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The Heathens Rage! by Mary Neal

(Sequel to "Home Invasion!" at this link:  http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/home-invasion-by-mary-neal.html )

(31 paragraphs, 11 links, Psalm 2, "Elite Integration" poem)  This is an installment on the continuing justice quest regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal and InfoWar to notify the public about H.R.619 – a congressional bill that will help decriminalize mental illness in America by resuming Medicaid for psychiatric inpatients. Larry Neal’s death was followed by the biggest cover-up conspiracy in years. It started in July 2003, when Memphis Shelby County Jail lied repeatedly about having the mentally, physically ill man incarcerated in order that he would die without his heart drugs and/or by other means. Many crimes continue to be done to keep Larry’s murder out of the public’s eye. Background information is in this website: http://WrongfulDeathOfLarryNeal.com  – Upon Larry’s secret murder, which is still denied investigation and records six years later, his family started an organization to help other acute mental patients be treated in hospitals rather than punished by imprisonment for reason of their health conditions. Visit Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) online at http://www.Care2.com/c2c/group/AIMI . We did not realize when we started AIMI that the mentally ill comprise half of America’s inmates -1.25 million people. If mental illness is decriminalized as we advocate, prison investors stand to lose billions each year. More money would be available for education and jobs programs instead of prisons. Therefore, there is fierce opposition to my publishing information about H.R.619.  If police had hospitals to take crisis patients to, the jails and prisons would lose “business.” The prison industry now costs approximately $50 billion annually, according to PEW calculations. Costs skyrocket to around $185 billion per year when one factors in police services, court costs, and lawyers for indigent clients. Billions more are earned through prison work projects.  Prisons have become a "third world country" where America's jobs disappeared along with 2.3 million people.  Consequently, AIMI’s online advocacy is censored and its founder harassed and intimidated. “The Heathens Rage” is about the latest assaults against our justice quest for Larry Neal and advocacy for millions of other mentally dysfunctional Americans living behind bars or under threat for incarceration because of their disabilities.  Help rip the shroud of secrecy by sharing this and other articles in http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/   Your help is needed to get H.R.619 for mental hospitals out of congressional committees and onto the House floor for a vote.  It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to help.  Make up for the gap in news coverage about H.R.619 - Make some calls, post a letter of support online, and vote for the bill at OpenCongress.org.  See this link, please:  http://www.care2.com/c2c/share/detail/1456848

                                                                       Naked, Chained Mentally Ill Prisoner
                                                                                     Read about him at


My bank confirmed that an $80 check that I was extorted of on April 6 was cashed. I used my tapped telephone (678) 531.0262 to arrange for a computer repair person to remove the malware and Trojans that cyberstalkers use to control my browser and Internet input as well as spy on my personal communication. My call was apparently intercepted, and Michael Moon responded to the repair call. The phone number on his business card did not match the phone number I dialed for service. Moon spent 2.5 hours in my home supposedly doing a wipe clean/ reinstall on my PC. He actually installed more malware and left my PC on the controllers' Intranet. Moon had me to write a check for his disservice to "AHS," which could stand for Attorney Hesekiah Sistrunk, manager of The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office. My bank reported that the back of the check is smudged on its computer system, which does not surprise me when I consider the flagrant computer attacks I endure. I asked the bank to research the check regarding to whom the $80 was paid. However, I have discovered that those who are intent on punishing me for my human rights advocacy can arrange cooperation in unlikely places. In the final analysis, wrongdoers have now extorted Larry Neal’s sister and elderly mother out of $80 in addition to:

~secretly arresting Larry, a mentally and physically handicapped American,

~lying about having Larry under arrest for nearly three weeks to deprive the lifelong schizophrenic heart patient of his life-saving medications until he died,

~returning his naked body without explaining his arrest and demise,

~denying Larry’s family any records or accountability for his murder,

~sending The Johnnie Cochran Firm to defraud Larry’s family into believing a wrongful death lawsuit was being brought against Shelby County Jail while the law firm actually did zero but trick Larry’s elderly mother and siblings while the statute of limitations ran,

~ interfering with my computer operations to make it difficult to notify the world about Larry's murder and the 1.25 million other mentally ill people who are suffering cruel incarceration with some dying,

