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Internet Censorship American-Syle

UPDATED MARCH 8-31, 2011 - (56 paragraphs, 27 links, one video, two photos, and a signature block - count them, but since links do not open in a new window, please read the blog before using links.  Under "Examples," see a report by saying it was attacked on March 30, 2011.)  

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY your advocacy movement or human rights organization does not have more members or receive more financial support from the public?  Do your online petitions have disappointing results?  You could be a victim of Internet censorship.  Visit my YouTube channel to view over 20 videos that capture real-time cyber censorship at major Internet social networks and online news services as well as actual gangstalking at this link -  - I filmed hundreds such videos over the last couple of years that prove I am cyberstalked and censored and add new films when I can overcome censorship enough to do so.  Using the Internet to promote human rights and communicate about controversial subject matter is fast, convenient, and cheaper than using the mail or phones. However, advocacy for human and civil rights historically meets strong opposition from wealthy, powerful people who unite to preserve the status quo. Consider what slavery abolitionists endured and the bloody Civil War. Remember the violence that came against the women’s suffrage movement, labor movement, and civil rights movement.

Effective leaders of social movements and government officials throughout American history have been monitored, misinformation was used against them, and some were assassinated. It would be naive to believe that individuals or corporate and government entities no longer use their vast resources to limit social change. This article reveals information that every online advocacy organization and individual activist should know to identify online censorship.  Human/civil rights advocates must recognize how much censorship threatens their access to the public online.  Hopefully, the information in this article will reveal how important it is to reject voting for elected officials via Internet.  The party with the best cyberstalkers would win every time.

Update Feb. 9, 2015 (one paragraph): I discovered last week a new type of censorship being applied to my articles. Please note whether a suffix was added to the link you reach when you use links. If a suffix was added, you were diverted from my blog and are being shown an article that may omit data and links that are in my actual articles. If this happens, please delete the suffix up to the "html," in order to reach my blogs. Note that not all websites end in "html," so please compare the document you reach to the link you used to ensure that you were not diverted to a fake view. Diverting links was a provision under SOPA that did not pass in Congress (it died without a vote), however, censorship is illegally used in the USA against so-called dissidents (people who disagree with Nazism). "Google, Don't Be Evil"
REJECT GOVERNMENT-ISSUED INDIVIDUAL INTERNET I.D. NUMBERS.  The government is not safeguarding freedom of press and free speech for certain news.  Subjects covered herein include preventing impersonators, cyber censorship via remote access, redirected and deactivated links, web site attacks, gatekeeper services, attacks on petitions, scrambled data on emails, Internet radio censorship, Internet gatekeeping services, computer-specific views of web data, minimizing exposure to censored news in citizens journalism, false security alerts, inoperable widgets, and security through diligence.  March 23, 2011 Update:  I just learned about a new way to censor online data:  Cyberstalkers changed the font on part of my text to make it fade into the background at my new blog - This was done to censor my article "Libya, USA."

In 2006, roughly 20,000 people from all over America met in Jena, Louisiana to support justice for six African American youths who were arrested for their reaction to racism at their school.  Violence erupted among students after nooses were hung from a tree on campus to denote that the shaded area underneath the tree was for whites only. (Details are in the link below.)  The Jena6 demonstration was a grass roots effort that was completely organized online. With the advent of the Internet, people no longer had to rely on mainstream media, which censors news in anticipation of receiving a government bailout and because major media companies are owned by some of the same elitists who benefit by containing certain news. Since the Jena6 demonstration proved the Internet is a powerful tool for galvanizing public support around social issues, the Internet has become a battleground.  In fact, when my PC boots up slow, the word "InfoWars" used to appear on the sign in screen.  I suppose my cyberstalkers thought that was funny. Today, there are many online attacks against human rights and civil rights advocates and against certain political messages going forward. Laws are being considered and passed in Congress to restrict Internet usage. Covert, illegal sabotage is used to impede online communication by environmentalists, anti-death penalty advocates, prisoner rights activists, the peace movement, and other movements. Wikipedia carries information on the Jena6 demonstration at this link:

I am founder and director of an online human rights organization called Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI") (see the link in my signature block below). Our 260+ members assemble online from across America and some foreign countries and advocate to help decriminalize mental illness, end capital punishment and stop wrongful convictions.  Such improvements in the justice system would negatively impact prison profits. Additionally, I use the Internet to expose The Cochran Firm fraud, a conspiracy to use a noted law firm to spy on minority citizens and also block or limit the success of their justice quests in the civil court system. Reporting the online censorship I encounter and sharing my real-time cyber censorship videotapes may help other targeted persons and organizations recognize when and how their online communication is being attacked.

Prevent Impersonators.  Effective civil/human rights activists and organizations must post a "Follow Me at Twitter" button and publish your Facebook name on the front page of your website. Only by doing that will people know your Twitter and Facebook names and avoid sending tweets to, or posting on the FB walls of, an impersonator who they believe is your organization or you. Posting your Twitter and FB names on your website will also make it more difficult for cyberstalkers to use your name to post data that the public will think came from you or your organization when it did not.  (Cyberstalkers prevent a "Follow Me at Twitter" button from working here at FreeSpeakBlog - - I had one up and running for months, but it showed my true Twitter profile page, and the one I accessed by way of web browsing was different. I complained, and the "Follow me at Twitter" button became unresponsive.  Now I cannot get the widget to post at FreeSpeakBlog.  On December 6, 2010, over 11,000 of my advocacy tweets were covertly deleted at Twitter, but thankfully, they were re-posted after I complained for two months.)  March 6, 2011, I received notice of a new follower at Twitter - @revpinkney48.  Rev. Pinkney is president of the Benton Harbor, Michigan NAACP, and I often speak with him on his Blogtalk Radio broadcasts on Sundays at 5:00pm EST.  He used to follow me and I him, but like many of my Twitter followers, his name was covertly deleted.  The new follower @revpinkney48 is not he.

Workgroups and Remote Access. Much of the censorship I am subjected to is done by illegal takeovers of the administrative role for my home computers.  Saboteurs place my PCs on their workgroups, then use their position as administrators over the domain whereon my PCs are placed to control my Internet accessibility and prevent my postings as they see fit.  As my PCs' administrator, cyberstalkers also have access to add and delete computer programs and documents on my hard drive. Additionally, saboteurs seem to use network connection 1394 to monitor and exercise limited control over my computers even when I work offline. If I disable or remove that network connection, workgroup administrators are able to create a new connection that is invisible on my view. Since I learned the importance of deleting or disabling connection 1394, the option to do that is usually not available on my PCs any longer.  Domain administrators can disable whatever computer functions they choose to for PCs in their workgroup.  They similarly sabotage PCs belonging to my family members. Cyberstalkers can also use supposedly secure programs like Adobe Air, Messenger, Net Meeting, etc.  I cannot allow any of those on my PC.  In fact, probably the reason I am able to do this update at my home was by deleting Net Meeting a few hours ago.  I had to use a special disk to do it.  When I try deleting programs cyberstalkers use without the disc, I get an error message saying the program is in use, although I never used them.  Or I get an error message saying I do not have the administrative rights necessary to make said deletions, although I bought the computer, buy the Internet service, and never placed any of my PCs on a network.

