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Doctor! Will Justice Live? Human Rights Viewed As Terrorism

Articles in this blog do not open in a new window. Please read all before opening links, or use your back arrow to return. There is an earlier draft of the article at my Google profile.  However, I was not permitted by those who monitor and control my Internet input to make changes to the profile, so I entered the data in this blog.  I was not allowed to add the two scriptures about lawyers (Luke 11:30 and 7:52).  I do not know why the Google profile document is considered more damaging to the parties the outlaw censorship staff seek to protect than this blog.  Perhaps it is because they change the taglines to blog posts at will and prevent them from being carried on the Internet.  Last week, I noted that the censorship force had attacked my Google bookmark for the Jewish Virtual Library  That title was removed and substituted with another.  Since plans to erect camps and intern Americans were introduced in House Resolution 645 and mass quarantine was listed as a possible punishment for citizens who refuse H1N1 vaccines during a state-declared emergency in Massachusetts, I suppose the cyberstalkers do not want Americans reminded of what concentration camps were like for Jewish people.  It is encouraging that the cyberstalkers do not want people to have a vivid remembrance of that.  Maybe there is still some hope of avoiding that future. My writing is censored, and I must remain home due to stalkers assigned to do I don't know what when I leave home.  See my ignored 911 police call report in the signature block of this blog. Make a donation if you are able. 

Can Someone Please Save Justice?

Cyberstalking re President Obama's Health Care Plan eMail
Cyberstalking Against US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA)
Northwestern University innocence project students investigated for questioning murder convictions
    ~to Hide Larry Neal's Wrongful Death Cover-up
    ~to Prevent Disclosure of Thomas Arthur's DNA Test Results
    ~ to Prevent Mary Neal's Subsistence and Persecute Family for Asking for Justice
Mainstream Media Blackout
Inalienable Rights Denied
Cyberstalking Against Announcements for Amnesty International Southern Regional Conference
      ~to Prevent Advocacy to Decriminalize Mental Illness
Human Rights Advocacy Treated As Terrorism

Mine is the only American family in the 21st Century to have a member secretly arrested and returned as a corpse without any police accountability, arrest records, full autopsy report, and denied any investigation whatsoever.  This was to have been done without Larry Neal's family protesting his death or even asking what happened.  Because his survivors did both, we suffer persecution in the form of stalking, cyberterriosm, and censorship.  See

Due process of law was denied regarding Larry Neal's demise in 2003. His death was swept under the rug.  After seeing how little regard is given to the civil and human rights of acute mental patients and their families, I founded and direct Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill.  It is an online organization with over 200 members who advocate removing the 1.25 million mentally dysfunctional people in prisons and jails to mental hospitals and community care, depending on their offenses and ability to survive outside a controlled environment. Other human rights organizations are also under cyberattack. 


President Obama sent an email informing people about his proposed national health care plan.  On it he gave a link to pledge support, and he invited recipients to share the email with friends.  I posted it at my Care2 Sharebook.  I have videos to show that cyberstalkers pulled the link from the middle of the president's email to the bottom of the page (this is how they seem to delete data).  Other changes were being made to the deocument as well - paragraphs were moved toward the bottom, likely to be deleted.  I sent a copy of the doctored document to Sen. Webb, and it is still in my Sharebook.  I also recorded the cyberattack on the president's email to the comments of an article I wrote concerning him at and posted the doctored document. The entire bottom half of the president's email turned into a link before I pulled the plug on my modem, which seemed to end their connection to my Sharebook.  I filmed the cyberstalking like I do in many cases, because some people prefer to think of the interference I have online as being glitches.


