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Senate Bill 968 and H.R.3261 to Remove Dissidents from Internet

(32 numbered paragraphs, 27 links, 1 photo, 11 tweets, signature, 4 IP addresses of my cyberstalkers in paragraph 6).   URGENT FREEDOM ALERT: S.968 is a bill pending before Congress that representatives intended to pass before Americans could learn about it and have an oppotunity to protest, but God used Sen. Wyden to temporarily block Senate's vote. If S.968 passes, the government will be able to legally take down targeted Internet sites. Prisoner activists, anti-war activists, workers' rights advocates, and everyone who does not bow to corporate masters of the universe can be silenced in one day.  The bill may even be used to silence religious messages online.  Please take advantage of Sen. Wyden's courageous move to temporarily block Senate's vote on this Nazi bill.  Call, write, and email your representatives.  Alert all human/civil rights activists.  Notify minorities that S.968 can be used to stop Internet uploads of videos showing their unarmed loved ones being shot by police like Oscar Grant was on January 1, 2009, and to prevent them from telling about lynchings the media hides like the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, my mentally, physically disabled brother.  Please do not allow everyone in the USA to be censored like I am now by their cyberstalkers. I have to number my paragraphs or cyberstalkers will simply delete the ones they do not want published. If CoIntelPro does not stop me, we will discuss S.968 on the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Show on Sun. 7/3/11 at 5pm EST (call-in number (347) 994-3644).  Access taped shows at (Beware: They sometimes redirect links).  I must announce my next blog or the cyberdogs will make your computer skip it when you select "older post" at the end of this page.  Please see  "Mary Neal Goes to Washington for YOUR Justice Quest" at this link: - Obviously, my cyberstalkers can send Twitter messages. I got one saying "Oops! You Already Said That" when I tried to tweet: @Truthdig TRUTH is not approved on Internet in USA - VIDEO proof  #Manning is jailed & I'm stalked online and in person
1. GOOGLE OPPOSES SENATE BILL 968, called the "Internet Censorship Bill." carries information on the contested bill at this link:  - This freedom-killing bill was introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy, a Democrat like Rep. Alcee Hastings, who introduced H.R.645, the concentration camp bill, in January 2009. One might believe that Democrats want to eliminate the Constitution. S.968 contradicts: "Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press . . . " If S.968 passes, the censorship that has been done covertly to keep this civil/human rights activist offline to hide government crimes will become legal. Provisions of S.968 can be used to silence all voices of dissent on the Internet in the United States of America.

.2. Individuals and corporations that oppose government or corporate practices that erode justice in America are usually punished through the justice system. This is true of Google, which now faces antitrust allegations. Individuals like former Northwestern journalism professor David Protess, who founded the Medill Innocence Project, are fired. Human rights activists like Mary Neal, founder and director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, experience censorship, cyberterror, and gangstalking. Because Google opposes the Internet censorship, the company is now under attack. According to, Google's stock fell $6.66 or 1.4 percent, to $473.56 in midday trading Friday after disclosure that the Internet giant faces a federal antitrust investigation. See an excerpt of the report below.

3. WASHINGTON — Federal regulators have begun a formal antitrust investigation into Google's business practices. In a blog post Friday, the Internet search giant said it received notification from the Federal Trade Commission of the review on Thursday.

4. Google said, "It's still unclear exactly what the FTC's concerns are."

5. But the inquiry is expected to focus in large part on whether Google abuses its dominance of Internet search to extend its influence into other lucrative online markets, such as mapping, comparison shopping and travel. Rivals complain that Google, which handles two out of every three Internet searches in the U.S., manipulates its results to steer users to its own sites and services and bury links to competitors. (A link to the full report is below.)

