Monday, August 27, 2012

Murder Cover-up - Mary Neal v. USDOJ, et al.

Below are 18 of the parties to the conspiracy of cover-up and terror who will be named in the lawsuit against USDOJ, et al. Officials and lawyers united to hide the secret arrest (kidnapping) and murder of Larry Neal, a lifelong mentally ill heart patient who was killed on August 1, 2003, after 18 days of secret arrest. Every individual the Neal family went to for justice joined the cover-up conspiracy instead. On August 11, our home was burglarized, and the only items stolen were the Neals v. The Cochran Firm lawsuit files and evidence which judges prevented from going to jury by dismissing our case wrongly. Then culprits sent a FAKE police officer to take our burglary report. DeKalb County Police reported to us that they had not dispatched an officer to take the burglary report yet. The fake police officer was sent to do the same thing The Cochran Firm was sent to do: keep crimes against the Neal family out of public records.

Mary L. Neal
~United States Department of Justice, for conspiring with Shelby County Government to allow officials to enter documents and testimony in federal reports and the jail's release hearing that omitted Larry Neal's death, which the feds knew about though our communication. The USDOJ allows or does online censorship and terrorism (online and in person) against me to keep the handicapped inmate's murder cover-up from being broadcast. The USDOJ withholds all records and withholds investigation of Larry's murder, which was done in a jail that had been placed under its direct overview due to years of inmate abuse and other violations and was operating under an Agreement with the USA. The government investigated and prosecuted the deaths of pit bulls on Michael Vick's ranch, but helped Shelby County Jail cover-up Larry Neal's murder and still does nine years later.

~Cochran Cherry Givens & Smith LLC (? - Firm uses different names from time to time. "The Cochran Firm" is/was even registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State's office as an "assumed name"), a/k/a The Cochran Firm - signed contract as Larry's wrongful death attorneys while its Memphis managing partner was a Shelby County Commissioner, which was a serious, secret conflict of interest. The Cochran Firm withheld all legal work while using U.S. Mail fraud to report work that was not actually being done to demand accountability for Larry Neal's negligence and murder. The law firm tricked the Neal family to let the Tennessee statute of limitations pass without any lawsuit being filed for Larry's secret arrest and death in custody. It became an accessory to murder after the fact.

~Shelby County Government (List Shelby County Government officials who the USDOJ allowed to file fraudulent reports that omitted Larry Neal after his kidnapping and death in Shelby County Jail)

~Atlanta Police Department
(Officers told me I have no civil rights in Atlanta and threatened to Taser and arrest me for picketing The Cochran Firm)

~DeKalb County Police Department
(Show reports police never investigated and name officers who came to my home to tell me I could not report crimes or complain to their superiors for ignoring my crime reports; Det. Miller, who claimed it is not illegal for stalkers to steal documents and court files off my computer, prevent my using the Internet, edit the text to my articles as I type, and destroy my machines)

~DeKalb County Government and CEO (ignored every attempt at contact about corruption, terrorism, and censorship; possibly sent police to tell me not to try to contact officials about police ignoring crimes)

~U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, (refuses to investigate or release records related to Larry Neal's secret arrest (kidnapping) and murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail in order to protect USDOJ officials who colluded with Shelby County Government officials to cover-up the inmate's murder in a jail that was under direct USDOJ overview after lawsuit by the U.S.A.)

~Julian Bolton, Esq. (former managing partner of the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm. Bolton conspired to hide the firm's conflict of interest from Plaintiffs in order to prevent the Neals from seeking real legal counsel regarding Larry Neal's wrongful death in Shelby County Jail, a facility to which Bolton owed a fiduciary duty as a long-standing member of the Shelby County Commission. The County Commission owns and operates the jail where Larry was kidnapped and murdered)

~David McLaughlin, Esq. (assigned Cochran Firm attorney who contracted with Hattie Neal and pretended to act as the Neal's wrongful death attorney in the matter of Larry Neal's kidnapping and murder, but actually kept the case inactive while the TN statue of limitations passed; used U.S. mail fraud to update Neals on the status of a case that McLaughlin kept secretly inactive to help Shelby County Government and DOJ officials cover-up the inmate's kidnapping and death in the jail)

~Hezekiah Sistrunk, Esq. (managing partner of the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm office (Cochran Cherry Smith Sistrunk), which pretended in court not to be an office of The Cochran Firm or have any connection whatsoever with the national office of The Cochran Firm or with the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm. CCGSS was registered in Tennessee using the same address as the Memphis office of the Cochran Firm, and the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm advertised and conducts business as The Cochran Firm),

~Angela Mason, Esq. (who wrote a pleading telling Judge Batten the color of the car that followed me home from work in 2008, although I never told anyone the color. She probably hired the man),

~Judge Wendy Shoob (who ruled there is no such thing as a Cochran Firm law office within the State of Georgia and dismissed Neals v. Cochran Firm from Georgia Superior Court in 2006 based on that lie months after the allowed limit for a judge to grant Defendants' motion to dismiss Plaintiffs' case ),

~Judge Timothy Batten (who ruled that crimes done against the Neal family are "immaterial" and dismissed plaintiffs' lawsuit against The Cochran Firm),

~Cochran Firm's Attorneys (who put forth deliberate perjury in Georgia Superior Court and USDC),

~Tennessee Bar (name investigator and director who dismissed complaint against David McLaughlin after receiving proof that he lied to the bar, submitted fraudulent documents in the investigation, and threatened the Bar with legal action when a Bar's secretary was so astounded at the proof of malpractice presented that she shared the information with her friends in other government offices)

~Various Media Companies (attach films showing that Plaintiff is denied membership services enjoyed by all members whose freedom of speech is not curtailed to hide the government murder of Larry Neal),

~Michael Moon, cyberstalker who intercepted my call to a computer repair company and substituted himself for the technician. He put my laptop on an intranet over which he had control. It had an icon that said I had to call him to get online. Demanded $80 for the "service," check made to "AHS," who might be Atty. Hezekiah Sistrunk

~John Doe Stalkers (list in-person stalkers car tags and expose online stalkers via their IP addresses)

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