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Mary Neal's End Times Predictions

See "GEORGIA GUIDESTONES: Ebola Arrives in Atlanta" 

I MAKE END TIMES PREDICTIONS. I have no ESP, and I do not hear voices from heaven. My predictions are based on what goes into news reports and what is kept out and the things I learn from cyberstalkers who were assigned to monitor and control what I upload and view on the Internet. Because they continually directed me to posts alluring to future events in "two days" on May 15, 2012, I am concerned about the FBI agent who is reported "missing, armed, and suicidal" in California . Hopefully, no real "Thee Days of Condor" movie episode is being played out staring FBI agent Stephen Ivans and a terror plot like the one President Kennedy allegedly rejected called Operation Northwoods

I know that conspiracies in high places do happen. Over the last few years, my main focus has been on regaining my freedom and helping everyone else keep theirs. The loss of freedom is a tragedy that I believe is avoidable and reversible, but people perish for the lack of knowledge. Americans should become more diligent about learning what is happening and be more resolute about standing against oppression. What is done to one will eventually spread to apply to all.  See my poem at the end of this webpage, "Dying Liberty."  The most significant evidence in 2011 that liberty in America is eroding was Senate Bill 1867, which the U.S. Senate passed on November 30, 2011.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) combined the Senate and House version of the bill, and President Obama signed that bill which essentially eliminates the Bill of Rights on December 31, 2011. On January 4, 2012, H.R.3166 and S.1689 were introduced in Congress to allow officials to remove Americans' citizenship. Then former Americans to be interned indefinitely in military camps. Learn more about it below in the predictions under the attacks on LIBERTY category. To postpone the events in Revelation (which I believe are inevitable), we have to be educated and united on the issues.  See "Mary Neal's End Game Reports" at this link

July 2014 Updates: My cyber stalkers show me secrets. We don't communicate as much as we once did - I stopped talking to them when I realized their bosses regard me as an insignificant black woman (being both black AND female relegates me in their minds to less significance than chicken feces on the soles of their shoes). But I gleaned long ago that if there ever were concentration camps in the United States, African Americans and Christians were intended to go first. I even published an article named "African Americans and Christians First," but it was censored, and the blacks who did read it were probably working with the oppressors. If you want to read it, it was published March 6, 2010 is in this blog at (They usually make my links run into the word before the link to prevent it from being live when an article is copied.) Well, this is several years later, and InfoWars just figured it out. They published an explosive video entitled "U.S. Army Trains to Combat Black Americans"
Notice that Alex Jones says "Christians and gun owners are considered the number one threats."

INDEFINITE MILITARY INTERNMENT FOR AMERICANS - S.1867. The main blow to Lady Liberty happened when Senator Levin's bill 1867 was passed by Congress on November 30, 2011. The bill allows for indefinite military detention of Americans without the government levying any criminal charges or allowing citizens any opportunity to defend themselves in courts of law. Essentially, Americans have no more rights than did Africans in their villages in the 1600s who were captured for enslavement. Under S.1867, any American can be snatched from his home or community at any time and interned indefinitely in military prisons within the USA or abroad (where tortures reportedly still happen). Certainly, such a development as S.1867 being introduced was important to my article "Mary Neal's End Times Predictions," which is an ongoing work.

I updated this article with information about S.1867 when the bill was introduced.Today, I found that my update the article adding Senate Bill 1867 as an end time event is missing (on my cellphone view). I planned to add the fact that Senate did indeed pass the hateful bill on November 30 and that it only needs President Obama's signature to become law. Because cyberstalkers apparently use their ability to remove my data about Senate Bill 1867, I must now direct you to another source to learn about it rather than to simply inform readers that the bill was supported by 93 United States senators and is expected to be signed by President Obama, essentially eliminating the Bill of Rights. Please see an article by Glenn Greenwald entitled "Three Myths About the Detention Bill" at this link , published in on Friday, December 16.

Censorship around congressional bills is wrong, but it is indicative of the direction America is taking. Senate bill 1867 is the fifth congressional bill for which I experienced intense censorship to prevent disclosure. Similar censorship was applied to stop my news and viewpoints regarding H.R.619 (reinstate Medicaid for inpatient care in mental hospitals), H.R.645 (six concentration camps in America for Americans), H.R.3261 and S.968 (place the Internet in America under the U.S. Justice Department). As important as S.1867 is, I doubt if it received much coverage in mainstream media, nor is it likely to be widely broadcast. In fact, many Americans may not know about the bill until they are sent CAMPing.

