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No Statute of Limitations on Larry Neal's Murder

My family's website for my mentally and physically disabled brother who was secretly arrested for 18 days and murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail under undisclosed circumstances was attacked by cyberdogs. If you visited our website before, you might see the difference now when you access it at
- When I checked the pages did not open in full. They have coded it now to only show the parts of the website that are least damaging to authorities who hide his murder and withhold investigation and accountability for the American citizen's death.

African American family labeled "TERRORISTS" for asking about police murder 

While murderers and conspirators to the cover-up hide my website material and my many articles written to give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL, they should be aware that there is no statute of limitations on murder, and there should be none on accessory to murder after the fact.  I filed a complaint with the Complaint Board against the U.S. Department of Justice, which decided to join in Larry's murder cover-up rather than to do its job and investigate his secret arrest and death.  But what can the Complaint Board do?  See the complaint at this link: Complaints Board - re USDOJ 4/22/10   -  When the agency that the nation depends on to exact justice is itself CRIMINAL, all that citizens can do is inform others.  Informing others is perilous enough, believe me. 

Since it is unlikely that the censorship force will stop interfering with my online freedom, our class action lawsuit for Net Freedom will probably have no deadline on lawsuits, either. Many people can opt in on that one - everyone whose messages to me are curtailed and everyone who was prevented from receiving my emails, articles, and phone calls. See online censorship to protect the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX at this link.  - Technology has advanced far beyond the First Amendment.  
I have years of videos proving cyberstalking and censorship regarding Larry Neal's murder and AIMI's advocacy for human rights for prisoners and other Americans. They will be used in our lawsuit for Net Freedom -

Last year, they took down our YouTube videos "Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2" until I wrote a front page story at Care2 News Network about the interruption of my free press rights. They put the videos back after the news about my videos being missing was published and many of my Care2 friends objected, but they put a lie at the videos saying they were published as response videos to some recording artist I know nothing about. When I viewed them on February 13, 2010, the Cochran Firm Fraud #2 video stopped at 1.31 minutes, although the video has 7 minutes of footage (the film that tells about Larry's murder cover-up conspiracy among numerous authorities).
They are not only suppressing news about The Cochran Firm Fraud, which is Cointelpro using the name many African Americans and other minorities trust in order to limit or eliminate settlements to them after police violence.  The censorship curtails my advocacy for Human Rights for Prisoners.  I advocate against the death penalty, wrongful convictions, excessive sentencing, and trying/sentencing children as adults.  In 2005, less than 2% of the $467 BILLION that was used for the War on Drugs went to prevention and treatment programs.  That is because prison profiteers want prisoners.  They have 1.25 million mentally ill people behind bars now, and municipalities have contracts with private prisons to guarantee them a certain number of inmates. 

It is vital that Americans do not rely on mainstream news for reports about news in the public interest.  H.R.619 is a congressional bill to resume Medicaid to make mental hospitalization available for middle-class and indigent sick people, but prison investors prefer to keep the 1.25 million sick people behind bars.  Therefore, that bill has ZERO media coverage to date.  Most of the incarcerated mentally ill and their 10 million relatives do not even know about H.R.619, which was introduced in Congress by Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX) in 2009, because many media owners are also prison investors, and they do not report on that HEALTH CARE BILL.  The nation's focus has been on health care for over a year, but the mentally ill like Larry Neal were deliberately excluded from conversation and from coverage under the national health care plan.  Hospitals are for everyone else, but prison is intended for your mentally challenged neighbors, relatives, and friends - AFTER crimes, including murders they may do in their untreated states.  If a 30-year-old mentally ill person kills his family member or opens fire at the mall on you and your family and is imprisoned for life, prison investors stand to gain over $4 million according to his life expectancy.  Therefore, mental hospitals are steadily being closed, H.R.619 is getting no mainstream coverage, and community treatment programs are not adequately funded.  Most mentally challenged people are not violent.  Many people with this common, treatable health condition function well with treatment just like diabetics and people with conjestive heart trouble do.  But when treatment is withheld, it is likely to cause a health crisis.  That is why treatment is withheld from mentally ill people - in hopes of causing a crisis and the opportunity to respond to the crisis with imprisonment.

The Cochran Firm Fraud videos were published as a response to terror my family and I endure since suing that law firm for its fraud.  The firm singed contract to be Larry Neal's wrongful death attorneys but actually used that position to hold his case inactive while Tennessee's statute of limitations ran.  This was done in order to protect Shelby County's jail and county officials, including The Cochran Firm's managing partner in Memphis. My free press rights are no more protected in America than my handicapped brother's right to life was.  According to former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Holley, the firm embarked on a program of defrauding African American clients before Johnnie Cochran's body got cold.  Listen to Shawn Holley's NPR interview at this link: 

The Cochran Firm Fraud videos are at the links below:

Cochran Firm Fraud Video 1

Cochran Firm Fraud Video 2

The censorship team prevents my publishing more videos, especially those that show my cyberstalking in real time, but others will publish them for us.