I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS:  Defense attorneys who are representing clients in criminal cases, especially if prosecutors are seeking the death penalty, must use a computer that is not connected to the Internet, has never been online, and has no Internet wireless card.  In other words, use an old computer or a typewriter.  Recently an attorney (I believe in Texas) was preparing a last-minute appeal when his computer system started acting strange.  He called the court to say he was running into problems and requested that the court remain open to give him an opportunity to finish the appeal and get it filed. That courtesy is sometimes extended in death penalty cases I understand, but the judge went home and the client was executed. Judging by the amount of cyberstalking I encounter when I try to publish anything whatsoever against capital punishment and the amount of discussion strands about DP that are deleted after they are published, read by hundreds, and commented on by many members at AIMI, I believe it likely that the attorney's computer problems were caused by cyberstalking. Cyberstalkers censor nearly everything I publish against capital punishment, prison profiteering, and Tasering.

See a VIDEO below showing that my home PC is prevented from printing links at -  Saboteurs did that to my PC after I printed and distributed fliers about prisoner abuse and also notified the public that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s final speech is censored online.  References to "dogs" and "water hoses" and "illegal injunctions" were deleted from nearly all of the presentations of his Mountaintop address that appear as online text documents. If you change computers to escape cyberstalkers, always keep the hard drive from the previous computer.  Computer forensics experts can retrieve data, detect Trojans and viruses, sometimes trace the source of cyberstalking, and give expert testimony at trial.

Censorship by direct takeover of PCs like I experience is probably only done to individual targeted people and very small organizations.  To have a semblance of net freedom, I must have my PCs wiped clean and the operating system and programs re-installed frequently.  Unfortunately, when I use my home phone to arrange for computer service, contact information for my service tech is revealed to those who monitor my phone calls. The last times my PC was "serviced," technicians actually loaded my PC with malware and placed it on a workgroup domain. See my FreeSpeakBlog article "HOME INVASION, which is available at the link above my signature block at the bottom of this article.

Redirected or Deactivated Links and Disappearing Data. Censorship is illegal and abhorrent, so it is done covertly. Saboteurs sometimes deactivate or redirect links and make parts of web pages invisible. Deactivated links still appear in color with underlines intact, but they do not work. Some links have been sabotaged for spaces to appear when they are copied and pasted to prevent people from sharing the data that is at that link (discussed below).  Other times, links are redirected.  Redirected links carry users to web pages other than the ones they should. Deactivated and redirected links can go undetected unless one tries to use the links from a PC that is outside the target’s network and is not otherwise monitored/controlled by the saboteurs. Link-shortening services make it easy for censorship to happen, because the links can be redirected to an edited version of the data rather than the original input.  Whenever possible, it is best to use your full links or use a trusted service. See more about link-shortening services below at "gatekeepers."  March 2011, I discovered that my Google profile link is redirected to a link "about" my Google profile.  The introductory paragraph about me being founder/director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill is positioned at the bottom of the document "about" my profile, and cyberstalkers prevented my moving it to the top.  See an example of a redirected link and notice the word "about" at the end of the link when you reach the web page - - I learned about a child who was executed in South Carolina in 1944 and used his story to show how important it is that children have at least the same rights to a Miranda warning and an attorney during interrogation by police as adults have. That is something the U.S. Supreme Court is deliberating in March 2011, and I combated intense cyberstalking to post the article (see "Juvenile Justice: Kids 4 Cash" at my MaryLovesJustice blog). Omega418 features a terrific stream of photographs and black history stories at her Flickr account, including photos and a story about George Stinney, the little 14-year-old who was executed.  I copied and pasted her link at Twitter, and the part after the @ would not link.  Therefore, using the link took people to a "page not found."  Always test links after you copy/paste them, and re-try your links days and months later.  I had never seen an @ in links before - it might be a built-in mechanism to prevent sharing targeted news.  I am not a cyberstalker, so I am not sure.  Visit her site at this link:  (if they let you).

Oftentimes, links are coded for spaces to appear therein when they are copied and pasted into a new email or Word document.  Naturally, that cripples the spread of whatever information is being censored that would have been accessible if the link was not sabotaged.  When you receive a link via email that does not work, try copying it and pasting it into a Word document.  Then do a search/replace for spaces and remove them.  After that, the link should work.  Lately when I enter a new share at my Care2 Sharebook, I am not given a rich text screen.  Instead, I must enter or edit my shares in a small screen that is about 1" long and 4" wide in HTML view, which shows all the codes in a document.  Last night, I was updating an article I published a year ago regarding the wrongful execution of Philip Workman.  I discovered some time ago that although I make sure my links lead where they should when I publish an article, it is a good idea to re-check links later.  Sometimes the documents or videos they originally led to become unavailable, or the links may be covertly redirected to prevent people from reaching the intended data.  Because I was given an HTML screen instead of a rich text screen to update my Workman article, I learned that what looks like empty spaces in links is really not empty, but percent signs and numbers were in the spaces.  The affected link I found in my Workman article at my Care2 Sharebook should have led to one of my Blogtalk radio interviews with Brothas Keepa.  The link to that radio interview is correctly posted below:

Real Talk with Brotha's Keepa - Blogtalk Interview with Mary Neal

I realized that people who tried to access my Brothas Keepa radio interview at Care2 had been prevented from doing so because the spaces were added to my link. Always check your links when you publish them on websites and emails to be sure they work and lead to the right data.   If you write about controversial matters, re-check your links at intervals to see if they still work.  I update my articles as new information surfaces; therefore, I frequently return to my previous posts and archived work.  I was disappointed to find that most of my AIMI group's articles regarding deaths by Tasers and advocacy for people facing the death penalty, including those about Troy Davis, were covertly deleted from our Care2 group.  People who write online frequently return to previously published work to link it to new articles.  Cyberstalkers must be unaware of that fact, or they do not care if their censorship is discovered.  Freedom of speech and press are rights that Americans have on paper, but violations are common.

In 2009, a health care organization posted a document on the Internet making suggestions about the national health care plan.  There was a link to get more information, but the link did not actually work.  It appeared blue and underlined, which was misleading.  The organization was grateful when I called and notified them of the sabotage.  The organization's ideas about national health care reform were not actually reaching anyone.

