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Questions for Gaddafi re: Mary Neal vs. Censorship at Care2

(71 tweets, 16 paragraphs, 1 photo)  Ten (10) questions for Mr. Gaddafi appear at the end of this article.  My recent tweets reflect a major battle between stalkers who prevent my exercising membership privileges at Care2 Network, home of my online advocacy, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. Censorship against human/civil rights organizations and activists is very intense, as planet earth has entered the Last Days period foretold in Revelation in the Bible.  Government and many corporations are uniting to deceive, suppress, and eventually enslave mankind.  Defeating freedom in America is perceived as imperative to worldwide dominion.  For whatever reason, New World Orderlies choose to hide their intentions behind censorship at this time, perhaps because Americans still have our guns.  Below are my recent tweets.  Please read them and share with whomever you please, if they let you.  We appreciate your help informing others about my subject matter.  Please share blogs and tweets with people you feel can and should help regarding constant First Amendment rights violations to prevent advocacy to decriminalize mental illness, end capital punishment, protest wars without provocation, and oppose classism and racism in the American justice system.  If nothing else, when you share the blatant assaults on free speech surrounding such issues with people who can and should help and see that they do not, it will show you what time it is.  Putting forth problems without offering peaceful solutions is unacceptable.  Please consider these three initiatives:  (1) BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping on the 9th of any month during 2011 (Google "Boycott 4 Justice") - a 9/11 emergency call for justice; (2) Jericho March Around USDOJ to demand that the walls between American people and justice come tumbling down (march around the USDOJ in Washington, D.C. or around courthouses across the country); (3) African American demonstration against war without provocation, impoverishment, and reduced human/civil rights at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial dedication (blacks only, please, because white protesters may be falsely accused of marching against MLK instead of the abuses of power he gave his life to oppose). WAKE UP!  IT'S KOFFIETIME!

» koffietime Mary Neal at Twitter -

1 Sept Favorite Reply Delete » koffietime Mary Neal

New World Orderlies are formidable. But thousands of sociopaths must give way to tens of millions of conscious, united ppl. Thus, censorship.

@Care2 Disappearing anti-DP posts & anti-mass incarceration posts, Repeated denials of service to update info re: abuses to mental patients


@Care2 No one told me causes had to be save dogs. I accepted your invitation of membership to save sick Americans. Got a problem w that?

@Care2 When I ask about your SECURITY BREACH, HelpDesk denies you have one. Who changed the www. in some of my links to the word "PRIMATE"?

@Care2 I just spent 1 hr updating my Care2 page, and NONE of my changes appeared after updating. Ask The Cochran Firm if that's a good idea.


@Care2 My profile pg ends after NAMI ltr on cell ph view, which many blacks use for Internet browsing. H.R.619 is moot now due to CENSORSHIP

@Care2 I need to edit my Care2 page right now. I need to edit certain shares in my Share book right now Right F Now.

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@Google CoIntelPro limits me 2 FB and gMail at home. I warn FB friends abt S.968, INTERNET CENSORSHIP BILL

@NowPublic Have U noticed that EVERY TIME I announce that I will picket, the weather Changes? This time, Irene stopped MLK dedication picket

@StaplesTweets @Garrett_4_JESUS Advocating against mass arrest of mental patients.My tweets and video rejecting slavery

@USSupremeCourt Federal judges say it's unconstitutional to starve kids if mom can't pass drug test. Hope YOU agree!

