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Rev. Edward Pinkney in Los Angeles - First Pastor Arrested for Quoting Bible

Rev. Edward Pinkney in Los Angeles, California to Promote Justice!
(22 links, 23 paragraphs, widget to Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Show of Sept. 4, 2011) Rev. Edward Pinkney is the director of the NAACP in Benton Harbor, Michigan and the director of BH BANCO Organization.   He is outspoken against the corporate takeover of his city, where all the elected officials were essentially fired and replaced by a city manager with ties to the Whirlpool Corporation. Citizens of Benton Harbor endure taxation without representation.  Rev. Pinkney warns that what has happened in Benton Harbor, Michigan is planned across the nation - setting aside democracy for a fascism.  Over 200 more city managers are now in training, perhaps including one to replace elected officials in your city.  Rev. Pinkney gave a report on his trip to Los Angeles during his Blogtalk Radio broadcast on Sunday, September 4, 2011 show.  It should be available at the widget below and at this link: :

Listen to internet radio with Rev. Pinkney on Blog Talk Radio

2.  Rev. Pinkney was the keynote speaker for an effort to save Henry Clay Middle School from being given away by the Los Angeles School Board to Green Dot Charter Corporation.  The meeting was on Friday, Aug. 26 from 6-9 PM at the Southern California Library on 61st and Vermont. There was a reception with the speakers from 6-7 PM.  Ms. Dorothy Pinkney and others also addressed the assembly.  The event included poetry by members of the Revolutionary Poets' Brigade.

3.  Rev. Pinkney enjoyed meeting with the people of Los Angeles to promote justice.  Before the meeting, Rev. Pinkney said, "I will speak about Corporations and Government working [together] against the people. I will also speak about my being the first pastor to ever sent to prison for quoting the Bible."

4.  Rev. Pinkney was imprisoned for quoting Deuteronomy 28.  A judge learned that Rev. Pinkney preached about curses that God pronounced on unrighteous people, and the judge decided that Rev. Pinkney was making terrorist threats against him.  Rev. Pinkney was imprisoned for quoting the Holy Scripture and endured house arrest after imprisonment.  Rev.Pinkney believes it is very important for Americans of every race to unite and fight oppression, and his main concern is for the most disenfranchised.  "BANCO" stands for "black autonomy network community organization." He opposes the fact that 12,600 Michigan families are slated to lose their welfare benefits next month, with thousands more added to America's growing homeless, hungry population every other month after that.  Learn more about Rev. Pinkney, BANCO organization, and Benton Harbor's justice quest for democracy at this link:  BANCO

5.  JOIN US as we discuss BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE and other justice initiatives each Sunday on the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show at 5PM EST.  The call-in number is 347-994-3644.  Taped shows are available online at .  Ralph Poynter is a regular guest on the show.  He is a legal investigator, former teacher and union organizer, the husband of former New York attorney, Lynne Stewart.  Ms. Stewart is presently a U.S. political prisoner in Texas.  See a video about my terrorism and know how bad the denial of human and civil rights can get for you and your family: "Georgia Family Under Siege to Hide Lynching"

6.  I have personal knowledge about intense censorship that is applied to human and civil rights workers like Rev. Pinkney to prevent advocacy for justice in America.  I am presently at DeKalb County Library in Downtown Decatur.  The screen at my Blogger blog shows no template for formatting.  That means my stalkers are already here and took charge of the PC I am using when I signed in with my library card number.  My home computers are repeatedly taken over and destroyed, and hackers are sent to follow me to libraries or computer rental businesses to take over the machines I use there.  Very soon, all CoIntelpro will need to do to know what Mary Neal is doing is look out of the windows at the USDOJ in Washington.  To know what I am writing, just ask me for a flyer.  To know what I am thinking, read the Holy Bible, the Declaration of Human Rights, and the U.S. Constitution. 

7.  CoIntelPro works hard at keeping me from communicating with Americans, particularly prisoner activists and African Americans.  I believe their primary aim is to keep The Cochran Firm Fraud a secret in order for the CoIntelPro law firm to continue its mission of defrauding its own clients to disrupt justice quests across the country, especially when claimants or plaintiffs are African Americans or other minorities.  Read "Johnnie Cochran's CoIntelPro Murder Theory" in FreeSpeakBlog at this link: 

8.  In addition to taking over my computers to edit my articles as I type and prevent my emails and video uploads, hackers also have taken complete control over my family's home telephone.  I regularly speak on the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show.  On Sunday, August 21, Rev. Pinkney did not recognize I was waiting to speak on the show because CoIntelPro hid the digit "6," which is the first digit in my telephone number, (678) 531-0262. Many callers hear a lying message that my phone is out of service.  Most calls to my telephone number are directed to voice mail without the phone ringing in my home; then the messages are erased without my having heard them.  African Americans are so hated in the United States that I am persecuted and censored to prevent news and evidence that consumer protection agencies, so-called black "leaders," the media, corrupt courts, and government entities wish to hide so that black legal consumers can be defrauded.  The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm apparently became a pseudo-government agency after Mr. Cochran's death.  The firm regularly defrauds its own clients to protect police departments and other government entities and certain corporations.  When defrauded clients sue the firm for its fraud, like my elderly mother and I did twice, the injustice system protects The Cochran Firm by allowing the firm to claim nonexistence wherever it gets sued.

