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Déjà vu, America

Where have you seen the erosion of civil rights We the People experience happen before? OUR WEBSITE IS UNDER ATTACK. I cannot get past page 1 at Wrongful Death of Larry - - My 86-year-old mother and I find it difficult to keep replacing PCs and having technicians wipe them clean after cyberattacks. Evil people in high positions have the wealth to continuously pay for illegal cyberstalking, maybe with your tax money. The federal government has a division to track cybercrimes. I asked for federal help long ago. I completed a long online application for assistance with my Net Freedom. My elderly mother and I do not know where to turn when followed, accosted, phonetapped, censored, and terrorized online and in person except to the authorities. But now I know more about the situation.

The U.S.A. historically goes to the aid of oppressed people. Where do families in America have to turn when oppressed? To whom do we appeal for help when our disabled loved ones are secretly arrested and exterminated, like Larry Neal? Who can we turn to regarding H.R.645, the FEMA camp plan? Who will tell our leaders that we need improvements on streets and surface bridges where FREE people travel, not railroad improvements possibly for transporting the masses to places they would rather not go?

The cyberstalking is relentless. I capture videos of real-time cyberstalking and offer copies to the public by donating and requesting a CD at P.O. Box 153, Redan, GA 30074. Sample film w/ my data re: prisoner abuse being covertly CHANGED was uploaded at YouTube at this link: There is much information that people, especially human rights activists, need to know in order to recognize when their electronic communications are being compromised. I am not trained in computer technology and cannot advise how to secure your PCs. Anti-virus programs do not work for me. However, I have been able to alert other human rights organizations when their online data was attacked like mine - links removed from your electronic data or leading nowhere, your links coded to insert spaces upon being copied/pasted or when you hit "send" on emails to render them useless, emails being coded to present with text running together (inadequate spacing between top and bottom lines), selected text in blogs and articles coded to disappear upon copy/paste, large white spaces disbursed throughout your electronic documents that can be used to drag data thereto and render it invisible to readers, and more. The disappearing text trick was used on ecards I sent with information about Cameron Todd Willingham's wrongful execution and ecards about Thomas Arthur's pending wrongful execution. The ecards arrived to addressees blank - the data was gone. Care2 reported a cyberattack in the ecard area on the day I sent ecards about Thomas Arthur having passed his DNA test in July and plans being made to ask for his death warrant in August while his DNA test results were held under seal by the court to prevent the world knowing that he is likely innocent. Censorship revealed on my videos was and is still used against me to prevent prisoner activism and public exposure regarding The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud, and it requires collusion among numerous parties. It takes ongoing cooperation by various oversight agencies and the justice system to continually deny human and civil rights for my murdered brother and deny his family any records and accountability after his death. Part of my censorship and cyberterrorism is done to prevent my advocacy for 1.25 million mentally ill inmates and keep them incarcerated, because prison profiteering is very lucrative. I am also stalked in person and denied police services. See Cochan Firm Fraud videos 1 and 2 at YouTube.

Larry Neal (1949 - 2003)

If I knew how to actually protect online data (and I suppose there really is no way to do that), I would prevent cyberstalkers from attacking my website regarding my unfortunate brother, Larry. He became mentally ill at age 8 when infection from mumps entered his brain. After spending 20years in a mental institution, he was released along with hundreds of thousands of other such patients in the 1960's and 70's. Like many of them, Larry was caught in the revolving door to correctional facilities. Corrections? The only way to correct acute mental illness like Larry's schizophrenia is and has forever been community treatment for some, and long-term hospitalization for more acute cases like Larry's. Instead, police tired of their role as psychiatric caretakers for the mentally ill heart patient and ended his life. Larry was secretly arrested for 18 days while police disclaimed his incarceration, which denied Larry access to his vital heart and psychiatry drugs. Maybe they Tasered him to death. They refuse to say, and the USDOJ refuses to ask. How is that for democracy? Many mentally dysfunctional Americans are killed or cruelly imprisoned in isolation cells for months or years, naked. That is "treatment for mental illness" USA-style. The attacks on our website began this week when I phoned numerous law firms about representing my family in a civil rights lawsuit concerning the many violations against our family under U.S. Code 18, sections 242 and 245, and other applicable law. Authorities find it more convenient to allow my family and me to suffer terrorism and censorship than to prosecute Larry's murderers and officials who collude to cover up his death under secret arrest.