Similarly, one of President Obama's emails carrying an update on the national health care bill he supported was censored when I published it at Care2.  The link that recipients were invited to use to report why the bill had their support was attacked.  The link was dragged by an unseen hand to the bottom of the post, and I assume it would have disappeared altogether had I not disconnected my Ethernet wire.  I filmed the interference and notified Senator Webb via email.

NAMI is a national mental health advocacy organization with over 210,000 members.  NAMI posted a letter endorsing Congressional bill H.R.619, which was introduced in Congress in January 2009 by Eddie Johnson (D-TX).  The bill proposed resuming Medicaid insurance for inpatient psychiatric patients who quality for Medicaid.  Medicaid was discontinued for psychiatric inpatients decades ago, leading to today's overcrowded prison conditions, discrimination against mentally ill Americans and immigrants, and $50 billion per year prison costs to taxpayers, half of which is incurred by imprisoning 1.25 million mentally ill people who should be in hospitals or community care, depending on their offenses and functionality.  NAMI's letter of endorsement for H.R.619 had a link that ran on for at least a half mile.  I never saw anything like it.  Extra long links sometimes force people who wish to share the link to use a link shortening service, and that can be bad news.  See "Link Shortening Service" in this blog.  For the past two weeks (today is March 8, 2011), I have been unable to use any photographs at Google Images.  When I try to upload the photos into my blog using the URL that shows on my view at Google Images, Blogger rejects the URLs.  One would think that Google Blogger would be able to use Google Images links, but not lately (for me, anyway). Photographs are often attacked by cyberstalkers because one photo can save a thousand words.  Since I did not trust the link that was applied to NAMI's endorsement for H.R.619, I copied and pasted NAMI's letter onto my Care2 profile page in its entirety.  Please Google "Mary Neal Care2" to read it.  The bill that could have had significant impact for millions of mental patients and their families and friends, community safety across the country, and possibly reduced expenditures for taxpayers was never published by any news source, lest Americans find out the opportunity to decriminalize mental illness was available.  Now it is too late, as the bill expired when the new Congress took office.  Hopefully, it will be resubmitted.

Petitions. Regarding online petitions, saboteurs remove names at will. That can be detected if petitions are checked regularly to verify that signatures remain at the same line number where they were originally input. Either print petition signatures daily or save them on discs. If Jack signed a petition at line 344 on July 6, his signature cannot appear at line 320 on July 30 unless 24 signatures before his name were removed. Print the signature pages on your petition often to know which number a given signature should appear beside. You can also use the "print screen" function to capture a picture of the petition's signature pages as they should appear and save the screen shots on disc. Unless you monitor your petitions, cyberstalkers can and do remove signatures without your knowledge.  Several people notified me that their signatures were removed from my petition for the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) to release records to my family regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, my handicapped brother who was murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail while the jail was already under federal overview.  The USDOJ refuses to answer my Freedom of Information Act request for records about Larry's death or investigate it.  Unlike stealing votes during a presidential election, stealing names from Larry's petition does not help the government appear to be democratic.  Murders of African American mental patients are just as illegal as any other murder even if there were zero names on Larry's petition:  - Many people report abuses to themselves or their loved ones and denial of justice at the petition site.  Their comments are accessible by selecting "signatures" at the bottom of the petition.

Also, saboteurs are able to prevent people from signing your petitions. Numerous persons reported encountering a denial of service issue (DoS) at petitions I publish online. Their support for the petitions was rejected repeatedly. My signature and comments are also frequently rejected from human rights petitions. Sometimes I try to contact the petitions’ originators to let them know signatures are being rejected, but not always. Chances are that most people whose signatures are denied have no easy way to notify the petition's sponsors about their problem signing. Always position an email address and/or phone number for the petition’s originator on petitions' signature page to make it easy for people to let you know if they encounter problems signing. Petitions about important issues that receive disappointing support should always be checked for DoS, even if no one notifies you about rejected signatures. If your petition has too few signatures, it is important to check for DoS on PCs not associated with the petition originators. I have found that petition signatures that are accompanied by comments are deleted less often.

On our petition to USDOJ for DOG JUSTICE for LARRY NEAL, you can read comments by petitioners who state they had signed the petition before but could not find their names and comments any longer.  My petition to stop censorship and terrorism against Mary Neal has a DoS for just about everyone who tries to sign it, meaning that you can expect to see that on my videos, also.  The petition is at this link:  - I publish some of my videos at the YouTube channel jkempp703, and others I save to fit into the book jacket for my book, "Cochran Firm Fraud."  Cyberdogs stole my query letter to publishers off my desktop, and they await my putting addresses of perspective publishers in emails or in letters typed on my computer so the publication can be prevented.  The book will certainly be a best seller in the hands of a good publishing company, if they are not all in the New World Order already.  The first week of March 2011, cyberstalkers stole my notes documenting the fact that blacks in the South were used as medical test subjects for Big Pharm without their knowledge or consent years after the Tuskegee Experiments.  The information is included to a limited degree in my HubPages article, "NAACP vs. Black Cigarette Smokers."
Cyberstalkers Attack Web Pages.  Targeted comments are sometimes rendered invisible in the lineup of comments under news articles.  Cyberstalkers can do that without any gap appearing in the comments that remain visible. Furthermore, people who use their websites or their web pages at social networks to put forth viewpoints about controversial matters should be aware that parts of their web pages can be rendered invisible without leaving any apparent gap in the data that remains.  However, the censored web pages look intact to the originators when they view them after logon.  Targeted individuals can catch that cyber censorship by looking at their web pages without logging in (unless their PC is directly sabotaged like mine is), or by visiting their web pages using a PC that is not associated with them in any way whatsoever, such as the PCs at a public library, a friend's house, or a computer rental business like FedEx Kinko's.  None of this works for me any longer.  I am usually followed to computer rental businesses to see which computer I use so it can be attacked.  At public libraries, computer users are identified through their library number.

Using PCs at public libraries is like having an INDIVIDUAL INTERNET I.D. NUMBER.  Users input their library card number to use the machines.  If you are targeted for censorship (and I have found that all effective human/civil rights organizations are to some degree), then the cyber censorship personnel can control what you are allowed to post plus limit your access to information on the web.  Even when I use library computers, if I try to open a link cyberstalkers do not want me to access, the link will not open, whether I am browsing the web or trying to open links sent to my email box at See a VIDEO I took at DeKalb County, Georgia Public Library showing that I was prevented from submitting news at Care2 News Network about Hank Skinner facing imminent execution while denied DNA tests. We have videos taken at the library showing that I was prevented from commenting or voting on polls at Voting Central.

