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Months Before Kristallnacht in America?

Buildings Damaged During the "Night of Broken Glass" in Nazi Germany

Note: Please don't leave this article without reading the UPDATE below. What do you think would have happened if months before Kristallnacht, a Jewish family had reported the secret murder of one of their members or a burglary at their home? Germany's authorities were busily planning the Jews' capture in ghettos and camps and their mass murders. So what difference would a Jewish family's reports of crimes against them have made to Nazis over their government? Germany's unannounced agreement was that nothing would be done to remedy crimes against Jews. (Six links in this article with 2920 words). No police officers stopped the Jews' homes and businesses from being looted and destroyed on  the Night of Broken Glass, because it had already been agreed that crimes against Jews were "immaterial," like United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia ruled in the case of Neals v. The Cochran Firm in January 2009. Are African Americans' murders by police ignored or covered-up by authorities because America is in its eve of Kristallnacht?

The federal lawsuit was a second attempt by Larry Neal's mother and sister to hold The Cochran Firm accountable for defrauding the Neal family as Larry's wrongful death attorneys. The Firm contracted to represent the family but actually worked for Memphis Shelby County Jail behind their backs to prevent disclosure about the harmless schizophrenic man's 18 days of secret incarceration and murder in government custody and eliminate any payouts by the State of Tennessee for negligence or Shelby County Jail for wrongful death. Before the USDC case, a Georgia Superior Court judge dismissed the plaintiffs' lawsuit in May 2006 on the attorneys' lie that there is no Cochran Firm office within the State of Georgia. The attorneys falsely claimed that the law office which answered the Neals' lawsuit (Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk) had no connection whatsoever with the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm and the national Cochran Firm (The Cochran Firm later denied the existence of its Memphis office during the USDC lawsuit in 2008). Actually, CCGSS was registered with Tennessee Secretary of State's office as operating out of the same address with The Cochran Firm in Memphis, and it was and is advertised as being The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office on television commercials, billboards, phone books, legal search engines, and The Cochran Firm's own website. But murders, frauds, and denial of justice entertain white supremacists like  the people who partnered with Johnnie Cochran shortly before his death and now operate in his name. Bullying grieving families entertains some American police officers, judges, and elected officials who know African Americans have no righteous authority to turn to for fairness, as this may be shortly before our Kristallnacht. German police and other authorities might have had fun laughing at Jews who complained about crimes against them that occurred immediately before The Night of Broken Glass.

German authorities probably gave unsuspecting Jews who thought they still had civil rights on the eve of Kristallnacht a runaround similar to what the Neals endured in America over the last nine years since Larry's murder. Before the roundups began, Jews unwittingly reported crimes to Nazi police and sought justice in courts while German authorities pretended to go through the motions of justice. But authorities were actually laughing at the doomed people as they readied concentration camps and ovens for the "Final Solution." While some are already aware of how "immaterial" justice for African Americans is, the majority of blacks still live under the "illusion of inclusion" (AShed). I am censored to keep it that way for the time being, and my home was recently burglarized to remove documentary evidence of the ongoing fraud.

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Happy Anniversary, Cochran Firm Frauds

The Neal family's home was recently burglarized, and both court files regarding their lawsuits against The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm were stolen along with a crystal vase that was near the file boxes. Burglars' bosses were concerned when Mary Neal announced the intention to sue the USDOJ for racism during this election year along with all accomplices to the denial of justice regarding Larry Neal's murder under secret arrest and ongoing terrorism and censorship to prevent wide public disclosure. Officer Davidson, of DeKalb County Police in Georgia, responded, but he REFUSED to write a police report on the crime. The police, mainstream media, large corporations, federal and local authorities wish to keep The Cochran Firm's name untainted so that the law firm can continue to defraud blacks in America. Giving blacks the hope of justice forestalls social unrest after police murders, and The Cochran Firm saves elitists billions on government and corporate payouts to African Americans. What is most peculiar about The Cochran Firm Fraud is the large number of blacks who participate in the game. Perhaps sell-outs do it for immediate payment, or they may be convinced that helping supremacists escape accountability for murders and other crimes against their own people will save them from camps and ovens, like certain Jews who assisted Hitler. The 21st century End Game in America imitates "Animal Farm." Many people who helped overthrow Jim Crow in the 60's now wear expensive suits, sleep in soft beds with fine linen, and assert by their actions (and inaction) that "some blacks are more equal than others."

