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Troy Davis Murder Theory

Troy Anthony Davis (Oct. 9, 1968 - Sept. 21, 2011)

Lawrence Russell Brewer, white supremacist, executed Sept. 21, 2011 - Photo link: 

(Final w/ twenty-five (25) links, 3 photos)   RACISTS SAID:  "If our brother, white supremacist Lawrence Russell Brewer, must die for nothing more than killing a N, then execute Troy Davis that very day!"  Was Troy Davis, an innocent man, the "eye for an eye" to appease racists regarding Brewer's execution?  (I added the link for Brewer's photo because hackers removed the photo from certain views of this article).  I believe Troy Davis was used as the sacrificial lamb to console racists regarding Brewer's execution.  Brewer was condemned for torturing and beheading James Byrd, Jr., an African American who Brewer and two other white supremacists lynched in Jasper, Texas on June 7, 1998. I am censored by CoIntelPro and could not write the full "Troy Davis Murder Theory" at once.  Hackers continually destroy my home computers and force me to use library computers, over which they also have control.  The "Troy Davis Murder Theory" is my third murder theory. See "Michael Jackson's Death - The Conspiracy Theory" and "Johnnie Cochran's CoIntelPro Murder Theory" by using links near the end of this article, or just Google the titles.  Whether or not one agrees with my theories is secondary to shocking truths revealed in the articles.

Truth-telling is practically outlawed in America, especially when government crimes are disclosed like I publish in several blogs and at independent news sites online.  There was a time when I believed the First Amendment applied in the 21st century, but the Constitution is practically moot.  Georgia police say it is not illegal for hackers to steal data from my computers, control my telephones, and persecute me for revealing the murder of my handicapped brother, Larry Neal, who died after 18 days of secret arrest, and the plot against justice for African Americans via The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm (under its new owners). See "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" website at this link:  - In June 2010, Atlanta police threatened to Taser and arrest me for disclosing my own brother's lynching and The Cochran Firm Fraud to people I spoke with on the public sidewalk.  In July 2011, DeKalb County, Georgia police illegally barred me from attempting to speak with the county CEO about my family's denial of police services regarding the embargo around our communication by phone and email, our in-person stalkers and cyber terror. DeKalb County residents are publicly invited to apply to meet with CEO Burrell Ellis, but police say that invitation does not apply to me or our family. Next time children say the pledge of allegiance, they should add "Certain exemptions apply."

Georgia is very racist, as my terrorism to hide Larry Neal's lynching and the wrongful execution of Troy Davis prove.  Dr. King's dream that children of former slaves and former slave owners would sit down at the table together has happened.  Unfortunately, their point of agreement in Georgia and Washington is that African Americans should be discriminated against. Anti-death penalty advocacy is very censored.  Hopefully, as people learn more about the Troy Davis case and consider my accounts about racism and denial of due process of law in Georgia courts, the chorus of voices against capital punishment in America will grow louder and irresistible.  Georgia is far from being alone in executing potentially innocent people.  In this article, please see information about Hank Skinner and Thomas Arthur, two likely innocent men we might be able to save. I can usually tell who they intend to kill by the amount of censorship I encounter when I publish anti-death penalty articles. Hank Skinner and Thomas Arthur will be killed unless you stand for justice for Arthur, a man who already passed his DNA test, and Skinner, a man who is denied a DNA test.  I do not know what they really have against Arthur and Skinner, but both are outspoken against injustice.  I have found that is enough to be treated with enmity.  I also predicted Troy Davis's execution based on censorship.  See my article entitled "Mary Neal's End Time Predictions"  (the link is below).  A year ago, I tweeted for hours about Troy Davis.  Afterward, I performed the real-time Twitter search for his name, hoping that my tweets had somehow gotten past the censorship force.  The response was "NO RESULTS FOR TROY DAVIS."  I knew then what they planned for Davis, long before he stood before Judge Moore.  Many people besides myself were undoubtedly tweeting about him as well, but cyberdogs wanted the world to forget the innocent man who lived under gag order on Georgia's death row. As you review my articles listed in the index on the left side of FreeSpeakBlog, please pay close attention to the subjects that I say are censored. Censorship reveals elitists' plans.  Let us end capital punishment in honor of Troy Davis and his grieving family and people who love justice throughout the world.  Death to the death penalty!


