Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Solute to Grassroots Justice Activists and Orgs

MaryLovesJustice Neal

Many individual justice advocates and grassroots organizations help victimized persons in their justice quests. I solute everyone who shares their time and resources to make the world more humane. I introduced my readers to a few heroes in the invitation to the 2012 Atlanta Justice Symposium published at this link - . This article will share information about several justice advocates and community based organizations and media I admire and appreciate for assisting my family and many others, especially regarding censored abuses and murders that might have gone unpublished and unresolved except for their interest and commitment.

Rev. Edward Pinkney, Director of BANCO Organization and host of Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show: Rev. Pinkney welcomed me on his show to advocate for justice for my family and many others who are victimized in and by the justice system, including 1.25 million incarcerated mentally ill people in America. Rev. Pinkney is a courageous human rights advocate who understands and empathizes with my circumstances as a censored person. He is the first minister in the country to be arrested for quoting the Bible. A Michigan judge was offended when Rev. Pinkney quoted Deuteronomy 28, and the judge believed the curses in that chapter were a terrorist threat to himself. I join Rev. Pinkney and his co-host Ralph Poynter most Sundays at 5pm EST on Blogtalk. Learn more at "Rev. Pinkney Show Features Mary Neal" . Learn more about "the People's Pastor" at at this link 

Dr. W. Randy Short made it possible for me to expose the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal to the international community through interviews on PressTV. My mentally, physically handicapped brother's murder after 18 days of secret arrest (kidnapping) in Memphis Shelby County Jail is treated like a national secret in America. Records and explanations about Larry's demise have been denied by the U.S. Department of Justice and Shelby County Jail for over nine years, and my family is stalked and censored to keep his death and The Cochran Firm fraud secret ever since. With exposure in international press about a secret program to thwart justice for blacks after extrajuducial killings, Chavis Carter's mother might be the last grieving mom to contract with racist attorneys who defraud their own clients to reduce/eliminate payouts after police violence and corporate wrongs that result in wrongful deaths and catastrophic injuries. Media companies in the USA cover-up the conspiracy against African Americans' civil rights and The Cochran Firm's many lawsuits by its former attorneys and clients. Dr. Short continuously works to improve justice in America by helping victimized people to have a voice, including Eric Oliver, a Florida youth who was arrested after standing against an angry white mob that descended on his home to brutalize his Hispanic friend, and Bruce Smith, father of 14-year-old Jason Smith, a Louisiana teen who was allegedly killed by a hate group and his corpse returned to his family without any organs. Dr. Short is a champion for justice who uses his skills, education and contacts to help victimized people expose horrific crimes against humanity and fight for justice.( ) My family and others are indebted to him.

Many people are active in community organizing and online activism. They blog and use Google Groups, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Groups, and other social networks to denounce capital punishment, advocate for juvenile justice, protest mass incarceration, support individuals who need help, and inform the public about congressional bills and court rulings. Oftentimes, news in America is announced online before it is aired by mainstream media.


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Google, THANK YOU for honoring my settings and allowing me to use "MaryLovesJustice" as my I.D. at Google+. I don't know what the problem is at Facebook. I know stalkers work against my online name recognition. At Twitter, I am @koffietime. At, I wrote as "duo." At Care2 and HubPages, I use my name - Mary Neal. If I had known I would be still writing advocacy articles for nine years, I might have stuck to one identity online. Who knew the injustice system would conspire to deny my family's civil rights for so long? Along the way, I found that millions of other people are mistreated and share some of their stories, too. Like Dr. Short, I try to help people, which is challenging due to the censorship force in USA. Blessings!