@HumanityNews Riker's Island inmates might have been killed, deserted in Irene. All correctional facilities need an evacuation plan-Heb.13:3

@cxs Join me in asking Pres Obama 2 issue an Executive Order mandating that all correctional facilities have an evacuation plan #government

@cxs @OmegaFaith Join me in asking Pres Obama to issue an Executive Order mandating that all correctional facilities have an evacuation plan

@rww @UN The Cochran Firm Defrauds Native American Clients to Save Ford  re Mann v. Ford, subject of HBO documentary

@blackvoices @MaxReddick Fred Hampton would be 63 today. See my tweets and video rejecting slavery

Hello. Thanks 4 following this radical Christian human rights advocate - like Jesus! @BlackPearl4U @RevKevVNB @CyntoiaBrown @EdgarSPhillips

Hello. Thanks 4 following! @cashinforever @ZZ_Troutski @eonline @freeformscott @mlmsuccesspro @BuyWithTwteel @Brian_Austin @insanecash2010  

GOD let MLK see his new monument and the condition of the country: wars, impoverishment, loss of civil/human rights - and the earth moved!

@Google Announcing the Jericho March for Justice! March 7 days around the USDOJ in Biblical Fashion.

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@TheJusticeDept Soon all U need do 2 know what Im doing is look out window; what Im writing - ask 4 flyer; what Im thinking - read the Bible

@Google Rev. Pinkney speaking in Los Angeles Aug 26 to stop privatization of schools  1st minister jailed 4 bible quote

@Google The Cochran Firm Defrauds Native Americans to Protect Ford

@reutersppl speak at MLK memorial dedication ceremony  King would picket w/ me.

@cxs I'll picket often at the MLK Memorial for race and class discrimination re Larry's lynching

@Google I expect to be the first person to picket an assembly of democrats, mostly blacks, for race discrimination if I get to D.C. next wk.

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I miss using @Twitter when I've no time to go to the library. CoIntelPro only lets me use Facebook from my home

@ACLU @NAACP @BlackcatProwl Mary Neal's Tweets Rejecting Slavery

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@blackLinksPro Johnnie Cochran's Cointelpro Murder Theory

@reasonmag I go to MLK roundtable at Morehouse for help re CoIntelPro or another opportunity to expose hypocrisy of so-called dreamkeepers.

@Google Are these 2 announcements 2 same MLK commemorative event in ATL Aug 6?  and  time/place differ

@coldhardtruth "GA Family Under Siege to Hide Lynching; Atty!" VIDEO  They say, "Cover-up the cover-up!" It's a trip.

3 Aug Favorite Reply Delete » koffietime Mary Neal

@reuters @nytimes @Google @rww "GA Family Under Siege to Hide Lynching, Atty!" VIDEO  They say, "Cover-up the cover-up!"

@BIG_GOV Chicago Police shoot 46 in 2011; 16 dead incl 13-yr-old shot 8 times  It's a article - Aug 2011.

@mashable @google See? this can't link @twitter 2011 Chicago Police Shootings:​/2011/08/chicago_police_shooti​ngs.html

@twitter pls link: Chicago Police: 43 blks shot in 2011; 16 dead​/2011/08/chicago_police_shooti​ngs.html No Censoring!

@Google I did not know "POLICE HAVE NO DUTY TO PROTECT INDIVIDUALS" by by Peter Kasler Is that why

@JusticeDept GA courts deny due process of law. USDOJ denies investigation & records. Media denies coverage. GA police deny srvcs. Gee whiz!

@PrincessDelap @blacktalkradio "GA Family Under Siege to Hide Lynching; Atty!" VIDEO  They say, "Cover-up the cover-up!"

@LawyersABC @LegalBlogWatch @legallawwatch They destroy my PCs & prohibit phone calls & police refuse assistance. So...


@Google Cindy Sheehan's white, I am black. Do U think I can peacefully sit in front of Washington bldgs and protest like she did? We'll see.

@worldprayr @BIG_GOV Should administration that got 90% of black vote refuse to answer FOIA & investigate a handicapped blk man's lynching?

@PrincessDelap @MaxReddick @RevPinkney @Twitter @thehill Why I must leave my 88-yr-old mom & move to DC 2B w/ Mr.Holder

@KSCLaw @LawyersABC @TheLawNews @legallawwatch @Google Why I must abandon my 88-yr-old mom, move to DC 2 be w/ Mr.Holder

@sklopfer @LzyShtOut @ChiropractorDan @DeathPenaltyRep @NPR @TLCool @KSCLaw SENATE BILL 968 SAYS, "SHUT UP, DISSIDENTS!"