6. Mainstream media censors news, probably according to government dictates. But the Internet enables people to report abuses of power in the United States. Fascists oppose Americans exercising First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and press. Senate bill 968 is the latest of several bills Congress introduced within the last few years that could be used to censor Americans. I presently experience cyberstalking to prevent reports about my mentally, physically handicapped brother's murder under secret arrest. Larry Neal died in 2003 in Memphis Shelby County Jail while the facility was directly supervised by the USDOJ due to many prior abuses of power. USDOJ offiicials colluded with the jail and The Johnnie Cochran Firm (under new management) to cover-up Larry's death, and the media agreed to censor the news report. Therefore, I began reporting the murder cover-up online and have published over 1,000 articles, emails, and blogs about that crime and the kangaroo court processes my mother and I endured when we sued The Cochran Firm for defrauding us as our wrongful death attorneys. Most of my articles are about other victimized Americans, including minorities and white citizens who lack wealth. A team of cyberstalkers was hired to monitor my computer useage 24/7 and prevent my net freedom. My computer security system cannot stop the stalkers, but it captures up to four IP addresses working simultaneously to attack my PCs whenever I go online. Police refuse to trace the IP addresses and prosecute the criminals, likely because they know who they are and who issued the orders. Right now there are four cyberstalkers breaking through my security.  My security program reports: Deny PortScan Attack from Remote Host  The cyberstalkers' attack continued, and they got won.  Now I cannot go to Twitter, send emails, or log in at Yahoo Answers.  My security program reported:  IE Sent Data to Remote Host; IE Sent Data to Remote Host; IE Sent Data to Remote Host; and Application "SYSTEM" sent data to Remote Host  When I recorded a video about the attack, cyberstalkers heard me talking, either by using the mic on my PC or listening through my cellphone.  They can do both.  Therefore, they allowed me to open this edit screen, which they denied me access to for over an hour before hearing me record proof of what S.968 will allow Big Brother to legally do to censor you like I am now.  Presently, they do covert takeovers of targets' computers by remote hosts - actions that DeKalb Police call legal because police do not want to trace the IP addresses that attack me and prosecute cyberstalkers who I suspect are citizens police.  Google my article "Citizens Police: My New Neighbors and Yours," if they let you.  America seems to be in the position that pre-WWII Germany was.  Freedom of speech and press are the first rights to go when a nation slides into fascism.  We are not allowed to protest injustice online or in person.  Over 2,600 protestors have been arrested since 2009 in America.

7. DeKalb County, Georgia police told me on June 28, 2011, that cyberstalkers stealing data from my hard drive and destroying my computers via covert remote access are not illegal activities. Officer Miller ignored the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and the Internet Security Act of 2000, which made cyberstalking a crime. In America, laws are used to keep the "slave class" in line but are not enforced when working class taxpayers need protection from government abuses. In June 2010, Atlanta police officers told me they would taser and arrest me for making in-person reports about Larry's murder and other abuses of power. Therefore, I am essentially under an illegal injunction to prevent communicating about my brother's murder and abuses against other Americans. The illegal injunction is enforced by criminal computer geeks and by police officers who swore to protect and serve citizens.

8. If Congress passes laws that restrict freedom of press on the Internet, it would be possible for the government to secretly arrest and kill more "useless eaters" like Larry Neal (Hitler's term for mental patients). The USDOJ and Memphis Shelby County Jail refuse to divulge whether Larry was murdered (1) while being used as a medical test rat, (2) as a waterboarding subject to train the USDOJ's advanced interrogation specialists (torturers), (3) by Taser, (4) by restraint table or chair, (5) by brutality, or (6) by police withholding his vital heart drugs. Police kept the middle aged heart patient under secret incarceration and lied to his family and social worker, denying that Larry was incarcerated until he expired under circumstances that are treated like a national secret. Once the Internet is legally censored, police may come for your Autistic child, elderly mother with Alzheimers or age-onset dementia, or your bipolar friend. If/when that happens, you will have no way to report the murders to the public or report threats against your person and family for daring to complain about your handicapped relatives and friends who were secretly arrested and killed (see the Wrongful Death of Larry Neal website at this link:  . Read about the latest crimes which were done to intimidate my family into silence about Larry's murder at this link: CoIntelPro Makes House Calls -

