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Nazi Extermination of Mentally Disabled Citizens

(12 paragraphs before Nazis' memos re exterminating Germany's mentally ill citizens and 1 paragraph after the memos; 10 links)  ISOLATING CITIZENS who are mentally dysfunctional under cruel circumstances is not new; it is Nazi. In WWII Germany, extermination followed isolation. Today, 60% of America's inmates in solitary confinement are psychiatry patients. Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill exposes this unjust discrimination against Americans with Mental Disabilities in this this Sharebook, at my FreeSpeakBlog and at our Care2 group where we work to decriminalize mental illness in the tradition of Dorothea Dix, a highly effective human rights advocate who delivered America's mentally ill from prison and jail chains in the 1800's - - Our advocacy to decriminalize mental illness in America experiences opposition like all effective human rights movements, such as women's suffrage, the labor movement, and the civil rights movement. Additionally, censorship is used against AIMI's director, Mary Neal, to prevent disclosure of her schizophrenic brother's secret arrest and murder in 2003 in Memphis Shelby County Jail.
Despite the attacks on AIMI's advocacy, the work is successful. (This paragraph is cyberstalked.  It is coded to be small print.  I noticed it when I came to this article after tweeting it 3/18/11.  I changed it to agree with the font the rest of the article has, then cyberdogs change it back - Video)  In the two years since the advocacy started, many more people have become aware of the discrimination and cruel victimization of mentally ill people and their families, and We the People demand change. See the truth below - our sick citizens are being isolated like they were in Nazi Germany, where they became the first victims of the Holocaust. 

The secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, for which the USDOJ illegally refuses to release records, investigate, or prosecute, indicates that mentally ill Americans are also subject to extermination like Larry, with no accountability demanded. Undeterred crime usually leads to more crime. Mary Neal is distributing CDs that carry real-time video footage of the censorship and cyberstalking she experiences while working to expose her brother's murder and advocate for human rights for prisoners. The censorship happens across the Internet at major sites. This is likely done without the individual sites being aware of it, although some have experienced DoS problems and outages. Donations for the CDs will be used to further AIMI's work. Interested persons can write to, but I may be prohibited from receipt of your emails, unfortunately. See a sample video at YouTube at this link showing my online input magically CHANGES. -

We the people
have become less diligent than we should be about liberty and [equal] justice for all, especially when it comes to protecting the human rights of those who have no voice, like prisoners and some seriously handicapped persons. A trip to the Jewish Virtual Library serves to remind one that before there is number #867,235, there is a number #1. Larry Neal, a lifelong mentally ill heart patient, was secretly arrested and murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, and his survivors are illegally denied any records and accountability. Larry Neal was America's secret arrest and murder number #1. Who will be next? How many will follow him? Please see "No Statute of Limitations on Murder of Larry Neal" at this link: - CRIME UNDETERRED LEADS TO MORE CRIME. Since Larry's secret arrest and murder was covered up by authorities, three other Memphis area residents were also murdered or badly abused, and federal lawsuits were filed but never went to trial. People in the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender community are also targeted for being "unacceptably different." In 2008, Duanna Johnson was cruelly beaten and sprayed with gas by two police officers in Shelby County Jail's intake area while other officers merely looked on without intervening. A video of the police brutality was published all over the world. Johnson was murdered in November 2008 before her lawsuit was filed. Unfortunately, Johnson's sex change made her eligible for cruelty that is common to America's mentally ill.

Mentally challenged Americans in the 21st century live like people with that health condition lived in the Dark Ages. Roughly 1.25 million of the nation's inmates are imprisoned - usually naked in isolation. Restraint chairs, Tasers, and gas are used in many facilities to control them. Some mentally ill inmates have no criminal charges against them - lunacy arrests. See a report on how cruel their incarceration is at a report by The Crime Report below.
Locking Down the Mentally Ill
by James Ridgeway and Jean Casella
Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 10:06 pm
Solitary Confinement Cells Have Become America’s New Asylums

“If you want to know where they are all being kept,” said Todd
Winstrom, “they’re down in the hole.”

Winstrom, a staff attorney for Disability Rights Wisconsin, was
talking about what happens to mentally ill offenders when they enter
his state’s prison system. Without treatment options—and without
anyplace else to put them—these prisoners quickly end up in solitary
confinement, where they may remain for months or years.

Since solitary confinement has been shown to cause severe
psychological trauma in prisoners without underlying psychiatric
conditions, it would be difficult to imagine a more damaging place to
incarcerate the mentally ill.