@PrincessDelap @MitriceFather @koffietime @blacktalkradio @TooCooL747 @espiriteradio7 MARY NEAL v. COINTELPRO CONTINUES

@JesseClark78 @KSCLaw @SteveSammons Hi fr most censored woman in USA because: JOHNNIE COCHRAN'S COINTELPRO MURDER THEORY

@thehill My communication is suppressed in GA. Decided 2 move 2 D.C. 4 a spell, where people believe in freedom of press/free speech. Right?

****     @Google  UPDATED article: "MASS HYPNOSIS"  Added info 1) blacks' poverty & 2) military possibly using "PSYOPS" on Congress

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@bpblog2 @GodsWordSays @PFADP @wikileaks VIDEO: Georgia Family Under Siege to Hide Lynching – Atty Needed!  #government

@HumanityNews @cxs @Amnesty @blackvoices VIDEO: Georgia Family Under Siege to Hide Lynching – Atty Needed!  #government

Perhaps they don't let CENSORED PEOPLE use @Google Chrome. VIDEO: "Hackers Block Google Chrome (Tape 1) Mary Neal"

@AFLCIO @Working4Justice BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping August 9 OR 9th of any month - VIDEO "Boycott 4 justice 2"

@TheLawNews @NPR @theblacklist @truthout CENSORED VIDEO: Georgia Family Under Siege to Hide Lynching – Atty Needed!

@ABAhod Mary Neal is censored to hide that USA covers up gov. crimes, like lynching. Crazy Idea - Justice in America

@Brotherneal Racists censor Mary Neal to hide how racist they are, incl. blacks in office CRAZY IDEA: JUSTICE in AMERICA

@Google At DeKalb Co. Library, I entered my latest article title in browser. Response: "Crazy Idea - Justice in America" has been disallowed

Check for CoIntelPro. I enter 1st character to verify new PW & @Twitter notice says it does not match. I'll gather many witnesses & video.

@RippDemUp @LegalBlogWatch @reuters @Google @mashable @ACLU I demand the right to change my @Twitter password to one cyberdogs don't have!

@Google I am in DeKalb Co. Public Library. I am disallowed from changing my @Twitter password. Why is that? Who is doing that? S.968 is sin.

@TreatmentAdvCtr @APAPsychiatric HELP, Dr.! I have a CRAZY idea: JUSTICE IN AMERICA

28 Jul Favorite Reply Delete » koffietime Mary Neal

@Google Nobody thinks it's CRAZY to protest dog murders; police imply it's crazy to care if they killed my sick brother

@Google If representatives thought Senate Bill 968 was good law, no one would pay stalkers to prevent my videos showing censorship it allows

@HmnRghtsProgram Blk fam under siege by GA police 2 hide lynching & prevent advocacy. CRAZY IDEA - JUSTICE IN AMERICA

27 Jul Favorite Reply Delete » koffietime Mary Neal @

@personhoodusa Please pray Christian under siege by GA police to hide a lynching  prevent advocacy for sick prisoners

@ABAJournal @APAPsychiatric @BIG_GOV Black Georgia family under siege to hide a lynching. CRAZY IDEA: JUSTICE IN AMERICA

@ABAJournal GA police won't investigate our hacked computers and phone & threaten me with arrest for speaking w/ people in person abt siege.

I wanted to upload videos proving antitrust against YOU. Hackers prevent my downloading Google Chrome to change from BING.

QUESTION:  Google, doesn't it seem that SOME Microsoft Windows software packages ought to feature Google Chrome and other search engines at the point of purchase, just to make sure no one thinks Microsoft is committing antitrust against other search engines?