The same DOJ that issued orders to torture detainees in offshore War on Terror camps was in office when Larry was murdered. The same former U.S. attorney general who was indicted in Wallacy, Texas in 2008 for withholding DOJ investigations regarding inmate abuses in return for kickbacks was in office when the DOJ ignored Larry's murder and accepted Shelby County's fraudulent testimony at Release hearings. It is disappointing and shameful that the DOJ under the new administration is unwilling to judiciously address prisoner torture and murders either in the offshore camps or domestic correctional facilities where Americans like Larry are murdered. I had hoped that under the new administration, I would no longer have to stay home for safety combatting cyberstalking online to notify the world about our abuse. Yet, I am still followed and terrorized, and my online interference continues. The Freedom of Information Act request I filed in May 2009 was answered months later with the DOJ declaring its refusal to release any records about Larry's murder. (Browse for my FOIA online.) The cover-up continues while U.S. officials criticize China and Iran for murdering their citizens and practicing censorship and our soldiers fight in the sand for human rights where other governments killed their citizens.

The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm denied the existence of its Atlanta, Georgia office to have the Neals' lawsuit against the firm for its fraud dismissed in May 2006, saying the suit was served wrongly since no Georgia office of The Cochran Firm existed. The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office is prolifically advertised and is within view of Georgia Superior Court, yet the judge agreed with the Neals' defendants and dismissed our lawsuit. Our case was dismissed although The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office undoubtedly had numerous cases pending before the same court where it was declared "nonexistent," and the firm continues to contract with other unsuspecting consumers using the identity it denied in court, such as Kathryn Johnston's survivors. Johnston was the 92-year-old African American woman Atlanta police murdered duing a 2006 no-knock warrant home invasion. The fact that The Cochran Firm denied the existence of its Georgia office in court proceedings in 2006 should have been top news, but Larry Neal's murder and The Cochran Firm's fraud to protect Shelby County Jail against public exposure and the need to pay damages for his wrongful death are censored topics. When a government turns communist, a media takeover is vital.
Doctors who trained torture experts for Guantanamo and Gitmo and persons who carried out the DOJ's torture orders were promised they would never be prosecuted for their part in the war crimes, and The Cochran Firm must have been promised it would never be sued for helping Shelby County Jail and the DOJ hide Larry's murder. After Georgia Superior Court declared the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm "nonexistent" and dismissed the Neals' lawsuit in 2006, my mother and I sued The Cochan Firm under the diversity rule in United States District Court in 2007. Our stalking and censorship intensified. My computer was repeatedly illegally taken over by remote access and placed on a network. The network administrator is able to determine which sites I can browse to and what input I can upload on the Internet. For a long time, I was prevented from going to sites owned by elected officials or the media. Perhaps this was done merely to prevent a record of the elected officials and media companies having been informed about Larry's murder cover-up and The Cochran Firm's fraud. Nothing was done when they were informed to assist my family's justice quest or to protect other mostly minority consumers of legal services at that firm. The federal court ruled last year that The Cochran Firm's fraud against Larry's survivors to prevent our suit against Shelby County Jail was "immaterial." USDC saved The Cochran Firm from a jury trial just like Georgia Superior Court did in 2006 on grounds that were equally ridiculous. The very fact that the USDC accepted Neals vs. The Cochran Firm under the diversity rule was pretty ridiculous, since the law office was only a short walk away from the courthouse. The diversity rule requires that plaintiffs and defendants reside in different states.

Terrorism and censorship may have been meant to dissuade the Neal family from pursuing justice in court. In case the stalkers were hired to do me bodily harm, I stayed home for over a year, especially after Duanna Johnson's murder on November 11, 2008. (She was a Memphis resident who planned to sue Shelby County Jail for police brutality she suffered there in February 2008). Cochran Firm attorney Angela Mason filed a pleading in USDC in February 2008 complaining that Mary Neal should not say an attorney in her firm had hired a Caucasian man in a white truck to follow her. I notified the court that there is no way Mason should know the color of the vehicle stalking me because I had never told anyone the color, but the court ignored my need for protection. The judge, a Bush appointee, dismissed our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm on February 9, 2009. A few days after the USDC judgment, on February 17, The Cochran Firm published a YouTube video advertising its Atlanta office to the whole wide world, which it never stopped doing, actually. The VIDEO is at this link: I suppose the judges, the DOJ, Shelby County Jail officials, and Cochran Firm lawyers got a kick out of that. The Neal family are not the only citizens who are denied jury trials. I read this week that the CIA plans to start assassinating Americans abroad who are considered to be a threat. There was no mention of a jury trial for those citizens before execution, either. The Constitution is being overthrown little-by-little every single day.
ALL IT TAKES FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING. Germany had never seen anything like the Third Reich before Hitler's regime. Nazi takeover of Germany's government and enslavement of that nation and neighboring countries was something new. What's your excuse?