An example as to how censorship can forewarn about elitists' plans is the fact that I published articles two years ago warning Americans that our job losses were to benefit the prison owners and investors, because many jobs that people believed were outsourced overseas were actually being done in a third world country nearby - a prison.  In July 2011, the fact that union jobs are headed to prison made front page news in Wisconsin (for details and the news link, see "Impoverishing Americans" section below.  I learn the Beast's plans partly by observing what reports are censored. Frequently, the only way I can publish certain news and viewpoints is to pay for Internet service at a PC rental business.  If S.968 pass or H.R.3261 pass, changing computers will not matter, because all computers in the U.S.A. will be monitored and censored like my home PCs are.  Below is a tweet the Beast's cybercensorship staff is fighting against my publishing at Twitter right now: 

@mashable Let's make the End Game a 41st century problem by pledging to RESIST OPPRESSION today. Please see this VIDEO:

I compare current events with Revelation, which teaches that the entire world will ultimately be enslaved under one cruel government – a dictatorship ruled by the Beast. I am glad God did not say when this will happen. If we resist oppression, I believe we can make the End Game a 41st century problem. The Bible says, “RESIST the devil and he will flee from you.” See my article, “End Game Reports.” Many more events have happened since I wrote that article evidencing a continuing decline into the ultimate enslavement of mankind, and I write about the steady assaults the Beast makes on liberty in my highly censored blogs. The term “Beast” is used herein to denote the coming one world government, not a person. No one knows yet who the Anti-Christ will be. I hope he will not be revealed for many generations because you and I become more diligent and hold onto our freedom so tenaciously that he cannot execute a takeover during our lifetime or during our children's. Use the three links to Internet sites that track congressional bills that I posted at the end of this webpage.  The name of an old TV show gave good advice:  "GET SMART!"

The Beast's plans are made evident by observing what news is broadcast and how it is presented. The media in America is controlled, and some very newsworthy events are under-reported or completely blocked. Therefore, it is important to consider why a given event is reported and in what context. How does reporting a particular news item help the Beast destroy liberty and come to power? For example, the abundance of news reports about cybersecurity breaches are intended to make Americans more agreeable to the Government controlling our use of the Internet. Being bombarded with reports about questionable jury verdicts means that our right to trial-by-jury may be next to go. The right to trial by jury is already partly gone in the State of Georgia. (Google my online article about the Corey Ward case).

My predictions are also based on what my cyberstalkers censor. An example is the tweet I had  trouble posting at Twitter:

@Google FIGHT S.968, or YOU will be main target. PCs come w/ Bing. On my PC, stalkers prevent GoogleChrome, Google HomePg, & Google Browsing

The Internet has become the main source of information in the 21st century. For many people, the Internet has replaced the Yellow Pages, maps, newspapers, encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference books. If S.968, the IP Protection Act and/or H.R.3261, the E-Parasite Act get ratified, the bills will give the government the power to redirect links, control Americans' browsers, and remove websites or webpages.  All of these offenses have been done to censor me for years to hide the fact that my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, was murdered after three weeks of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, and the United States Department of Justice and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm conspired with the jail to prevent disclosure and legal remedy after his lynching. Larry's murder and his family's ongoing persecution for complaining about it prove the Beast's oppression is not limited to racial and party distinctions.  The Memphis mayor and most county commissioners when Larry was lynched and justice was initially denied are black people like Larry was, just as many decision makers in Washington, D.C. are.  People who are in league with the Beast to ignore and systematically destroy the People's rights have no racial or party loyalties, although many of them claim to, especially at election time. Google "Cochran Firm Cointelpro Fraud."

The government is interested in taking over religion in America, also.  Three questions:  (a) Are you or any of your friends "radical Christians" like Jesus was, and therefore considered to be dangerous? Link: ; (b) Did HomelandSecurity train your minister/priest/rabbi to keep you calm during Marshal Law yet? Link: ; and (c) Would any online ministry survive if the Internet is put under the Justice Department, or will the government have to approve the content under S.968  or H.R.3261 ?

