW.  Some folks may not mind like I do.  Old movies show some slaves happily scratching their heads and smiling big.  Here's a new slogan for my representatives:


Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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