As many blacks in leadership became "Animal Farm" pigs, more concerned people arose to undertake the challenge of demanding an end to racism and police violence in the United States. The thing that all Americans must remember is that although the Jews were interned in camps and slaughtered by the millions, every single German lived in extreme oppression behind the Iron Curtain for roughly 50 years after the Holocaust. No one can really be free unless all are free. Human rights are God-given, and the Constitution only affirms what the Creator ordained. I received an update from Memphis Black Autonomy Federation, which I will seek permission to share in its entirety with you in this blog. A march and rally in Memphis are planned for September 8, 2012, to protest African Americans' rising death toll in police incidents. An excerpt of the email reports, "The Commercial Appeal and the local TV stations have reported extensively on the murder of Chavis Carter, but they've said little about the deaths of Jermie McCraven, William Howlett, Dewayne Bailey, Christian Freeman, Hernandez Dowdy, and Lorenzo Davis - each of whom died at the hands of the Memphis police. The news media is aiding and abetting the police in the cover-up of the murders of these six men, as are the sell-out civil rights groups in Memphis, which are so weak that they haven't even made public statements protesting the murder of Chavis Carter." (Six links in this article with 2920 words. On cell phone view, please select to "go to page 1," or the cyberstalkers will hide the beginning of the article from your view.) I responded thusly:

Please perform a Google search for "COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD" to see what is probably happening in the Carter case. This very obvious murder may be the exception [and be exempted from The Cochran Firm fraud]. Who knows? In any case, my home was burglarized since I spoke with you, and the only items stolen were two boxes of Cochran Firm records - my lawsuits against the firm in GA Superior Court and United States District Court plus substantiating documents and computer discs that Georgia judges prevented from going to jury, and one crystal vase. I have to do a thorough inventory before I can say for sure that nothing else was stolen. Can you believe the DeKalb County Police in Georgia are so involved in this that they REFUSED to give me a police report on the burglary? I guess they did it through the CoIntelPro agents situated in houses on my street. No car came to get the records, and we were home, awake, and I was watching out of the garage, which is on the right side of the house. They left out of the front door, which is on the left side of the house, while I was in the garage and my mom and daughter were upstairs. The only person awake downstairs was the CoIntelPro agent who opened the door - a girl my son was dating. We were infiltrated. She was visiting when he got a temp job offer. He asked if he could leave her here while he worked overnight. I agreed, because most job offers never reach my household. They took over our phones and computers. Sometimes they play a lying message saying our phone is out of service; other times they route calls straight to voice mail, and then delete the job offers and other calls without us hearing them. Luckily, the burglars only had about 20 minutes. I was in and out of the garage lighting cigarettes, and my daughter came downstairs about 3:30a.m. and found the front door unlocked and open.

We confronted the young woman who lied and said she did not open our door, but we did not take inventory at the time. After she went home, I discovered my missing files and understood why so many cars were going back and forth to the blue house across the street. That is what I was watching from my garage - my own burglary! The cars had their interior lights out so the occupants' faces would not show when the doors opened, and the people used flashlights to find their way to the front door. That would not be necessary for occupants even in the dark. Furthermore, the house has a porch light and flood lights at the garage that opens onto the driveway and garage. They did not want the lights on, naturally. There was no reason for people to be picking their way to the door in the dark using flashlights except for the need to be hidden. About a dozen cars came. I guess the lawyers could not wait to see what they had feared all these years since covering up Larry Neal's murder for Shelby County Jail - records proving they are frauds, documents proving my cyberstalking, records proving the connection between The Cochran Firm's fraud against the Neal family and collusion with the USDOJ and many others to hide the murder. I spoke with the U.S. Attorney's office, FBI, GBI, local police superiors, and DeKalb Co. Internal Affairs, and none of them said, "You will get a police report."

One wonders how many authorities are complicit in defrauding blacks through The Cochran Firm fraud and covering up Larry Neal's lynching in Memphis Shelby Co. Jail. Other black people's deaths are covered-up as well by a myriad of parties. That includes the media, so do not think the media is simply being duped regarding the police violence cases you mentioned in your email. Their part in cover-ups concerning black people's deaths is more active than that. I called the media when The Cochran Firm said in court that it had no office in Georgia, and the media companies actually said, "So what?" Same thing happened when in federal court, The Cochran Firm disclaimed having any law offices whatsoever within Memphis! There is literally a conspiracy between some of our well-respected black leaders, media companies, local and federal government officials to let the genocide and lawyer fraud continue against blacks without public knowledge and judicious remedy. That is how they do it. God bless you ... for your work and everyone who joins you. You take care, and continue to share my links. Those who have an ear will hear. I have announced your Sept. 8 event on radio numerous times and will continue to do so.