Treating the mentally ill instead of imprisoning them would hurt prison profiteers' profits. See an incident regarding US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA):

I notified USPRA that its link to an announcement for its suggested national health care insurance plan was not working on Facebook because spaces had been inserted. I found that the link had extra coding at the end when I removed the spaces and copied/pasted the link into my browser. Only after I removed the extra codes after the html. at the end of the link was I finally reached the organization's site. Then I discovered that although all the links within the site were blue and underlined, one important link for readers to support the organization's proposals was not actually a link at all - it was simply underlined, blue words. The person who published the document was apparently intended to be duped, and it worked until I reported the problem to the organization. Here is the URL. See the fake link in the final paragraph on page 2:

US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA)

AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE HELP FOR ALL HUMANITY Plan (or AHHH! for short).'s_response_to_healthcare_reform_bills.pdf

People are intended to believe that all such computer issues are "glitches," although that is far from the case. I have endured so much cyberstalking that I could give lectures on it - "Recognizing Cyberstalking 101."

When human rights groups and organizations get a response rate that is lower than anticipated for a large emailing project, it would behoove them to use a computer with a different URL to check all links. It is a good idea for human rights organizations to check their links periodically, anway. Months ago, I republished a copy of a mailing from President Obama regarding his proposed national health care plan.  He had requested that recipients share the information on the plan with their friends.  While I typed an introduction inviting my Care2 friends to read the president's letter, the link that was on his letter for people to pledge support for the health care plan was being removed from my Care2 Share.  I captured evidence of the cyberstalking on video and wrote about it.  It is one of the videos I will publish to demonstrate the attack against human rights that is underway.


Advocacy is discouraged regarding wrongful convictions, criminalizing mental illness, the death penalty, and other justice issues.  Free speech suffers when one works for justice for convicted persons. Northwestern University is fighting an order to release information on the students who question murder convictions.

"In the previous decade, Medill students had uncovered some of the most high-profile wrongful convictions in the city. The class had worked to secure the release of 11 innocent prisoners, five of whom were scheduled to be executed . . . The students have raised questions about the murder conviction of Anthony McKinney. In response, the state attorney's office issued a subpoena for the students' grades, grading criteria, expense reports, syllabi and e-mail messages -- mine included," reports Nicole Lapin, of CNN.  See the entire article at this link:

Organizations and human rights ativists should take time to actually try to open some of their links that appear on the Internet to ensure they lead to the referenced work.  Occasionally, my links on the Internet do not lead to the article referenced.  A few times, the referenced artiles were actually deleted, parked with an Internet parking service, or the online links would not open. I found that on my "Naked Demonstration Planned to End Censorship," article, the URL led to another of my articles instead. "Naked Demonstration" had been covertly deleted.

Secondly, rganizations and activists should also post their contact information on the home page, because sometimes tabs are missing or not permitted to open, which happened when I accessed the Veterans Against Police Abuse website recently.

Third, copy the first page of all petitions periodically (at least once daily) to ensure that the numbers beside signatures have not slipped backwards, which indicates that some petitioners' signatures were removed.
I regret the attack on human and civil rights that is underway.  Some of my earliest memories are of my brother, Larry, reciting great historical speeches. His favorites were the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America, the Gettysburg Address, and the Declaration of Independence. Because Larry was already sick since his case of mumps at age 8, he recited the speeches loud and repetitively.

I was six years younger than Larry. I wish you could hear how proudly he'd recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I wish I had it on tape. I heard so much about "liberty and justice for all" all my life from Larry's recitations at home, on television, and because I had to stand and recite the Pledge myself every school morning with one hand over my heart, that I was completely unprepared for the lack of justice that followed Larry's murder. I really thought it meant something. Don't laugh at my innocence.

When my grandmother took me every weekend to the bus depot for our trip to visit my aunt in Memphis, she never explained why she would clutch my arm tight and make me wait until others boarded the bus first - people who arrived long after we had. My grandmother liked to get there early and chat with the people at the counter and other passengers. By the time I was about 8, I figured out that the white people in town had better houses than the African Americans. But we did not talk about race in my house, so it was just something that I was aware about and had no ill-feelings attached.

