Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sample Video by Mary Neal

Video sample

See this
2-minute YouTube video that captures my input being MAGICALLY CHANGED (if you are allowed to view it. I just discovered that cyberstalkers changed the video link for one of my articles. Now they are censoring their censorship. It is wild!):

The video regards prisons earning $878 million annually while poisoning inmates and guards. Inmate laborers recovered gold and other metals from computers they burst open with hammers, which released toxins into the atmosphere. Many inmates and guards became ill with respiratory diseases and cancer. I posted the news in my Care2 Sharebook, then shared the news with other Care2 groups. When I hit "submit" to cross-post the link at different groups, the amount of money the prisons earned was magically changed from $878 million per year to just $8 million. This gave the appearance of profits that were $870 million less than the amount prisons actually earned each year from that project. The full article about this is available at -

I made videos that capture my Internet data being changed, deleted, links being removed from online documents and emails, etc., for years. People who are interested in receiving a disc with real time cyberstalking as it happens,
please write a request a CD and include a gift for our advocacy to decriminalize mental illness and promote human rights for other inmates. MaryLovesJustice - P.O. Box 153 - Redan, GA 30074

Pennsylvania schools spying on students using laptop Webcams, claims lawsuit.
by Gregg Keizer
February 18, 2010
(Computerworld) Class-action suit alleges schools remotely activate Webcams on school-issued notebooks. A suburban Philadelphia school district remotely activates the cameras in school-provided laptops to spy on students in their homes, a lawsuit filed in federal court Tuesday alleged. [Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, security issues, Apple, Web browsers and general technology breaking news for Computerworld. Access the full article at the link above.]

As the Pennsylvania students use the school-issued computers, their every burp is heard by others, just as mine are. I bought my own computers, but they are illegally taken over and put on a network so that others become my computer administrators. Every time I purchase another computer or wipe clean an existing one, it only takes hours or less for them to get through my security programs and take over again. (Wonder who they are?) My PC is illegally set up to allow others to listen in my home even when we are not online, and perhaps the students' machines are, too. That is how stalkers know when I plan to leave home (which is very seldom), so they can send the in-person stalkers. At the public library where I work while my computers are undergoing wipe cleans, I must input my library number before using computers. Immediately, the monitoring and interference begins there, too. I wish computer techs assigned to me would only silently monitor my online input like those who monitor the Pennsylvania students. Instead, as you will see on my videos, they are not assigned to be voyeurs. The censorship crew gets actively involved preventing me from browsing freely and changing or deleting my input as I work online. Do you think you have Net Freedom yourself?
I had a technician add Dell's feature that allows users to turn off their wireless cards, which might prevent the students from being monitored except when they are online. The feature does not help me because my "PC Administrators" simply deactiate any programs on my PC they wish to prevent, including security programs, for obvious reasons; Adobe Reader, so that I cannot access Rules of Civil Procedure and other legal documents that are online as pdf files; and Adobe Flash, to prevent my knowing when they attack my YouTube videos, Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2, or the cyberstalking sample video at this link: - That is why I must mail the videos and hope they do not attack U.S. Mail. I believe they might; therefore, I smuggle the videos out to people by way of visitors in my home. If I took the CDs to the post office myself, I am convinced they would somehow sabotage the mailing. More human/civil rights advocates should return to regular mail, and students apparently need to return to print media. Americans' Internet security is seriously compromised. Wonder who is doing this?

Thanks for your interest and support for human rights. Please share the film with my data regarding prisoner abuse being covertly CHANGED is at this link . I have years of videos, and the censorship is ongoing and relentless; therefore, people requesting CDs may receive different footage with each request. Cyberstalkers do interesting things every day to prevent more people from learning more about my family's terrorism, the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal (a jailhouse murder cover-up), and The Cochran Firm fraud.

Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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