Access more articles at EXPOSED: Free Speak Blog by using the index on the blog's left margin, accessible at this link: . Use AdThis to share this article, "Mary Neal vs. Censorship at Care2 re Decriminalizing Mental Illness," or use this link: - The next article in FreeSpeakBlog is "Join the Jericho March Around USDOJ" at this link: followed by "The Cochran Firm Defrauds Native Americans to Save Ford" at this link:

I finished this article using a relative's laptop, only because the computer is still in warranty.  If stalkers attack it, as they have when I used relatives' computers in the past, it will be simple and free to address the issue.  The stalkers insist that I can only go online using IE-8.  I tried to use Mozilla Firefox, which is the default search engine on this computer that relatives used without a problem until bringing the machine in close proximity with my citizens police stalkers.  See my videos showing that the hackers prevent Google Chrome and Google toolbar downloads onto my computers (there are three videos, and I uploaded one at my YouTube channel jkempp703).  Hackers force me to use IE-8.

READ QUESTIONS BELOW by Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, at - Website:  WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL -  - A BLACK DISABLED AMERICAN MURDERED AFTER THREE WEEKS OF SECRET ARREST WITH HIS FAMILY PERSECUTED, CENSORED, AND STALKED FOR ASKING FOR RECORDS AND JUSTICE IN THE GREATEST OF ALL DEMOCRACIES - THE USA.  REQUESTS WERE DENIED. What do you think about that, Iran, China, Pakistan, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries America censures or bombs for human rights?  I experience much online censorship to cover-up crimes against humanity in America, and would appreciate opinions from countries that are criticized and/or punished for being unrighteous.  Since Gaddafi is intended to be the next  leader executed for crimes against humanity, his answers to the following ten (10) questions are solicited. 

1.  Mr. Gaddafi, what do you think about the proposal to put the Internet under the U.S. Department of Justice so that Attorney General Eric Holder and his successors can redirect links, control browsing, and remove websites as deemed necessary to protect intellectual properties AND OTHER PURPOSES (under Senate Bill 968 - the "IP Protection Act")? Do you believe "other purposes" include eliminating dissidents from the Internet to contain information about and protests against wars, DP, mass incarceration, prisoner torture, outsoucing jobs, and assaults against collective bargaining, free speech, freedom of press and religion? These are my subjects, and I experience intense censorship.  Police refuse to address my stalking online and in person. As I wrote in July 2011 to warn Americans about S.968, all of my articles suddenly disappeared from my three Blogger blogs, but Google, a free speech champion, reinstated them within hours. (See my blogs:  FreeSpeakBlog, MaryLovesJustice, and JusticeGagged). A few days later, stalkers destroyed the PC I used to write against S.968, which left me only an old cellphone for going online. My family and I would not have our rights continually, blatantly trampled or a disabled relative secretly murdered and due process of law denied if we were white people, so I plan to sue the USA for race discrimination. (White citizens' rights are declining, but they still enjoy "right to life" protections, whereas blacks in America do not and never have.) Of course, I recognize the assigned judge might pronounce the USA nonexistent, like Judge Wendy Shoob pronounced The Cochran Firm nonexistent in Georgia when we sued the firm for defrauding the Neal family to protect Memphis /Shelby County Jail after Larry Neal's murder under secret arrest.  Going through the motions of seeking justice in corrupt courts and reporting to the People may help awaken the masses plus sell a few books.  Look for COCHRAN FIRM FRUAD in bookstores soon.  Agents, publishers, and attorneys are invited to contact me, although that will be a feat since my phone and email accounts are taken over.   Try a courier service.  (I made that statement big and bold because it disappeared the first time I wrote it. Hackers. At least four of them come online with me whenever I logon to any computer in the public library or at home.  See how fast they sometimes edit my input in a YouTube video, "Prison Labor Profits" at this link: ).

2.  Do Libya and other countries practice mass arrest and elimination of mentally disabled citizens like America does? 

3.  What do you think about The (CoIntelPro) Cochran Firm being used to undermine justice quests for African Americans to protect government entities and certain corporations (after police murders or victimization by Big Business)?

4.  Are you convinced that Libya was bombed to save its citizens from abuses while many human rights abuses are covered-up and ignored in America? 