9. I thank God for Google's commitment to protect freedom of press on the Internet and the fact that the overwhelming majority of people who voted at are against the S.968. Google is likely being persecuted by an antitrust investigation because the level of integrity the company's management has surpasses that of Justice Department officials and mainstream media owners. Google handles nearly 90% of Internet searches and offers a host of other valuable services. The company therefore sets the standard that other Internet search engines must strive to meet to be competitive. Not only is Google hated for protecting net freedom, but unethical companies like The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fear Google Wiki, which allows Google Chrome users to publish comments that can be accessed at web pages by other Google Wiki users. The Cochran Firm does not want Google Wiki users to read comments I might post about the law firm's fraud against my elderly, grieving mother. Lawyers at The Cochran Firm contracted to be our wrongful death attorneys immediately after Larry died, then helped Shelby County Jail cover up his murder. In fact, David McLaughlin, Esq. kept Larry's wrongful death lawsuit secretly inactive while Tennessee's statute of limitations passed in order to protect the jail and USDOJ officials. The USDOJ officials may have accepted a payoff to ignore Larry's murder, which I communicated extensively with DOJ about in 2005. In 2006, USDOJ officials allowed Shelby County Jail to enter false testimony and reports into federal court records that omitted Larry's death. High government officials were indicted in Willacy County, Texas in 2008 for allegedly withholding federal investigations regarding inmate abuses and deaths. The indictments against several judges, former Vice President Chaney, and former Attorney General Gonzales alleged that they allowed abuses to go unpunished because they were private prison owners/investors and/or because they were paid to ignore crimes against humanity that happened inside correctional facilites. It is unfortunate that the agency that is charged with protecting Americans' civil liberties is itself corrupt.

10. Among other things, Senate bill 968 will enable the government to force Internet service companies to stop serving targeted websites. Therefore, websites that carry news the government does not want published could (and likely would) cease to exist on the Internet. This would likely be applied to my blogs advocating against mass incarceration and murders of mental patients;, which suffered a cyberattack recently that removed 10 days of posts; Wikileaks, a site the government hates because it exposes hypocrisy in some of our leaders; CLG News, which publishes anti-war news; and IndyMedia, which has a false security warning claiming it would damage my PC to open that news site. In a short while after S.968 goes into effect, people might begin to censor themselves - watch what they post at their own blogs in fear that the blogs will be targeted for removal from the Internet. Independent news sites will also be very careful about news they allow members to publish in fear that the Government will target their Internet sites for removal. The censorship techniques that S.968 will make legal, such as redirecting users' browsers to prevent access to certain news, have been done to me by cyberstalkers for years. They do this to prevent me from learning about specific cases of abuses and murders of mentally ill Americans. They know I will republish the news at Twitter, Facebook, and in email messages, because I hope such accounts help decriminalize mental illness. Senate bill 968 can be used to scrub the Internet clean of any and all traces of police brutality and other government crimes. Senate bill 968 is the most Nazi piece of legislation I have come across. Below is an excerpt from a report about S.968 by Stephen Lendman, entitled "Internet Censorship Bill Introduced" (see the full report at the link below).

11. If enacted, PROTECT IP will give federal authorities "unprecedented power to attack the Internet's domain name system (DNS)," by:

12. -- forcing ISPs and search engines to redirect or reject user attempts to reach certain cites; and

13. -- vaguely call DNS servers: "server(s) or other mechanism(s) used to provide the Internet protocol addresses associated with a domain name."

14. This definition endangers other technologies, including operating systems, email and web clients, routers, and others able to provide IP addresses when given domain names like traditional DNS servers.

15. . . . Abigail Phillips explained . . . "It [S.968] includes 'a private right of action for intellectual property owners (as well as government to) seek injunctions against websites (allegedly) dedicated to infringing activities' in addition to court orders against third parties providing services to those sites."

16. Its [Senate bill 968's] language also adds new third-party provider categories, including "interactive computer services" and "servers of sponsored links," requiring they no longer serve targeted sites.