PREDICTION:  The government will continue to "court" religious leaders and cultivate them to disseminate only government-approved messages, prepare them to influence the populace to accept oppressive laws and even Martial Law,  and use informers in churches, temples, and mosques to warn the government about devout worshipers, such as persons who fit the description for "radical Christians."

PREDICTION, July 2011:  If S.968, H.R.3261, or some other Internet censorship bill passes, the federal government will become traffic director for the Internet. That power will be used to circumvent targeted businesses, political candidates, and human/civil rights organizations. Venture capitalists object to S.968, saying that it will threaten start-up companies. Once government officials control the information highway to the degree that S.968 makes possible, even very large companies will suffer if they are not compliant with those officials. People with political aspirations will not be able to announce their viewpoints online and gain public support unless they adhere to the party in power. Incumbents, being in control of the Internet, will win every election by preventing freedom of press for opponents. Objections by individuals and corporations, which you can read on website, apply to both S.968 and to H.R.3261, the House version.

PREDICTION, December 7, 2011:  Congress will pass H.R.3261 and/or S.968 and end freedom of press in America.  H.R.3261 is the E-Parasite bill that will be used to censor Internet content in America. The bill supposedly is to protect intellectual property, but its purpose is to silence dissidents. As the most censored American, I know fascist plans by what is done to me. On December 6, 2011, a woman laid claim to two of my articles, saying she wrote them and I plagiarized her work in my EXPOSED blog: "OCCUPY DEMAND: DIVEST OR RESIGN" - - Read the four comments after the article. Meet Ms. Tea, who was apparently sent to lie on me after the government already killed my brother, Larry Neal, used The Cochran Firm to defraud my family as our wrongful death attorneys, plus continues to facilitate or condone censoring and stalking me because I reveal human rights abuses online to engender help for suffering incarcerated mentally ill Americans and others who are victimized (Prov. 31:8).

False allegations of plagiarism by CoIntelPro agents would allow the Injustice Department to REMOVE YOUR WEBSITES that reveal government corruption or whatever officials wish to censor, including websites of business rivals belonging to government officials' supporters. Google "CoIntelPro" to learn about the program, which the Justice Dept. used for decades to squash the People's advocacy for liberty. See the long version of "Occupy Demand: Divest or Resign" in my MaryLovesJustice blog - - I shortened the for my EXPOSED blog (first link above) in order to publish it on flyers that I distributed to Occupy Atlanta protesters on October 14, 2011. I distributed hundreds of copies of the shortened version.

Troy Davis Prediction - July 10, 2011:  Last night I noticed two things about Amnesty's quest to save Troy Davis: (1) The organizations' link to the “Save Troy Davis” petition is too long for people to share easily on social sites without first using a link-shortening service. Most social sites have restrictions on the number of characters people can enter, and the petition has 96 characters! (2) Cyberstalkers prevented me from opening the “Save Troy Davis” link for over a year. Also, they make it difficult for me to publish any news whatsoever about that Georgia death row inmate. Troy lives under a gag order to prevent him from declaring his innocence, and it appears that some Americans are restricted from speaking for him. Before execution,  they want Troy out of the news to reduce the amount of protest when he is killed.

PREDICTION:  Troy Davis will be executed despite protests by millions of people. Hopefully, someone will intervene, but that is my prediction right now.

October 27, 2011 UPDATE:  Unfortunately, I was correct.  On September 6, 2011, a Chatham County judge issued a death warrant naming September 21, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. for Troy Davis's execution.  Despite large protests in virtually every major city in the USA and opposition throughout the world, Troy Davis was killed.  The Supreme Court intervened, which delayed the execution for just four hours.  Davis died around 11:08 p.m. 

