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Censoring Mary Neal Before S.968

(3 paragraph, 34 tweets, 2 photos, 4 links before the tweets' links)  An important bill is pending before Congress to decide if YOU will have free speech online.  It is called the IP Protection Act - Senate Bill 968, also known as the"Internet Censorship Bill."  I protest being censored BEFORE the bill gets passed to censor Americans by (a) redirecting links; (b) controlling browsers; and (c) removing websites the government does not like.  As the world turns, officials are reneging on Americans' Constitutional rights and ignoring the promise that "Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech or the press."  I have been censored for seven years, and police refuse to address my computers being attacked and destroyed by cyberstalkers although I have their IP addresses. Abuses of power that begin with one person spread to a few, then to many.  The American people can truly say to Washington, "You don't take our rights; we lay them aside."  While working class and poor Americans are held accountable to the letter of the law, elitists are ready to stop even pretending that the laws they wrote apply to them.  "Oh, we're tired of the slave class having the First Amendment.  Mainstream media publishes news we pre-approve, but not these bloggers and independent news companies that publish citizens journalism.  Look what they publish on the Internet - our secrets!  Time to put a stop to this."

Below are some of my recent tweets.  I looked at the pages belonging to eight Twitter lists that follow @koffietime and learned that my tweets do not actually go to those lists as they should.  It is disgusting how many people and government agencies combined with The Johnnie Cochran Firm to prevent due process of law and public exposure about the secret arrest and wrongful death (lynching) of Larry Neal - - and to curtail my advocacy to decriminalize mental illness.  I guess all of these people are prison investors.  This is the last day I will waste my time online knowing that I am denied the services that Internet companies hold out to their members.  Mine is an unusual circumstance in that services are denied because suppressing my freedom of speech and press is intended to hide the fact that many people in leadership are unworthy of their positions and do not honor their oaths of office.  See my latest censored tweets posted at my Twitter koffietime page  - I do not know if ANY of them got past my page to my followers.  I did a little test and found that only the tweet about July 8 being Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A published at the lists that follow me - not my tweets about S.968, the censorship bill, and certainly not those about the mass arrest and murders of mentally ill Americans, Pelican Bay prisoners' hunger strike, or the fact that Fortune 500 companies and the government are using prison labor to undermine collective bargaining.  I am thoroughly disgusted with hypocrisy in leadership and apathy in sheeple.

BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping on the 9th of any month during 2011 - Join our 9/11 emergency call for justice!  UNITED Consumer Power can bring Power to the People. (Genesis 11:6) [Americans need to get some gumption (a Southern word), stop complaining and do something that works.  We do not have to go to the table as beggers. As James Brown sang years ago, "Use What You've Got to Get What You Want."  Elitist decision makers care about profits exclusively. Unite for a 24-hour boycott once every month on the 9th day to protest corporate greed and government misdeeds. No matter what injustice you detest, join millions of people who recognize that every unjust decision benefits some corporate interest.  Use the boycott to prove that We the People are capable of uniting and making injustice unprofitable.]

@koffietime - Mary Neal

@Google punished w/ antitrust probe 4 opposing S.968. @NPR funding endangered 4 censored news like ShawnHolley interview

2 minutes ago
@kcadp/death-penalty-opponents They don't let my tweets go 2U or any lists following @koffietime. Protest S.968 or no anti-DP will be online

34 minutes ago

Hello! I Don't shop today, July 9 - BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping on the 9th of Any Month in 2011  Protest corp greed!

5 minutes ago
@rww @BlackPressRadio @NAACP "We know LarryNeal was lynched & his family is persecuted. But we don't want to criticize black ppl in charge."

9 minutes ago
@BlackPressRadio When police kill unarmed blacks like OscarGrant, gov wants 2 keep it offline thru S.968  #murder coverup

12 minutes ago
@Google CENSORING MARY NEAL BEFORE S.968  - Shouldn't they pass the Internet Censorship Bill before they begin using it?