Newsflash for cyberstalkers - You can delete what I write online about my brother's murder, but there is a grave in Memphis, Tennesssee that you cannot delete and which the "Justice" Department elects not to explain. I REPEAT: THERE IS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON MURDER, and there should be none on accessory to murder after the fact. We SUPPOSEDLY have a new administration in Washington, but the USDOJ still refuses to do its job to protect the rights of institutionalized Americans. I have every confidence that America will some day have a justice system that is really just. One thing that is required is for "we the people" to be made aware that we do not have people in power who care about justice now. Once that is understood, we the people will demand CHANGE. It is in part to prevent the people of the United States of America from knowing that we have a very criminal justice system that I am stalked and censored. Our justice system apparently does not agree that Americans should have liberty and EQUAL justice, or Larry Neal's family would not be the only family in America that must investigate a member's murder ourselves, have to fight cyberstalkers, hide at Chevron stations from terrorists (one of whom was driving a USDOT truck!), and contend with tremendous online interference to write about the crimes that continue and escalate to cover up Larry Neal's murder and limit my advocacy for the other 1.25 million mentally ill people who are enriching prison profiteers in America.
If you visited my website in the past at please visit it again and see the difference. The people who attacked the WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL website may not be as pleased as they thought they would be when they see the result. They forced us to update the justice quest website before we would have. There is much new information and numerous videos to add to it or to a new site - videos of cyberstalking in real time, information about our USDC court case, and most important, we will include information about the progress being made in giving ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL. In the final analysis, it is not what we do for the dead that matters.

It is too late to help Larry. Memphis Shelby County police secretly arrested the acute mental patient in 2003 and kept him for 18 days while pretending he was not incarcerated long enough for him to die without his heart meds - or maybe they waterboarded Larry to train enhanced interrogation experts (inmate torturers). Authorities won't say. The laws enforcing open disclosure are ignored regarding Larry Neal's murder. But there are hundreds of thousands of LIVING mental patients who are also in prison. They are suffering right now, whereas it is over for Larry. Telling about Larry's secret arrest and murder is done to help the living. We could save many acute mental patients like Larry from suffering behind bars when they should be treated in mental hospitals or released for community care, depending on their offenses and their ability to live outside a controlled environment.

I believe it helps the quest to decriminalize mental illness to report Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder and the subsequent cover-up that was facilitated by The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm while under contract to be Larry's wrongful death attorneys. (Google "Cochran Firm Fraud") I rely on you to participate by telling others what happened to my schizophrenic brother. Together, we can CHANGE how America addresses mental illness - with treatment, not imprisonment. Thank you for your support for the least of these, His brethren.

Here is what I will do about cyberdogs attacking my website and Internet access:

As soon as I get to a computer that cyberdogs don't control, I am putting a draft of our next lawsuit against The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm online and asking for suggestions from the public, especially lawyers. Attorneys seem too afraid of the cover-up conspirators in Larry's murder to take the case themselves, unfortunately. One attorney told me that Larry's murder and The Cochran Firm's fraud of my family is so political that his partners may not be able to run for political office if he represents us. What do you think about that? This is not the "Yankey Doodle Dandy" land I was raised believing I lived in; what about you?

I know lawyers would advise me that putting a draft to our next lawsuit online is not a good idea, because that would give The Cochran Firm an opportunity to see it and prepare a defense in advance of receiving service. Don't worry about that for two reasons: (1) their lawyer fraud is indefensible, and (2) everything I type is already seen by my cyberstalkers. They see each word as I type on my PCs, whether or not I am online at the time. That is because cyberdogs illegally put my PCs on a network over which they are the administrators. Of course, it only matters what illegal activities one does if one lives where there is someone to ENFORCE THE LAW. In America, we don't have a justice system that will do that when crimes are done by the elite, as many of us are just discovering and some have known always.

Even when I leave home to use computers elsewhere under the threat of being followed and accosted like they did throughout 2008 when police ignored my 911 call, I do not have Net Freedom. Listen to my online interviews wherein I discuss being stalked and entrapped at a Chevron station with my small grandson by the driver of a Department of Transportation (DOT) truck and four other cars of men on September 27, 2008, weeks before the murder of Duanna Johnson, another person who planned to sue Shelby County Jail after violence. 

I have read that people's confidence in the government is low.  I even heard a report yesterday that people may be "suffering" from a lack of the enzyme that has to do with trust.  That is not the reason.  The lack of respect and trust is well deserved in any country where a family is censored and stalked for asking for justice in the matter of a secret arrest and murder and advocacy for other victimized persons.

