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Emergency Tweets from 4/28/10

Just sent these emergency notices via Twitter.  I came to library because I was kept offline for 4 days by illegal stalking - ever since I announced that True Voice was publishing the WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL story. They sent a fake computer man to my house when I called for a tech to do a wipe/clean and re-install on April 6.  He put my home PC completely in Cointelpro control, and they decided I would not be allowed to use it at all for Internet after I made the True Voice announcement.  I have a witness that my computer number was not allowed to be electronically called like every other patron.  Rather, the library system's computer skipped my nuber and then I was shown to a special computer by the librarian.  This happens when I go to the library.  That way, they can make sure I don't load my videos proving cyberstalking.  But it won't work.  I am going to get those videos loaded to show the www. what is happening in the justice system in America.  I am allowed to be stalked and my First Amendment rights are trampled to hide my brother's murder and to prevent my advocacy for H.R.619, a congressional bill to decriminalize mental illness by allowing sick people to go to mental hospitals rather than jails.  They force me out of my home in order to do what, I don't know.  Then they follow me to libraries and fix up special computers for me.  This means it is not much more net freedom for Mary Neal even in public libraries.  But God sits high and he looks low.  He will deal with all of the illegal activity to keep my brother's murder covered up and the collusion to prevent my family's due process of rights.  He is God, and He takes care of His children and their enemies alike.

@TallchicknVegas @MaxReddick Stalkers kept me offline at home PC. I was stalked to Library today. I'm leaving here for Police Dept. soon.

less than 20 seconds ago via web

@toxicreverend I'm leaving library and taking video proof to police department. I'm FedEx-ing same to Rep. Johnson bcuz it's about H.R.619

2 minutes ago via web

@toxicreverend I've been kept off Internet @ my home since announcing True Voice is publishing Larry Neal story. They followed me to library

3 minutes ago via web

@toxicreverend Thx 4 yo direct mess:  says "Error - PetitionOnline" They don't want ppl to sign DOG JUSTICE petition


4 minutes ago via web

@vlu77 Larry Neal's story will be featured in Spring ed. of True Voice Magazine. Order @

4:36 AM Apr 25th via web

"He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" Mahalia Jackson sings!

April 28, 2010 Letter sent to DOJ and Gov. Officials w/ Videotape proof

Via U.S. Mail for Rep. Eddie Johnson
Via hand delivery to local offices for the following:

United States Department of Justice

DeKalb County, Georgia Chief Executive Officer

DeKalb County, Georgia Sheriff

Rep. Eddie Johnson, U.S. Congress (Texas)

Rep. Hank Johnson, U.S. Congress (Georgia)

Senator Chambliss, U.S. Senate (Georgia)

Re: Crimes against Larry Neal, Mary Neal, and Neal Family: Secret Arrest and Wrongful Death of American with a Disability; First Amendment Rights Violations; Stalking; Wiretapping; Denial of Due Process of Law

Dear Addressees:
Please find attached video proof that my First Amendment rights are compromised by persons who interfere with my constitutional rights in order to prohibit my ability to engage in a federally-protected activities – the right to notify people about a congressional bill that I wish to see passed – H.R.619, and the right to file civil suits for lawyer fraud.
The illegal takeover of my computers began during my lawsuits against The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm. I complained to United States District Court during that lawsuit that my computer was taken over repeatedly by parties that changed my pleadings during the Neals v. The Cochran Firm lawsuit and interfered with my ability to research case law related to attorney fraud. I was repeatedly denied access to The Georgia Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure by cyberstalkers who removed my copy of the Rules and Adobe program that is needed to access them from my computer, and my pleadings were often deleted or changed. I have repeatedly bought computers and had existing computers wiped clean, but the illegal takeovers of my machines continues, and interference that is apparently done directly at Internet sites continues (things that cannot be done by taking over my PC like seen on YouTube video “Prison Labor Profits” and the likely false message that DNC Care2 group got my post about HR619, which I videotaped as well as denial of service (DoS) that prevents my posting news about HR619 at various Internet sites).

