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MaryLovesJustice Wednesdays at Blogtalk and TalkShoe

October 25, 2013: Update added to the end of this article with new radio schedule.

A steady drip of water hitting the same spot over time will eventually make a hole in hard rock. That is my philosophy. I oppose capital punishment, mass incarceration, criminalizing mental illness, racism and class consciousness in the justice system. A civilized, humane society can only exist in America and throughout the world if billions of people decide that is the only acceptable living condition for themselves and all others, and we must resolve to tolerate nothing less.

The first MaryLovesJustice broadcast was cross-streamed on TalkShoe Conference Call and Blogtalk Radio. Listen at this link, which is repeated below (they corrupt my links, so I place them numerous times):


INVITATION FOR MY FRIENDS AND THEIR FRIENDS! Join me on a Talk Shoe Conference Call May 2 and other dates to be announced in this blog. CALL 724 444 7444, CODE 120423. The Blogtalk call-in no. is (310) 861-2334. We began MaryLovesJustice Conference Calls and Blogtalk Show on May 2, when our topic was capital punishment and DNA testing rights. 


beginning May 2, 2012 AT 11 PM

CALL 724 444 7444, CODE 120423

(310) 861-2334


THE AGENDA May 2 is Post-Conviction DNA Testing Rights. Anthony Bartee was scheduled for execution in Texas May 2. His requests to test his DNA were denied.

Around 90 minutes after Bartee could have legally been executed, he received a reprieve. Many potentially innocent people have numerous close calls before their executions, but they seldom actually get DNA tests or new trials during the period while their executions are reprieved. I think it is only a cooling-off time for the public and that the justice system has no real intention of allowing condemned people to prove innocence. This is a moral problem, and it should therefore be addressed and stopped by the church (Heb. 13:3).

We thank Mirisni, host of Prayer Warriors Blogtalk Radio Show for facilitating this opportunity. She knew about my cyberstalkers who work to prevent my First Amendment rights, but today she met them in cyberspace.
MaryLovesJustice Blogtalk Radio Show and Talk Shoe Conference Call (cross-streamed)
TALK SHOE SHOW (full broadcast)
BLOG TALK RADIO (first half-hour only)

Mirisni said that despite all the sensitive subjects she has broadcast and controversial guests she has had, she never encountered anything like the cyberstalking she did Wednesday night. Thanks, cyberdogs. We have another witness! Mirisni and I may need guest moderators from time to time so many more people can witness your CoIntelPro-like cyber censorship to stop this Christian advocate from applying the Word of God to discussions on current events.

Mirisni announced the MaryLovesJustice show twice. The first time, her link worked, then it did not. She uploaded the announcement a second time using a second link. Suddenly, the first link that had led to a "page not found" resumed working. Both links are below. Interestingly, the cyberstalkers were not instructed to prevent my phone from working at 11:00pm on Wednesday, May 2.

Mirisni Announcement Link 1
Mirisni Announcement Link 2

They take over the Neal family's telephones and prevent incoming and outgoing calls at will. Changing phone equipment, phone carriers, and changing from land lines to cell phones and vice versa have not helped. Neither have police and justice officials. They refuse our requests for free speech and freedom of press, probably because the system works together to hide the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal. Other African American mental patients also have gone missing in or immediately after police custody and been returned to their families dead after an interim of time: three weeks, in Larry's case, and a year in Mitrice Richardsons' case. Timothy "Bulldog" Allen was missing less than two months. There is some discussion about the possibility of secret medical experimentation and organ harvesting. See Wrongful Death of Larry Neal at

Whenever cyberstalkers prevent me from joining my own conference calls, I ask that participants continue without me. Read and discuss my latest articles at FreeSpeakBlog, MaryLovesJustice blog, JusticeGagged, Dog Justice for Mentally Ill blog, HubPages,, or find subjects of interest in my Care2 Sharebook. Keep your computers ready during our conferences to see real-time censorship videos at . If any of my articles look different from the last time you viewed them at my blogs or in my emails to you, please notify me and I will email you an affidavit to attest to the cyberstalking. This is being done in preparation for a lawsuit against the injustice system for refusing us due process of law after a murder and allowing my online censorship and terrorism plus in-person stalking. Laws in America are used to prosecute, but not to protect African Americans and handicapped people. I appreciate a friend for noting changes in my articles this week.