After publishing several Voting Central polls, I was censored and no longer permitted to answer members' polls. Eventually, polls that had been read by thousands were deleted. I found out I was blacklisted when I tried responding to a poll regarding the State of the Union Address in 2010, although my comment was merely that I missed the live telecast. An error message repeatedly appeared saying that I had to log in to vote or comment, although I was already logged in at Voting Central.  The video clearly shows the top, right of the screen said "Mary Neal" and my only option was "log out."  After I complained repeatedly, my polls at Voting Central were deleted.  The polls asked whether: 1) Town hall meetings should be held before setting aside the Bill of Rights to enforce H1N1 vaccines in America; 2) Americans knew the H1N1 vaccines had different serums, with a safer serum being given to military personnel and dignitaries in some countries; 3) post-conviction DNA testing should be available (at inmate's expense) to prove innocence to prevent wrongful executions and prison terms for crimes the inmates did not do; 4) the Neal family should continue to fight for justice regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, my mentally, physically handicapped brother, and THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD; and 5) if Thomas Arthur, wrongfully convicted man on Alabama's death row for nearly 30 years, should be executed despite the fact that his DNA test results that a judge placed under seal in 2009 ruled him out as the contributor of any DNA evidence at the crime scene that was tested.  These were valid questions, but I am not allowed to ask them, and unfortunately, no one else was asking.  What has happened to America's media - supposedly the "backbone of democracy"?

My Google profile is frequently attacked.  It has over 30 paragraphs, but usually, not one of them is allowed to show at  - I have not been permitted to edit my Google profile since autumn 2009 when I added information about a witness to cyberstalking on my home PC.  (March 2011 - When you use my Google profile link above, it has now been redirected to a link "about" my profile.  The word "about" appears at the end of the link at the web page where you will be redirected.  Try it.  This is discussed in depth in my article at MaryLovesJustice blog called "Libya, USA.")  A neighbor was visiting my home one night when I was online, and she saw the lethal injection bed with my name underneath suddenly appear when I opened a page at Care2.  That cyberterror is only one of the crosses that cyberdogs burn to punish me for telling about the prejudice injustice system and The Cochran Firm fraud.  My witness gave me an affidavit attesting to the cyberterrorism she witnessed, which I filed in USDC in my lawsuit against The Cochran Firm.  A few months later, my witness was stopped enroute to work by DeKalb County, Georgia police officers and beaten so badly by "peace" officers that she left the traffic stop in an ambulance.  I copied my Google profile to a blog in hopes that the public might be able to access it, even though my actual Google profile is often rendered invisible at the link where it should appear.  Access the blog at this link:  CENSORSHIP ALERT:  Mary Neal's Google Profile Rendered Invisible:

Scrambled Data. I have received emails with data spaced only ½ line apart, which makes the data run together on the recipients’ view. If you receive such emails, highlight and copy the data, then post it in a Word document where the formatting will be corrected. If that does not clear the formatting issue to make the text legible, copy/paste it into a Word document using the "paste special" feature, and select "no formatting."  Another helpful tip is that when data is copied/pasted from the Internet into Word documents, covert coding that is not visible online is sometimes clearly discernible. For example, I have copied/pasted some of my posts from our online group AIMI into Word documents and the words "mark this" appeared in red at the top margin.  Those posts were later covertly deleted from AIMI.

Internet Radio.  Internet radio show hosts must state the date of their show at the beginning of each broadcast and several times throughout the show.  Otherwise, cyberstalkers can substitute one of the hosts' earlier shows for any show that is targeted for censorship.  This happened when former Memphis Shelby County Jailer Earley Story appeared on Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show a couple of Sundays ago.  I tried to tweet the July 11 show, but it would not tweet.  I then downloaded it using the link provided for the July 11 show, but another show from a previous date downloaded in its place.  I tweeted Blogtalk Radio about the sabotage and the problem was corrected.  Mr. Story is a former jail guard who sued Shelby County Jail alleging he was fired and framed on drug charges because he refused to help cover-up the death of a mentally ill inmate who was beaten to death while incarcerated.  The substituted Rev. Pinkney show did not have Story's interview, of course.

Gatekeepers. Many email users and online networks use services that require persons who attempt to communicate with them to input a captcha code. I have videos showing how such services can be used to prevent people from communicating by falsely claiming the code was entered incorrectly. To help ensure that people are not being blocked from communicating with you or your organization, post contact information in your permanent email signature block as well as on your website’s home page, including an email address, a P.O. address and/or phone number. If your contact information is only available under a tab on your website that cannot be accessed by people who did not clear your gatekeeper service, you may never know how many people were prevented from communicating with you or joining your network or organization.  Of course, emails can be prevented from reaching targeted people.  I am so censored, that I do not actually receive any emails from the email box that appears at the top of AIMI's website at Care2.  I sent emails to that email box myself from numerous computers, and none of the messages went to my Care2 email box as they should have.  I asked Care2 to remove the deceptive email address for AIMI, but they will not.  Therefore, I put my gMail email box on the billboard page, like that would help.  The truth is that whenever I try to open gMail, I am seldom allowed to enter it on the first try.  After repeated tries, it opens.  That is probably to give cyberstalkers a chance to delete any of my emails that they please before I see what should be there.  But that is much better than what happened at Yahoo Mail.  The videos I have on cyberstalking there are "legion," in the Biblical sense - many, many.

Services that shorten links often are used prevent my data from reaching the public. The links can be covertly re-directed to an edited version of your Internet input that omits or distorts data.   For instance, I used a cell phone to view where my Twitter links that are shortened using actually lead.  Some led to what looked like my FreeSpeakBlog posts, but the data was arranged in a single line (vertical data rather than horizontal as it should be).  Therefore, each line of text only had one single alphabet!  I ordinarily use SHORT URL when I need a shorter link, but I prefer to use the entire original link.  Example:  I was repeatedly prevented from sending this tweet:  @Defender411 Pls send this link to trial attys re my bro's murder cover-up - However, this tweet was allowed to post:  @Defender411 Pls send this link to trial attys re my bro's murder cover-up  - When one uses ful links, readers know where the post was published by looking at the link, and they can go to the source websight and possibly find the data even if the link was attacked. The data should be the same whether one accesses my ATTORNEY NEEDED article through the link or the full link, so why would the censorship crew prevent my long link from posting although I have enough space for the full link on Twitter?  The data at the shorter link can easily be redirected later to an edited version of the document.  Link shortening services may not be aware when people's links have been redirected, so it is important to use a trusted service or input your full link.