On April 6, 2010, I called for service for my PC, and the service call was intercepted by Michael Moon, who presented himself to my home as being the service repairman I called. My phone is tapped and calls cannot be used for outgoing or incoming calls unless those who control the phone allow them. (678) 531-0262. It does not help to change our phone number. We have done that many times. None of Michael Moon’s information matched the company I called – the company name or phone number. Moon did not present me with his business card until after he had sabotaged my PC, so I did not know the data did not match before the computer sabotage. He presented a business card for QFC Technologies, Inc. The Georgia Secretary of State’s office reports that a QFC Technologies went out of business four years ago, and there is no record of an “inc.” with that name ever having been registered in the State of Georgia. The card has fake information, just like Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk law office (127 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA) presented itself in GA Sup. Court in case Neals vs. The Cochran Firm as being a “P.C.” that was “wholly owned and operated in the State of Georgia,” but the Secretary of State’s office never carried any such corporate entity on the list of registered corporations, neither did Fulton County Superior Court carry it as a “doing business as” and neither did the City of Atlanta have any entity registered as that name. I protest the government using a law firm with a name that minority citizens trust to make fools of clients if that is what is happening with this law firm called “The Cochran Firm.”

Michael Moon was alone in my downstairs area of my home for several 15 minute intervals while I attended to my aged mother upstairs. He apparently took that opportunity to sabotage two other computers I have, pull my Internet cable out of the wall in the kitchen (which I did not notice at first). When I returned to my iced tea which was on the coffee table where Moon was working on the PC I called service for, I promptly went to sleep and do not know what else the man did.

My computer takeovers and illegal interference with my First Amendment rights began around four years ago when I used my PC to write articles about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, my mentally and physically disabled brother who was secretly arrested in Memphis, Shelby County Jail for 18 days until he was returned to his family – a naked corpse. Larry died after police denied having him for weeks on August 1, 2003. On April 7, 2010, Michael Moon put my computer on an illegal Intranet over which I am not in control; someone else controls it. After I announced on Twitter and at my online advocacy group, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, that True Voice magazine is publishing our story about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, I am no longer permitted to access the Internet from my home address on my PC. I do not know if Moon has been behind the computer interference I have endured over the last four years or if he is merely one of the people who is hired by parties unknown to interfere with my First Amendment rights to free speech, free press, seek legal recourse for wrongdoing by The Cochran Firm, and promote federal bills that I perceive as being instrumental in giving ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL, which is my advocacy. Parties should get used to the idea of people knowing about my brother’s murder and my family’s denial of civil rights that followed it. Hundreds of thousands of people already know through my articles, and everyone will know eventually, as we plan documentary films, a book, a march for Larry Neal and other imprisoned mental patients to support H.R.619 (the congressional bill to resume Medicaid for mental hospitalization, which is a congressional bill that the media does not report), and another lawsuit for denial of my family’s civil rights.

Michael Moon answered my service call to wipe clean my PC and re-install the operating program, which should have removed the malware that was used to interfere with my PC operations such as you see on the videos. Instead, he loaded more malware and put the PC on an Intranet, which cyberstalkers now use to prohibit my use of the Internet totally. He had me to write an $80 check to pay him for servicing my PC not to his company or to him personally, but to “AHS.” I do not know who or what “AHS” is. I called his office when I found the condition of my PC, and his secretary said she did not know who AHS is or have any explanation about why my check for service would be written to that party. “AHS” could stand for Attorney Hezekiah Sistrunk, managing partner of the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm.

I sued The Cochran Firm for defrauding my mother and me regarding the firm entering a contract to be wrongful death attorneys for Larry Neal that the law firm never intended to honor and did not honor. The Cochran Firm was pronounced not to exist in Georgia by Judge Wendy Shoob during our lawsuit in Georgia Superior Court in 2006, and she dismissed our lawsuit. Judge Timothy Batten, of United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, ruled that The Cochran Firm defrauding my family to withhold legal services after Larry Neal’s murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail was “immaterial,” and he dismissed our lawsuit after refusing to honor our Motion to Compel Cox Enterprises, Inc. to release records of The Cochran Firm’s advertising for its Atlanta office (which was declared non-existent by GA Sup. Ct.) and Motion to Compel Shelby County Jail and Shelby County Government to release records relative to Larry Neal’s secret incarceration and murder. Neither will the United States Department of Justice release records relative to Larry Neal according to the Freedom of Information Act request I filed in May 2009, and it refuses to investigate his demise.