(See the entire article at the link directly above)

Please see excerpts from the Jewish Virtual Library below, and visit it online at 
Nazi Extermination of People with Mental Disabilities

Letter from chief of institution for feeble-minded in Stetten to Reich Minister of justice Dr. Frank, September 6, 1940 ( Trials of War Criminals Before the Nuernberg Military Tribunals - Washington, U.S Govt. Print. Off., 1949-1953, Vol. I, p. 854).
Dear Reich Minister,
The measure being taken at present with mental patients of all kinds have caused a complete lack of confidence in justice among large groups of people. Without the consent of relatives and guardians, such patients are being transferred to different institutions. After a short time they are notified that the person concerned has died of some disease...
If the state really wants to carry out the extermination of these or at least of some mental patients, shouldn't a law be promulgated, which can be justified before the people - a law that would give everyone the assurance of careful examination as to whether he is due to die or entitled to live and which would also give the relatives a chance to be heard, in a similar way, as provided by the law for the prevention of Hereditarily affected Progeny?

Letter from Dr. Wurm, of the Wuerttemberg Evangelical Provincial Church, to Reich Minister of interior Dr. Frick, September 5, 1940 ( Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression - Washington, U.S Govt. Print. Off., 1946, Supp. A, p. 1223).
Dear Reich Minister,
On July 19th I sent you a letter about the systematic extermination of lunatics, feeble-minded and epileptic persons. Since then this practice has reached tremendous proportions: recently the inmates of old-age homes have also been included. The basis for this practice seems to be that in an efficient nation there should be no room for weak and frail people. It is evident from the many reports which we are receiving that the people's feelings are being badly hurt by the measures ordered and that the feeling of legal insecurity is spreading which is regrettable from the point of view of national and state interest.

Letter from Dr. Hilfrich, Bishop of Limburg, to the Reich Minister of Justice, August 13, 1941 (Trials of War Criminals Before the Nuernberg Military Tribunals - Washington, U.S Govt. Print. Off., 1949-1953, Vol. I, p. 845-846).
Regarding the report submitted on July 16 by the Chairman of the Fulda Bishops' conference, Cardinal Dr. Bertram, I consider it my duty to present the following as a concrete illustration of destruction of so-called "useless life".
About 8 Kilometers from Limburg in the little town of Hadamar, on a hill overlooking the town, there is an institution which had formerly served various purposes and of late had been used as a nursing home. This institution was renovated and furnished as a place in which, by consensus of opinion, the above mentioned Euthanasia has been systematically practiced for months- approximately since February 1941. This fact is, of course, known beyond the administrative district of Wiesbaden...
Several times a week buses arrive in Hadamard with a considerable number of such victims. School children of the vicinity know this vehicle and say "here comes the murder-box again". After the arrival of the vehicle, the citizens of Hadamar watch the smoke rise out of the chimney...
The effect of the principles at work here that children call each other names and say "you're crazy; you'll be sent to the baking oven in Hadamar"...
All God-fearing man consider this destruction of helpless beings a crass injustice...
Officials of the State Police, it is said, are trying to suppress discussions of the Hadamar occurrences by means of severe threats...
I beg you most humbly, Herr Reich Minister, in the sense of the report of the Episcopate of 16 July of this year, to prevent further transgressions of the Fifth Commandment of God.

Letter from Reichsfuehrer-SS Himmler to SS-Oberfuehrer Brack, December 19, 1940 (Trials of War Criminals Before the Nuernberg Military Tribunals - Washington, U.S Govt. Print. Off., 1949-1953, Vol. I, p. 856).
Dear Brack,
I hear there is great excitement on the Alb because of the Grafeneck Institution.
The population recognizes the gray automobiles of the SS and think they know what is going on at the constantly smoking crematory. What happens there is a secret and yet is no longer one. Thus the worst feeling has arisen there, and in my opinion there remains only one thing, to discontinue the use of the institution in this place and in any event disseminate information in a clever and sensible manner by showing motion pictures on the subject of inherited and mental diseases in just that locality.
May I ask for a report as to how the difficult problem is solved?

Extract from the Diary of General Halder, September-November 1941 (Trials of War Criminals Before the Nuernberg Military Tribunals - Washington, U.S Govt. Print. Off., 1949-1953, Vol. X, p. 1195-1196).
26 September 1941:
h. Mental institutions in Army Group North. Russians regard the feebleminded as sacred beings. Killing them is necessary, nontheless.
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Mary Neal

THING THEY EXPERIENCE. Please join our effort to
decriminalize mental illness. No one deserves to be
punished for having a disability.


Karen S. Cole - Ghost Writer, Inc. said...

HI, MARY! Long time no talk. You certainly have a beautiful blog. It's a lot more together, special and professional-looking than mine. Do you create your own blog(s) or does someone expert do it for you? I am frankly amazed, although I wouldn't have put it past you! Anyway, I'm also writing to ask your permission to use material from your blog on my own Google blog, Serious World Politics. Do you have an original source I can go to so I can use material from this article about Nazi incarceration of the mentally ill?

Karen S. Cole - Ghost Writer, Inc. said...

Brief note: I mean "extermination" and not "incarceration" - sorry!