We knew all the white families in town by name and history, and they knew all of us. They were Mr. Taylor at the grocery store, and Ms. MaryEllen, whose children my mom helped to raise. They were Ms. Ruth and Ms. Margaret, spinister sisters who always made us candy for Christmas. I was never taught to consider anyone as being better or worse. They just looked different and had more. I thought they liked me - I liked and respected them.  This is not something happening just to my family.  Apparently, there is some program against African Americans seeking justice, especially after deaths by police officers.  Listen to Shawn Holley, an attorney who worked with the Johnnie Cochran Firm for 17 years until being terminated along with other black attorneys and staff in his LA office immediately after his demise:
Shawn Holley interview with National Public Radio
re her race discrimination lawsuit against The Cochran Firm

People need DOG JUSTICE!

I had no idea until Larry's death that black citizens were perceived as being expendable like Larry without explanation or investigation, although I was middle aged.  Of course, I knew there was prejudice, but nothing on this scale.  I don't think anyone in my family knew how bad the problem still is, and neither do people I speak with or they would not advise me to contact  the media.  They cannot seem to understand that Larry's wrongful death coverup is protected news.  You would never have known about it except for his family's efforts to inform.  Those who engineered the cover-up did not know that Larry was from a family of writers who keep journals and write short stories as a hobby, not for publication.  Unlike others in the family, I did aspire to publish children's stories after retirement.  What a morbid change it is to write about my brother's secret extermination and realization that my family members are perceived as having no worth, and certainly no inaleinable rights, in the country where we live.  This is true althouogh numerous family members serve in the military or are veterans; some work as civil servants; and all human life deserves respect. 

How was I to know when I called 911 when followed and accosted by four cars of men and a USDOT truck on September 27, 2008, that no police would respond during the hour my young grandson and I waited for a police rescue that never came?  No one would have been able to convince me prior to Larry's extermination that I could have affidavits from business owners and guards where I worked attesting to my stalking, but no one would investigate the illegal acts intended to make me stop writing about Larry's extermination in Memphis Shelby County Jail and the elaborate cover-up facilitated by The Cochran Firm while it pretended (under contract) to be Larry's wrongful death attorneys. 

For us, America the Beautiful has turned out to be like Nazi Germany.  I now live under self-imposed house arrest for safety and write about our experiences like Anne Frank did.  If we are ever attacked here, my writing serves as skin under our nails.  But likely, that would not be investigated, either.  It is back to slavery days for the Neals, or the 1940's when black men could be lynched with no questions asked or even allowed.  I recently spoke about my worst stalking event during a radio interview with Rev. Pinkney, an African American minister who was imprisoned for quoting Deuteronomy 28, and he lived under court-ordered house arrest for 90-days after prison release.  Listen to the interview below:

 I was a guest on the Rev. Pinkney blogtalk radio show on October 11, 2009.  I placed the widget at this article, but cyberstalkers switched it with a Rev. Pinkney show where I was not interviewed.  The link above should begin w/ Rev. Pinkney speaking of his house arrest (which ended on 10/16) and greeting the Pinkney family.  I am brought online within a few minutes of that.  On 10/31, I discovered cyberstalkers had switched the radio interview to one on which I was not a guest.  My "sin" was asking what happened to Larry Neal and advocating for other mentally ill people behind bars.  Why don't you commit that sin with me?

If you would like to join nearly a thousand other people who asked that the USDOJ investigate the secret arrest and wrongful death of a handicapped American, my brother Larry Neal, please email them at  and/or join the petitioners:

I am more censored than other human rights advocates in order to contain news of Larry's elimination and absence of just resolution, which was followed by intimidation and persecution to quiet his family. But it is certainly not limited to my advocacy to decriminalize mental illness.  I have also witnessed evidence of other human rights organizations besides the two above being censored without their knowledge.


