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African Americans and Christians First?

Links do not open in a new window. Please read all 24 paragraphs before using any of the 52 links, or use your back arrow to return to http://freespeakblog.blogspotcom/ (the link-count includes those within Twitter posts.) Links to some of the articles I reference are located at the end of this blog. Everything I write is true and documented in public records. There are conspiracies that are not theoretical, but certified. The secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal cover-up is an ongoing conspiracy. As the world turns, I learn about other crimes that are interconnected with my brother's murder cover-up. See some of the stories are in this blog - - and throughout my articles online. The last paragraph below ends in "I BELIEVE." I really do believe we can do better than homelessness, prison and death for mentally challenged Americans. We can begin by passing H.R. 619 for Medicaid funding for mental hospitalization. If decision makers institute assisted outpatient treatment programs (AOTs) like Kendra's Law for subsistence assistance and mandate psychiatric treatment for acute patients who are discharged from hospitals and prisons plus pass H.R. 619 to increase the nation's psychiatric hospital beds, the nation would completely decriminalize mental illness. But that is not something that everyone wants.

@Twitter @Google Whenever I'm not really on Twitter but stalkers' network, I can't retweet. That's a good test for censored ppl to use - That tweet just sat in my Twitter input field. I discovered that easy method to tell when I am on my cyberstalkers' network as opposed to really being at Twitter. I think it is important to pass such tips along to My Fellow Americans so that you can easily recognize when you are also illegally taken off Internet and put on a censorship team's Intranet. It may never happen unless the government wants to hide the murder of one of your close relatives or you advocate for human rights for prisoners - including prison release for half the inmate population. I am director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI"), advocating to decriminalize mental illness. That online advocacy began after Larry's murder and our realization that 1.25 million other mentally ill Americans like Larry are cruelly imprisoned rather than treated in hospitals or community care programs.

Censorship to hide the Secret Arrest and WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL is fierce. See - Open this link for the Neal family's Freedom of Information Request to the United States Department of Justice for records and accountability regarding Larry's murder and the cover-up that was facilitated by The Johnnie Cochran Firm on behalf of Memphis Shelby County Jail, county officials, and the USDOJ: Denied FOIA request - . Despite the president's executive order in January 2009 about "transparency in government," that is one FOIA request the DOJ refuses to answer. I must say that I am disappointed, especially with Attorney General Holder being a black man. Of course, there has been an "ELITE INTEGRATION," which is the title of the next article in this blog. I also penned a poem with that title, and it is featured in the article.

Congratulations to Judge Kevin Fine of USDC 177th Dist., Houston, Texas. Judge Fine declared the death penalty unconstitutional. He had the courage to do so in the state that leads the Union in executions. Hopefully, Judge Fine realizes that our "authoratives" (no, I did not mean "authorities") engage in many unconstitutional activities all the time, and killing people is probably a favorite. Although condemned men are executed at a brisk rate in Texas and other mostly Southern states for murders, proved or unproved, the authoratives flat refuse to answer how they murdered Larry Neal, a harmless, lifelong schizophrenic heart patient who aggravated police with his loud singing and occasional panhandling on the streets of Memphis. Forbes recently pronounced Memphis the third most miserable city in the USA, but Forbes owes an apology to the two cities that precede Memphis on its list.

I am cybercensored, persecuted, gangstalked, threatened, and endangered because I refuse to join in the cover-up regarding my brother's murder by withholding further reports to We the People regarding his secret arrest and death. I am punished for not being like mainstream media and simply ignore the fact that after Larry's death when we sued The Cochran Firm for defrauding Larry's family to protect the jail, The Cochran Firm was allowed by the court to disclaim having a Georgia office (that is where our lawsuit was served). That is the basis under which our lawsuit was dismissed by Georgia Superior Court (superior to all African Americans and all mentally ill people and their families). One conspiracy leads to another when it comes to hiding murders. In fact, authoratives work so hard and spend so much money on cyberstalkers and "citizens police" to keep Larry's 2003 jail death secret in a facility that was under DOJ overview that I had to ask this question: WERE BLACK MENTAL PATIENTS USED FOR WATERBOARDING PRACTICE? - Several of Larry's family members have been harassed and followed to prevent our justice quest regarding Larry's secret arrest and murder and The Cochran Firm Fraud. Listen to this Blogtalk Radio interview wherein I discuss one particularly frightening night: Mary Neal's Oct. 11, 2009 interview on Rev. Pinkney's Blogtalk Radio Show