19 minutes ago
BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping on Sat., July 9  UNITED Consumer Power can bring Power to the People. (Genesis 11:6)
8 Jul

1 minute ago
@mashable Forget abt using the web 4 human rights. NONE of my tweets warning abt S.968 Internet Censorship Bill went to lists following me

6 minutes ago »
@Google @thehill @FTC @FCC @mashable Ppl worry that S.968 will allow gov 2 censor Internet. The bill's only a formality

10 minutes ago
@mashable Could U tell me how @Twitter decides which of my tweets go to lists following @koffietime? Prisoner tweets don't; cow tweets do.

12 minutes ago
@Google @thehill What happens to a dream deferred? It EXPLODES online!  and  and

15 minutes ago
@Twitter, could U explain how U decide which of my tweets go to the lists following @koffietime? Who decides that? Not Patrick Leahy, I hope

21 minutes ago
@Twitter @Google @vlu77 @SaveTroyDavis @Amnesty My tweet abt Chickfila went to 8 lists following @koffietime, but NOT my tweet abt TroyDavis

23 minutes ago
@FreeTroyDavis Bad news, Troy. They're censoring my attempts to share your @Amnesty petition. Read my article

28 minutes ago
What fun! Dress like a cow today and get a free @ChickfilA meal.

31 minutes ago

@EvilEsq Pls add Sen.Patrick Leahy & Rep. Alcee Hastings (for HR645) to your list of EVIL attys. Leahy introduced S.968 to end net freedom.

3 hours ago

@legallawwatch @LegalBlogWatch @LawSchoolFacts @rww LAW PROFESSORS URGE REJECTION OF INTERNET CENSORSHIP BILL S.968

3 hours ago@LegalRebels @Google @USHouseNews @legallawwatch LAW PROFESSORS URGE REJECTION OF INTERNET CENSORSHIP BILL (me 2) S.968

4 hours ago

@Google @topsy @rww @WritersRelief I was just writing 2 Sen. Wyden about Internet censorship bill S.968 in a comment at

5 hours ago

@Twitter around 20 new followers since I first hit 959 followers, but the no. of followers reverts back to 959 no matter how many come.

6 hours ago

@Amnesty 96 characters in SaveTroyDavis petition link make it hard to share petition w/o converting it 2 a short link cyberdogs can redirect

6 hours ago

@Amnesty S.968 allows gov 2 prevent target links from opening, like yo Save Troy Davis link won't open 4 Mary Neal -

10 hours ago

@ @BIGovernment S.968 is a very risky bill. Anxious ppl need the Internet 4 an outlet  Don't Censor the Internet, please.

10 hours ago

@AFLCIO Told ya yo jobs went to prison w/ 2.3 million ppl. Free workers that State pays 'em 2 keep. Prison profiteering!

10 hours ago

@Google Does anyone else have to unscramble a CAPTCHA code for every FB comment they post, or only Mary Neal? I like @Twitter better.

11 hours ago

The Battle Hymn of the Republic - a rousing slave abolition song penned during the Civil War  I live like a slave in GA.

18 hours ago

Looking forward to Google+ getting up and running. Congratulations, @Google

18 hours ago

@APAPsychiatric @ACLU SEN. WYDEN, EMANCIPATE GEORGIA'S LAST SLAVE!  I'm censored and stalked to contain news about S.968

7 Jul

@Google Sen. Wyden, Help Emancipate Georgia's Last Slave   - I'm censored and stalked to hide Senate Bill 968

7 Jul

@Brotherneal @ChinaDailyUSA @Oprah 1 Slave Left in GA Warning America, DON'T LET THEM DO IT TO U! Fight S.968

7 Jul

@Google Cyberdogs preventing my emails to alert activist that NET FREEDOM IS THREATENED UNDER S.968. In 2010, they stopped emails re H.R.619

7 Jul

@thehill I was prevented fr posting many tweets re H.R.619 for mental health care. Current cyberattacks re S.968 - Internet Censorship Bill

7 Jul

@Litopia @vlu77 @PFADP #Christian Persecution One Slave left in State of GA  for Righteousness Sake.

6 Jul

@LawfulBear @TheLawNews I don't reach my FreeSpeakBlog articles with the short link @Twitter applied. Did gov pass S.968 to redirect links?

6 Jul

@LawfulBear Christian Persecution  One Slave left in State of GA  Suffering for Righteousness Sake

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