Friday, May 11, 2012

We the People Are Waking Up

Mass Hypnosis
A 21st Century Slave Song by Mary Neal

This is how we'll win the game
Let just a few live the dream
Marches, sit-ins all in vain
Make 'em think they overcame

Show 'em an empty Jim Crowe grave
Apologize for making 'em slaves
Rising tempers, we must tame
Make 'em think they overcame.

Let a few experience success
Toms come aboard and control the rest
Millions will be left in pain
But they'll think they overcame.

("Mass Hypnosis" - All rights reserved by Mary Neal 11/13/10) 

YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME, BUT YOU CANNOT FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME. THE PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP FROM THEIR HYPNOSIS, AND NOT EVERYONE IN HOLLYWOOD DRANK THE KOOL-AID! See "An Urgent Message to Our Military, Police, and Officials from We the People," an all-star video embedded below and at YouTube at this link - Share with many!


"MASS HYPNOSIS" is a poem about many African Americans who feel that their own lives have progressed when they see black people in leading roles on television, in high government positions, or in positions of power in corporate America. The truth for the masses is very different and may get much, much worse. Who are the NDAA concentration camps intended to house? The pattern in Germany was isolate and exterminate 400,000 people labeled as being mentally ill FIRST. Next, minorities in Germany were isolated and either killed or forced into slavery. Eventually, the entire country existed behind the Iron Curtain - an oppressive situation that lasted for roughly 50 years. In America, 1.25 million people with mental illness are warehoused in prisons. Check. Of the 2.4 million prisoners in America, a million inmates work up to 72 hours a week as slaves. Inmates who refuse to work are put in solitary or serve longer sentences. Enslavement of prisoners. Check. Next Germany as a whole lived in fear behind an iron curtain. America now has NDAA concentration camps ready for the White House to banish people who are "belligerent" according to the wording in Section 1021 of NDAA. No criminal charges will be levied, and there will be no defense. Such a bill removes all human and civil rights from The People. If one is afraid of being whisked away on a whim to some concentration camp, he is not likely to contest anything his government does, no matter how objectionable, on behalf of his neighbors or his own best interests. He has been reduced to the status of a slave, one who has no say-so over himself and his country - one who is terrified of speaking his mind lest he offend those who have the power to intern and even kill him without cause. Google "biomass incinerators" to see where most of the big ovens are - in prisons. Previously, concentration camps in America were used to warehouse minorities, including (a) black slave quarters, (b) Native American reservations, and (c) Japanese camps during World War II. Ghettos for immigrants from Europe operated almost like concentration camps in the 1940's. White and Jewish immigrants were not allowed to go certain places under threat of arrest. Only the elite in America have always been exempt from slavery and concentration camps.

I have lived essentially as a camp detainee for a number of years, and it is horrible. My communication is monitored and controlled to prevent widespread knowledge about the secret arrest and murder of my disabled brother, Larry Neal in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003 . No one should be subject to secret arrest, brutality and murder, and survivors of such victims should not be censored, stalked, and terrorized to keep crimes against humanity secret. STOP THE CYBERSTALKING TO COVER-UP CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN THE U.S.A. Observe how they changed my text after I hit "submit" on PRISON LABOR PROFITS at (see the video embedded below). I am terrorized and persecuted because I oppose wrongful convictions, mass incarceration, racism and class consciousness in the justice system, capital punishment, and criminalizing mental illness. I want Americans to have the right to be contentious (belligerent) about oppressive laws and loss of liberty we hold as inalienable rights which were given to us by God which were previously upheld by law.

A man posted a tweet saying that because this administration favors gay marriage, it is important not to criticize it on any point. That is divisive. There are many important issues at stake in this election, and liberty is chief among them. So gays may be allowed to marry. Whoop de doo! I doubt if any couples anywhere would live happily ever after as slaves or while watching their friends and family being interned for being "belligerent" or a certain race or religion. When people can be interned without any reason, then any reason will do. SUPPORT H.R.3785 TO REPEAL SECTION 1021 OF THE NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT (NDAA). OPPOSE THE WHISTLEBLOWERS IMPROVEMENT ACT. STAND AGAINST GIVING OVER THE SOVEREIGNTY OF OUR OCEANS TO THE UNITED NATIONS. SAY NO THANKS TO ENFORCED MICROCHIPS AND VACCINES. REJECT BEING GOVERNED BY PEOPLE WHO DO NOT RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION THAT GUARANTEES OUR HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS. REQUIRE OFFICIALS TO REPEAL THE CONCENTRATION CAMP PROVISION IN NDAA, OR EXCUSE THEM FROM THE CAPITOL IN NOVEMBER. 


Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


Matangi said...

Thanks so much id love to post this but unfortunately I haven't been going on the social media because every time I post or comment about it people think I'm crazy or hateful :(

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Thanks for commenting, Matangi. I appreciate knowing that if you did post in social media, you would share my article.