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Hi, Karen. I responded via email, also. Thanks for your comment and compliment. YOU have a great blog and show tremendous courage to write about the New America as you do. Please use any of my articles here and at - Regarding the Nazi's memos to each other, they are at the Jewish Virtual Library online. I put a link above them at the blog. Do you see it? Cyberdogs often render parts of people's blogs invisible, especially links. The link is

I am greatly censored because I write about 1) the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, a mentally, physically disabled African American who was murdered and his murder was covered up; 2) The Cochran Firm Fraud, a system of using the name many people trust to defraud black and brown people and prevent their due process of law after police abuse and murders; 3) human rights for prisoners, including 1.25 million mental patients who are wrongly imprisoned rather than treated in order to benefit prison profiteers; and 4) the erosion of civil/human rights for Americans, which will culminate in a complete nullification of the Constitution under Martial Law, according to my understanding of the NWO plan.

Thanks for asking to use some of the blogs herein. I appreciate everyone's help re-publishing my work. Access my Google profile for more articles and blogs I wrote: - All can be republished except those at HubPages.

We haven't talked because they have my phone controlled - 678.531.0262. If you call, you may hear a lie that the phone is out of service or you will be directed immediately to VM, and we don't get the messages. They also control where I can call. I've been living under the NWO for years ahead of the rest of America, because the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother and cover-up that authorities engage in is not conduct that has been unleashed on the rest of America - yet. Maybe with more bold publishers like you, we can raise an alarm loud enough for people to wake up and demand change.



Karen S. Cole - Ghost Writer, Inc. said...

I am beginning to feel deeply ashamed of myself for my former timidity. It is certainly a sobering matter, though. Please tell me exactly what you would like to see me repost, and don't worry too much about me. I offered to help you, and I do not want to back out on you.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Karen, I understand anyone being frightened to actually use their "freedom" of press when it comes to giving assistance to the incarcerated mentally ill because of the trouble I experience. It is big business imprisoning 1.25 million people who should be in hospitals and community care, and it took several steps to make mentally ill Americans the backbone of the private prison industry:

Step 1: Close mental hospitals & reduce community services;

Step 2: Privatize jails and prisons;

Step 3: Imprison 1.25 million sick people and charge taxpayers over $60,000 annually per inmate in some states, and substantially more than that if the patients are placed in solitary confinement prison torture.

To see VIDEOS capturing online censorship to prevent this message, visit my YouTube channel:

Thanks for your interest, Karen. Feel free to re-publish any articles in this blog. When people do that, it helps overcome censorship applied to this human rights issue.

Mary said...

well this is the first day of this website. the only goal is to inform everyone about the corrruption in the ohio police forces. And it cant stop at state lines can it? Not just corruption but treason and murder. Knowingly participating with a group who uses technology to spy on and control innocent people with fear of being swallowed by the system. Dirty, dishonest mental health professionals watch suffering women, men, and children without blinking. treating someone for an illness they dont have! it’s no wonder they don’t get better. i had a friend who committed suicide 13 years ago. he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Was he really sick? no. I seem to remember a lot of interaction with the police before his diagnoses. maybe gangstalking and working with a group who push these people into thinking they’re sick. Now doctors and police,the people who swear to protect and save life are no longer on the peoples side. i know not all these cops are bad. the same with the doctors. so how is it possible for something to get so big? do they do a shift change when they bring in someone for extermination? or maybe selective hiring over the past 20 years brought in some real winners. now about that technology. Since 1989 the world has known microwaves could be used to to talk to a person without others hearing what was said. well that technology is being used to direct the police on and off duty while they participate in gang stalking and breaking and entering and other criminal activities. they are felons driving around with loaded guns. and we have no idea that some day they could target YOU. or your daughter. or sister. or mom. and we are letting it happen. now i know there must be hundreds of cops who havent been locked down by their crimes. they havent answered a call and recieved orders to take a victim. when they do what will happen? i suggest everyone warn their friends and family whats required when you become a cop. a whole lot of people followed hitler!

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

They not only followed Hitler, they facilitated his rise to power. Something about his psychotic leadership appealed to them and allowed them freedom to be their demonic selves. Therefore, they loved Hitler. He set them free.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

FACEBOOK just rejected my post:

I spoke to the audience about the Nazism of America regarding its citizens with serious mental illness as well as African Americans. Nazi Germany killed 300,000 or more people labeled as being "feeble minded" BEFORE Jews, Blacks, homosexuals, and dissidents were slaughtered. Fred Hayes spoke about his son DAMION HAYES, who he has not been allowed to see in three years. Damion has been isolated in a small solitary confinement cell for 14 years. He lives like persons with mental illness did in Nazi Germany before the ovens were used.

We discussed how Nazi America has become on the Human Rights Demand show on Blogtalkradio this 22nd of July, 2014