Troy Davis was executed on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 and died around 11:08 p.m.  His execution was originally set for 7:00 p.m., but the U.S. Supreme Court intervened.  Many people hoped he would be spared, but in the end, Davis was killed like James Byrd, Jr.  The only difference in the minds of many people is that Davis's lynching was done by the State of Georgia.  Wikipedia reports the death of James Byrd, Jr. (May 2, 1949 to June 7, 1998):  Shawn Berry, Lawrence Brewer, and John King dragged Byrd behind a pick-up truck along an asphalt pavement after they wrapped a heavy logging chain around his ankles. Byrd was pulled along for about two miles as the truck swerved from side to side.  Byrd, who remained conscious throughout most of the ordeal, was killed when his body hit the edge of a culvert severing his right arm and head. The murderers drove on for another mile before dumping his torso in front of an African-American cemetery in Jasper. Byrd's lynching-by-dragging gave impetus to passage of a Texas hate crimes law. It later led to the federal October 22, 2009 Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr.  Hate Crimes Prevention Act, commonly known as the Matthew Shepard Act. President Barack Obama signed the bill into law on October 28, 2009.  

 It is extremely rare for a white man to be executed for killing a black person.  If Brewer had been a police officer, there might have been no punishment whatsoever or a light prison sentence, at best.  I do not believe it was a coincidence that Troy Davis' execution was set for the exact day and hour that Brewer's was.  I fear that Davis was killed in retribution for Brewer's execution. Yahoo News reports:  Fingerprints taken from the headless torso identified the victim as Byrd.  Testimony showed the three men and Byrd drove out into the county and stopped along an isolated logging road. A fight broke out and the outnumbered Byrd was tied to the truck bumper with a 24-foot (7-meter) logging chain. Three miles (5 kilometers) later, what was left of his shredded remains was dumped between a black church and cemetery where the pavement ended on the remote road.  Brewer, King and Berry were in custody by the end of the next day.  [I wonder if the fight occurred after Byrd was used as a urinal by the lynch party, as reported at the second link in this article.]

The religious symbolism of Davis' execution is striking.  Jesus Christ went to the cross without a mumbling word.  Troy Davis lived under a gag order the last years of his life, barred by the court from saying publicly, "I am innocent.  Please help me."  Christ was tortured prior to execution.  Troy Davis and his family were tortured by four close calls with death before he was finally killed around 11:08 p.m. on September 21.  It was heinously cruel to give Davis hope after preparing him for execution at 7:00 p.m., then stopping the murder, then proceeding a few hours later.  Did officials want to draw out the execution as long as possible? Troy and Jesus were both innocent men.  Did Davis also die to atone for the "sins" of his people:  African Americans who have gotten so uppity that whites like Brewer are executed for their lynching, with a black president calling Brewer's action a hate crime?  Both Troy Davis and Jesus Christ died surrounded by people who were pleased with their deaths and others who opposed their executions.  People throughout the world rallied to save Troy Davis because his guilt was doubtful.  Many Caucasians were among his strongest supporters. People of every race and background would like to see justice replace racism and class consciousness in the justice system.  Like our Lord, Troy Davis asked for God to forgive those who killed him right before he died.  He is with the Father today, One who promised, "Vengeance is Mine; I will repay."  Capital punishment is denounced by God in Psalm 102:19-20 and throughout the Old and New Testament in each and every verse where we are instructed to love.  There are two empty graves in this world:  one for Jesus Christ and one for Jim Crow.

MARY NEAL v. USA (brave attorney needed)
I served notice to the U.S. Attorney's office of my intent to sue the USA for RACISM, CONSPIRACY and TERRORISM on September 21, 2011 - the day Troy Davis was executed.  See this link: - Laws against murder were used to excuse the Troy Davis lynching, but the U.S. Department of Justice continues to shield Memphis/Shelby County Jail regarding the murder of my physically, mentally handicapped brother, Larry Neal, who was killed after 18 days of Secret Arrest.  Disparate treatment based on race is illegal in the USA, but the federal agency Americans depend on to enforce the law is itself RACIST and CORRUPT.  As Dr. King said, "All we ask America is, 'Be true to what you said on paper.'"
The world will respond to the murder of Troy Davis by boycotting Georgia businesses.  See information at this link:  BOYCOTT GA BUSINESSES IF TROY DAVIS DIES!