UPDATE: This story got stranger. A DeKalb County officer just called me and said there is no report of any officer having responded to my burglary call on Sunday, but she confirmed that the record does show I placed the call. I thought it was strange that the policeman who responded Sunday did not appear to be wearing a gun. His name tag said "Davidson" if I remember correctly, but the Tucker precinct says it has no officer by that name. He was driving a DeKalb County Police car. The Tucker precinct also reports that they have no record of my calls and conversations with police supervisors there that occurred yesterday when I called to complain about Davidson denying me a police report on the burglary. If Davidson was a fake, then my home was burglarized and then defrauded by someone impersonating an officer to prevent us from reporting the crime to real police officers. On the other hand, if Officer Davidson was not at my home Sunday in service to DeKalb County Police, what happened to the police officer who should have responded to my call? The Cochran Firm fraud is a drama no one should have to endure. That is why I ask people to pray for Chavis Carter's family.

We are not trained in espionage. I can only call authorities when crimes happen. Stalkers have at times redirect my family's phone calls and pretend to be the parties we try to reach on our home phone. A computer technician named Michael Moon did that to gain entrance to our house and destroy my computers (Google "HOME INVASION," by Mary Neal). He extorted us of $80 for the repair, but actually placed my computers on his own network. I wonder now if the two police officers and mental health worker who came to my home in June 2010 were frauds. They said they came to dare me to try again to see DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis to complain that police refuse to answer my police reports. I had been to the Cresant Rd. office to file reports about the stalker who admitted following me because it "paid well" and give police the IP addresses my computer security system captured while stalkers broke into my computer.

Saboteurs regularly steal documents from my hard drive, edit and delete my Internet input, and control my browsing. DeKalb County Police said those are not crimes, although numerous people are jailed today for cyberstalking. I emailed the CEO and received no response. I went to request an appointment in person, and the police came to my house the following day and said I had better not ever again try to tell authorities that they ignore crimes against my family. Were those officers also moonlighting for The Cochran Firm without DeKalb County Police Department knowing about their visit and threat (a black man and black woman and a white man who was supposedly from Mental Health)? (Google "CRAZY IDEA: JUSTICE IN AMERICA"). It is intimidating when police officers (or people impersonating officers and driving police cars) do such things.

The Cochran Firm fraud reminds one of a childhood poem: "What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." DeKalb County Police said they will send a real police officer to take my burglary report tomorrow. I hope they also investigate Officer Davidson. He walked into my home, and I showed him where the Cochran Firm court records were stolen from. That is false entry. The crimes against my family to cover-up Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder in Shelby County Jail and hide The Cochran Firm Fraud multiply continually. Now I wonder about the 10 people dressed in DeKalb County Police uniforms (with guns and police cars) who lined Biffle Road in February 2010 and stood at attention watching me until I boarded my bus. First, I was glad to see them, thinking they came to protect me because I had hand-delivered video proof of my terrorism and online censorship to federal and local law officials days before that happened. Later, I thought maybe they came to intimidate me, because even former First Ladies of the USA don't have ten people guarding them. Now I wonder if they were actors or off-duty police officers working for The Cochran Firm. (Google "LETTER TO MARY NEAL'S TERRORISTS" for a report about that event.)

A woman called me and said the officer was an "cousin nancy." That is  police officer who is either off-duty or a police impersonator who pretends to take police reports in order to keep crimes out of official records. She sent me this link to understand the game:  "Gangstalking Surfers." African Americans are being killed by police and their families are then defrauded. I don't know what to expect any more, but in God we trust.

UPDATE NO. 2 - DeKalb County Police sent another police officer to take my burglary report. I spoke to police a few more times and got confirmations that the initial police officer was not legitimate. Finally, police called me and said the officer who first came to my home was a police officer after all. This happened after I told police I wanted to file a report on the "cousin nancy" police impersonator.

Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) and sister of slain black Memphis man, Larry Neal, working to expose The Cochran Firm fraud against African Americans nationwide. (Six links in this article with 2920 words. On cell phone view, please select to "go to page 1," or the cyberstalkers will hide the beginning of the article from your view.) Whenever I can break free of the cyberstalkers, I remind Americans of all races to resist oppression and work peacefully for liberty and justice for ALL. Blessings!

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A woman called me and said the officer was an "cousin nancy." That is police officer who is either off-duty or a police impersonator who pretends to take police reports in order to keep crimes out of official records. She sent me this link to understand the game: "Gangstalking Surfers." African Americans are being killed by police and their families are then defrauded. I don't know what to expect any more, but in God we trust.