When my home computer is rendered useless because it is placed on an illegal Intranet where others control my usage via remote access, I use the PCs in public libraries or in computer rental businesses.  Whenever I insert my flashdrive into a library computer, a DOS screen flashes, and the message says, "copying files." I will show it to you on my videos - illegal spying that can be done because patrons must enter their library card number into the computer system to use the machines.  I typed a draft of the post you are presently reading while in the public library, and suddenly, the DOS screen opened, and the message said, "copying files." I guess they could not wait until I hit "submit" to read what I wrote and get ready to make damn sure I did not email the information I typed.

I asked a relative what he thought The Cochran Firm would come up with next time in court when they are sued for conspiring with others to defraud the court and to violate our civil rights to hide a murder. One judge agreed there is no Cochran Firm office in Georgia where we served suit and dismissed our lawsuit in 2006. Another judge ruled in 2009 that everything The Cochran Firm did to defraud my 80-year-old grieving mother after police killed her "special" child was "immaterial." (The Cochran Firm entered contract with Larry's survivors under an undisclosed conflict of interest and proceeded to hold Larry's wrongful death case inactive for the next 10.5 months of Tennessee's one-year statute of limitations in order to save Shelby County Jail, where Larry was murdered. The jail was under the overview of the DOJ and The Cochran Firm's managing partner in the firm's Memphis office.) Authorities could not care less that The Cochran Firm used U.S. Mail fraud to write my family lying letters about legal work that was not actually being done during the period we were their clients. This justice system addresses crimes committed by people in the "slave class" and generally ignores crimes done by people who could live on their interest income.

In Georgia Superior Court, The Cochran Firm denied having a Georgia office. In federal court, they denied the existence of a Memphis office of The Cochran Firm. Then they forgot the lie and wrote me a check the judge ordered because they had dodged service of process so hard and run up unnecessary fees (LexisNexis had to actually sit outside their Dothan, Alabama office before dawn and CATCH a partner to serve our lawsuit). I asked my relative if he thought those lawyers and whatever judge THEY picked would say next that Larry never existed, or if he thought they had run out of lies after six years of conflicting stories. He smiled at me and replied, "Some people never run out of lies, and no lie is too big to pass through their lips."

I do not write the truth boldly because I am fearless, but because I am not cut out to be a slave. People must be willing to fight for freedom and human dignity. GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME A CHEVRON STATION TO HIDE IN - that's what I say!

Did you hear about the three little monkeys who saw no evil, heard no evil, and spoke no evil? They went to the same concentration camps as the outspoken monkeys. You might as well take a stand for justice now while your First Amendment rights are still on the books. The Constitution will not be enforced under Marshal Law, just as it is not enforced now for Larry Neal and his family.

If you want to know more about plans being made for you and your relatives, ask Massachusetts if you can read the Marshal Law Bill the State passed on October 13, 2009. Ask your representatives if your state has one with similar language on standby right now with provisions to intern you and yours in FEMA centers if you refuse to take the H1N1 vaccine or jump some other hurdle when ordered to do so. That goes for EVERYBODY - black, white, Asian, Latino, pregnant women, newborns, elderly, feeble, healthy, rich and poor. Of course, some people are not disturbed to learn that handicapped Americans like Larry are being secretly arrested and exterminated, and the prospect of enforced vaccines does not alarm them. After all, there are different vaccine serums available - some with less toxins.

Go ahead and ask your representatives about H.R. 645,    a Congressional bill that proposes spending your tax money to build six concentration camps within the USA, and find out why infrastructure improvements will begin with repairing and constructing railroads, not repairing bridges and streets where free people travel. Inquiring minds want to know. You should call and ask. My phone is usually on lockdown.

I called my telephone number at 678.531.0262 from several people's phones for a number of days recently, and an automatic message said, "The number you called is not in service." When I asked others to call me from their phones, their calls also got that message or their calls were sent straight to voicemail. The message might become true soon if God delays answering our prayers. Paying small bills is a chore since being followed home from work every night inspired me to pray hard for God to PLEASE DO SOMETHING! Police ignored my stalking reports like the DOJ ignores my brother's murder, although I have witness affidavits and security reports from guards at my job attesting to the crimes. God works in mysterious ways. I was laid off the next week, which was not exactly the answer to prayer I expected.

After lay-off, I had time to write hundreds of articles and blogs and thousands of emails, sometimes working around the clock at my kitchen table, giving ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL and other inmates. I was pleased to find out recently that I could get income from the hundreds of articles I wrote over the past few years, but no. When I started AdSense in September, Cyberstalkers intentionally clicked on ads at my blogs so much that Google had to suspend my account almost immediately to protect advertising customers from inflated rates the extra clicking would have cost them. My elderly mother and I are punished with poverty and terrorism for advocating for America to treat instead of imprison mental patients, exposing lawyer fraud, and for asking what happened to Larry Neal. I also learned recently that when perspective employers respond to my resumes (15+ years as a legal assistant), their responses are directed to the SPAM and TRASH folders at my email box -

Cointelpro can hide my articles and blogs and prevent my emails at will. But authorities cannot hide Larry's grave - proof that Americans' right to life is not protected in the U.S.A - particularly if they are minorities or disabled people. Please help us end the cover-up surrounding my handicapped brother's death and expose other problems in our justice system by sharing this article or others that are available in this blog (see the handy index on the left margin).