~the Department of Justice refusing to respond to our FOIA requests for information about Larry's secret arrest and murder, despite the fact that Americans are not supposed to be killed by the government under secret arrest - especially harmless mental patients who have not stood trial on any criminal charges,

~following me home from work every night until God rescued me by lay-off; then I was regularly followed to neighborhood businesses

~denying my little grandson and me 911 police services when we were followed and accosted for an hour at Chevron station by a government vehicle (USDOT truck) and four other vehicles

~sending threatening emails and advertisements to our computer

~painting lines in our yard from the back fence to the street, which was followed by helicopters circling our home and standing still over our rooftop

Mr. Moon gained admittance to my home on April 6 by presenting himself as a PC repairman from QFC Technologies, Inc., a company that Georgia Secretary of State’s office reports was never incorporated, but was an LLC that went out of business four years ago. After he left and I recognized the condition of my PC, I published an article about Moon’s extortion. Then a relative’s rear car window was smashed. Other family members have also been stalked, persecuted, and many of the threats that I receive on my PC involve hurting children in our family. Numerous police reports and requests to the DOJ for relief under U.S. Code 18, sections 242 and 245 have been made and ignored regarding our terrorism online and in person during the present administration and the previous one.

I am so glad that God is real!  It is a disturbing situation to be in, but I give Him all the glory for making what I write for the least of these, His brethren, so important that a significant amount of money and effort is expended to contain my message. Mainstream news refuses to report that The Johnnie Cochran Firm had a judge issue a court order that the law firm is nonexistent in Georgia in order to have Larry's family's lawsuit against the firm dismissed. I thank God for making our justice quest so relevant that two noted law firms, judges, and even the government participate in hiding records and withholding justice not only from Larry’s survivors, but from millions like him who are either imprisoned or live under the threat of jail due to mental dysfunctions.

Since Johnnie Cochran died, The Cochran Firm fraud may actually be a Cointelpro plot against all black and brown citizens and other disenfrancised clients who seek justice after deaths by police and other wrongs. Six months after The Cochran Firm’s Georgia office was pronounced nonexistent in Superior Court, the firm undertook representing survivors of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston, who was gunned down by police in her own home. Although some of the former officers were convicted for her murder, news reports stated The Cochran Firm only sued for negligence, not wrongful death (if suit was actually filed). How a major law firm that is advertising and doing business daily at 127 Peachtree Street in Atlanta can get a court to declare it non-existent in Georgia is a mystery - or is it?  Why mainstream media ignores the news and refuses to warn other black and brown citizens is another mystery - or is it?  Are these mysteries or symtomatic of a culture where human and civil rights for poor and middle-class people do not matter to authorities, the courts? Is it a mystery why mainstream media does not report that congressional bill H.R.619 was proposed in Congress to resume Medicaid for psychiatric inpatients - a change that would negatively impact prison investors?

You can assess the importance of a message by the might of those who come against it. Jesus Christ, was raised as a lowly carpenter's son, yet He was attacked by King Herod at birth. Throughout His ministry, Jesus came under attack by the highest religious leaders of His day and was finally crucified by powerful Romans who had dominion over His country.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a humble minister from Georgia. As an African American, Rev. King was held in such low esteem that he had to ride on the back of the bus whenever he traveled by public transportation. Yet the minister was attacked by powerful forces wherever he appeared to speak for justice. Rev. King's words were so strong and righteous that his final speech is being censored 42 years after his assassination. See my article regarding Rev. King's final speech, "I've Been to the Mountaintop." It was fraudulently edited to change history, and the fraud is presented online as being Rev. King's original text.

Dr. King’s family also endured threats like mine does. Coretta King and their four young children were threatened numerous times while Dr. King was away from his family tending to his Father’s business. There is nothing to do when faced with such evil but pray. Unless the Lord watches the house, the watchman watches in vain. I entrust security to the Lord. In God we trust.

The heathens' choices are the same today as they were for other messengers the LORD sent to tell Pharaohs they were wrong.  Deal with my voice or cut it off, then deal with the thousands that the Lord raises up in my stead.  As stated in the title of a hit play, "Yo arms too short to box with God!"