There is a difference between shame for wrongdoing and concern about being exposed. My online interference is meant to protect information about Larry's murder and my family's victimization that authorities truly do not care about, but they are concerned that We the People might see something wrong with secretly arresting private citizens and murdering them, then denying the victims' survivors any records or accountability whatsoever. I captured a page from our website before it disappears to share with you. The bold text should be links in the USDOJ page from our website, which is copied below.

After The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm tricked my family while the statute of limitations passed to sue the jail for Larry's wrongful death, we discovered that the firm had done no legal work regarding Larry's death that it contracted with my elderly mother to do immediately after Larry's demise. The firm's letters to us about legal work it was doing were lies, mail fraud. Therefore, in 2005 I wrote the DOJ, which was in overview of the jail, and requested the jail's report regarding Larry's death. The DOJ replied that it had received no inmate fatality report about Larry Neal, which violated the terms of the Agreement under the lawsuit, USA vs. Shelby County Jail. Please note that the USDOJ admits at a 2007 document at Exhibit 14 that Shelby County Jail's 2006 Release hearings still omitted revealing Larry's death in that facility. That means Shelby County officials' testimony in federal Release hearings was fraudulent by omission. Although the DOJ knew about Larry's secret arrest and jailhouse death in 2005 and refused to investigate it, the DOJ accepted Shelby County's false testimony in the USDC Release hearings in 2006 that omitted a death the jail chose not to report. The DOJ knew Shelby County's testimony at the federal Release hearings was false - knew Larry's murder was being covered up. (Exhibits are pdf documents at )

US Department of Justice

Shelby County Jail had such a grievous record of violations of inmates’ civil rights that in 2000, the jail was sued by the United States of America. At the time of Larry’s death, the jail was operating under the terms of a settlement agreement related to that suit. Section IV of the Agreement between the United States of America and Shelby County Jail specifically required that the jail make a semi-annual report to the Justice Department. The semi-annual report was to include the individual monthly reports, which the jail was required to keep regarding its operations, as well as mortality review reports on any deaths of inmates during the reporting period. [See Ex. 10 – Agreement - USA/Shelby Co., Section IV.] In May 2005, I wrote a letter to the Justice Department, which was addressed to Terrell L. Harris, Mellie Nelson, Mary Bohan, and Tammie Gregg, and requested Shelby County’s report on Larry’s death. The Justice Department reported that that agency never received any report regarding Larry Neal from Shelby County Jail/ Government. [See Ex. 11 – Lt to USDJ and Response 1.] [See Ex. 12 – USDJ Report 7-26-2005.]

Larry’s family believed strongly that the reason The Cochran Firm accepted Larry’s wrongful death case was partly to protect Shelby County Jail from reporting its breach of that jail’s Agreement with the U.S.A. regarding inmate intake procedures and the care of the mentally ill and physically handicapped persons under arrest in that facility.[See Ex. 10 – Agreement – USA/Shelby Co., Section III]

Larry’s family realized that any reports from the jail to the Justice Department that included July and August 2003 and failed to report Larry’s incarceration and death were misleading at best, and likely fraudulent. Larry’s family wanted to verify that the Shelby County Jail had in fact lied by omission in its failure to report to the Justice Department information about Larry’s incarceration and death. Therefore, on March 29, 2006, I sent a request under the Open Records Act to Chief John L. Wodatch, of the United States Justice Department, for copies of the jail’s reports that included July and August 2003. For 16 months, we received no response from The Justice Department regarding our request for reports from Shelby County Government/Jail for the time period when Larry was incarcerated and died in that facility. [See Ex. 13 – Lt to USDJ – 3-29-06.]

May 2007, I wrote United States senators asking for their help in ascertaining records and justice for Larry, and requesting that our government rethink its current trend of jailing rather than hospitalizing severely mentally ill Americans. Thanks to intervention by Senator Chambliss, on August 15, 2007, the Justice Department finally responded to our March 2006 letter. However, the Justice Department’s response did not include a single copy of any record filed by Shelby County Jail for the time period of Larry’s secret incarceration and death. Instead, Nelson D. Hermilla, of the Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts Branch of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, wrote, “After extensive search in the Civil Rights Division, we are unable to locate records responsive to your request . . .” [See Ex. 14 – USDJ Report 8-15-07.] The Justice Department did not explain why Shelby County Jail was apparently allowed to ignore its reporting responsibilities under the terms of its Agreement with the United States of America. Mr. Hermilla’s letter conflicted with information from the Shelby County Attorney, Brian L. Kuhn. Mr. Kuhn plainly stated in his August 17, 2006 letter to me that the jail’s semi-annual report, including a critical incident review report about Larry’s death, had been filed with the United States Department of Justice in accordance with the terms of the jail’s Agreement with the United States of America.