The flagrant violations against my Constitutional rights that are done to hide Larry's murder cover-up are probably atypical. Whenever possible, authoratives get around direct attacks against citizens' rights by enacting laws that supercede the rights that Americans supposedly have. For instance, in one of my illegally censored articles this week I reported that Georgia legislators enacted a law in 2006 that erased the right to trial by jury for crime victims and their survivors. Police officers or rich, well-connected Georgians can possibly kill citizens, be indicted for murder, then the presiding judge can dismiss their murder charges without jury trials. Whether such cases proceed to jury trial is up to the judge's discretion as long as the defendants plead self-defense like most police officers do when they shoot citizens. That law disposes of the right to trial by jury for victims. I learned about it when the murder charges against an officer were dismissed without jury trial this week in the 2002 shooting death of an African American teen, Corey Ward. That particular article is probably censored heavily because I mentioned the Troy Davis case and described my family's commonality with him regarding Georgia courts' refusal to grant jury trials in certain cases - especially when one has an abundance of evidence and authoratives do not wish for the plaintiff or defendant (whichever the case may be) to win. That brings us to another tweet I had trouble posting yesterday. It shows up on my profile page at Twitter now, but I will have to check with my followers to see if they actually saw it post. I never saw it post on my "home" page view. I wrote:

If AfAm sick ppl don't have the rights of pit bulls around here, don't hide it. Just come right out and say so. I am. (Michael Vick was investigated, prosecuted, sentenced, bankrupted, and fired for pit bulls, but we cannot get any accountability whatsoever for Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder. I disagree that my brother and our mother who gave him birth are less than dogs. Many people from all over the world agree with me on our petitions at my Google profile page - )

For about an hour on March 5, I was actually on Twitter. I could see tweets by people I follow posting rapidly. It was an amazing sight. Ordinarily, I only see my own. And some of my own tweets do not actually show on my home page view, like the one above, but they appear on my profile page view. Are they also skipping the "home" view for my followers? Cyberstalking would probably make more sense if people did not have video cameras to record illegal First Amendment attacks on citizens who only want to get accountability for their relatives' deaths in secret government custody.

I never would have thought I had the right to peacefully assemble online with other people and advocate for the government to stop discriminating against mentally ill people like Larry if authoratives had not decreed that my classmates and I say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. That message of freedom being indoctrinated into people who are intended to be slaves is counterproductive to authoratives' ultimate goal, although it is undoubtedly useful to instill the fallacy of "inclusion" into all citizens to keep us paying taxes and sending sons and daughters marching off to wars (supposedly to protect human rights in foreign lands). Freedom of assembly is another of the rights that members of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill are denied by censorship. People cannot assemble online if their emails do not get past their kitchen ceilings and articles they write are deleted or blacked out in parts, or if their links are disconnected from the material they are supposed to link to, can they? Danielle is advocating for her brother Nick, and now her computer is acting "funny." She wrote about it at this link: - Authoratives simply do not care to hear AIMI members' petition for a redress of grievances about the government cruelly imprisoning (or killing) sick people who need psychiatric care and not prison cells, and neither do authoratives want AIMI members to amass support from other people who are not sociopathic enough to believe that mentally ill people deserve torture and extermination.

It is permitted for Americans to gather for a church bake sale and use the Internet to discuss what stars wore to the Grammy Awards, but not to advocate for an end to the death penalty, excessive sentencing, wrongful convictions, trying children as adults, and most of all - decriminalizing mental illness. All of those advocacies threaten profits by private prisons, and many of our authoratives are well represented among prison investors. Removing a man from jail or giving him the skills, education, or psychiatric treatment he needs to avoid recidivism is to directly and negatively impact authoratives' personal incomes. Condemned inmates are best for prison investors. According to the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC), states (taxpayers) pay an extra $90,000 per year for warehousing condemned people. (I hope you did not think it was mercy that made authoratives keep them alive for 20 years after being sentenced to execution.)

I noticed that my most fierce censorship happens when I try to connect with other Christians to ask support for incarcerated mental patients in obedience to Matthew 25:40 and Hebrews 13:3. I used to comment on TheRoot21, but now I reach a graphic design of a big door with a lock on it when I log in there. That happened after I commented on Michael Vick's punishment and posted my poem, Dog Justice. I got a DoS when I tried to register at Black Christian News Network 1 at . Authoratives do not want African American Christians knowing anything about lynchings happening that are allowed or facilitated by the government (authoratives refuse to say which). In fact, I am usually prevented from posting tweets or sending emails to Christians and African American groups or prisoner activist groups, especially at YahooGroups where I joined so many. I suppose Christians are not to know how much the New World Order has already eroded American freedoms, and African Americans are intended to remain adoring toward an administration that actually allows lynching without accountability for Larry Neal, one of our weakest members. Authoratives do not wish African American groups to get reminded that 1 in 9 young black men remains incarcerated and 1 in 15 of all adult black citizens in the land of the free. America has more prisoners than any nation in world history, and two-thirds of them were sentenced (often excessively) for non-violent offenses. Significant reductions in prison rolls and accountability for Larry Neal's murder are not perceived as being reasonable requests by authoratives.