Michael Moore calls on people of conscience to boycott Georgia:  "DIRECTOR MICHAEL MOORE URGES BOYCOTT OF GEORGIA OVER TROY DAVIS EXECUTION" - “I encourage everyone I know to never travel to Georgia, never buy anything made in Georgia, [and] to never do business in Georgia,” Moore said on his website at this link:  I posted the comment below at Michael Moore's website:  Thanks for standing for justice for Troy Davis. I have advocated for Americans to BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE against DP, mass incarceration, wars without provocation and the corporate takeover of the U.S.A. since February - video: . If the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE initiative had not been censored, perhaps Troy Davis would have been saved. The day Davis died for an unproved murder, I filed an intent to sue the USA for racism, conspiracy and terrorism that is used to cover-up my own brother's lynching, Larry Neal, a mentally, physically disabled black man who was killed by undisclosed means following 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail - - Hypocrites and racists misuse government powers to kill innocent black men like Davis but cover-up their own murders. (I saw the comment post at Moore's website, but when I checked a couple of hours later, it had disappeared.  That is typical for my Internet input because of the effort to hide my brother's lynching and other government crimes I report.  See "Mary Neal v. Cointelpro Continues" at this link: )

People who boycott the State of Georgia have a responsibility to innocent people who are impacted: workers and job seekers. Ninety percent (90%) of donations to United Way of Metro Atlanta goes directly to assisting people in the metro area who experience financial hardship, and only ten percent (10%) is used for administrative costs. It is easy to arrange to give through United Way - just call 211 or visit the website:

Thank you for your interest in justice for ALL.  Please TRY to follow me at Twitter, where I am @koffietime, and I will TRY to follow you back! - If you followed @koffietime before, please check to see if you are still following. CoIntelPro regularly illegally trims my follower lists to delete blacks, the media, and people with large lists of followers.  Censorship in America is used to suppress reports of criminal behavior by government officials and to stifle citizens' cries for help and suggestions for Change.

DOG JUSTICE FOR HANK SKINNER.  At least Troy Davis's family knows how he was exterminated by the government, but my mother and I have frequent nightmares about how Larry might have been killed.  The United States Department of "Justice" under Attorney General Eric Holder says that dogs' deaths are investigated and open disclosure requirements are honored for canines, but not for black handicapped men like Larry from working class families.   See my poem about black mental patients being treated worse than dogs in America at this link. "Dog Justice Poem and Petition" - Many people hope that executions will be eliminated in the United States of America, especially in time to save Hank Skinner, who is scheduled for execution on November 9, 2011 in Texas.  Skinner is alive today because a stay of execution was granted near the last minute in 2010.  He also claims innocence but is denied the DNA test to verify his claim.  If torture, isolation, and government murders must continue in America, it would be nice if this "democratic" country would at least limit executions to citizens who were proved irrefutably to be murderers (like the government itself is in the case of Larry Neal's covered-up death).  See one of my articles about Skinner at the link below:  "Hank Skinner's Last Wish - Justice"  - the justice system pretends that Davis was executed because his innocence was not proved, according to Judge Moore, who heard his last plea for a new trial.  There was no DNA evidence in Davis's case - just witness testimony that fell apart over time.  Yet, Davis was denied a new trial to prove his innocence.  Of course, even Americans who pass their DNA tests (which should be taken as proof of innocence) are still eligible for execution.  The case of Thomas Arthur, on Alabama's death row, proves that.

DOG JUSTICE FOR THOMAS ARTHUR:  When Alabama Judge Pulliam received DNA test results for Thomas Arthur that eliminated him as the contributor for any of the crime scene evidence tested in July 2009, she immediately placed Arthur's DNA test results under court SEAL, and an Alabama district attorney announced to Birmingham media that he planned to seek a death warrant for the man.  The judge and D.A. were upset (enough to kill Arthur) because he apparently colluded with another inmate to make a false confession to the murder for which he was scheduled to die.  Only politicians, The Cochran Firm, and other hierarchy are allowed lie in the USA - even to save one's life.  Arthur might never have been given the DNA test at all had it not been for the fact that another inmate did indeed step forward before Arthur's execution date in 2008 and claim guilt.  That man's DNA was tested against the evidence, and so was Arthur's (finally, after begging for the test to prove his innocence for many years).  Neither man's DNA was found to match any parts of the evidence tested. 