Are you sure it posted?  Often when I publish discussion items at my online groups or publish comments to news, my input only appears to have published on my view.  That happened on July 7 when I worked at Twitter, also.  I published five or six tweets.  Then I decided to add a "follow me at Twitter" gadget on my FreeSpeakBlog.  I tested my new gadget immediately, and my Twitter profile page appeared.  I should have seen my latest tweets, but I did not.  Select tweets were missing.  However, the missing tweets appeared on my profile page on the screen that I opened without using the "follow me at Twitter" widget.  The "follow me" widget took me to my real profile page at Twitter, and I saw the tweets cyberstalkers allow to be public.  When I went to Twitter without using the "follow me" widget on my PC or a library computer where I logged on using my library card number, I saw all of my tweets in my profile timeline, including the ones that the public never sees. Maybe I should not have exposed that trick, because now I am not permitted to have a "follow me at Twitter" widget at my blogs.  I am KoffieTime at Twitter - - In December 2010, someone decided almost none of my tweets were approved for public view and deleted 11,000 human rights tweets.  I complained often and repeatedly and prayed about it, and they were reinstated in February 2011.  Julian Assange's Wikileaks tweets were not deleted, to my knowledge.  I suppose decriminalizing mental illness and exposing The Cochran Firm Fraud, my advocacy, is perceived as being more dangerous than exposing confidential government communications, which Assange allegedly did.

The only way I found to know when data really publishes online is to work with two computers.  On one computer, sign in as a member of your networks, but not on the other computer.  I have videos showing that although the data should be the same on both computers, the computer where I did not sign on as a member is frequently missing some of my posts that cyberstalkers intend for me to believe published. Take your laptop to Kinko's, the public library, or a friend's house to use a second PC and compare the public view with what appears on your personal computer. 

Cyberstalkers create computer-specific views.  Major Internet sites seldom have down time.  Sometimes when cyberstalkers wished to prevent my publishing, they would send a false response to my attempts to log on at the sites.  Several times I tied to access sites where I publish and reached a screen with the company's logo that said "Site down for maintenance," but the sites were not really down and the company did not issue the notice.  I discovered it was a false notice for my computer only.  I either ask friends to try to access the site to see if they get the same notice, or I call the Internet company that is supposedly "closed for maintenance" to verify that the site is down. I have encountered that roadblock when trying to log in at NowPublic, Yahoo Mail, Care2, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  I take a screen shot using the "print screen" function whenever I get that message to prove censorship.

Preventing Citizens Journalism from Becoming Front Page NewsIndependent news sites determine which stories go to front page by how many hits the articles get within a certain amount of time after they were published. To prevent my stories from going to front page, they are sometimes positioned by saboteurs among stories that posted hours or even months before the date and time I actually published them. That prevents my articles from appearing in the "newly submitted" area and guarantees that my articles get minimum exposure and eliminates the possibility that they become front page news, no matter how noteworthy the stories are. See a video example showing back-timed Internet posts at my YouTube channel. My tweets at Twitter were set to go among tweets that posted from one to three hours prior

Censorship Attacks on Targeted Websites and Blogs.   One night I went to the website belonging to a woman who sought to inform the public about her abuse by police. Only half of the data she posted on her website was visible, and her petition for public support did not appear on her web page. I knew what should be on her website because I had visited it before, plus I had received an email from her asking friends to go to her site and sign her petition and see her video. After seeing that neither the video nor the petition link was visible at her site, I sent her an email response to let her know the data was missing. Immediately, I re-opened her website, and the video and petition link and much other data was visible. Apparently, her email box was being monitored, and saboteurs realized she was being informed about the condition of her website. 

Because of censorship by America's mainstream media and on the Internet, the only way for people to ensure their justice quests are made public is to conduct demonstrations like the peaceful rallies that Amnesty International and other organizations host to support condemned Georgia man Troy Davis.  As it was in the 1960's when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and over 250,000 people met in Washington, D.C. for the Poor People's March, in-person demonstrations are still the most effective way to have impact.  The Internet is not the answer.  See photographs of Mary Neal picketing Georgia Superior Court below:

Mary Neal Pickets Georgia Superior Court re: The Cochran Firm Fraud

When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Freedom Riders demonstrated against oppression in America, the police were used to prevent their justice quest.  That remains true today.  Two Atlanta police officers stopped my picketing in front of The Johnnie Cochran Firm recently.  Atlanta police threatened to arrest me if I did not immediately cease to exercise my First Amendment rights. Since I had brought no one with me to videotape my arrest, I obeyed them.  My family and I are stalked and persecuted for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL, my disabled brother who was arrested and killed by police, but we are denied any records and accountability.  His murder is sanctioned by the government, because mentally ill citizens of all races are discriminated against, abused, and killed regularly in America.  My punishment for advocating for mentally challenged people includes in-person stalking and poverty.  Censorship is used to prevent my using email accounts to conduct job searches, and lawsuits against parties for crimes against my family are prohibited by the judiciary from reaching a jury.  Since that is the case, I have time to write articles, emails, and tweets about injustices and picket wrongdoers at The Cochran Firm, courts, and the DOJ later this summer.  An article about Atlanta police violating my free speech rights to protect The Cochran Firm from public exposure for defrauding its clients to help Memphis police escape accountability for Larry Neal's murder is at this link: 

Mary Neal Not Allowed to Protest in Atlanta -

The second time I visited the website for Veterans Against Police Abuse, the website's tabs were missing, which limited visitors to viewing the organization's home page only. That is an organization of veterans who continue the fight for liberty and justice after leaving active military duty. They sacrificed to secure freedom for Americans and recognize the need to safeguard their investment in by constant vigilance.  The organization's motto is:  "We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home."- Edward R. Murrow.  Access the Veterans Against Police Abuse website at this link:  and see a video:

Yesterday, the "Search This Blog" feature was covertly deactivated for this FreeSpeakBlog until I notified GOOGLE about the sabotage.  My blogs are about the denial of justice my family experiences regarding the secret arrest and murder of my handicapped brother, Larry Neal, by Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, and I also publish articles about other victims of America's unjust justice system.  Put key words like "prison profits," "execution," "wrongful conviction," or names of noted inmates into my "Search This Blog" field to access articles I wrote to help promote justice.  Also, use the handy index in the left margin at FreeSpeakBlog to see a complete list of articles published there.

False Security Alerts.  If an individual is targeted for censorship, she may not be able to open sites carrying information that she may learn from or spread.  Also, some websites are themselves censored, and traffic to those websites is discouraged.  False security alerts are frequently used for censorship.  The first time I visited IndyMedia in 2007, a warning message appeared saying that opening that site on my computer would harm the machine.  Last year in 2010, the same warning message appeared at my FreeSpeakBlog.  This is a Google blog, and Google is probably the largest, most respected Internet company.  Opening FreeSpeakBlog cannot damage anyone's computer, but the information therein may damage the "Mass Hypnosis" affecting Americans (Google my article "Mass Hypnosis").