Some elected officials care about what voters care about, and voters cannot care about conditions they don't know about.
It behooves us to help spread awareness that many people of all races need support in their justice quests, especially condemned people who are denied new trials with substantial new evidence that denotes wrongful conviction and inmates who are denied DNA tests (even at their own expense) to prove their innocence. Some inmates belong behind bars for reasonable sentences because of hurtful things they did, and the focus at "correctional" institutions should always be on rehabilitation, not brutal punishment. But innocent, wrongly convicted people and acute mental patients should not be there.

I am disappointed over hypocrisy in our justice system that investigated, prosecuted, and bankrupted an athelete about abusing and murdering dogs but REFUSES to investigate my brother's murder and our family's victimization. However, many thanks to lawmakers for this law: There is no statute of limitations on murder. For victims' families, there is nothing ever "cold" about those cases - even murders of harmless, indigent, black mental patients. The Constitution is another example of good lawmaking, and freedom for every American hangs on its enforcement by the Justice Department and elected officials, just as they swore to us before God that they would do. Like Dr. King, "All we say to America is, 'Be true to what you said on paper.'"

May I ask you for a favor? Will you please join me in saving other mentally ill people from suffering and dying behind bars for reason of a common and treatable health condition? Please write your representatives and ask them to support H.R. 619 to restore funding for inpatient treatment for people in crisis. Passing that bill would save money and lives. Join us, please, in demanding that America come out of the 14th century and stop keeping mentally challenged people in solitary confinement dungeons. eMail your reps at and I hope you will mention Larry.

有一个愉快的一天 (That is "Have a nice day" in Chinese).

Have you thought about the Rapture lately?

Mary Neal
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P.O. Box 153
Redan, GA 30074-0153

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Google Website for more links to my articles and blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Care2 Sharebook. I think they still open:


MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Many people have lost loved ones to police violence. In some of cases, their deaths were covered-up like Larry's and like they tried to do regarding 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston in Atlanta. See excerpts of the invitation to unite with others who know and care about what you endure:


Greetings, Families of Stolen Lives -

This is Kathie with October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality in New York. I hope this email finds you well.

I am reaching out to you mainly for two reasons, one of which is a proposal for a national conference call for families of those killed by law enforcement, and the other is a request for audio recordings to include in the Voices Against Police Brutality mixtape cd that we started working on in New York this past October 22nd.

We have not held a national meeting for a few years now, and so this rare and powerful connection among people from around the country who share a grief and a rage that most will never truly understand has been lost.

If you would like to take part in such a call, please contact Allene Person, whose son Timur was killed by NYPD in December 2006 646-363-3112 or

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

If it were not so pathetic and scary, it would be comical how they make some of my text tiny, including my tag lines, which are also frequently deleted to make it hard for Google and other search engines to carry links to my work. I have videos showing how the censorship force sometimes lifts links from your articles, emails, and blogs if they lead to censored material. This is not only done to my emails and blogs. I have examples from other peoples' sites - maybe yours, unless you stick to writing about gardening or reporting what movie stars wore to the Grammy Awards. When I wrote about Todd Willingham's wrongful execution and Thomas Arthur's DNA test results indicating that he is innocent on death row, the ecards arrived to my addressees blank. I am truly sad to have to report bad news, but someone needs to tell you. Mainstream media expects a bailout, so they report what they are told.


MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

I responded to Stolen Lives' invitation and will publish my response because my emails are sometimes not allowed to actually reach parties. That happens less frequently now that I am with gmail, but it happens. For instance, I discovered they send responses to my resume to my Trash or Spam folder to keep me in poverty. That is my punishment for standing for justice. If you want to help my mother and me, write to us at:

P.O. Box 153
Redan, GA 30074-0153

Maybe they don't stop my mail yet. Below is my response:


Thanks for your email. Please include me. I have video and audio tapes that people need to hear and see - how they cover-up police murders rather than address injustice, and how they incarcerate acute mental patients to enrich the rich. Please confirm that you received this email. They continuously interrupt my electronic communications. They are SICK. I added an excerpt from your invitation to the following article just published in my blog at - I used to write at until I wrote Michael Jackson's Death - The Conspiracy Theory and 100,000 people read it. Your invitation was published here:: - Thank you very much for all that you do to help families like mine. We love and appreciate you for the work you do.

Mary Neal
Website -