9.  During the last few minutes of the radio broadcast on August 21, Rev. Pinkney recognized the digits of my phone number that he could see, and he connected me to the show.  I do not know whether CoIntelPro blocks my phone number from showing when I await the opportunity to speak on the Pinkney show by attacking my telephone or Rev. Pinkney's computer or by attacking Blogtalk Radio itself.  Hackers were hired to prevent me from presenting regular reports about injustices in America and peaceful, powerful initiatives for Change.  Four (4) initiatives we presented on the September 4th Rev. Pinkney broadcast (available at the widget posted above) only because I left home an hour before the live show and escaped the citizens police on they moved into foreclosed homes or rental property on my street.  The initiatives are BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE, JERICHO MARCH AROUND THE USDOJ, PETITION FOR EXECUTIVE ORDER RE PRISON EVACUATIONS, and PROTEST AT MLK MEMORIAL DEDICATION. The four (4) initiatives are listed below:

10.a.  BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping on the 9th of any month during 2011.  Join our 9/11 emergency call for justice in the United States of America.  Marches, rallies, and petitions should be coupled with a financial incentive for the corporate government to Change.

11.b.  Presidential Executive Order Mandating Evacuation Plans for Every Correctional Facility in U.S.A.  Every jail and prison needs an evacuation plan.  When cities or communities around a jail or prison are evacuated, inmates must not be deserted.

12.c.  Jericho March Around the USDOJ.  Protesters will assemble at the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. to walk silently around the facility (or block on which it is located) for six days.  On the seventh day, we will make some noise!  Let the walls between the American people and justice come tumbling down (figuratively).  Participants who do not commute to Washington will march around the nearest federal building or local court.

13.d.  Protest Hypocrisy at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Dedication in Washington, D.C.  Dr. King uheld the teachings of his Lord, the Prince of Peace.  Dr. King was against military wars without provocation, the current War on Minorities and Workers, and he would be active against mass incarceration for prison profits, particularly the imprisonment, abuses and murders of mentally challenged Americans and immigrants.

14. INTERNET CENSORSHIP IS THE 21st CENTURY EQUIVALENT OF NAZI BOOK BURNING.  Early in the morning on August 22, 2011, I was speaking on the Shrine of the Black Madonna Blogtalk Radio Show.  The hosts were interested in learning about The Cochran Firm Fraud.  The Shrine of the Black Madonna is more than a place of worship.  It is a meeting place for the African community in Atlanta, Georgia and in other major cities.  The radio hosts were surprised to hear that The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm defrauded my family in 2003 to help the Memphis/Shelby County Jail cover-up the fact that Larry Neal, my mentally, physically disabled brother, was secretly arrested for nearly three weeks in that "correctional" facility and murdered.  They were astounded that my family has been denied any inquest, records, investigation, explanation, or excuses by the jail or the United States Justice Department for eight years, especially under the present administration.  My intense censorship is intended to hide the fact that African Americans are not deemed worthy of DOG JUSTICE. 

15.  On September 5, 2011, my family noted a new wireless Internet connection available in my immediate vicinity called, "MARY NEAL WATCH."  I want THEM to watch me and read what I write, so that is cool.  And if they do more than "watch" this Christian advocate, I trust God to raise thousands or perhaps millions more people to do His will to expose and oppose injustice in America!  On Christ the solid Rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand!  Praise God, my soul and all that is within me.  I will declare the goodness and justice of God all the days of my life and beyond, thanks to modern technology - videos, flash drives, DVDs, CDs, and more.  Police intimidation and stalkers online and in person has gotten so ruthless at my home in Stone Mountain, Georgia in the Atlanta metro area that relatives just moved in my house to take care of my elderly mother while I relocate temporarily to Washington, D.C. where I will protest the mass incarceration and murders of mentally ill Americans like my brother, Larry Neal. I am founder/director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI), an online advocacy group I hope you will visit.  Members of AIMI also protest capital punishment, prison profiteering, war without provocation, and victimizing poor and working class people like my family through a myriad of unjust court rulings and governmental practices.  Since more computers are in my house, hackers obviously ordered more Internet services for surveillance and interference against my so-called "freedom" of press rights.