My brother Ed graduated from high school when the Viet Nam War was underway. He volunteered and served in the Marines. Larry tried to enlist, but of course, he could not. My uncle used to talk to my brothers about his time in France during WWII. Some of my nephews are in Iraq now. We thought we were an American family. I guess that sounds silly. I thought the Pledge meant us, too.  Frankly, I doubt if the Pledge applies to all white Americans, considering that Thomas Arthur is a white man on Alabama's death row months after his innocence was indicated by the DNA test results in July.  The test results were promptly sealed by the court while plans to execute Arthur continued. That was kept out of the media, too. See the poll I published to announce his DNA results that are kept secret, just like my handicapped brother Larry's extermination was.  After free speech and free press go, the rest of citizens' rights usually topple fast.

Should Thomas Arthur Be Executed for Telling a Fibb

I discovered that the title and the link to my Care2 News Network article about Arthur have been switched online (see it below).  I suppose it means Arthur might still be executed since they are still hiding the article that broadcasts his DNA test results. I suppose if they can catch me away from home one day, my justice articles would just disappear instead of cyberstalkers limiting their exposure online.  Perhaps Arthur would be executed the very next week. Who cares whether people in the slave class (people who exist on paychecks and fixed incomes rather than dividend checks) are innocent or guilty? The media still has not published Arthur's DNA test results, although his case got nearly as much publicity at one time as the Troy Davis case does now. Because Arthur's DNA test results were withheld and cyberdogs moved my story about his DNA not matching the crime scene evidence, things do not look good for Arthur.

A thousand people read the poll and the article at Care2 News Network. Please send it out to people. (The link is above.)  Let everyone know about this man's DNA test results, and maybe the likely innocent man will not be executed. Arthur's daughter printed his actual DNA test results indicating his innocence at his blog. His lawyers cannot publish them because a judge sealed Arthur's results. If the DNA test results had indicated guilt . . .

See below how they matched my Care2 article about Arthur with a link about breast cancer! I often get ads about induced cancer and have received cyberthreats about it, also. Johnnie Cochran died of cancer soon after signing with his new partners.

POLL: Should Thomas Arthur Be Executed for Telling a Fibb? by Mary ...POLL: Should Thomas Arthur Be Executed for Telling a Fibb? by Mary Neal. A discussion in Human Rights Network, Care2 Groups (Human / Civil Rights)

I caught the above cyberstalking by typing "Thomas Arthur Poll" in my Google browser.  The article has zero to do with breast cancer. Cyberdogs may move it from the Internet now. They sometimes fix things the way they should be when I report interferrence, but I work with cameras ready and made many films of the wrongdoing.

I also have evidence that the "www" in my Care2 online links was replaced in some posts with the word "primate." Instead of taking people to my Care2 article that the links reference, those links led to a picture of an large ape.  I understand that is meant to be a racial slur. It only shows how prejudice and evil the cyberdogs are as well as those they serve.  African Americans and whites who are not wealthy, like Thomas Arthur, should pray that those who are doing this are never in a position to make decisions about them.  They have my 86-year-old mom and me trapped in our home, afraid to leave because of stalking and denial of police services.


I put a PayPal at my blog for the public to help me continue to stay home with her and write about these matters,
but they delete my taglines to keep people from finding my blog and seeing that we need help. They want to starve me out of the house to harm me, we believe. Police ignore me when I call for help. I write about Larry's murder, and it was supposed to be kept secret after The Cochran Firm Fraud. My mom and I are like gang rape victims who are inconvenient after the crime. The people who mistreated Larry and our legal case against the jail are so rich and powerful that it is preferable to dispose of us than to prosecute them or enforce the law and have The Cochran Firm pay its just damages for defrauding us after Larry's death - merely holding the case against the jail that killed Larry 10.5 months totally inactive while pretending to be working in our behalf. When we sued, The Cochran Firm said it had no office in Georgia and that our suit was therefore served wrongly.  It was served to the Atlanta office of the firm, but the court dismissed our case, saying there was no Cochran Firm office at all in Georgia. The commercials never stopped, and the law firm never stopped answering the phone, "Cochran Firm." 