The Beast uses diversionary tactics. Americans are intended to focus on television reality shows, economic crises, or warnings about terrorist threats from “over there” while encroachments on our liberty increase. People who are cognizant of encroachments on liberty in America and expose them online are censored. I believe I am more censored than other human/civil rights advocates for numerous reasons that are explained in my blogs. Sadly, a censorship team is assigned to monitor my Internet input. They break through my security program and take over my computers via remote access, then set alarms that notify "the network" whenever I go online. Cyberdogs often prevent or delay my reports. By noticing which tweets, blogs, and comments the cybercensorship team targets most, I am able to make predictions that will be innumerated in this article.  My freedom of expression was deleted well before everyone else.  See "Censoring Mary Neal Before S.968" at this link, if they let you:

Death Angel and Vulture

The Beast attacks on two fronts. He focuses on destroying the most powerful while simultaneously conducting steady assaults against the most vulnerable. To bring a Last Days dictatorship to power, America as we know it obviously has to go. The Bible says the whole world will be under the Beast, so I track the decline of liberty in America – the Beast's most powerful foe. No nation has more influence over other nations than the U.S.A. Therefore, eliminating democracy here is the Beast's top priority on the road to world dominion. The Beast perceives that defeating freedom in America is his gateway to eliminating liberty worldwide. All of Americans' civil/human rights are embodied in the Bill of Rights.  Our protection from tyranny is the Constitution. Unfortunately, our “inaleinable rights” are under fire daily. People, companies, and organizations who fight for freedom in America are attacked.  Some, like Dr. King and others, are killed.  The attack is against the greatest and the least.  That is why large companies like Google are attacked if they protect liberty, and the most disenfranchised people like the mentally ill are victimized at the same time.

The Four Horsemen

The Bill of Rights is the collective name for the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution which limit the power of the U.S. federal government. These limitations serve to protect the natural rights of liberty and property including (1) freedoms of religion, (2) speech, (3) a free press, (4) free assembly, and (5) free association, as well as (6) the right to keep and bear arms” (Wikipedia). Those are the core rights on which government of, by, and for the people is based. The Beast must overcome every one of these in order to bring about his planned dictatorship. Attacks on those freedoms are what I call End Game events. I will track such events in this blog, placing the news event under the appropriate subtitle. The first infringement for each category of the Bill of Rights that I list will be listed as no. 20. The next will go before it as number 19. That way, people who look at the lists will see the most recent events first.

This blog documents only recent or current assaults on liberty in America and my predictions based on those events as well as what news my cyberstalkers refuse to let me read or write. Too many things have already happened in recent years for me to list them all in any blog. Your assistance would be appreciated. Cyberstalkers often prevent me from browsing to news sites, prevent links from opening, or redirect links to limit my access to certain news (these are offenses that the government will be allowed to do if Senate Bill 968 or H.R.3261 is ratified into law as I predict). Add news about America's slide into fascism to the comments of this article, and I will incorporate those events after verification. That will help, because part of the stalkers' job is to keep me from knowing about the Beast's assaults on liberty lest I warn you. The Constitution guarantees the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Attacks on those fundamental freedoms are listed below.


Poor people are easier to control. Hungry people think only about their next meal. Homeless people focus their attention on gaining shelter, not protecting their freedom. Therefore, destroying the nation's economy and reducing personal income for Americans are essential elements of the Beast's plan. Inflicting poverty violates the “pursuit of happiness” right. No one is happy without sufficient income. Steps to destroy our quality of life will be listed under the heading, “POVERTY.” To impoverish a people to the point that they are unable to concentrate on anything other than their basic subsistence needs, it is vital to have an excuse for it to happen. Three expenses that are said to be necessary give that excuse: war, bailouts and tax breaks to wealthy people and companies, and prison costs. Specific examples of those expenditures and the subsequent impact on Americans will be listed here.

18.  Blacks' economic gains wiped out in downturn
19. Union Workers Replaced With Prison Labor Under Scott Walker’s Collective Bargaining Law, July 6, 2011 - While Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) law dismantling collective bargaining rights has harmed teachers, nurses, and other civil servants, it’s helping a different group in Wisconsinites — inmates. Prisoners are now taking up jobs that used to be held by unionized workers in some parts of the state.

PREDICTION: The government and large corporations will continue to undermine collective bargaining until unions cease to exist. Americans will eventually work all day for a loaf of bread.

20. The 5-year limit on AFDC (welfare) benefits for families of dependent children is being enforced in Michigan, where over 12,000 families are scheduled to lose their incomes this year.