On Sunday, April 30, cyberstalkers kept me out of my Justice Seekers Conference Call that I conducted throughout the month of April. Justice seekers met on my Justice Mountain conference call. Stalkers blocked my access for an hour. I asked many friends at Facebook to tried to put me in the Justice Seekers Conference Call through three-way. Finally, an hour later, a friend did that, and I was allowed to join my guests. I had to discontinue the conference calls because the attacks against my First Amendment rights were too strong.
UPDATE: Interference was too pronounced after our first show regarding capital punishment for us to continue the MaryLovesJustice Blogtalkradio show. I joined National Network in Action, directed by Rev. Dr. Floyd Harris. We invite you to listen to two weekly shows I host there on Monday and Wednesday nights, and Real Talk with No. 1 Doctors that I co-host Monday - Friday. The shows are announced at my "EXPOSED" blog in an article entitled "New Human Rights Blogtalkradio Broadcasts"

National Network in Action on Blogtalkradio

“National Network in Action 1 (NNIA1)” features advocacy radio shows on Blogtalkradio to promote human and civil rights. Rev. Dr. Floyd Harris, Jr., director of NNIA, is committed to bringing quality programs that educate, motivate, energize, mobilize and organize to take our community to a higher level of awareness and stronger commitment to justice for all. NNIA1 broadcasts from 9:00 p.m. until 9:45 p.m Pacific Time, Monday through Saturday. The broadcasts can be accessed by computer or by phone. The call-in number for all shows is (818)572.2947.

Dr. Harris gathered an impressive team of activists representing various advocacy organizations to address the NNIA1 audience. Below is a schedule of broadcasts:

Human Rights for Prisoners March, hosted by Mary “Loves Justice” Neal
  • Advocacy for adequate defense, fair trials, drug courts, mental health courts, post-conviction DNA tests, safe and humane incarceration, and successful re-entry.
  • Advocacy against prisoner abuse, avoidable deaths caused by police and correctional officers, solitary confinement, children tried and sentenced as adults, criminalizing mental illness, inadequate health care, wrongful convictions, law of parties, three-strikes law, enforced prison labor, and capital punishment.
Guests include people who have experienced, or who have specialized knowledge about, prison conditions and overuse of force by police or correctional officers, or any subject related to crime and punishment, including improvements proposed or realized.

Contact Mary “Loves Justice” Neal at (571)335-1741, and Rev. Dr. Floyd Harris  also Dr. Harris' email

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, hosted by Mary “Loves Justice” Neal
  • Advocacy to end police violence against the mentally ill, end solitary confinement, decriminalize mental illness, remove barriers to timely psychiatric treatment, increase mental hospitals, reinstate insurance coverage for hospital inpatients, relax laws blocking involuntary commitment, establish assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs that mandate continued psychiatric care and medications and provide subsistence assistance (food and housing) for mentally ill people released from correctional facilities and hospitals, eliminate incarceration without trials. End capital punishment.
Guests include people who did or do wrestle with mental illness in themselves or close relatives as well as people with specialized knowledge about mental illness in the criminal justice system.

Contact Mary “Loves Justice” Neal at (571)335-1741, and Rev. Dr. Floyd Harris  also Dr. Harris' email

Real Talk with the No. 1 Doctors
Rev. Floyd Harris, Jr. and Dr. Jean Kennedy, an organizational psychologist, are human and civil rights activists who cover news and offer viewpoints on issues of concern. We review current events, including legislation and court verdicts, and discuss how they relate to our civil and human rights. The mission is to Educate, Motivate, Energize, Mobilize and Organize to take our community to a higher level.

"Real Talk" often features guests who bring important news and have specialized information about relevant subjects. Our shows run Monday - Friday at 8pm - 8:30pm Pacific time. Call-in at 619.393.2837. Fridays are OPEN MIC NIGHTS. Call in and have your say! On Saturday nights, Dr. Kennedy conducts Freedom School, where she instructs the audience on how to become more effective human and civil rights advocates. Students who register for the free class can receive a certificate of completion, but one does not have to register to listen and learn.

We welcome your comments, questions and opinions. Please share the link after each broadcast with your online friends and groups! All shows are available at Blogtalkradio’s archives, and we invite you to listen to pre-recorded shows as well as live broadcasts. If you wish to be a guest, please email Dr.Kennedy at

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