Sunday, May 6, 2012

Age of Terror, by Cornel West and Carl Dix

Hello online friends! I was asked to share this invitation with you:

In the Age of Obama...
Police Terror, Incarceration, No Jobs, Mis-education:
MONDAY, MAY 7, 7:00 pm Doors open at 6 pm
Mandel Hall, 1131 E. 57th St. (at S. University Ave.)

Free and open to the publicCORNEL WEST is one of America’s most provocative public intellectuals and has been a champion for racial justice since childhood. His writing, speaking, and teaching weave together the traditions of the black Baptist Church, progressive politics, and jazz. The New York Times has praised his “ferocious moral vision.” Dr. West currently teaches at Princeton University.

CARL DIX is a longtime revolutionary and a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. In 1970 Carl was one of the Fort Lewis 6, six GIs who refused orders to go to Vietnam. He served two years in Leavenworth Military Penitentiary for his stand. In 1985 Carl initiated the 
Draw the Line statement, a powerful condemnation of the bombing of the MOVE house in Philadelphia. In 1996 Carl was a founder of the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality. Carl coordinated the Katrina hearings of the 2006 Bush Crimes Commission.

SPONSORS Student Organizations: Platypus Affiliated Society • ACLU of U of Chicago • Black Law Students Association (BLSA) • Students Promoting Interracial Networks (SPIN) • Students for Correctional Reform Now (SCORN) • Chicago Justice Initiative (CJI) • Minority Graduate Students Association • African Americans at Social Services Administration (AASSA) • Southside Solidarity Network (SSN)  Departments: Political Science • History • Race and Religion Workshop   Community: Chicago Theological Seminary


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Culture of Black Chicago said...

Please explain what Obama did personally to bring about JOBLESSNESS and a 'POLICE STATE'

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Thanks for your question, Marcus Rogers. I do not know how West and Dix would respond to your question. I did not attend the event. I will say I was DISAPPOINTED that with a Democrat led House and Senate and White House, the Jobs bill was not pushed until the lame duck congress of 2010. The Dems could have passed anything they wanted with that kind of majority for two years, but all they seemed interested in was national health care, which I fear is just another opportunity to deprive the People of liberty and fairness. Congress will not be covered under this bill which I understand includes MICROCHIPS and END OF LIFE CLASSES for the elderly, who may not be allowed cancer treatments and other expensive health care since old age is considered terminal. Doctors fear they will not be able to render quality care for Americans under the provisions of the plan. I think it would have been better to let all uninsured people use Medicaid, an existing program, instead of creating this new TAX that most people, including our representatives, never even read. But to answer your question, I will give examples:

JOBLESSNESS: The Obama Administration loaned $529 million to an electric car company to start manufacturing cars in FINLAND. I think any money loaned to companies or bailouts given to corporate interests should have strings attached that would benefit Americans who are being displaced from their jobs and homes by the millions.

POLICE STATE: In 2003, my mentally, physically disabled brother was murdered under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail. The "correctional facility" was under direct overview by the United States Department of Justice at the time, following a lawsuit by the USA against the jail for inmate abuse. When Larry Neal died there, USDOJ officials helped the jail cover up Larry's murder in a deal that is still honored today by the Eric Holder Justice Department (under Obama). I complain about that and sued a party to the murder cover-up (The Cochran Firm), and experience in person and online stalking, censorship, and financial persecution. You may be familiar with the term "gangstalking." The DOJ refuses to release any records regarding my brother's murder under the Freedom of Information Act in order to continue the cover-up of this handicapped black man's jailhouse murder. When I try to talk to people about it in person in public, police order me to go home under the threat to Taser and arrest me. That is like a "police state" to me. Very Chinese of them, I think. For more examples, just Google "police state." Drone planes over America might respond to your search.You probably know about NDAA concentration camps, which the White House signed for and this administration fought for when Judge Forrest ruled indefinite detention without trial unconstitutional in May. And police attacks on peaceful demonstrators might respond to your Internet search for "police state." If you have not noticed that civil and human rights have taken a nosedive in recent years, I congratulate you on your ignorant bliss. I used to be like you until my brother's murder and my family's denial of due process of law.

Thanks for your interest. Read and share any of the articles in this blog, and please check out other blogs by Mary Neal.