Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Won in Fed Court: No Concentration Camps - Yet


We did it!  A federal court in New York just ruled indefinite detention UNCONSTITUTIONAL and issued a permanent injunction against use of that law.  It would have allowed the military to detain civilians -- even Americans -- indefinitely and without trial if they're accused of certain crimes. But now we need your help putting pressure on Obama.

It's an egregious violation of the Constitution, a disgusting infringement upon our due process rights, and has already had a chilling effect on activists and journalists. 

That's why writer Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Tangerine Bolen and four others sued to block it.

Oops! Hold the music! The Obama administration already appealed federal court's ruling against indefinite detention that was issued on September 12, 2012! The corporations really, really want more free labor!  . They also filed a motion for a temporary stay on Judge Forrest's Order. On Monday, Sept. 17, Circuit Judge Raymond Lohier, appointed by President Barack Obama in 2010, issued the temporary stay of enforcement on Judge Forrest's Order after the Obama admn. called her ruling a threat to national security. So NDAA indefinite detention is legal again. That was quick! Wired carried the story along with links to the actual motion and court order

Continue reading this article after the video showing people working on the chain gain. Sam Cooke sings, "I'm going home one of these days," but people held indefinitely under NDAA will not have that promise. Enjoy "Chain Gain" at this link and embedded below.

Shockingly, the Obama administration has consistently supported indefinite detention this year -- signing it into law in the dark of night on New Year's Eve and defending it in court.

If we don't do anything, they'll probably keep fighting to protect this law!

And please forward this article by email, or use the widget below the article to share it with your friends at Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION ALREADY APPEALED THE FEDERAL COURT'S DECISION. The fight against the White House being allowed to order people into indefinite military detention centers (concentration camps) without criminal charges and due process of law continues.

Thanks to our members for you ongoing support of this lawsuit!

-Demand Progress

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CONGRATULATIONS, DEMAND Heroes! Praise the Lord for you and every one of your supporters who contribute to the fund to keep concentration camps out of the U.S.A. I believe we also need to raise money to send every representative on this list to China, where they should be more comfortable. SEE HOW YOUR REPRESENTATIVES VOTED ON NDAA 
If voters re-elect representatives who gave the White House the power to indefinitely intern people in concentration camps without trials, I hope they are the FIRST to be interned there.

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Many black people do not yet recognize the fight against NDAA concentration camps concerns us with particularity. Every country that used concentration camps interned mostly minorities. I am glad Vice President Biden finally made it plain when he threatened that the Republican presidential candidate will "put y'all BACK in chains."  It seems a bad idea to put that option before ANY president. 

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