There was no need to even pretend to tell the truth, because an African American family of military men, civil servants, and taxpayers is "immaterial."  The secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal did not get the attention given to dog abuse in the country where he was a citizen - and it still has not.  Tell me, where do you stand here?  Have you got your "inalienable rights" on tight enough?


Certain news is blacked out of the media. I don't know who determined that Larry's death was to be a secret, but folks follow and accost me because I chose to write about it myself when I saw the media would not. That is why it is important to check alternative news sources - independent news, group mail, and stay close to the Lord, because He leads His children through His Holy Spirit.

See the short web page at the link below, and use the DOCUMENTS tab to access court documents and other proof for the allegations I make.


My justice quest started out to be about Larry's wrongful death lawsuit against the jail where he was secretly arrested to prevent his access to life-saving heart meds. But along the way, I learned that many other people - black and white, young and old - are also in need of DOG JUSTICE. I wrote a little poem about it:

Rabbit's Hole, by Mary Neal

Stumbled down a rabbit hole
Thought therein I would find gold
Instead, found people needing help
From cruel dungeons where they are kept
                                     (all rights reserved)

The Cochran Firm Fraud is a disappointment to me on many levels.  It was harder for me to give up my ideals about this country than to accept Larry's death. Because he died under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail, I thought something would be done about that crime, but it does not look as though that will happen. I remain amazed that pit bulls' deaths are investigated, but not a handicapped American's. Apparently, accountability is conditional on who might be found to be accountable.


During the last few years, I learned that our "inalienable rights" are really quite alienable. I found there are 1.25 million sick inmates like Larry who are criminalized for a handicap they did not ask for and cannot change. I discovered there are also innocent prisoners of all races who are deprived of a chance to prove their innocence through DNA tests or new trials because advanced testing methods or their evidence of innocence arrived after conviction - too late. Numerous innocent inmates and their families discovered the truth about "inalienable rights" before and since I did.

Human rights are not respected as they should be in the U.S.A. Perhaps they never were as much as I thought, but I believe it is worse now than years ago. I am not sure. Knowing the lack as I do, I am therefore concerned about H1N1 vaccines' safety and especially now that authorities in Massachusetts wrote a Marshal Law Bill to enforce vaccines at the threat of FEMA camp internment. It is disturbing to read offers by people who comment on news articles, saying they can help residents leave the country before it is "too late." I never anticipated seeing such videos or reading any such suggestions.

Over the last few years, I tried to remind people of what America is intended to be - in my own mind, anyway. I thought we could work on improving things together and move closer to justice - together, like every generation before us. I don't know if I believe that any longer. It indeed seems hopeless if handicapped people can be murdered and no one in any position of authority lifts a finger to apply due process. It seems useless if I can be stalked for asking what happened to Larry and not many people have enough nerve or concern to stand with my family. We thank all those who did and do stand. Many others who would be supportive are not permitted to receive our news because the Internet is on lockdown. Television went digital and can be turned off any time, and even Americans' phones operate off satellite. Someone could pull the plug on all communication at a whim.

If I seem paranoid, look at our court files and you will know why.  See my article on my ignored 911 call for the link to our federal lawsuit against The Cochran Firm and several more deaths and abuses to other "unacceptably different people" like Larry that occurred in Memphis after Larry's death.  It is outragious to have a handicapped realtive secretly arrested, returned naked and dead with no questions allowed. It is unimaginable to sue a famous, well advertised law firm for fraud and have it go to court and claim nonexistence - and win! It was incredible to watch that same law firm on televison undertake representing another family of African Americans who lost a family member to police violence just six months later - also in the State of Georgia, where it does not "exist." The Cochran Firm "represented" Ms. Kathryn Johnston's survivors, also. The 92-year-old police murder victim's survivors received no damages yet, either.