Inoperable Widgets.  Censored websites have inoperable widgets.  Above in this article, I discussed the fact that I am disallowed a "follow me at Twitter" widget because the data I accessed using that widget when it was at this FreeSpeakBlog was my tweets that really showed on public view instead of ALL of my tweets.  I was not supposed to have a widget that showed me which tweets were omitted from public view; therefore, I am not allowed to have an operable "follow me at Twitter" widget now.  At my new blog - - I positioned a gadget readers can use to post a link to the blogs at Facebook or Twitter.  I tried the gadget myself, and link-posting was prevented at both FB and Twitter.  The MaryLovesJustice blog also has a YouTube gadget across the top where the public can access my cyber censorship films from YouTube channel jkempp703.  When I use Google and access my blog, I see the YouTube widget, but when I accessed my blog using Bing earlier today, I saw my articles, but the YouTube widget was not across the top.  (Maybe there is some technical reason for that.  I use Google Chrome, but I opened Bing using Internet Explorer 6).

Censorship Examples. Visit my YouTube channel jkempp703 to view some of my cyber censorship videos. Check the channel periodically, because I have hundreds of videos to upload that show real-time cyberstalking. Learn their methodology, and you will know how to recognize when you and others are being censored. If you are targeted for censorship like I am, always work with a digital camera or a video cell phone ready to record interference. I found that is an inexpensive way to capture proof when saboteurs change my online input as I type, when I encounter DoS from particular networks, and when my posts are changed or deleted in whole or in part. For instance, I sent an email to members of the Justice 4 Oscar Grant group members at Yahoo Groups. My video records what I emailed and when it was sent. However, the message that posted at the Oscar Grant Yahoo Group did not have the link I included in the email for recipients to access the Oscar Grant article I wrote about his murder-by-police. You can access the article at NowPublic by putting "Mary Neal" in the network's search field, or browse for it at Google.

I filmed videos showing that my data, including links and photographs, can be rendered invisible on Internet posts.  All of them are clearly visible when I work in the edit mode at online networks, but they are invisible on the public view. I sent ecards to notify hundreds of people and organizations about Thomas Arthur facing imminent execution in Alabama in August 2009, despite the fact that his DNA test results the D.A. received in July 2009 indicated Arthur’s innocence. Arthur’s DNA test results had been sealed by the court, and the likely innocent man who has been on death row nearly three decades was to be executed without the public’s knowledge that Arthur’s DNA did not match any crime scene evidence tested. His test results were kept out of mainstream news reports, and that information was rendered invisible on the ecards I sent. I have videos with side-by-side views of the ecards as they appeared with the information I input about Arthur and the empty ecards people actually received.

Examples:  I published an article at Care2 News Network about Thomas Arthur, an Alabama death row inmate for whom prosecutors planned to request a death warrant in August 2009 although results from his DNA test indicated that his DNA matched no crime scene evidence that was tested.  The test results were sealed by the court, and plans to execute Arthur continued while mainstream media remained silent.  I sounded an alarm online despite a fierce infowar.  Care2 eCard department was reportedly attacked, and my eCards about Arthur's planned execution arrived to addressees blank on September 1, 2009.  I use gMail for advocacy, and gMail also went down on September 1.  The battle to air controversial human rights news continues.  On March 31, 2011, I received notice that has been attacked, and content over the past ten days was deleted.  The cyberstalkers may have taken out ten days of articles to get to a single targeted story.  I will follow up with to see which articles it cannot retrieve.  I hope they ask the authors to re-submit those.  See the notice below:

Dear Readers, Late last night, was attacked and our content over the past ten days was deleted. We're working to capture the cache versions of those stories that are no longer available and republish them on our website. You may find that some links will take you to "Page Not Found." Right now we're working to restore the vandalized stories.  We will update you as soon as we have more information, and hope to be back in full force very soon. Thank you for your patience and your support!  Sincerely,  The Truthout Team

A NowPublic member published a Taser story about an elderly woman who was tasered by police, and it received many views and comments. I cross-posted the news at Care2 News Network where people only see an excerpt from the news story and have a link to reach the full news report.  I then wrote a comment at the NowPublic article saying that I had cross-posted the news, and I invited NowPublic visitors to see opinions by Care2 members by using a link in my comment. But when I used the link at NowPublic to get to the Care2 article and comments, I discovered that comments expressing disapproval about the elder getting tasered that came from two people, a police officer and a health care professional, were rendered invisible. I then entered the URL for the article directly into the IE browser rather than accessing the article by using the link I placed at NowPublic,and all of the comments were visible. Perhaps cyberstalkers had redirected the link to lead to an edited copy of the Care2 news story rather than the real one.  That way, hundreds of people who accessed the article by using the link I posted at my NowPublic comment would not read opinions about proper police procedure and health risks that came from "experts" in those fields. (That is only speculation about how the comments were censored.  I do not actually know how covert activities to interfere with Americans' free speech and free press rights are accomplished online.)

Control over my PC via illegal remote access and/or by putting my PCs on a workgroup does not explain all of the censorship I experience. Some of it has to be done by saboteurs’ influence over the sites where I post. For instance, no one with administrative control over my PC would have the ability to go into Care2 News Network and other networks and delete published news stories and comments. And my PC cannot direct networks to issue a denial of service (DoS) when I try to use their online services. It would be interesting to know whether saboteurs have moles in the IT staff of certain networks and web hosts or if saboteurs have control over the Internet itself, which would make cooperation by online networks unnecessary. I think the answer is both.
SECURE YOUR ONLINE COMMUNICATION. Anything that limits a human or civil rights organization’s ability to communicate with the public negatively impacts membership enrollment, financial support, and the overall effectiveness of the advocacy. Organizations with sufficient budgets should consider having their computer security system and helpdesk operations periodically monitored by an outside concern rather than relying solely on their own IT staff. Know what data is flowing in and out of your organization, and try to learn what messages are blocked. Pay attention to helpdesk inquiries if you host an online network. The issues network members report may indicate more than malfunctioning equipment or software glitches. Censorship attacks can come from outside or within your organization. Not giving your computer operations good oversight is like never having your organization’s bookkeeping audited because you have an efficient, trusted bookkeeper. Anything can be happening to your peril without your knowledge. For instance, I sent eVites to over 2,000 people and organizations on my Yahoo mail list through American Greetings, but the end report that I did not receive until the day of the event indicated that only 30 of those eVites were actually sent. What impact would it have on your organization if you plan an event and less than 10% of the intended recipients actually receive your invitation?