17. Cyberstalkers are assigned to disrupt my Internet postings until they receive an order to destroy my computer again. In the meanwhile, they will not permit me to download Google Chrome, but make me use IE8, knowing that Microsoft is in favor of S.968. Although my gMail account is cyberstalked like my Yahoo Mail account is, I believe that if/when I subpoena records from Google to prove how many emails I am not allowed to receive, the company is not likely to work with the government or The Cochran Firm behind my back to falsify records. We hope our telephone carrier will also be forthcoming about the hundreds of phone calls we are not allowed to receive at (678) 531.0262. Our calls, other than from family members, are usually directed straight to voice mail, then deleted without anyone in our household being allowed to hear them. Sometimes, stalkers make our callers hear a lying message saying that our phone is disconnected. We live like prisoners in the United States, essentially kidnapped like Larry was. My family is absolutely denied the opportunity to communicate freely with the outside world. I am followed when I leave home, because criminals fear that I will use a computer or telephone over which they do not have direct control. S.968 will put virtually every computer in America under government control, and there will be no further need for cyberstalkers to censor human/civil rights activists like Mary Neal. If you doubt if my allegations are true, write to the USDOJ and ask about it:  - WARNING: You may also become a CoIntelPro target for asking about the secret arrest and murder of a lifelong schizophrenic heart patient, Larry Neal.

18. If the government succeeds in making Google relax its stance against S.968 and other Internet censorship measures that are sure to follow, my family might be killed like cyberterrorists threatened often. Authorities presently worry about how the public would respond if officials or wealthy, unscrupulous lawyers do actual harm to a family for complaining online about the secret arrest and murder of a handicapped member. Over a million people know about Larry's murder despite the media blackout. The public also knows about cyber threats against me for advocating for justice for 1.25 million mentally ill Americans and immigrants who are cruelly imprisoned to boost prison profits rather than being treated for their dysfunctions in hospitals or community care under Assisted Outpatient Treatment programs. If you think I exaggerate their level of debauchery, please consider that my elderly mother has continuing nightmares about possible methods police used to exterminate Larry, but officials ignore our right to due process of law regarding open disclosure. Officials deny the Neal family any legal recourse regarding Larry's wrongful death and do everything they can to prevent us from revealing the murder cover-up and The Cochran Firm Fraud. But the public reads my articles and can see our videos, which I usually must have a third party upload due to determined cyberstalkers. I shiver to think about what sociopathic officials might do to people in our position once online censorship is legalized. Officials would no longer worry about truth-tellers' videos going viral online and destroying the carefully protected fasade that America is a democratic country that respects its citizens' right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

19. At, the public's votes regarding S.968 are 89% against and only 5% for the bill. Will persons elected to represent the People overrule our objections and pass S.968, in defiance of the U.S. Constitution? users can use this link to read the bill and cast votes for or against it as well as access articles and blogs about it:  - Many companies and individuals have published valid concerns. Please see the following excerpt from a article condemning S.968 (access the full article at a link below):

20. At this time, the bill’s loudest and biggest critics, such as Google, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Demand Progress, decry that it extends government and private sector authority to a level that threatens our right to free speech under the First Amendment, stifles competition and innovation, and undermines our foreign policy stances toward authoritarian governments, as we admonish those states that censor free speech on the Internet. Some, such as Demand Progress, have criticized the bill because it blocks access to safe medicines . . . and we hope the others join in.

21. Senator Wyden has courageously made use of the senate rules to block the bill from reaching the floor for a vote. Senator Wyden’s remarks about Protect IP offer an eloquent summary of why the bill is terribly flawed. How long Sen. Wyden’s block will hold is uncertain, as the process of “cloture” – a vote by 60 senators – can end the block to bring the bill to a vote.

22. I understand how anxious fascists must be to stop paying cyberstalkers to prevent online advocacy they disdain. Regardless of how expert cyberstalkers are, computer security systems and digital cameras capture irrefutable proof that Americans are censored, and some of us are terrorized for publishing reports about government crimes. See my videos at YouTube channel JKEMPP703, and please read the article I wrote to expose the fact that human/civil rights organizations and activists are censored, "Internet Censorship American Style," at this link:  - One thing the article exposes is the fact that online publishers cannot know how much of their data actually is made visible to the public. Cyberstalkers are capable of blocking out paragraphs, videos, and redirecting links away from censored material, offenses that S.968 will make legal. Presently, censorship is a cruel game that unethical stalkers enjoy playing on their targets, and they are likely paid well with our own tax money. But cyberstalkers may get laid off if S.968 passes; their services will no longer be needed.