Perhaps most people already knew the truth about citizens' rights but only pretended to think otherwise. When the time really comes to stand and claim so-called "inalienable rights" for oneself or another American, knees get weak and strong voices whisper. Maybe it has always been that way and I was deceived. It is hard to judge. Larry's secret arrest and elimination, my family's denial of due process, stalking, and ongoing censorship to hide his death, as well as the uncensured lawyer fraud that followed, make me realize this country is very different from what I was taught and believed. It feels like the Matrix.

My final example of censorship regards Amnesty International. Around 3:30 a.m. on October 29, I published news at Care2 News Network that Amnesty International planned its Southern Regional Conference to be held in  Atlanta on October 30 - November 1. The Care2 News Network article is at the link below.  It has very few notes because it was not allowed to go on Care2's normal lineup of articles.  The eCards I sent to 200 individuals and groups with the link arrived in addressees' mailboxes empty.  The ecards were stripped of the link that would take them to Amnesty's conference announcement.  This also happened on September 1 when I sent eCards announcing Thomas Arthur's DNA test results.  See the excerpt on Care2 News Network below:

Care2 News Network Announcement of Amnesty International's Atlanta Conference

The Amnesty International Group on Care2 has approximately 40,000 members, many of whom live around or in the conference area. Therefore, after publishing the news, I posted the organization's announcement at Care2's AI Group and at Town Crier Group. Because of the low number of notes my announcement received on Care2 News Network, I do not know if the postings actually published.  Sometimes when I post at Care2 and other networks, the only place the posting shows is at my own PC.  I have to use two computers to see what actually shows on the Internet.  On one, I log on as a network member, but not on the other PC.  The second computer lets me know if  my member posts actually publish.

THE LINK BELOW SHOWS THE STORIES IN CARE2'S "NEWLY SUBMITTED" lineup.  My Amnesty article should have appeared on Care2 News Network's "newly submitted" list, but it did not. Amnesty International is so popular with Care2 members that many of them would have noted the news about the Southern Regional Conference and the article might have gone to Care2 News Network's front page.  The conference might have gotten more support than the cyberstalkers wanted AI to have.

This link is the Care2 ecard as it went out to addressees - stripped of its data about Amnesty's conference and the link for them to reach Care2 News Network.  I filmed myself preparing and sending the ecards, but the justice system is such that one probably cannot expect any justice about such censorship:

AI's conference announcement was buried on the network that CARES. 


In the Care2 ecards that were stripped of data, I also had asked people to please help Jeremy Smith.  He is another acute mental patient wrongly imprisoned for mental illness. The link to his petition is below.
Justice 4 Jeremy Petition - Lifelong Schizophrenic Man in CA Prison Hole

Smith is a young man who faces the possibility that California may add time to his prison sentence for talking back to a prison guard - making a "terrorist threat." Who can be terrorized by a sick young man who is already bound in prison in the "hole"? Like Larry, Jeremy was also schizophrenic from childhood. Additionally, Jeremy has a low IQ indicating retardation. He has been in solitary confinement for years just for hitting another mental patient at a hospital. I hoped to help people like Jeremy be hospitalized or receive mandated treatment and subsistence in their communities. "Let the mentally ill out of prisons," I said. Instead, it appears that many more who are equally innocent might soon be joining Jeremy, instead. While some advocate for prison reform and reducing America's high incarceration rate (the largest in world history), others in positions of power plan to erect FEMA camps capable of holding many more prisoners. It is discouraging.

In the 1800's, Dorothea Dix decriminalized mental illness in a country where people did not make money from incarcerating the least among us, His brethren. Now, California taxpayers may be forced to pay for Jeremy and/or others to serve life in prison for making "terrorist threats" in a three-strikes state. Like other schizophrenics, Jeremy often acts irrationally, so I don't doubt that he said something during a period of lunacy that he should not have said. All it takes to lengthen sentences for America's acute mental patients is to deprive them of meds or change their dosage or prescriptions. Many chronic mental patients eventually do something that is worthy of arrest, or if already incarcerated, they act contrary to prison rules and are banished to the "hole" - out of the way.