PREDICTION: More people will live in blended households as adult children return to their parents after they are no longer able to afford housing for themselves and their children. Homelessness and hunger will increase. Crime will also increase, creating a surge of prisoners to benefit prison investors.


A degree of good health is needed in order to pursue happiness. The state of one's health has bearing on every area of life. Cyberstalkers prevent me from opening links about mandatory whooping caugh vaccinations for California children. I wrote articles opposing mandatory H1N1 vaccinations, so I am no longer allowed to read about vaccines, apparently. If they let you open the link, please try to call and tell me what it says: (678) 531-0262. If you reach a recording, you need not bother to leave a message. The Nazi censorship staff redirects all calls from people other than our immediate family to our voice mail system, then they delete the messages without letting anyone in my home hear them. Sometimes they play a recording for other callers saying that our phone is disconnected. S.968 does not provide for monitoring and redirecting Americans' phone calls. It only provides for monitoring our Internet usage and redirecting links when we try to read something that is not on our approved reading list, but maybe a congressional representative will introduce a bill for telephone control next.



Liberty is a quality of life issue. The Beast will enslave the whole world when he comes to power, but he begins with disenfranchised persons. America is called a prison nation. Approximately 2.3 million people are imprisoned, 1 in 100 people. When we include those who are on probation and paroll, meaning they are in immediate threat of being imprisoned, the number is 1 in 30 people in the criminal justice system. They are basically minorities and poor whites and include 1.25 million mentally ill people who should be in hospitals or community care. Approximately one million inmates work up to 72 hours per week on prison labor projects for the federal and local governments and Fortune 500 companies on jobs, including former union jobs, that have been removed from the private sector.

20.  On January 4, 2012, H.R.3166 and S.1698 - ENEMY EXPATRIATION ACT - were introduced in Congress. Those bills provide for officials to remove Americans' citizenship, making everyone eligible for indefinite detention without charges under NDAA. published an article about the bills at this link -

On November 30, 2011, the U.S. Senate, 112th Congress, passed S.1867 allowing indefinite military detention of American citizens without criminal charges or trial. This was the strongest blow to the Constitution that was ever made. See my article, "S.1867: America's Final Solution" at this link in my FreeSpeakBlog - - GOING CAMPing? - Don't miss your train! Read Glenn Greenwald's "Three Myths About the Detention Bill" at this link , published in on Friday, December 16. President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act on December 31, 2011.

Religion is more than where one worships, especially for Christians. The Bible gives Christians specific instructions about how to conduct our lives outside of the church building, i.e., spread the gospel. But, evangelism is frowned upon in the New America, and it will someday be outlawed under the Beast. Any laws that regulate behavior or restrict free speech and freedom of the press can easily violate “freedom of religion.” I only have knowledge about how a given law might violate the free exercise of Christianity. (If you know about laws that infringe on other religions, please feel free to add them as comments to this article. A few months ago I read about women being disallowed entrance certain places with their heads and faces covered like some Muslims dress.)

20. Florida restricted citizens' right to feed homeless, hungry people. That law demands that Christians disobey God's directive to “give to every man who asks you.”

PREDICTION: Christians are mostly sheeple. Plus, many Christians are glad to have an excuse to be hearers of the Word and not doers. They will not rebuke or disobey the government regarding restrictions against actually practicing religion outside of church. If some individual Christians do choose to obey God rather than man's laws, churches will not come to the individual Christian's aid. A minister told me that churches get government monies now. Some of them run government-sponsored pre-K programs, etc., so maybe that is why ministers have high tolerance for government encroachments.


20. Senate Bill 968 is one of several bills introduced in congress in recent years to give the government control over online communication. Failed attempts include Senate bills 773 and 778 and government-issued individual Internet I.D. numbers for every American (like social security cards). The Internet I.D. numbers would have been used to logon to the Internet and would have replaced passwords for every Internet site, including email boxes, banks and other financial institutions as well as social networks, etc., meaning the government would have full access to everybody's online accounts.

PREDICTION: If S.968 passes and the government is made "traffic director" for the Internet, our information highway, officials will abuse their power to help their friends, punish their opponents, enrich companies they own or invest in heavily by directing Internet traffic to those sites away from competitive companies and by squashing start-up companies that would compete with their investments. Political and social messages that are contrary to the interest of incumbents would be blocked and/or websites belonging to them will be taken offline.


