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Georgia Bar Promises Attorney Immunity

Below is an example of how grievances against lawyers are handled by the Georgia Bar. Note that Dean Veenstra, the Bar investigator, claims this is not an official grievance because it has not been determined whether rules of professional conduct have been violated. That is a question to be determined during the investigation. However, Veenstra promises Wetzler, the attorney whose conduct is to be investigated, that Hickman's complaint will be immediately dismissed upon a cursory response from Wetzler. This is how justice issues are handled in Georgia, which was pronounced the nation's most corrupt state in 2012 by the Center for Public Integrity. Sixteen(16) links and 1680 words are in this article. See an email from the Georgia Bar to John Wetzler, Esq. that appears to promise him immunity regarding a former client's complaint:

From:  Dean Veenstra
Sent: Wed, May 23, 2012 4:35:02 PM
Subject: Ms. Hickman

Dear Mr. Wetzler,

Per our telephone conversation I am attaching the grievance that was filed by Yvonne Hickman. Please remember that this was a grievance in the screening process and not an official grievance (due to questions of whether there was a violation of the rules of professional conduct). As soon as I receive your response (you don't have to go into great detail), I will draft a dismissal letter and send you a copy. We must receive your response by no later than June 1, 2012. Please call me at the number below if you have any questions or need to speak with me.

Dean Veenstra

Dean Veenstra

Yvonne Hickman is a former Georgia resident - "former" because she suffered false arrest and was banished from her home and county - Glynn County. Hickman says Wetzler is one of six attorneys who accepted Hickman's case on retainer, then withheld legal services. Hickman's 100% mentally disabled husband, a Vietnam veteran who suffers from PTSD, accused Hickman of continually running over him with her car. Mr.Hickman had no injuries and did not miss going to the gym pumping iron at any time after he was "run over by his wife," but that did not stop officials from arresting her, putting her under a $10,000 bond, and extracting $35 monthly supervision fees (paid to Sentinel) on charges that prosecutors will not take to court. Hickman fights to clear her name from Georgia to Washington, but is denied a trial and feels that she is extorted of $35 per month. On June 25, 2012, Judge E.M. Wilkes, III wrote an Order stating, "The Court can find no pending case at this time, but notes that Hon. Stephen G. Scarlett, Sr. entered an Order dated May 29, 2012, stating that the record reflects no indictment or accusation has been filed on charges [for] which Defendant was arrested thus far." When the first "hit and run" supposedly happened on December 3, 2009, Sherita Jones, a woman Hickman never met, read about her circumstances in the newspaper and put her home up for Hickman's bond. Hickman recently filed a Motion to release Jones' property from the bond. Hickman says after she was banned from Glynn County, she was given numerous court dates, but never for a trial on her husband's allegations. Hickman traveled back to Georgia from Maryland, where she moved when forced to abandon her home and sick husband. Hickman believes Glynn County officials hoped she would miss a court date and allow the opportunity to take Jones' home.

See Yvonne Hickman speak about what she calls "Georgia corruption" on a YouTube video number 3 of 5 that Hickman published at YouTube at this link , which is embedded below. Hickman's story is one of the nearly 1,000 cases of judicial and government corruption to be featured on "Lawless America Movie." William Windsor is traveling throughout America - all 50 states - and filming people like Hickman who are victimized by lawlessness among court officials, police officers, and politicians. Our stories will be presented at film festivals, on the big screen, and to U.S. Congress. Lawless America website is . Exposing corruption and its effects on average Americans is a bold undertaking in the United States, a country where citizens have freedom of press on paper, but whistleblowers are severely persecuted and endangered.

Center for Public Integrity "Grading the Nation"

SavannahNow - National Study Says Georgia Nation's Most Corruption Prone State - Mar 19, 2012  "A new study ranks Georgia politics the country’s worst for accountability and openness — and the most at risk for corruption. Georgia is among seven states with grades of F following a yearlong-plus inquiry by three groups. The Peach State flunked in nine of the 14 categories used by the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Public Integrity . . . Reaction varied from praise to surprise, skepticism or silence."