Mainstream media blacked out Thomas Arthur's DNA test results, just as the media blacks out everything regarding Larry Neal's murder, his family's persecution for asking for open disclosure and accountability.  The media also refuses to report that when my mother and I sued The Cochran Firm for defrauding us to protect Memphis Shelby County Jail after Larry's murder, this large, respected law firm denied having an East Coast office in 2006 (Atlanta) in order to have a Georgia Superior Court judge validate that perjury and wrongly dismiss the Neals' lawsuit.  I had a great deal of trouble publishing the truth about Thomas Arthur:  Another man was about to be executed with the State ignoring evidence indicating his innocence.  His pending execution despite evidence that points to his innocence is reminiscent of Camaron Todd Willingham, who was executed in Texas although the fire report indicated there had been no arson and therefore no arson murders. Both Care2 eCards and gMail were attacked by SOMEBODY and taken offline on September 1, 2009, the day I was using those Internet services to report that Arthur faced imminent execution despite his DNA evidence indicating innocence.  It took all night, but I finally got the story to post at Care2 News Network, and it went to the front page despite much cyberstalking. Since then, I have encountered a DoS each time I tried to publish anti-death penalty stories at Care2 News Network.  See the video at this link, which shows the censorship I encountered when advocating for Hank Skinner - Mary Neal Censored at Public Library re: Hank Skinner March 23, 2010 -   - And where do you think Thomas Arthur is today?  Still on death row. I can tell the injustice system still intends to kill Arthur, because cyberstalkers have not stopped censoring my reports about him.  See where the Voting Central link at my article about Thomas Arthur leads today - over two years after my initial struggle to publish his DNA test results:  "Should Thomas Arthur Be Executed for Telling a Fibb?"    Although I worked very hard to help save Troy Davis, I already knew that innocence does not matter in America's very criminal justice system. 

When it comes to African Americans like Troy Davis and my brother, Larry Neal, or to working class white men like Skinner and Arthur, "They Don't Care About Us" - MJJ.  Google my article, "How Much Does Innocence Matter in Criminal Justice" just to see if it responds.  That is my most censored article since publishing "Human Rights for Prisoners March."  The article that reports that innocence is basically irrelevant in America was published after Troy Davis had one of his close calls with Georgia executioners.  In it is a quote by a Supreme Court justice explaining that the High Court has never determined that citizens have a right to life that survives WRONGFUL CONVICTION.  Yes!  They actually said it.  That is why Troy Davis is dead.  Amnesty International attorneys did a fine job defending Troy Davis, and over a million people tried to save him via petitions, rallies, marches, telephone calls, faxes, and prayer to the God in whom we claim to trust.  In the end, Davis was strapped to a table and exterminated like an unwanted DOG.  Americans are taking it to the streets right now because we demand DOG JUSTICE.  Dogs' deaths are carefully investigated in the USA.  Attorney General Holder, who refuses to disclose how Memphis police killed my brother, investigated Michael Vick's pit bulls' deaths and abuse for the NFL.  However, people like Officer MacPhail and Larry Neal have justice denied. 

Besides racism which killed Troy Davis, some Americans are denied DNA tests and new trials simply because the State does not wish to be responsible for wrongful conviction lawsuits.  And perhaps capital punishment continues because prison investors reportedly gain an additional $90,000 per year per condemned man or woman. Americans are often treated unjustly because of corporate-government greed. Greed and racism are historically America's strong motivation for the deaths of many people.  Despite the efforts of many people and over the objections of a former president and world leaders, the casualties now include Troy Anthony Davis. 

Two more murder theories by Mary Neal - Michael Jackson and Johnnie Cochran: 

Michael Jackson's Murder Theory -  - Who did Dr. Murray call in Texas before calling 911 for Michael?  Was Michael planning to warn the world not to take the H1N1 vaccines that were being pushed in 2009 to benefit drug company owners and stockholders? Was Michael's video "They Don't Care About Us" a warning about a genocide plot for world population control? Is that why Michael died before his comeback concerts began?

