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Mary Neal's STALK 'EM BACK Schedule

See "Mary Neal Hires Strippers"

(ten(10) links, ten(10) paragraphs, 1 amazing drawing, 1 announcement. Paragraph 6 is under attack - 13 lines on my view)  This blog will be used to publish Mary Neal's stalking schedule.  I do in-person protests, but I am a middle aged woman who protests while fully clothed. I BELIEVE two half naked, beautiful young women will get more attention. Since writing this article, I protested HYPOCRISY at the Save Troy Davis rally and march in Atlanta on September 16, 2011 (days before he was executed anyway), at the King Awards Dinner at the Hyatt Hotel in Atlanta and at the King Day March and Rally on Auburn Street in January 2012.  Therefore, I am hiring strippers to HELP STALK 'EM BACK!

1. --- I already protested at CNN, The Johnnie Cochran Firm, Georgia Superior Court, the Malcolm X Picnic, Colony Square Hotel and that entire section of Peachtree Street, and other places.  The next scheduled event is July 5, Atlanta City Hall.  This summer, I will stalk the USDOJ in Washington (see the fourth link below - If cyberstalkers move it, just Google "Mary Neal Goes to Washington").  Please return to FreeSpeakBlog daily to see if/where I will be picketing government agencies and officials at their homes. I cowered in my home for over a year (surrounded by citizens police) and spent another two years being censored online and followed when I leave home to use library computers to advocate on behalf of victimized people.  I got tired of being essentially imprisoned for security, and I hope more Americans will.  Now I peacefully picket government offices and officials who made an oath to uphold the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA while they actually undermine its provisions for liberty and justice for all. I also picket mainstream media companies that enable violations against Americans' civil and human rights by censoring reports about secret arrests and murders, and organizations that accept public donations to uphold human and civil rights but refuse to address gross offenses.  If you would like to join me, we will gangstalk them. (Note added August 22) I decided to go directly to the source of my oppression - Washington, D.C.  See this link: 

See the video and articles at the four links below, and proceed to the announcement:

Senate Bill 968 to Remove Dissidents from Internet
Officials' plan to end freedom of press in America

Mary Neal's Tweets Rejecting Slavery
(includes Video: Boycott 4 Justice)

CoIntelPro Makes House Calls
(includes Photo: Mary Neal pickets CNN)

Mary Neal Goes to Washington for YOUR Justice Quest

2. The Bible says that when we have a problem with people, we should first take them aside and reason with them privately. If that does not yield the desired results,we should appeal to those in authority over them. If that fails, the Bible instructs us to take them to court. The Bible gives no instructions beyond that, because there was a time when judges were prophets of God; they were upright men and women who worked as though they worked unto God and not unto man. That is no longer the case. Many judges in 21st century America are corrupt, and they hold the Constitution in contempt. The blindfold has holes in it, and Lady Justice can see the races and socio-economic status of the people in court. She also sees the bribes that are offered for sham justice. Laws are enforced if that leads to another black, brown, or poor white person joining America's 2.3 million prisoners; laws are ignored if doing so denies justice for minority people and whites who lack wealth.

3. In obedience to the Word of God, every agency, official, and organization I stalk is first notified about problems they should address. Beneath each scheduled stalking, please find a link to information that documents the issue. Late summer 2011, I plan to stalk the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. Information about the justice quest is at the links below. I do not have the power to make decision makers change, but abuses of power and hypocrisy must be exposed in order to help people who do have power (like voters, taxpayers, and righteous decision makers) know about circumstances that need to be addressed.  See the announcement below.





Associated articles: Atlanta Police: No Picketing The Johnnie Cochran Firm!

Exposed: Mary Neal Not Allowed to Protest in Atlanta
4. I do not know if the City of Atlanta hired stalkers to attack my computers and follow me around, but that is a possibility. I protested The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm handling the Kathryn Johnston murder-by-police case. The Cochran Firm contracted to represent Johnston's survivors just six months after having itself pronounced "nonexistent" in the State of Georgia in May 2006 by Georgia Superior Court Judge Wendy Shoob in order to fabricate an excuse to dismiss my lawsuit against the law firm for defrauding my family as our wrongful death attorneys regarding Larry Neal's wrongful death in Memphis/Shelby County Jail.
5. Americans need to get used to doing peaceful in-person demonstrations (exercising our freedom of assembly rights), because the Internet may soon become as useless to all human and civil rights advocates in America as it is for me now. If Senate Bill 968 (the IP Protection Act) passes in Congress, it will allow government officials to target websites for removal from the Internet. Furthermore, the government can legally redirect links, prevent links from opening and control targeted persons' browsers - offensive censorship that has been done covertly to me by cyberstalkers for years. Officials may believe that if dissidents are silenced online, Americans will become more docile about the gross injustices that are happening.  Certainly, mainstream media will honor its agreement to allow government to preapprove its news reports and continue to censor information like Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder and The Cochran Firm denying that it has law offices within the State of Georgia or the City of Memphis.  Perhaps they feel that if there were no human and civil rights advocates discussing government corruption, police brutality, and sham justice online, these things could continue without the masses knowing about them or becoming upset.  They should consider the riots of the 1960s and 1970s, before the Internet was available to see how flawed that premise is.  When officials read about the frustrations of Americans online and see news published that they prefer to hide, they want to "shoot the messenger" (the Internet).  Removing the voices of anti-war protesters, prisoner rights activists, and advocates for collective bargaining will not resolve anything. How many Egyptians have the Internet in their homes?  They, too, rebelled against tyranny, as all people have throughout history.  Where was the Internet before the French Revolution?  Who had the Internet when Dr. Martin Luther King led the Birmingham Bus Boycott?  Yes, we really CAN all get along, and honoring the Constitution of the United States of America is how to do it.  Please learn more about S.968 at the first link on this page, or browse for "Mary Neal S.968."