There is a conspiracy to deny my family’s civil rights, beginning with Larry Neal’s right to life. That escalated to deny his family due process of law. Because I write about it, I am now denied the right to freedom of speech and freedom of press. Besides my computer being sabotaged, I am stalked in person by individuals whose intent is to discourage advocacy for the 125 million other mentally ill people who are imprisoned rather than treated in hospitals or community care for their mental health issues. The computer interference continues at the public libraries, where I must input a library code to use the machines. The people who stalk me include drivers of USDOT trucks like the truck that made deliveries to the new neighbors who moved in across the street from my home while they were moving there.

I request relief and protection of my federally “protected” rights under U.S.Code 18, sections 242 and 245 and other applicable federal and state law. I should be able to promote federal bill H.R.619 and other congressional bills. I should be able to sue for wrongdoing without stalking and sabotage of my personal computer equipment.

Please take steps to insure that my rights to freedom of speech and press are protected. Please investigate my in-person stalking. When I called for 911 help when surrounded at the Chevron station at the corner of Redan and Panola Roads on September 27, 2008, by a USDOT truck and four other vehicles, I was waylaid there for over an hour, and police did not respond. Neither did police investigate the stalking. When I filed an affidavit with USDC from the manager of a computer rental store in my neighborhood after being followed there by at least five cars of men who positioned themselves around the business and scared patrons, the business’s owner and me, no investigation was done. I was forced to go to that computer rental locale and use their computers after my own computer was attacked as I wrote a pleading to file in USDC in the Neals v. The Cochran Firm case.

Please let me know what steps the federal government and local police take to investigate the crimes against myself and my family, including my brother who was murdered under secret arrest. Murders of mentally ill people are against the law like murders of anyone else. Please let me know what steps local police and the federal authorities will take to insure that I have the right to promote congressional bill H.R.619 to help other mentally ill citizens of the United States of America. Please trace my check which I paid to Michael Moon and find out who “AHS” is – I assume that is the party for whom Michael Moon did the computer sabotage.

Information to help your investigations:

*Check No. 9993 – Chase – JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., Acct No. 853890341 – amount: $80, dated April 6, 2010. I filed a police report about the extortion with DeKalb County Police

*911 Report to DeKalb County, Georgia Police from Mary Neal – September 27, 2008

*Affidavit attesting to my stalking written by manager of Franklin Printers on Covington Highway, DeKalb County, Georgia – filed in USDC – Hattie Neal and Mary Neal vs. The Cochran Firm

*Affidavit attesting to computer terrorism filed in USDC by neighbor who happened to see the lethal injection bed coded to suddenly appear on web pages while I work online. It had my name underneath – a death threat – one of many threats I am sent as I work online regarding myself or my family members. I assume they are used to intimidate me and make me give up seeking justice regarding the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal and advocacy for death row inmates and mentally ill prisoners.

*Security report by security staff about my in-person stalking on file at management office of 1201 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA, my former employer’s address (Womble Carlyle)

*Takeover of our phone – (678) 531-0262

I ask for relief under U.S. Code and other applicable law regarding denial of my First Amendment rights, relief from wiretapping of my telephone, in-person stalking, cyberterror and cyber-censorship. I request that Larry Neal’s secret arrest and death be investigated like Michael Vick’s dogs’ deaths. Investigation and corrective action for these crimes have been reported to DeKalb County Police and to the federal government numerous times.

Rep. Johnson, if you have monies to promote your bill, I hereby apply for funds to continue promoting H.R.619 on the Internet and via mail. It is very expensive to continue replacing and servicing computers after illegal takeovers, buying cellphones that the cyberstalkers cannot trace to me to call churches to alert their prison outreach ministries and American Legion posts to alert them to the bill, paying postage to alert churches, civic groups, and others since the media will not report H.R.619 is available, using cabs and paying individual drivers rather than public transportation since it seems dangerous to walk anywhere with all of these stalkers whose intentions are not fully known in order to go and use computer services away from home since the cyberstalkers disable my PCs, buying CDs and flash drives to give data to individuals for safekeeping in case these people lose what might be left of their sense of reason. Cyberstalkers work to prevent my uploading films such as Clip19 on the attached videotape to the Internet. I ended Clip21 too soon. They did not actually allow my tweet about H.R.619 to post from GovTracks for many tries, if at all. I have hundreds more videos showing illegal cybercensorship that have to be sent via flash drive to hold more examples.
Mary L. Neal

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