To be persecuted for righteousness sake like Jesus Christ, my LORD, and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., one of my heroes, is quite an honor. As discomforting as my situation is, it is gratifying that my articles to help decriminalize mental illness in America and promote Human Rights for Prisoners are counted worthy of attention, sabotage, and intimidation from powerful forces that attack me online and in person, and they even extort my elderly mother and me out of money that we need for survival. Their conduct proves our effectiveness. Hundreds of people report problems within the justice system and news about abuses and murders by law enforcement officers and prison guards. I puzzle over why attacks against my news reports are so severe. Perhaps they would not be if we were not an African American family reporting directly to the public via Internet rather than represented in court by an attorney. Apparently, we were expected to endure the lynching of a family member in silence like 18th century slaves.

Christians pledge to be the body of Christ in the earth and to relieve suffering by the least of these, His brethren. I can do little about wrongs that I observe except write about them in hopes that someone who has more power will address wrongs and relieve unnecessary human suffering. Many people in high positions care. Congress has approximately 177 bills pending that address mental illness. The most important mental health bill was introduced by Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX), H.R.619.  H.R.619 proposes amending Title XIX of the Social Security Act to resume Medicaid for inpatients in psychiatric hospitals. After that funding source was withdrawn in the 1970’s, roughly 1.25 million mentally ill Americans landed in prison, and others died homeless. Taxpayers save nothing by criminalizing mental illness, but sick people, their families, and communities suffer.

Correctional officers are not psychiatrists, and many of them consider emotionally disturbed inmates as being insubordinate when they do not obey orders promptly. Punishment often leads to deaths as suffered by Larry Neal, Sean LeVert, Tim Souders, and others. Taxpayers pay large awards to survivors when authorities cannot cover up such wrongful deaths like Shelby County Jail did regarding Larry Neal’s case via The Cochran Firm (where the managing partner was a Shelby County commissioner). No one is helped by criminalizing mental illness except prison investors.  Within three years of Larry's death, federal lawsuits were filed for Shelby County law enforcement having killed or abused three other mentally ill citizens.  Their lawyer really filed their wrongful death and brutality lawsuits, unlike The Cochran Firm, which tricked our family.

In addition to supporting hospital care under H.R.619, we also do well to promote assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs like Kendra's Law, which reduced homelessness, incarceration, and hospitalizations by up to 87% among New York participants. Kendra’s Law combines subsistence assistance and treatment for mentally ill persons released from hospitals and jails. Advocacy for H.R.619, AOT programs, and open disclosure about Larry’s death put wrongdoers in a heartless attack mode against this Georgia grandmother and my family. Our home phone, computers, and humble abode itself are under constant surveillance.

My computers are covertly loaded with a program that notifies others on the illegal network whenever I go online. Whether it is morning or late night, someone has to immediately stop everything and give my computer input his full attention. Although remote access controllers likely live near my home, I experience interference to a lesser degree when I use my laptop in WiFi locales and when I log in at public computers in neighborhood libraries. I captured hundreds of videos showing real-time cybercensorship I experience. One cyberstalking example is in a video online at YouTube called "Prison Labor Profits."  Write to AIMI and request a CD filled with examples of cyberstalking like "Prison Labor Profits" on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icRD77mugaI

The heathens rage at the truth going forward. They worry because decent people across America learn through my articles how the mentally ill are abused and murdered without recourse during arrests and while imprisoned. This is especially true of African Americans like my murdered brother, Larry, but mentally ill people of all races are subject to homelessness, death, or cruel incarceration (including solitary prison torture) rather than hospital treatment and community care.

I believe that the main reason for criminalizing mental illness, excessive sentencing, wrongful convictions, and expensive capital punishment is prison profiteering. For as long as astute businessmen (including many elected officials, judges, and other decision makers) profit from the nation’s high incarceration rate, there will be little motivation to effect positive change. Pharaohs know that slavery for profit, as is practiced in our justice system, is abhorrent. Czars recognize it is wrong to execute people or have them serve long-term prison sentences without irrefutable proof of guilt, especially when DNA testing is denied or evidence and testimony that arrived after conviction are ignored. Elitist prison profiteers realize that whereas they may lack decency and conscience, most people do not. My articles also cause concern because I make reports about H.R.645 (the FEMA camp bill that is making its way through Congress), and the threat of militarized health care - enforced vaccines. The enforced vaccines threat seems over for now, but it may return next flu season.