Prison releases that are discussed or done to relieve states' budgets usually involve older prisoners, including murderers, rather than young men and women who were sentenced for nonviolent crimes. Young, nonviolent inmates are the best type for prison laborers (slaves). Apologies for slavery are intended to suffice for African Americans, although slavery only moved behind prison walls along with 2.3 million people and many of our jobs. See my highly censored video on YouTube, which cyberdogs tried to prevent me from uploading (or seeing when they disable it) by repeatedly deleting Adobe Flash from my home PCs - Cybercensorship video: "PRISON LABOR PROFITS." I have a library of videos that captured such illegal censorship over a couple of years long. I recognized that Americans who are raised on apple pie and promises of inclusion would need proof of what we face. I never would have believe it myself, except that Larry's murder cover-up by authoratives was my "red pill." I wrote about that to the 9/11 Truth Organization this week in another censored article in my Care2 Sharebook, a link to which is available below.

Mary Neal's Response to Alex James, of 9/11 Truth Org Care2 Share
Mary Neal's Response to Alex James, of 9/11 Truth Org. Mary Neal's Response to Alex James, of 9/11 Truth Org. Mar 4, 2010 ...

I mentioned African Americans several times in this article although the same problems affect us all. Most of the members of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill are Caucasians, and they face the same problems as every other family does when their loved ones are criminalized for mental illness. See a heartfelt plea for help by Danielle for her brother Nick at this link: (see the second comment). AIMI's members and supporters are all races and religions, and many are atheists. Everyone is welcome, because an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere (MLK). However, problems within a social structure affect those at the lower socio-economic level sooner and more severely than others. Then it spreads. Ask Germans who lived in pre-WWII Germany or visit the Jewish Virtual Library online. See another article in this blog entitled, "Nazi Extermination of the Mentally Ill in Germany and the USA" for memos between Nazi officers regarding the extermination of sick citizens, Jewish and non-Jewish alike. White Americans are actually more represented among the 1.25 million sick citizens warehoused in prison than other racial groups. Middle-class and poor families of all races and ethnicities lack funds for private hospitals or $150 per hour psychiatric office visits.

It is estimated that 1 in 5 Americans has mental illness, and many famous, intelligent, talented people are in that number. As the economy worsens, more people than ever are experiencing mental health problems, and more families are crossing the poverty line - backwards. Of course, our authoratives know that. That is probably why cyberstalkers attack my attempts to alert the public to H.R. 619, Rep. Eddie Johnson's bill to resume Medicaid funding for psychiatric inpatients. Authoratives who are also prison investors mean to keep their sick inmates. Acute patients who are usually punished with solitary confinement torture are worth even more than inmates in the general prison population. Thank God that most of our representatives are not prison profiteers. The 111th Congress currently has 177 bills pending that would help address mental health issues, but none as effective as one bill that attacks the root of evil - H.R. 619. Funding for mental health care should not be overlooked while the nation contemplates national health care, especially since treatment is cheaper, more humane, and safer for communities than imprisoning people after avoidable crimes. Most congressional bills never reach the floor for a vote. Please call or write your representatives and ask them to support H.R. 619.


@DavidPaulDoyle I asked #God why justice denied re Larry Neal's murder. He replied, "This ain't just about Larry." Then I saw 1.25 million!

Regarding our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm for defrauding us after Larry's death which Georgia Superior Court dismissed by falsely claiming there is no Cochran Firm office in Georgia, and USDC dismissed and ruled that defrauding my family was "immaterial," I wrote the following poem:

Rabbit Hole, by Mary Neal (all rights reserved)
I stumbled down a rabbit hole
Thought there I would find gold
Instead there were people to help
From lonely dungeons where they were kept.

It is gratifying to see that mentally challenged people and their relatives and next friends are finally beginning to understand that Americans with mental disabilities are discriminated against by withholding treatment and support that people with physical disabilities have. Psychiatric patients must stop being preserved in their untreated states to boost prison rolls. Ohio inmates filed a class action lawsuit. I hope it is only the beginning. God said, "Let my people go." I remind authoratives of that through the microphone on my PC, which they illegally use to listen into my home. That is how gangstalkers know when to send cars and USDOT trucks to follow me. Tweets continue below:

Ohio Mentally Ill Inmates vs. Ohio Prison System re After Prison Release

A SISTER'S HEARTBREAK: Danielle's brief account of her visit with Nick, a very sick prisoner (2nd comment)

Judge Kevin Fine, Dist. 177-TX, Declares DP unconstitutional DANCE!

@ACLU @NAACP Please have this law declared unconstitutional - RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY IN GEORGIA IS GOING, GOING, G.....