5.  What is your opinion regarding the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically handicapped brother, Mr. Gaddafi, and the fact that my family is persecuted and stalked online and in person for asking for DOG JUSTICE?

6.  Is there an attack on Africans worldwide, largely facilitated by other Africans? It is my understanding that Africans' enslavement by western nations was made possible by assistance from North Africans.  Today, African Americans participate in abuses against their fellows, such as the Neal family, or they enable abusers by their silence.  Most of my stalkers are Negroes, as are officials in DeKalb County Government and Atlanta, Georgia. Those are places where I am threatened by police when I attempt to tell people on public sidewalks or request meetings with officials to report continuous crimes against my family for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL. Stalkers seek to prevent my advocacy for mentally ill people of every race who are wrongly incarcerated because many officials and other decision makers are prison investors. 

7.  I read that rebels who ousted you, Mr. Gaddafi, are now torturing Africans who have darker skin than Libyans and that torture camps have been established in Somalia. Do you believe Africans should stop killing each other and facilitating white supremacists' dominion over black and brown people worldwide? 

8.  Do you think it will take much longer before middle class and indigent whites recognize that enslavement is intended for them, too?  I urge whites to watch the blockbuster movie "The Titanic" again and note that elitists have no fondness for the working class of any race.  It is time for all people to lay aside prejudice and UNITE to accomplish equal social and economic justice.  I suspect that the FEMA centers proposed in the moot Congressional bill H.R.645 would have been or will be integrated.  It is ridiculous that while whites, blacks, Asians, Native Americans, Latinos, Jews, Muslims, and others engage in infighting over 5% of America's wealth, 95% is controlled by a handful of elitists who instigate discord among the populace.  We must come together as brethren or perish together as fools - MLK.

9.  Is world dominion by a few elitists as foretold in Revelation possible because the masses, especially black people, have learning disabilities?

10.  Should my family have DOG JUSTICE - open disclosure, investigation and accountability for Larry Neal's murder like Michael Vick's dogs' deaths received?  Ironically, U.S. officials, large human/civil rights organizations, and the media don't seem to have an opinion to offer regarding this subject.  They practice the logic of three monkeys: See, Hear, and Speak (of) No Evil like pre-World War II Germans.  "The government didn't kill my handicapped relatives yet, so I'll just ignore Mary Neal."


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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

I had hoped that my family's 10-year justice quest regarding Larry Neal's government lynching and my terrorism following The Cochran Firm fraud would end on a quietly victorious note. I was raised as a Christian to live without prejudice. But after viewing a movie called "Maafa21," which is available in my FreeSpeakBlog, I recognize that powerful Caucasian elitists probably would not allow The Cochran Firm to pay damages and apologize for covering up my disabled brother's murder while under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail even if the firm wanted to do so. None of them in that "eugenics/ genocide club" think it is necessary to treat Africans in America like real people. They believe us to be "imbeciles" and "useless eaters" and "the Negro problem" since slavery was declared illegal except for convicts, which is why America has the highest prison population in the history of the world. Upholding human and civil rights is not a popular idea in Washington at this time, either. They exercise influence over blacks and "liberals" in media, religion, government, and civil/human rights organizations. The article and full-length movie about the eugenics/ genocide program are available at "BLACK GENOCIDE Maafa21" at the link:

Randy McMurry, a former Cochran Firm partner, calls The Cochran Firm's fraud against its black and brown clients and attorneys "racketeering." McMurray's documentary proof (if you need more) that The Cochran Firm engages in deliberately false or misleading advertising and does shoddy legal work that rises to the level of RICO racketeering will be published in a subsequent article in FreeSpeakBlog. After that, please look for "Cochran Firm Fraud" wherever you buy books.

Testimony by former Cochran Firm attorneys, including Shawn Chapman Holley, Randy McMurray, and Vickie Gilliam, regarding The Cochran Firm fraud is at this article:

Randy McMurray: "The Cochran Firm Racketeers!"