Johnnie Cochran's CoIntelPro Murder Theory - - One of the FBI CoIntelPro program's main goals was to "prevent the rise of a black Messiah."  Johnnie Cochran announced plans to sue for slave reparations, with defendants being the USA and corporations that used slave labor. He helped exonerate Geronimo Ji Jaga Pratt, minister of defense for the Black Panther Party who was set up by CoIntelpro and imprisoned for 27 years on a false murder charge.  Cochran sold interest in his firm to white supremacists who now have control. It is now used to defraud blacks coast to coast using a name disenfranchised people trust. The firm's latest victims were the Ramapough People, a New Jersey tribe of African/Native Americans whose fight against environmental racism was featured in a 2011 HBO documentary, Mann v. Ford. See "The Cochran Firm Defrauds Native Americans to Save Ford"

Referenced links about Byrd's death and Brewer's capital murder case: Wikipedia  and Yahoo

Mary Neal's End Times Predictions: 

As I stated above, I can usually tell the elitists' plans by what they censor.  We were quite disturbed the night it took an hour to post my statement congratulating elitists on their restraint regarding my own harm although my truth-telling disturbs them. See the statement (if they did not delete it) in my article entitled "Internet Censorship American Style." In God I trust.  Pray for me. Our deepest condolences go out to Troy Davis's family, close friends, and everyone who is in pain over another demonstration of injustice in our beloved country.

Many times when I posted articles at as "duo," I would post a link to a song that summarized my feelings about what I tried to relate to my readers.  Stevie Wonder's song, "Lately" sums up what I felt about Troy Davis, especially after the Chatham County, Georgia judge ordered his death on September 6.  One refrain plays in my mind, "I hope my premonition misses, but . . . This time could mean goodbye." .  I write about man's inhumanity to man.  As founder and director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI"), an online advocacy group, I expose horrors, hoping to inspire Change:  Decriminalize mental illness; eliminate capital punishment, wrongful convictions, trying and sentencing children as adults, racism and class consciousness in the justice system.  Of all the people whose victimization I published during my own justice quest for Larry Neal, only two cases brought me to tears. The Troy Davis case was one of those. When I saw a photograph of Troy Davis for the first time, I started to cry before reading anything about his case.  Later I wondered at my sense of doom for him. The weight of evidence seemed insufficient for Davis to be executed, and he had worldwide support.  When the world felt relieved about the U.S. Supreme Court halting his execution and sending his case back to Georgia courts for another review before a judge, I cautioned people to be cautious about their relief.  Unfortunately, my dread about Davis was correct.  Goodbye, Troy Davis. We promise to keep fighting as you entreated in your last request.

Update 10/10/11 - World Day Against DP

CoIntelPro tried to stop this email, so I post it here.  You can use the link below to share this article to your groups and online friends.  They killed the man and still try to keep people from communicating about him, because they know how wrong they were.

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Hey, GellyBean.  Above is a link to what is probably my final Troy Davis article. 
Mary Neal

Advocacy by Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill -   - Google "Troy Davis Mary Neal" for more articles written over the years as I followed Troy Davis's case and advocated for his "fair day in a just court."  Also, please visit this link:  TROY ANTHONY DAVIS.ORG -


MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Gee whiz! When they get over their shock of my writing "TROY DAVIS, A CHRIST FIGURE," I will attempt to make the fonts uniform in each paragraph of this article, "Troy Davis Murder Theory." They change my text as I type, you know. Just view my real-time cyberstalking videos to see the cyber censorship crew in action at my YouTube channel JKEMPP703. Yes, I filmed them messing with this article. My videos showing them changing text in articles about really famous people and major human rights causes will be included on a DVD in the book jacket for my book, "COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD." I think you will benefit by seeing them doing censorship. It is perhaps what they PLAN to do to every activist online under Senate Bill 968. Google "Mary Neal S.968" for information about the pending bill, IP Protection Act, a/k/a "Internet censorship bill." Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, racism is terrible, but you are a drama queen and it is obvious you never read the court case of Troy Davis and are basing your theories on media. Attached is the Court Order, I agree that he should not have been sentenced to capital punishment without evidence other than eyewitness testimony but after reading this order I can almost guarantee you that Davis was guilty. Whether Davis was white, yellow, or red he would have faced the same punishment
And BTW you are the biggest retard for saying he was a Christ Figure. Last time, I checked Christ didn't go around assaulting homeless men. I couldn't even fully read your post because it was full of Bull Shit.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Thanks for your opinion and the link, Anonymous. It would have been nice if you would have delivered both without attacking me.