6.  Until S.968 (nicknamed "the Internet Censorship Bill") passes, cyberstalkers are used to interfere with targeted messages. My articles and blogs have wealthy, powerful enemies because I (a) expose government crimes, including my handicapped brother's murder under secret arrest and the cover-up by the United States Justice Department, Memphis Shelby County Jail, and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm; (b) advocate to release 1.25 million mentally ill prisoners either to hospitals or community care programs, depending on their offenses and functionality. Since many (if not most) of our judges, Justice Department officials, politicians and other decision makers invest heavily in private prisons, decriminalizing mental illness would negatively impact their investment portfolios. Therefore, they do not want many people to champion the idea of decriminalizing mental illness. Sick people were evicted from mental hospitals by the hundreds of thousands in the 1970s to seed the first private prisons. Insufficient provisions were made for their subsistence and continued psychiatric treatment. Since most of them wound up in prison or dead, deinstitutionalization did not work. Taxpayers saved zero. In fact, prison costs escalated to over $50 billion/year.  Private prison investors enrich themselves by cruelly imprisoning sick people in solitary confinement torture chambers 23 hours per day. An acute mental patient starved to death in a privately owned Utah jail in February 2011.  Reporting such news is why this peace-loving, Christian grandmother cannot have free speech and freedom of press. I use it to advocate "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR."  Jesus Christ had even more trouble communicating that message than I do.

7. DeKalb County Police Detective Miller told me on June 28 that it is NOT illegal for cyberstalkers to remove data from my computers and actually destroy the machines. She obviously chose to ignore or does not know about the Telecommunications Act of 1996 or the Internet Security Act of 2000.  Since police will not address the crimes against my civil rights (free speech/freedom of press), all I can do is expose the fact that America is racist, classist, and well on the road to becoming Nazi. Cyberstalkers also block my phone calls and emails so I cannot communicate with potential employers. Being unemployed gives me time to stalk officials and others who pretend to believe in democracy every day while ignoring their responsibility to ensure that the contract the government has with the People, our Constitution, is honored for everyone, whether black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Jewish, Muslim, wealthy or poor, without regard to mental or physical handicaps.  They interfere with my securing gainful employment because they fear my access to computers and phones over which they do not have direct control like they have over those in my home. They fear I will communicate with book publishers about my manuscripts, attorneys about the crimes they have done or allowed, and human and civil rights advocates about my handicapped brother's lynching as well as my CoIntelPro-like persecution for complaining about his murder. Moreover, private prison investors fear that my advocacy to decriminalize mental illness will cost them money.

8. Christians have a duty to protest injustice against the least of these, His brethren. I try to do that online, but my efforts are continually blocked by cyberstalkers who are paid (perhaps your tax money) to interfere with my posts. I am usually denied access to Twitter, Facebook, and my organization ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL from my home PC. I have spent many thousands of dollars since 2005 on new computers and to have PCs wiped clean and reinstalled. When I use library computers, they are also taken over time I sign in using my library card number. Wealthy, unscrupulous people abhor my advocacy against mass incarceration and murders of mentally ill Americans, capital punishment, systemic racism and classism in the justice system. The hate my Christian advocacy for decision makers in America to please treat others as they wish to be treated. I doubt if any of them are fond of the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE initiative: No Shopping on the 9th of Any Month During 2011.  My FreeSpeakBlog carries reports about protests I have already done, where and why. Please use the index on the left of the FreeSpeakBlog site to read censored news and view videos. Pray for me and for the USA. It is getting very Nazi around here.  Mentally ill people, minorities, and Christians do not fare well under Nazism.

9.  NOTE to Pharisees:  I only wanted to read my emails in gMail and at Facebook tonight.  Everything you see on this page resulted from cyberstalkers interfering with that.  I bought this computer.  I pay the utility bills.  What I do at home on Independence Day is my business, and you should fire your cyberstalkers.  More than half of my protests and articles and 90% of our videos directly result from their attempts to censor me on your behalf. Try justice.  It works.

Mary Neal
Website:  http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


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Call me Larry 973-444-1334

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