My RSS feed was also stopped on Care2, and my appeals to the HelpDesk are ignored. I have no "reply all" button for my email box there, which limits my ability to communicate with more than one person at a time, but the network will not respond to my requests about it. Many of the Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) members report interference trying to post news and comments about criminalizing mental illness at AIMI. One woman reported that after she joined AIMI, her URL was on a "watch list," and her police friends could not open emails she sent to them. They told her the notice on her emails said the message came from someone who might be a member of a "terrorist group." After that, I received daemon mail messages with the words "Whitelisted" as the reason for their return.  This may be done in part to discourage AIMI members from being as active in the advocacy for decriminalizing mental illness as they would.  Very active AIMI members have as much trouble posting to the group discussions as I do, and several had repeated computer issues immediately after joining and posting news about our subject matter.  I have replaced six computers or had wipe-cleans done within the past year.

As the director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, I admonish people to do only two things to decriminalize mental illness in America:  1) pray that God will move the hearts of our legislators to care about people more; and 2) write to representatives to support decriminalizing mental illness.  Praying and lobbying elected officials are solutions that worked for Dorothea Dix, the Sunday school teacher who reduced the number of mentally ill inmates to .07% before her retirement in the 1800's.  But praying and asking for CHANGE in the 21st century are classified as terrorism.  I am the one who lives in terror just knowing that America has become a country where contacting leaders and praying are viewed as threats and a place where a citizen can be secretly arrested and returned dead with no explanation given.


If people are not alarmed at the continuing loss of rights for the sake of security first from terrorists and now from H1N1 virus, they should be.  People may feel far superior to a sick African American man like my brother, but a nation's moral fabric can be determined not by how the highest and richest are treated, but by how the people perceived to be least are treated.  In case any of you did not know it, you live where a sick man was killed for being a nuisance who sang too loud, and no one will address it except to persecute and threaten his elderly mom and sister for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL.  An injustice anywhere is an affront to justice everywhere - Martin Luther King, Jr.

In a country where secret arrest and extermination of private citizens was unheard of, first, they came for Larry Neal . . .

The state of justice is critical.

But the Pharisees and lawyers rejected the counsel of God against themselves, being not baptized of him. ~Luke 7:30

Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered. ~Luke 11:52

There was a time when my writing about the censorship at Google or to online friends made a difference. The censorship force would often remedy whatever problems they had caused. They are much bolder now. That may be significant, and not in a good way. Nevertheless, in God we trust.

The Bible says: "She hath done what she could." Mark 14:8

I have reported to authorities and to We the People how things are now. It may be a long time before I am this active online again. I may watch my work and review emails. My computers have their mics open within a short time after I bring another computer home. No one in the household opened it or can close it.  I change the language feature to something obscure, and it gets changed back to English.  I prefer privacy, although that, too, may be an illusion that is fast fading.  At least if I am offline in my home, cyberstalkers will not be able to use the mic feature to know when I am leaving home.  The last time this happened was two months ago when three cars followed my sister and me to my daughter's house a few blocks away.  I grow weary of cyberstalkers and in-person terrorists who are sent to persecute my family for making inquiries about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal.  We are denied any official effort to curb same. It only grows bolder.  I made videos of real-time cyberstalking to notify the public where we really are regarding human and civil rights, especially the Bill of Rights. I pray that you don't oversleep. It's KoffieTime!

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27


Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

More Justice Articles Posted and Donations Appreciated at

Mary Neal Finally Heard From Police Re 911 Emergency Call When Waylaid

JAIL IS THE LAST THING THAT MENTAL PATIENTS NEED, AND TOO OFTEN, IT IS THE VERY LAST THING THEY EXPERIENCE. Please join our effort to decriminalize mental illness. No one deserves to be punished for having a disability.

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