Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Join the Jericho March Around USDOJ

(11 links) ANNOUNCING A NEW INITIATIVE:  THE JERICHO MARCH FOR JUSTICE!  Join Mary Neal in marching for seven days around the United States Department of Justice.  In biblical fashion, we will march peacefully and silently around the USDOJ in Washington.  If you cannot commute to Washington, go to the nearest federal building where U.S. Attorneys office is.  If you live in a small town, march around your court house.  Only peaceful, orderly marchers are invited, and check with authorities for the need for permits.  We will march silently for six days.  On the seventh day, we will make noise!  Bring whistles, bells, symbols, tambourines, party horns, whatever!  We will demand that the walls between the American people and justice come tumbling down (figuratively, of course). 

The love of money is the root of ALL evil. Just resolution of every issue has opposition from corporate interests that benefit financially by continuing or escalating conditions, including wars, weakened environmental protection, the attack on labor unions, high unemployment, rising gasoline prices, and the staggering incarceration rate. People petition representatives, organize protest marches, and make impassioned appeals for change. But capital punishment continues, thousands more jobs are outsourced monthly, war costs continue to mount, collective bargaining is undermined, human/civil rights are ignored, and funding for education and other social programs diminishes. These are business decisions, and each wrong decision prospers someone. Corporate overlords and many government officials are ONE.  That is why they are winning.  It is time for everyone who has a "beef" about justice in America to UNITE.  Your main concerns may differ from mine, but most problems stem from the corporate takeover of our government.  Let us march for justice together in the Jericho March and boycott together in the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE initiative (no shopping on the 9th of any month during 2011).  

See 25 reasons why it is important for Americans to UNITE.  Lay aside prejudice based on race and class and unite for justice.  We, and by extension the world, need to understand that WE are ONE.  See this article: BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: NO Shopping May 9

See more 25 reasons why the Jericho March and BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE are needed in this article: HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH
More about the Jericho March will be posted here this week.  Looking forward to your comments.

You can learn about the original march around Jericho at this link:  THE WALLS OF JERICHO -

"After the seventh trip around the city on the seventh day, Scripture tells us that the wall ‘fell down flat’ (Joshua 6:20). The Hebrew here carries the suggestion that it ‘fell beneath itself.’ Is there evidence for such an event at Jericho? It turns out that there is ample evidence that the mudbrick city wall collapsed and was deposited at the base of the stone retaining wall at the time the city met its end."

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GOD let MLK see his new monument and the condition of the country: wars, impoverishment, loss of civil/human rights - and the earth moved!
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@Google Announcing the Jericho March for Justice! March 7 days around the USDOJ in Biblical Fashion.
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@TheJusticeDept Soon all U need do 2 know what Im doing is look out window; what Im writing - ask 4 flyer; what Im thinking - read the Bible
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@Google Rev. Pinkney speaking in Los Angeles Aug 26 to stop privatization of schools  1st minister jailed 4 bible quote
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@Google The Cochran Firm Defrauds Native Americans to Protect Ford
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@reuters @NPR hope it rains Aug 28 when certain ppl speak at MLK memorial dedication ceremony  King would picket w/ me.
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@cxs I'll picket often at the MLK Memorial for race and class discrimination  re Larry's lynching
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