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Illinois Police Attack Special Needs Student at School

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A brain-damaged youth in Illinois was subjected to deadly face-down take-down over his shirt tail being out of his pants. Mentally challenged people are under attack. The special needs student was stalked by the school police who insulted him, then attacked and beat him.  The face-down choakhold the police officer used on the student has been responsible for deaths.  The Jewish Library said that in Nazi Germany, first they came for the mentally ill. That is what we see happening now in America and other countries.

One might ask who is brain damaged in the video.  Is it the student, who was quietly walking down the school corridor at class change, or is it the enraged officer who deemed the child's shirt tail being out so offensive that the student deserved to possibly die over it?  Obviously, this police officer has severe mental problems and needs immediate psychiatric help.  Many police officers are overly aggressive because they suffer from psychiatric problems induced by job-related stress.  Many times, officers are hesitant to seek professional services for their mental health issues because they fear for their jobs.  The stigma attached to mental illness prevents citizens like the angry Illinois officer from getting help timely.

The child's beating reminded me of this video where the Passaic, New Jersey officer beat a mentally challenged man, Ronnie Holloway,  who seemed to be standing quietly on the sidewalk at the link below.  Does anyone know what happened in that case?
When law officers commit atrocities such as shown in the videos, instead of ordering the officer into anger management or other counseling, their crimes are usually minimized or covered up by authorities.  Eventually, some sick officers kill one or more innocent citizens.  There are usually allegations of prior abuses of citizens' rights in the personnel files of officers involved in wrongful death actions.

I urge Illinois to get the officer the psychiatric help he needs now.  Next time, he may kill someone's child.  Administrators must stop ignoring unwarranted aggression and covering up abuses to save paying damages for lawsuits.  That only leads to more abuses and deaths of innocent citizens.  Not only was the student beaten, his nose broken, but other students at the school for children with brain disorders were likely traumatized by witnessing their classmate's abuse.  I am.

Some states are considering equipping school police with Tasers.  Can you imagine what would have happened to the student in the video had the enraged police officer had a Taser?


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Mentally ill citizens, like the officer probably is in the video of the student's beating, frequently omit getting psychiatric treatment for their aggressive tendencies.  They are correct about being stigmatized for their mental health issues.  Unfortunately, numerous sick citizens resort to street drugs and alcohol to self-medicate and wind up imprisoned.  Behind bars, they frequently suffer harsher punishment than other inmates, including solitary confinement.  In fact, 60% of inmates currently in solitary confinement are mentally ill.

Acorss the nation, our most vulnerable neighbors, those with mental health issues, are under severe attack.  They suffer violent human rights abuses.  Acute mentally ill citizens are preserved untreated in our communities to join the 1.25 million already imprisoned to benefit private prison investors. Mentally challenged citizens are attacked, beaten, and killed by police officers or by persons in their communities.  My brother, Larry Neal, was a lifelong paranoid schizophrenic man.  He was secretly arrested and murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, and we are denied any explanation, records, or accountability, unlike Michael Vick's dogs.

Terri Schiavo  in Florida was starved to death on March 31, 2005.  Many people have debilitating diseases, but brain damaged citizens like Terri and my brother Larry Neal are considered enpendable and are targeted for death, and no living will authorizing their execution is necessary. Because my brother was brain damaged AND African American, no court order was needed for his death as it was for poor Terri.

Mentally challenged persons are imprisoned for offenses ranging from simple vagrancy and disturbing the peace to murders committed while denied mental health care, including veterans who have PTSD episodes.  By the time they reach trial after committing serious crimes, people with psychiatric issues have received needed treatment during incarceration.  Therefore, jurors see a calm and collected defendant before them, not the psychotic individual the defendant was when he/she committed the offense.  Insanity pleas are used very seldom because they have a poor chance of winning.

In the 1960's and 70's, laws were passed to prevent treating mentally ill persons until they PROVE to be a danger to self and others.  That means until there are dripping knives and smoking guns, and usually a dead patient at the feet of police, nothing is done.  Sometimes, it means waiting until there is a Virginia Tech massacre. Cho, who killed 32 people on campus, was treated for his mental illness until he reached age 17.  Because he was very close to 18 when he decided to end his psychiatric treatment, his parents were not allowed to enforce his continued treatment.  The mentally ill are much more likely to be killed by police during arrest attempts than to become murderers, but both scanarios happen much more often than if we prioritized preventive treatment rather than reacting to tragedies on a case-by-case basis after avoidable deaths.

I experience constant censorship to hide injustices against America's minority and disenfranchised citizens and others. Internet censorship is the modern day equivalent to Nazi book burning. "They" don't want me to share such horrors as THIS VIDEO OF A 15-YEAR-OLD SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENT INSULTED, ATTACKED, AND BEATEN AT HIS SCHOOL BY A POLICE OFFICER.  Huffington Post carried this story at the link below, and many people commented on the student's abuse.

Please see other articles in this blog that document abuses to mentally challenged people, both in their communities and under incarceration. See my Google profile for links to most of my articles and blogs on these and other justice issues. Use the Donations Appreciated icon above to give assistance to the incarcerated mentally ill and to help us continue shedding light on injustices to disenfranchised citizens of all races - people who are frequently victimized due to their socio-economic distinctions, their races, or their health status. It is quite a fight to publish the videos and articles that I do.  Sometimes it takes hours just to post a paragraph on the Internet, and we need your help.  Thank you for your interest and support.

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I tried to cross post my DIGG regarding the Illinoise assault on the student  to Facebook, but this was prevented.  Below is the error message:

Transport error (#12029) while retrieving data from endpoint `/fbml/ajax/prompt_feed.php': Unknown HTTP error #12029

This message was on the REJECTED Facebook post:

Sick police officers need help. We don't need authorities to minimize or cover up abuses such as the special needs student endured being BEATEN for his shirt tail. Tasers are being considered for school police. This child would likely be dead if the stressed out officer had a Taser, don't you agree? Police officers who need treatment for their mental health issues are afraid to come forward due to the stigma attached to mental illness. Many of them eventually kill citizens, and their personnel files often show previous abuses that should have been addressed.

The post was later allowed when I tried posting the comment to Facebook from my Care2 article about the police beatdown of the Illinois student.  See comments by Care2 members at this link if they let you:

Earlier this week, I noted that my Care2 news article regarding Sen. Rockefeller's proposed cybersecurity bills 773 and 778 was deleted from Care2 News Network.  The bills give the president the right to shut down the Internet, and many people consider such a proposal against our First Amendment rights.  The truth is that the Internet is already a very controlled zone and is essentially already SHUT DOWN for news and opinions that those who control it do not want to be publicly aired.  As you view my blog and articles and when I publish the video proof of the attacks on my freedom of speech and press, you will recognize that fact.  Advocacy for human and civil rights is treated as an enemy to those who control the Internet.  An excerpt from the article below and Care2 members' comments were presumably deleted from Care2 News Network to prevent public discourse on Senate bills 773 and 778. 

See the article at this link:

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