16.  The Shrine of the Black Modonna's radio audience learned that the Neals' lawsuit against The Cochran Firm was dismissed in 2006 when the defendant and Judge Wendy Shoob, of Georgia Superior Court, falsely asserted that there is no Cochran Firm office within the State of Georgia.  As I revealed other frauds The Cochran Firm did to black and brown people since Johnnie Cochran's death, my telephone controllers got nervous.  I began telling the hosts about a fraud The Cochran Firm did against its clients to save money for the City of Atlanta regarding 92-year-old police home invasion and murder victim, Kathryn Johnston.  The Cochran Firm contracted to represent Johnston's survivors when she was murdered during a contrived no-knock warrant case in November 2006, six months after The Cochran Firm was pronounced nonexistent in Georgia by the Georgia Superior Court. My hackers did not want the details of the Kathryn Johnston fraud disclosed to the Shrine of the Black Madonna, so they cut my telephone connection while I was speaking.  CoIntelPro censors me to continue using The Cochran Firm against Africans in America, but God and I are determined that the unethical lawyers and their co-conspirators will be EXPOSED.  A major fraud by The Cochran Firm just concluded against the Ramapough People, a NJ tribe of Native Americans who are part black - Wayne Mann vs. Ford.  It is the next article in this blog, available at this link: THE COCHRAN FIRM DEFRAUDS NATIVE AMERICANS TO SAVE FORD

17.  CoIntelPro wants to prevent my communications with prisoner activists as well as African Americans.  According to former Cochran Firm attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, Johnnie Cochran made his new partners agree not to do criminal law (Holley's NPR interview is available by browsing online for "Shawn Holley - Controversy at The Cochran Firm.").  After Cochran's death, The Cochran Firm offered legal services to defendants in criminal cases in disregard to the new partners' promise to Johnnie Cochran.  The Cochran Firm may be defrauding some defendants to help prison investors in the same way that the firm's clients who are plaintiffs in civil cases are sometimes defrauded to help government entities and certain corporations.  Roughly 2.3 million people are presently imprisoned in America.  The rate is 1 in 30 regarding people in the criminal justice system as inmates, parolees or probationers.  Many elected officials, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and others are private prison investors who earn more money as people are arrested and enforced into prison labor projects.  Therefore, hackers are vigilant to prevent my communication with prisoner activists, lest news about The Cochran Firm Fraud reach people who need criminal lawyers.  Police in Georgia threaten to Taser and arrest me for telling people in person about The Cochran Firm fraud and my brother's government lynching, and they refuse to investigate my computer sabotage. We are blessed to have numerous representatives and other people in authority whose knees have not bowed to Baal.  Righteous police officers, attorneys, elected officials and all others should arise and protest the justice system becoming a racketeering enterprise (1 Kings 19:14-18).

18.  On August 23, I received an email invitation to join the New Vision Organization, a prison activist group.  The email from the group owner, my friend, Leonna, said I need only click the link to accept the invitation.  I clicked the link and received a notice confirming that I was now a member.  However, I was not allowed to see the group's posts.  I clicked the link in the email again today and received this message:  You are already subscribed to the group New Vision Organization  --  Visit this group's homepage:  Email this group:

19.  But when I elected to visit the home page, this message appeared: You cannot view the group's content or participate in the group because you are not currently a member. Members must be approved before joining.  Description: SUPPORTING INMATES AND THEIR FAMILIES.  You must be a member of this group to read its archive.  Apply for membership or contact the owner.

20.  MORE INTERNET CENSORSHIP IS PLANNED.  Senate Bill 968 - the "Internet Censorship Bill."  A congressional bill is pending that could be used to end advocacy for human and civil rights on the Internet in America - the IP Protection Act, Senate Bill 968. The bill proposes placing the Internet under the U.S. Department of Justice and allowing Attorney General Eric Holder and his successors to determine what articles, comments, videos, and websites can go online and what can remain online that is already posted.  Freedom of press and free speech are under severe attack.  See "MARY NEAL'S OPEN LETTER TO GOOGLE RE S.968" at this link: .  I praise God that Google did not bow its knees to Baal.  The Internet giant yet stands strong against censorship in China and America despite the federal antitrust probe and antitrust litigation it faces since announcing its stance against S.968.  May God continue to give Google the victory! The battle is the Lord's.  See how well the battle is going in this article:  HANDS OFF GOOGLE, FASCISTS!

21.  We Shall Never Overcome Racism and Classism If Hypocrites Can Convince Us and the World that America Already Has Done So.  Sojourner Truth stated, "I could have freed more people if I had been able to convince them that they were slaves."  Censorship and persecution are used to prevent human/civil rights advocates like Rev. Pinkney, Mary Neal, and many others from informing YOU of intentions to entrap middle class and indigent Americans and immigrants in an ever-widening spiral downward into abject poverty and slavery.

22.  Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI") at - Twitter @koffietime -  Website - Wrongful Death of Larry Neal - Blogs - FreeSpeakBlog and MaryLovesJustiice and JusticeGagged - Please see more of my articles regarding justice issues at HubPages,, IndyMedia, OpEdNews, Care2 News Network, and Mary Neal's Care2 Sharebook.  Your opinions and questions are invited in the comments area below.

23.  I name the blogs before and after this one to protect your right to know what's happening in the justice system:  Next two (2) blogs: JOIN THE JERICHO MARCH AROUND USDOJ - followed by QUESTIONS FOR GADDAFI -    ; preceding blog: Cochran Firm Defrauds Native Americans to Save Ford  - Thanks for visiting FreeSpeakBlog.  Access the index on the blog's left margin for other news and views from a laywoman's perspective.  Use AddThis or this link to share this article -

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