20. Over 2,600 protesters have reportedly been arrested in America since 2009. Recently in Georgia, protesters were arrested at demonstrations supporting undocumented workers.

PREDICTION: More protesters will be arrested.  As the protests increase, authorities will begin using the big crowd control Tasers.





This blog will have new entries as I learn about the Beast's assaults on America, a gateway to world dominion outlined in Revelation.  It is my Christian duty to inform people about the Bible and to admonish people to get right with God.  Time may be short, especially if we do not unite and resist oppression.  Attacks on this blog will violate my right to free speech, freedom of press, and freedom of religion, just as all the cyberattacks I have endured over the last five years have done.  I believe I have been used as a test case for the Beast to see which provisions are needed to stop net freedom.  Nearly everything that has been done to me covertly for years will be allowed under S.968.  Luckily, the IP Protection Act does not provide for cyberstalkers to edit your Internet input as you type, like cyberstalkers do to me and I captured on video.  But since S.968 allows the government to place a DoS at links as well as remove websites it finds objectionable, covert editing would not be necessary.
Please remember that until S.968, H.R.3261 or some other Internet censorship bill passes in Congress, you have much more net freedom than I do.  I am already prevented from browsing for certain subjects and prevented from opening links that are not on my "approved reading list."  These are provisions of Senate bill 968 that are awaiting vote right now, but I have lived without freedom of speech and press for years already.  Therefore, if you read news that belongs under one of the categories above documenting assaults on Americans' core liberties, please inform us in the comments section of this blog, and I will incorporate it at my next update. See "Mary Neal's End Game Reports" at this link .  If you do not use, GovTrack, or Thomas (the Library of Congress), Internet sites that publish and track congressional bills, I urge you to do so immediately.  If we want to postpone the Beast's takeover until the 41st century, we must be more diligent.  We must also come to recognize that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was right:  A threat to freedom anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere.  Below are links to the sites I recommend that all Americans join and use to follow congressional bills.  Also, attend local government meetings that are open to the public, like city council meetings.  The Bible says the people perish for lack of knowledge, so stay informed.  One way to be informed is to visit FreeSpeakBlog often, and recommend it to your friends - .  Thanks!

GovTrac -
Thomas (the Library of Congress)
DYING LIBERTY, by Mary Neal (10 stanzas, 4 lines ea., all rights reserved)

Rights you declare are over now
Beginning with sick folks
We arrest and kill who we want
The Bill of Rights' a joke

When it comes to certain Americans
The Constitution's dead
Especially for the black and poor
Get that fact through your head

Damn the Freedom of Information Act
An act is all it is
We answer only what we choose
Which is zero for Larry Neal

We have a terrific asset
In the Johnnie Cochran Firm
Cointelpro lawyers from coast to coast
Many secrets they do learn

Lawyers can hold down settlements
And eliminate a few
When policemen kill minorities
That is what they do

In Nazi Germany, the mentally ill
Were the first to go
It still seems a good starting place
Any reason to change it? No.

We've started with the least
And will work up the social chain
We hesitate during election time
Then resume again

When the camps are ready
Everyone will know our plan
Until they're built and fully staffed
Can't let you tip our hand

So we remove your emails
And prevent you loading your films
Americans who learn what we did to Larry
Preview our plans for them

We take over your computers
And control your telephones
To limit the number of people you tell
Their civil rights are gone.

Civil rights are gone.
December 18, 2011 - Mary Neal's Request to Google re: Protecting Bloggers' Creative Product During the End Game

DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM AND SUGGESTION TO GOOGLE:  I make end times predictions based on my understanding of Revelation and current events in the news. I update my articles in the blogs listed below when news is released that has relevance to the information therein. I fall behind on this task lately because I must borrow computers; stalkers destroyed mine in July when I wrote articles against Internet censorship bill S.968. I choose not to have it repaired so as to leave in its present condition for computer forensics regarding my lawsuit against the USA for racism, terrorism, and censorship. See "Open Letter to President Obama from Mary Neal," which has another letter to local law enforcement officials and the U.S. Attorney General after President Obama's letter at this link -