Despite the expense, it is a good idea to use regular mail and send hardcopies for important correspondence. When you communicate online, what you post is not necessarily what people receive. Furthermore, whereas people are able to file your printed material and refer to it later, Internet data can be surreptitiously removed and made unavailable for sharing in the future. I did an online search for Amnesty International’s petition against enforced H1N1 vaccines recently, and it did not appear (I do not know if it was removed by the sponsor or not). The more advocacy organizations rely on the Internet to communicate, the easier it is to limit their success by blocking their emails, deactivating or redirecting links, issuing DoS attacks to prevent responses on petitions, or making part of the organizations’ data invisible at their websites. What impact would it have if saboteurs made your donations icon invisible to website visitors?

This article has only a few of the methods used to censor Americans online that I have been subjected to or observed happening to communication by other individuals and organizations.  Visit my YouTube channel at jkempp703, you will see videos showing some more cyber censorship methods.  I believe this censorship can be happening to social network members and blog visitors without the knowledge or cooperation of people who own the sites or host the networks.  I hope my videos and this article remind human and civil rights advocates that there is powerful opposition to social justice in the 21st century just as there always has been.  Secondly, it is a good idea to ask for paper receipts for voting machines.  Never allow voting over the Internet, or the political party with the best hackers would will win every election.

The determination to censor Mary Neal reaches extreme levels and include in-person stalking.  Censorship against members of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill is intended to (1) prevent minority citizens and others from learning about The Cochran Firm fraud, and (2) prevent advocacy to treat rather than imprison 1.25 million mentally ill Americans.  Treating rather than imprisoning people for mental illness is an unpopular concept for private prison owners and investors, who include many decision makers in the justice system, such as judges as well as elected and appointed officials.  Imprisoning 2.3 million inmates costs American taxpayers over $50 billion annually, and as much as $185 billion annually is spent when one factors in police services, court costs and attorney's fees.  That figure is augmented by millions of dollars prison investors receive each year from prison work projects.  Many of the jobs that Americans think went overseas actually went to prison along with 2.3 million people, many of whom toil long hours for little or no pay and no job benefits.  Because of the love of money, advocacy that threatens prison profits is therefore severely attacked online.  See "Home Invasion" at this link:

There is so much more I could share with you, and I do in various blogs.  Freedom of press is not entirely forsaken in America because you are reading this, and I have published such articles for years and yet breathe.  I just cuss when the cyberdogs strike, repent for cussing, and keep typing. It is for Christians to work and for God to get the results from our work that He desires.  But faith without works is dead.  Knowing that the battle is not mine but the Lord's, I am not as frustrated as I might otherwise be with the censorship I endure. Remember that although the Internet is fast communication, it is not reliable.  Use peaceful in-person demonstrations and the mail whenever possible, or your messages may reach the public altered or not at all.

I don't know why the paragraph in bold above is set so far apart from the rest of this article.  I had trouble adding it.  CONGRATULATIONS ON HAVING FOUND THIS ARTICLE despite the fact that it is not on the web under the title that I gave it - "Internet Censorship American Style."  Instead, the link says "Internet Censorship: How They Do It." I changed the name and hoped it would change on the web link.  After I used "Internet Censorship American Style," numerous other articles and videos appeared on the web under that name.  That is called "diversionary tactics."  Google censors less than other Internet companies, but I wish my article was called its real title online (March 2011 - The title is online now).    Read about COINTELPRO in Wikipedia, and Google the term.  See videos about COINTELPRO on YouTube.  Find out how the covert government program worked against the civil rights movement in my HubPages article "Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011," and learn how it or something similar is happening today in my article, "NAACP vs. Black Cigarette Smokers."  Hurry, because both articles are being cyberstalked. 

My most recent article is about two important cases about children's rights pending before the U.S. Supreme Court in March 2011 (determining whether children should be interrogated at school by social workers and armed police without parental knowledge, a warrant, an attorney, or a Miranda warning, then jailed if they make confessions under those circumstances) was unpublished by editors at HubPages - "Juvenile Justice: Kids 4 Cash."  Check for that title and you will find numerous online articles named that as of March 7, 2011, then see their dates of publication.  Something similar also happened when I published "Michael Jackson's Death - The Conspiracy Theory," which is still my most popular article.  (Even if you were among the nearly 100,000 people who read it at NowPublic, please see the MJJ article in this blog.  It was updated.)  I checked the title of the MJJ article for uniqueness before using it, but within a week many similar titles appeared online - diversions.

I do not know who pays my cyberstalkers and cannot say definitively that they work for the government.  If the censorship I found online was limited to my own input, I would be inclined to think it was a certain law firm.  However, I found censorship against the ACLU, Amnesty International, Care2's groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (which are not connected to the national organizations), Veterans Against Police Brutality, other civil/human rights organizations and various activist bloggers.  I resent cyberstalkers preventing my communications with Cops Against Death Penalty on Facebook.  There are many dedicated people in the justice system.  They have a right to know that people appreciate them and share their viewpoints with others.  Whenever I try to comment on members' posts at that group, I get a message saying my comment could not be posed.  (March 2011 - I was allowed to post comments to CADP at FB after this complaint and complaing on BlogTalk Radio.) What I can say definitely is that human/civil rights is attacked on the web using the methods discussed in this web.  Please oppose government-issued individual Internet I.D. numbers, or news by individual activists and certain organizations may be prohibited altogether.

WAKE UP! It is KoffieTime! Follow me at Twitter, where I am KoffieTime –  I wish I could have a working "Follow Me at Twitter" widget, but here is a link:

Mary Neal


 Thanks for visiting Free Speak Blog – - Your comments and questions are invited.  I advise all human/civil rights activists and organizations, defense attorneys, and YOU to print this document or save it on disc so you can refer to it if/when you need to do so.  Count the paragraphs and links to ensure you have it all.  If you do not, just send me smoke signals or use a drum.  My email accounts and phone are also cyberstalked. LOL!  Seriously, television, phones, and other modes of communication are operating via satellites now and are therefore vulnerable. One night I communicated extensively with a fellow writer sending and receiving numerous emails using our NowPublic email boxes.  The next day, she told me she was not online.  I went to my sent file to retrieve the messages and forward them to her, and the email strand was gone.  Welcome to the End Game.  (Google for my article "End Game Reports.") Blessings!


Anonymous said...


MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Thanks for your comments, although I cannot read them.

Americans are allowed to write about what movie stars wore to a gala, who they're dating, and which ones got divorced. Those messages are not censored on the Internet. That is how far our freedom of speech goes. Because I write about injustice in the justice system, I am censored and stalked in person and online.