It is my understanding that in 2006, the Justice Department released Shelby County Jail from overview under the terms of the 2001 Agreement between the United States of America and Shelby County Jail. The Justice Department refuses to conduct an investigation regarding Larry Neal’s death, which occurred at that facility during the time of federal overview. Perhaps the Justice Department seeks to avoid shedding more light on an embarrassing problem – our nation’s lack of care for its mentally ill citizens. In October 2003, the year Larry died, Human Rights Watch, an organization dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world, issued a report indicating that America has more mentally ill persons in jail than in hospitals and that mentally ill offenders face mistreatment and neglect while incarcerated. (

Please contact your congressional representative today and demand that hospitalization replace incarceration for the mentally ill people in your state.

********** recently named Memphis as the third most miserable city and cited two reasons: a high violent crime rate and a high number of convicted officials. The cities that made's "miserable cities" list ahead of Memphis are being mistreated by my cyberstalking and censorship. As a city where officials collude to cover up the murder of a handicapped citizen who died under secret arrest due to causes that illegally remain undisclosed after six years, Memphis should be listed first.

China and Iran are hotly criticized by the U.S. for killing their own citizens and practicing censorship. Larry Neal's secret arrest and extermination followed by media censorship to keep that murder quiet and terrorism against Larry's family to prevent our justice quest regarding his death and my advocacy for 1.25 million other mentally ill inmates prove that U.S. criticism against other countries for murdering citizens and censoring news is hypocrisy. That is why I cannot upload my cyberstalking videos at this blog and had to have someone else upload the one that is at YouTube. That is why I had to cower in a Chevron station while pursued by four vehicles led by a USDOT truck on September 27, 2008, and police ignored my 911 call. That is why people sit outside my home in their cars and my family and I are frequently followed. That is likely also why the people who moved in across the street from my home had deliveries by a USDOT truck the week they came to my neighborhood. That is why a lie was posted at my phone number, 678.531.0262, saying the phone is not in service or callers are directed to a voicemail box my family cannot access and we receive no notice of callers' messages. That is why my own phone calls are frequently blocked, depending on who I try to call. That is why I visit my websites sometimes, like last night, and see a message saying the site is unavailable and may be permanently deleted. All of that was and is done for one simple reason: The FEMA camps and railroads are not ready yet. Be aware, oh silent one, that with six camps proposed under H.R. 645, there is more than enough room for the Neal family and yours.

Both the Georgia Superior Court and USDC court cases are available online. Witness affidavits attesting to my stalking were filed in USDC, and I have others to pick up from more witnesses. Because I am aware of the stalkers, I only go where there are plenty of people and avoid being away from home after dark; therefore, many people observed the crimes. Proof of my censorship and cyberterror is on the videotapes I recorded during the last couple of years as well as on printscreen snapshots of Internet sites showing the "site down for maintenance" signs I would reach to prevent my access, coffin ads and violent advertising that are peculiar to my computer, and more. We are prevented from going before a jury because of the abundance of evidence that after Larry's murder and the cover-up that is still in effect, his family's civil rights were and are violated to prevent due process of law and to punish us for even asking "What happened to Larry Neal?" My calls and emails are frequently blocked. Please forward this blog to attorneys and all persons organizations who you believe care about civil and human rights. You may be surprised at their reaction or lack thereof. (According to data to stats, my petition for relief from terrorism and cyberstalking was among the most read citizens' writing in July 2009, and I wrote many senators in 2007 using U.S. Mail, so many of your representatives know about (and agree with?) our terrorism. Cyberstalkers prevent my opening my petition, but you should be able to reach it at this link - or by inputting "Petition to Stop Censorship and Terrorism Against Mary Neal" in your browser. I hope cyberdogs have not deleted it, but they do that.)

If you would like to join nearly a thousand other people who asked that the USDOJ investigate the secret arrest and wrongful death of a handicapped American, my brother Larry Neal, please email them atÂ  and/or join the petitioners:

Open Petition:Â

See petitioners' comments (Select "view signatures" below the ad):

Closed petition- See comments from across the globe. It's a shame when people in other countries have to petition the U.S. to please be fair to its own citizens:

I don't know what all the symbols  mean. I just copied this from my profile at Google -

I don't know why I spend so much time writing online. I know from experience, and you can see in my films, that cyberdogs can render any or all of this blog invisible.

I BELIEVE more regular people know about our family's terrorism, it might subside. Hopefully, you will demand it.

Mary Neal
Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
P.O. Box 153
Redan, Ga 30074-0153
(Write, donate, and request a censorship CD.
Maybe they will allow the mail to get through.)

JAIL IS THE LAST THING THAT MENTAL PATIENTS NEED, AND TOO OFTEN, IT IS THE VERY LAST THING THEY EXPERIENCE. Please join our effort to decriminalize mental illness. No one deserves to be punished for having a disability.

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