This article continues after Yvonne Hickman's video below.

Glynn Co. Georgia Banishes Blacks - Tape 3 of 5

We who suffer from government corruption solute William Windsor and his film crew for producing "Lawless America Movie" to expose judicial and government corruption in order to SAVE AMERICA. Lawlessness is so pervasive that average citizens abandon their regular lives and devote time and revenue to expose and oppose victimization that aggressively targets minorities and working class whites. Government and media cover-ups, organized harassment programs, police-related violence, censorship, judicial misconduct, lawyer fraud, and rampant privatization of public services cause rising alarm. While average Americans are imprisoned at the world's highest rate, many of our decision makers show total disregard for the law, beginning with the U.S. Constitution.

When Yvonne Hickman contacted me about her mentally disabled husband's hallucinations and the problems  they caused, I warned her that justice is practically nonexistent in the United States, especially for African Americans. I told her about my mentally, physically disabled brother who was murdered after 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis. My family is denied any excuse, explanation, investigation, or records beyond a death certificate and autopsy report although Larry Neal died in a correctional facility that was already under direct overview by the United States Department of Justice following a lawsuit by the USA. Larry Neal's murder cover-up was arranged by lawless federal officials, Shelby County Jail, and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm, which contracted to be our wrongful death attorneys in order to defraud Larry's survivors and keep his murder from going to court. Officials ignore Freedom of Information Act requests and federal subpoenas in order to keep Larry's murder their national secret. In fact, officials reached the same decision about my sick brother's death that they did about prisoners in the War on Terror Camps: There will be no prosecution for inmates' deaths. Officials want us to stop demanding accountability for Larry's murder and The Cochran Firm's fraud. In fact, our home was recently burglarized, and the only thing stolen were boxes of Neals v. The Cochran Firm pleadings and evidence that judges wrongfully kept from going before a jury in our two lawsuits against The Cochran Firm, which is the only party we sued regarding Larry's murder cover-up thus far. The burglary occurred after I announced in articles that we plan to sue the United States Department of Justice for allowing and participating in Larry's murder cover-up and my harassment. I know there will be no investigation of the burglary. In fact, it was challenging just to get a police report on the crime.

I told Yvonne that suing for justice and/or putting her situation before civil and human rights "leaders" and organizations would not Change anything. They seem to be paid off or lack the courage to actually stand for justice. I also warned her that the media would ignore a black woman being forced to abandon her marriage because judges in Glynn County banished her from her home and county. But she was a civil servant for 23years and has great respect for rules and regulations, so she did not believe me. Yvonne knows there are laws to cover every wrong she endures, so she is determined to hold the system accountable. What Yvonne is still learning about is a carefully hidden fact: Elitists in America consider all working class Americans, especially blacks, their slaves. Laws are used to imprison 2.3million inmates, enforce taxation and the military draft, but the law is continually, blatantly ignored in cases where its application would demean, demote, or deny freedom to America's protected classes, which include police officers, lawyers, judges, and other government officials. In fact, those people collude against working class citizens who dare try to make America be "true to what she said on paper" (MLK). The Georgia Bar's email to John Weszler, Esq. proves once again that people in the protected class are recognized as being "more equal than others" (Animal Farm).
Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill , Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal , Google Profile - - Follow me at Twitter @koffietime - - Current, urgent justice issues from a laywoman's viewpoint at my primary blog (the name is a joke, believe me). See also and DogJusticeforMentallyIll JusticeGagged Davis/MacPhailTruthCommittee Mary Neal at HubPages . Recommended articles - - Address: (I am censored, but some emails reach my box). Try to phone me at 678.531.0262, however, none of us really has free speech, so saboteurs may prevent your call. My electronic communication is monitored 24/7 by a team of cyberstalkers to prevent my disclosures about my brother's secret lynching and advocacy for others who suffer because of lawlessness in America, where justice for working class people, particularly minorities, is treated like a joke. Please let us know if America's censorship team prevents your access to information at any link, and feel free to ask questions or leave comments at this article. Let us know by email or phone if elitists' criminals stop you from doing that. Blessings!


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