Americans are subjected to many invasions on our privacy to ensure that we are properly identified. Our fingerprints are on our drivers licenses, there are discussions around having college freshmen in California submit DNA samples, and x-ray macines at airports render travelers naked before the eyes of strangers. Yet The Johnnie Cochran Firm commits identity fraud, and that is allowed. Major legal referral companies present online ads for the firm's Georgia law office - Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk, P.C., although that law office has NEVER been registered with Georgia's Secretary of State's office, so it cannot be a "P.C." (professional corporation). The Cochran Firm advertises its Atlanta office all over the world via Internet, on television, in phone books, and in legal services ads. However, when we sued the law firm for defrauding its own clients to protect police from exposure after Larry's murder, courts allowed The Cochran Firm to deny its advertised identity and submit perjury in court records.

I recently protested outside The Cochran Firm's offices on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, and police officers forced me to leave so the law firm can continue to defraud consumers of legal services. That is how limited our freedom of speech really is. Government-sanctioned fraud against Americans is a protected activity, but warning people about it is not.

Mary Neal

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

It is official. The Senate is voting on whether to allow the U.S. Justice Dept. to outlaw certain websites.

Sept. 29, 2010 - -Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act was introduced in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill has a bipartisan roster of co-sponsors who say it will be a tool for stopping the worst offenders in the world of online piracy. The bill would give the attorney general new powers to shut down websites deemed dedicated to counterfeit material - by going through the courts and by encouraging service providers to go after sites the Justice Department puts on a PUBLIC BLACKLIST.
If you trust attorney generals of the United States of America to give you information, consider that my family has begged FOUR U.S. Attorney Generals for SEVEN years and counting how and why the government secretly arrested and murdered my mentally, physically handicapped brother, Larry Neal. That is apparently privileged information. We also asked the USDOJ to please investigate his death (like a handicapped black man's murder is as important as a dog abuse case). They refuse. If this bill passes, I guess when your handicapped relatives are secretly arrested and murdered, you won't have the opportunity the Neal family had to put the FOIA request the U.S. Dept. of Justice REFUSES to answer online. People like to do such EXTERMINATIONS in private, I BELIEVE.

Mary Neal

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

I hope that when my tweets don't appear in my Twitter timeline they are not being withheld from my followers. Cyberdogs have my tweets posting an hour back now, which means my exposure is reduced. When my tweets don't appear in my timeline, they still appear on my profile page - - on my view. I wanted to welcome my newest follower, @Komanapalli of Orange County, CA, USA. His profile says "Pastor at Saddleback Church, Special Assistant to Rick Warren, Husband, Daddy, Voice Over Guy, and a friend to YOU!" I sure need friends and thank God every day for sending good friends like Fatima and many others who help us overcome the shroud of secrecy surrounding the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically handicapped brother, Larry Neal, and help post news about the Boycott 4 Justice. The tweet cyberdogs are preventing right now is:

@Komanapalli Thank #God for sending me Christian follower. I love all my followers, but Cyberdogs don't let me have blacks & Christians much

Unfortunately, I cannot get a "follow me at Twitter" widget to operate at my blogs. I found out that widget took me to my Twitter profile page that the public actually sees, and it has only 1 out of 10 of the tweets I post. The cyberdogs do not want me to know which of my tweets are kept invisible.

It is unbelievable, but this Georgia middle aged woman is more of a concern for the censorship team than Julian Assange ever was. While 11,000 of my human/civil rights tweets were deleted in December 2010, Wikileaks' tweets stayed intact. (Mine were reinstated after I complained for two months.) That is probably because the prison industry is about money. The Boycott 4 Justice is about money. The Bible says that the love of money is the root of ALL evil. Until We the People address problems FINANCIALLY, our protests will fall on closed ears. That is why the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE is important. That is why it will succeed where petitions, rallies, and marches alone will not Change anything. The corporations and government have apparently prioritized money over citizens, so we must respond FINANCIALLY.


MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

HELLO. I'm in an infowar with my cyberstalkers right now. They don't want this Twitter tweet to post:

@truthout When cyberdogs attack my links @Twitter, they don't show in the right window"Your Tweets." Censorship is imperfect art form. VIDEO

Sometimes they relent when I complain. I will upload new videos at my YouTube channel jkempp703 showing more cyberstalking at Twitter, Care2, Facebook, Google Blogger, and other major Internet companies. Some of the censorship is done by cyberdogs stationed in my neighborhood who illegally put my PC on their Intranet to control my Internet input and browsing. Other examples you see on my films cannot be done by controlling my personal PC. I complain, but I believe there has been a revolution like Gil Scott Herron said there would be in his hit song, and as he predicted, it was not televised.

Here is a link to a seven-part complaint with examples of serious First Amendment rights violations to prevent/limit my ability to advocate for Human Rights for Prisoners (an expanding group). See link:

It is a tedious process capturing the videos and uploading them on the web for a Georgia middle aged woman whose computer training was as a software user, not developer. I was glad to see there are programs to upload my lengthy tapes onto a computer and break them into 10-minute parts so you can see more of the cyberattacks against my advocacy.

At the link above, I reported to Google that my article "Internet Censorship American Style" was attacked when I was reporting that had a cyberattack on 3/30/11, and ten days of its posts were deleted. See? I told you it isn't just me.



MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Using "Google Translator," the first comment is interpreted as saying:

"Success are mostly people who make a decision soon, but do not change easily. And failure is often belongs to those difficult decisions, but frequent changes."

Thank you. I decided before reaching adulthood to resist Satan and follow Jesus. I have wavered, but not to the extent that some obviously hope.

Unknown said...

Some governments will try to clutch internet freedom for selfish purposes. As a user of services by an Australian broadband service provider, I believe it would be unfair for responsible internet users if internet freedom will be declined.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

How right you are, Jason Norin. The people would be remiss in our responsibilities if we let our only means of mass communication be taken over by governments, that already have taken over mainstream news.

When I initially published this article, it sounded to some like a conspiracy theory, although I provided video proof. Now that Edward Snowden told the world the same facts, and supplied NSA's records to prove his allegations, you can better understand the revelations I made in "Internet Censorship American Style" years ago.

I believe I was one of their test cases, used to determine what controls would be useful to contain information that is adverse to the USA, like the fact that the U.S. Dept. of Justice helped Shelby County Jail in Memphis escape accountability for the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal. Thank you, Edward Snowden!

Thank you for your comment, Jason.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Update Feb. 9, 2015 (one paragraph): I discovered last week a new type of censorship being applied to my articles. Please note whether a suffix was added to the link you reach when you use links. If a suffix was added, you were diverted from my blog and are being shown an article that may omit data and links that are in my actual articles. If this happens, please delete the suffix up to the "html," in order to reach my blogs. Note that not all websites end in "html," so please compare the document you reach to the link you used to ensure that you were not diverted to a fake view. Diverting links was a provision under SOPA that did not pass in Congress (it died without a vote), however, censorship is illegally used in the USA against so-called dissidents (people who disagree with Nazism).
"Google, Don't Be Evil"

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