INDEFINITE DETENTION BILL:  The main article that I update as liberty dies in America is "Mary Neal's End Times Predictions" at this link:  - The main blow to Lady Liberty happened when Senator Levin's bill 1867 was passed by Congress on November 30. The bill allows for indefinite military detention of Americans without the government levying any criminal charges or allowed citizens an opportunity to defend themselves in courts of law. Essentially, Americans have no more rights than did Africans in their villages in the 1600s. Any American can be snatched from his home or community at any time and interned indefinitely in military prisons within the USA or abroad (where tortures reportedly happen). Certainly, such a development as S.1867 being introduced was important to my article, which is an ongoing work. I updated the article with information about S.1867 when the bill was introduced. I went to "Mary Neal's End Times Predictions" today to update the article again and add the fact that Senate did indeed pass the hateful bill on November 30, and that it only needs President Obama's signature to become law. But my update adding information about S.1867 having been introduced is now MISSING. Therefore, rather than to simply add the new data (that 93 senators voted for the bill and passed it in the Senate), I now must input the data I already did that tells what the bill is about. This censorship around a congressional bill is wrong, but it is indicative of the direction America is taking.

COINTELPRO AGENTS CLAIMING PLAGIARISM AND SPAMMING:  The second reason I need Google to record when my blogs and settings are edited is because of CoIntelPro agents. Senate bill 968 and H.R.3261 are bills that were introduced in Congress supposedly to protect Americans' intellectual product. However, if they pass, they will be used to remove dissidents from the Internet. CoIntelPro agents will use two methods:  (1) They will falsely claim that an author's articles were plagiarized. Since CoIntelPro are FBI agents, the Justice Department cannot be relied upon to allow the censored author to defend his/her intellectual property against false allegations. Censored blogs and news sites will be removed from the Internet after CoIntelPro agents make false claims against authors and claim the censored authors' intellectual product as plagiarism. (2) CoIntelPro agents will file allegations against censored authors, claiming they are sending spam. CoIntelPro agents will ask Internet hosts to remove the censored authors' email accounts and blogs. The spamming may indeed be happening in some cases, because hackers can go into targeted people's email accounts and blog settings and input email addresses belonging to CoIntelPro agents who agree to make the complaints against targeted authors. See "CyberStalkers Try to Close Mary Neal's Blogs" at this link and "Don't Lie on Mary Neal" at this link

It would be a great service to Blogger customers if Google would track the exact date and time when updates are made to our blogs and settings. That way, targeted writers may be able to verify when edits to their Blogger settings and blogs were done by other parties. I usually record myself while I work online, and my tapes show what sites I visit and what edits I make as well as the cyberstalkers' censorship as it happens (see videos at my YouTube channel JKEMPP703). Other edits would necessarily be done by the stalkers. If Google does not already have a mechanism in place to document when articles are updated or Blogger settings are changed, please institute one. Thank you for everything you do to help Americans preserve what is left of freedom of press.

1) Blog Address: FreeSpeakBlog and MaryLovesJusticeBlog and Justice Gagged
2) Browser(s) (ex: Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 8, Chrome): Firefox 4 (Stalkers disallow my using Google Chrome; See video )
3) Geographical Location (ex: San Francisco / USA): USSA
4) Are you using the new Blogger interface (see if you're unsure)?
5) Description of the problem: See above.

NOTE: I read this article via cellphone and did not see my edits adding S.1867. On viewing the article via a laptop, I see the edits I made earlier and complained were missing. People at the bottom of the 99% economic ladder, such as many minority households, rely heavily on cellphones for their Internet access. Frequently, what Internet users see using cellphones is not what is really online at all, or cellphone views are incomplete. Sometimes, my cyberstalkers enjoy playing games with my view of online data. For example, links that do not appear when I move forward through my articles become visible when I scroll backwards. See video examples I positioned in an article called "Senator Wyden, Emancipate Georgia's Last Slave" at this link - See a VIDEO showing that my home PC is prevented from printing links at - This is an example I used in my article entitled "Censorship American Style," which is in this FreeSpeakBlog. TIP: Please always select "go to page 1" when using a cell phone for Internet access. Otherwise, stalkers may have programmed a news article to begin after pertinent information they were instructed to keep hidden from lower-income Americans who have limited access to computers.

Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


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