@FreeTroyDavis @blueboymedia NO trial by jury when police claim self-defense in GA Corey Ward, 18-yr-old victim, killed in 2002

Regarding Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX) who introduced H.R. 619 to resume Medicaid funding for inpatient psychiatric care and Judge Kevin Fine who declared capital punishment unconstitutional, I worte this tweet: May God continue 2 bless us w/ a holy union of leadership and righteousness-SEE THE WEDDING CLIP!


Please promote Judge Kevin Fine to the U.S. Supreme Court at earliest opportunity! Give him Judge Scalia's or Judge Thomas' seat

@prisonplanet If Alex Jones writes about HR645 he's being prejudice & fearmongering-If I write about it, they censor it, then intimidate me

@tbnnetworks @AP @change @blueboymedia @prisonplanet See FOIA request re: USDOJ conspiracy 2 hide murder of Larry Neal

Six FEMA centers are proposed to be erected in the U.S. for Americans in H.R.645 (a Congressional bill introduced on January 22, 2009, by Alcee Hastings, a black former federal judge who was ousted for corruption before going to Congress), I think African Americans and Christians will go first. They're the ones cyberdogs work hardest to prevent me from contacting.

#GOD looked down from #Heaven to behold the groaning of the prisoner and loose those appointed to death. Then He sent Judge Fine, a FINE man

@BlackListedNews See my post to Alex James of 9/11 Truth Org-Help! See PRISON LABOR PROFITS @ YouTube

@change Gov't values pit bulls over Larry Neal, a handicapped man secretly KILLED in jail. DOG JUSTICE!

@DavidPaulDoyle If we'd gotten justice re Larry Neal, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill would not be.

@Twitter For about an hour yesterday, I was on live Twitter. Tweets fr ppl I follow were steadily posting! It was amazing 2 see-unusual 4 me

Now what did you say about China, again?

See more of my tweets, IF authoratives let you, at

I wrote two articles about the Troy Davis case this week, so the censorship force and my family's gangstalkers went crazy on my street. After I escaped a USDOT truck on September 27, 2008, and mostly stayed home for safety since, NEW neighbors moved in across the street from our home, and a USDOT truck made deliveries there - an 18-wheeler. They probably want us to know who they are and why they came. If you have neighbors the DOT helped to move in, let me know and put our minds at ease, please. Incidentally, most co-sponsors for H.R.645 are on the Transportation Committee in Congress. Railroad improvements are planned, which I do not find surprising in the least.

You can find links to my social networks and other articles as well as my profile at Google Profile Mary Neal - People who donate to the advocacy to decriminalize mental illness and get justice for Larry Neal can do so by writing us at MaryLovesJustice, P.O. Box 153, Redan, GA 30074-0153. Request a CD filled with many examples of my cybercensorship and cyberterror, like the coffin ad that appears at my Google profile page. It is very disturbing, as they intend, to be sent threatening ads in emails, etc., however, In God We Trust.

Authoratives have evidently decided that I am completely out of line to expect records and accountability for Larry's secret arrest and murder. They are apparently so prejudice against Americans with mental disabilities that they cannot concieve of why Larry's death should matter to his family. Perhaps they expected a thank-you note or a check, like a vet who puts down a pet. I received notice that I have even been whitelisted for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL and requesting that acute mental patients like Larry be treated in hospitals and community care programs rather than relegated to 9' x 6' isolation cells for months or years, naked, sick, and imprisoned. As dangerous as it seems to be to disappoint the authoratives, I must obey my Father. He said we will be judged by how we treat the least of these, His brethren. Matthew 25:36 specifically refers to sick, naked prisoners. Other inmates have orange jumpsuits, I BELIEVE.


Mary Neal

Mary Neal's Google Profile - - Get the RSS feed for my Care2 Sharebook at: - Get the RSS feed for my Twitter KOFFIETIME at - Current, urgent justice issues from a laywoman's viewpoint at my primary blog at: (the name is a joke, believe me) Recommended articles - - Address: MaryLovesJustice, P.O. Box 153, Redan, GA 30074-0153


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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Well, this is over four years later, and it appears other people now know what I did in 2010 - African Americans and Christians First. See this Alex Jones InfoWar video:

"If you see something, say something." U.S. Army Trains to Combat Black Americans ~ Alex Jones and his investigators finally learned what my cyberstalkers showed me years ago. I published this article called "African Americans and Christians First" in March 2010.

That is why I'm so heavily censored. They showed me too much information and fear my readers learning about their plans before they are ready. Why did they show me so much? Well, many blacks THINK they are in the NWO, and at one time they may have hoped I would join them. In fact, I received a job application and a film to prove that it was already too late to stop their world takeover. I may tell you more about that in "Cochran Firm Fraud," the book. On the other hand, I probably won't. It was REAL frightening and probably lots more information than they will tolerate my sharing.