A few years ago, students at Columbine High School were attacked by suicidal terrorists who walked among them. The Bible says one’s worst enemies are within one’s own household. A gunman asked the students he held at gunpoint, "Who in here believes in Jesus Christ?" A lone girl stood and said, "I do. I believe in Jesus Christ." The enraged youth murdered her. I wondered after that tragedy if my faith was strong enough to hold fast when endangered like the young Columbine Christian. Because of the ongoing terrorism we continue to endure since Larry’s murder, especially as I endeavor to speak for other voiceless victims in the justice system, I now have my answer. Though my knees quiver and my heart palpitates as I am sure that child’s did, I yet stand and say to you all, “YES, I BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST!”I hope you also care about the least of these, His brethren, and want to see sick people treated in hospitals and community care programs rather than imprisoned (often in solitary confinement).  Your help is needed to help get H.R.619 for mental hospitals out of congressional committees and onto the House floor for a vote. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to help. Make up for the gap in news coverage about H.R.619 - Make some calls, post a letter of support online, and vote for the bill at OpenCongress.org. See this link, please: http://www.care2.com/c2c/share/detail/1456848

Write to AIMI and request a CD filled with examples of cyberstalking like "Prison Labor Profits" on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icRD77mugaI - However, I even have trouble using U.S. Mail to advocate for mental illness to be treated medically, not legally.  See this articleSmuggling Human/Civil Rights News in USA http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/more-gangstalking-for-mary-neal.html

The next time I have to leave my home to use a computer, I will take my sign with me, videos that show the illegal attacks against my freedom of speech and press rights, many pamphlets letting African Americans know that a law firm is being used to spy on what they think are confidential, privileged communications with their attorneys, and I use my voice like a bullhorn and continue to tell the world "JAIL IS THE LAST THING THAT MENTAL PATIENTS NEED, AND MANY TIMES, IT IS THE VERY LAST THING THEY GET.  JOIN US IN OUR QUEST TO DECRIMINALIZE MENTAL ILLNESS IN AMERICA."


Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying,

Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision.

Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion.

I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Daughter; this day have I begotten thee.

Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel.

Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.

Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.


ELITE INTEGRATION, by Mary Neal (all rights reserved)

Elite white people and black people done got together against little people
And they imprisoning 'em and waterboarding 'em and executing 'em

Elite white people and black people done got together against little people
They lay 'em off, make 'em bail out banks, laying railroad tracks to concentration camps*
*Google for H.R. 645, the FEMA center bill proposed in January 2009 by Alcee Hastings, an African American congressman from Florida - one of the ten outsted federal judges throughout American history.


Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
P.O. Box 153, Redan, GA  30074-0153
Donations for the justice quest are appreciated.


MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Shelby County Jail, be aware that Eric Holder may decide to uphold the Freedom of Information Act and tell what happened to Larry Neal. Perhaps after six years authoraties can come up with an excuse for secretly arresting Larry Neal, an American with disabilities, and returning his dead, naked body without any records or explanations. We will see what you have come up with, perhaps. Also, it will be interesting to know what excuse is offered for THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD.


When a law firm is allowed to defraud a grieving family to protect a jail where such a death took place, that deserves some explanation, I BELIEVE. This is especially true when The Cochran Firm is allowed to deny its own identity in Georgia courts to dodge my family's lawsuit for its fraud. See Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2 at YouTube.

Mary Neal

Anonymous said...

great msg for me, thanks a lot dude˙﹏˙

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Thanks for your comment. Glad you found the info useful. Please share news about H.R.619 and the need to decriminalize mental illness with others. See my lineup of articles in the index on the left margin at FreeSpeakBlog, and feel free to ask questions or post comments on those, also.


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It is necessary for every parent to learn what is cyberstalking its impact on your child and how to protect him/her from Cyber harassement