23. May God bless Senator Wyden. He obviously recognizes that Internet censorship is the modern equivalent to Nazi book burning. I hope that all congressional representatives of conscience will vote against S.968 and every other bill to censor the Internet. Numerous minorities and mentally ill people of all races are brutalized and/or murdered by police and prison guards every year. Such abuses of power would undoubtedly increase if those crimes become easier to cover up. When San Francisco B.A.R.T. officers killed Oscar Grant on January 1, 2009, with a single bullet to the young father's back, they immediately tried to collect all cell phones with video capabilities from commuters who were horrified about the public lynching. The officers wanted to prevent any film of Grant's murder from being uploaded on social media and broadcast around the world, but they failed. The Internet allows people to publish articles and videos proving government crimes that mainstream media censors.

24. As we near Independence Day, I implore senators to please honor the sacrifices made by millions of United States military families throughout this nation's history. Do not let fascists destroy the average American's only method of mass communication - the Internet. Stop the nation's slide into Nazism. If China has bought America, let us immediately quit spending trillions of dollars on wars and pay them back. Please do not pass S.968 and allow the government to censor all Americans the way that I am.


26. "Federal regulators launch antitrust probe into Google" ( news services

27. "Internet Censorship Bill Introduced," by Stephen Lendman

28. "The Protect Intellectual Property Act - S.968 Will Prevent Access to Medicines (

29. users can use this link to read the bill and cast votes for or against it as well as access articles and blogs about it:

30.   Below is the link to share this article, in case cyberstalkers do not allow you to use "add this." 

31. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. - Revelation 18:2

32. Cyberstalker-prevented tweet 7/2/11:
@WebReadyLawyers @radicalsonly @TheLawNews @legallawwatch @topsy @Google @Twitter @BIG_GOV S.968 vs. First Amendment  (If cyberstalkers had not prevented the tweet, Twitter would have automatically shortened the link for me to make it fall within the 140-character limit.)

33.  Note: Cyberstalkers know that I rely on spellcheck. They disconnected that feature in my blogs and at my wordprocessing software on my desktop, so please forgive typos until I can edit the article at a computer not under their immediate control. Right now three IP addresses are fighting to break through my inadequate security system and stop me from re-publishing this news from my other blog MaryLovesJustice at this link: - Cyberstalkers are preventing me from going to, just like S.968 provides for the government to do to you - the cyberstalkers redirect my browser.  If you allow this Nazi bill to pass, it can be used to keep you off Twitter, Facebook, or any site by redirecting your browser. To learn what it is like to be a prisoner in America without being locked up, visit my blog "JUSTICE GAGGED" at -  PLEASE SAVE YOURSELVES!  SAVE FREEDOM OF PRESS IN AMERICA. DENOUNCE S.968.  PRAY with me that God damns S.968 to save America from fascism.  See 11 of my tweets below and follow @koffietime, if they let you - (cyberstalkers won't allow a "follow me at Twitter button to work at my blogs).

@thehill @ACLU @blackvoices Don't kill the First Amendment! See "S.968 to Remove Dissidents from the Internet"
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@Google @iSupremeCourt S.968 is unconstitutional, correct? "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press"
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@Advocates4kids @APAPsychiatric @HBBP @ACLU @MadameNoire Persecuting @Google 4 opposing S.968, Internet Censorship Bill
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@TheLawNews @Google Revised: Google Persecuted with Antitrust Allegations for Opposing S.968 (Internet censorship bill)
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@Google DeKalb Co. Police said cyberstalkers stealing my data and destroying my PCs is legal & they refuse to use IP addresses to find them.
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@Eldrin_Bell Welcome to @koffietime. Pls see  4 articles & videos. See also  and share censored news
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@PrincessDelap Stalkers make it hard 4 me to post ANY videos re prison profiteers & Cochran Firm Fraud; pls share VIDEO
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@TheLawNews @legallawwatch VIDEO describing censorship & stalking 2 hide CochranFirm fraud  See also
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@LawScribbler You can access & vote for my FreeSpeakBlog on  CENSORED law news. Pls. object to Senate Bill 968
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@PrincessDelap @Brookpete @ALCU Stressful advocating for justice while dealing w censorship and stalkers VIDEO
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@N_A_D_P I am censored to hide my brother's secret arrest & murder & advocacy against DP. VIDEO -
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