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Free Press & Free Speech - MIA

Cointelpro has stopped incoming calls to my telephone to prevent my telling the world about The Cochran Fim Fraud (Google it). People who call me at 678.531.0262 are told they called a number that is not in service or their calls are directed to my voicemail without the phone ringing in my home and no messages actually are left on our phone. I went to a Second Chance meeting in Decatur, Georgia on Thursday night and spoke to the gathering about the need for Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill - Visit our online group at - My computer usage is greatly impaired cyberstalkers who I call "Cointelpro." Cointelpro is determined to interrupt my computer usage since I advocate for human rights for prisoners and removing mental patients from America's prison rolls - treatment, not prison for sick Amercans. I printed flyers and took to the Second Chance meeting and gave them to the attendees. Immediately, my phone was unable to accept inbound calls from anyone other than those on my phone's contact list. Try it. When I called from numerous cell phones on Friday, the message I got was that it was not a working number. Another plan to prevent my free speech. This was done to prevent my corresponding with people who had been given the flyers. FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF PRESS ARE WORTHY IDEALS THAT ARE NOT TRUE OF AMERICA. This is a prison nation.

I have been home for safety for over a year while I wrote about The Cochran Firm Fraud. Since Johnnie's death, the law firm that bears his name is used to defraud black and brown families, especially in cases of police misconduct. My brother was secretly arrested and murdered in 2003 in Memphis Shelby Co. Jail, and the firm worked for the jail to pretend it was filing suit for us while it actually did zero but allow the statute of limitations to pass. When we discovered the fraud and sued The Cochran Firm in Georgia Superior Court, the judge dismissed on claims that THERE IS NO COCHRAN FIRM IN GEORGIA, so our suit must have been served wrongly, which is a lie. You can see the firm's pleadings filed in court disclaiming that it is in any way connected to The Cochran Firm on my website at the Documents tab, and you can see the judge's order declaring the law firm nonexistent to help deprive my family of legal recourse. The firm is open every day and continues to defraud other black families after murders by police, like the family of Kathryn Johnston, 92-year-old police murder victim. See

I reported to all major news affiliates that my family was issued a court order that The Cochran Firm does not exist in Georgia, and none will report it to the American public. Minority citizens are deemed unworthy of consumer protection. In fact, when we sued The Cochran Firm for its fraud in federal court, the judge ruled in February 2009 that everything the law firm did to prevent the Neals from getting records on Larry Neal's secret incarceration and murder was "immaterial." That is likely because black and disenfranchised citizens like us are deemed "immaterial" in America, and unworthy of justice like Michael Vick's dogs got after their abuse and murders.

Cointelpro prevents my loading videos at my blog that prove that the Internet in America is more controlled that it is in China. Many things are done to prevent my exposing The Cochran Firm Fraud plot as well as advocacy for other disadvantaged Americans. For instance, when I published Thomas Arthur's DNA results that came back in July proving that his DNA did not match any evidence at the Wicker murder scene, Alabama planned to execute Arthur without this information being published. The judge sealed Arthur's DNA results, preventing his lawyers from exposing his innocence to the general public. The media (which expects a bailout soon for its censorship) did not carry news of Thomas Arthur's DNA results. I have videos showing the Cointelpro interference I experienced when I published news of Arthur's innocence and the State of AL' plans to execute him despite the proof (that was being kept hidden). Thomas Arthur is a white man. Cameron Todd Willingham, who was wrongly executed in 2004 in Texas after authorities already knew there had been no arson murders was also a white man. Willingham's wrongful execution and the continuing plans to execute Arthur while the media fails to report his DNA results prove that it is not only minority citizens' "inalienable" rights that are endangered.

My efforts to publish such injustices are curtailed by illegal means. Authorities do not want me to publish the vidoes that show how human rights advocacy online is curtailed. For instance, Cointelpro can make your computer have a different view of data than other people's. When I post online and elect to view it, I see my post on my own PC. However, when I use a second computer for which Cointelpro has not linked the ISP to my usage, the post that shows on my PC does not show on the other computer. By doing this, Cointelpro makes people think that their data is in public view when that is not always the case. They DECIDE what can be posted. My videos prove this, and as soon as possible I will air those films. Cointelpro attacked my YouTube films last year - Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2 - and actually deleted them both until I wrote a front page story at Care2 News Network about the illegal attack against my free press rights. Authorities seek to prevent my exposing the fact that The Johnnie Cochran Firm is used to sign contract as plaintiffs' attorneys for victims' families after police violence and then use that position to limit and/or prevent awards of damages to minorities. For instance, when 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston was murdered in a no-knock warrant case in Atlanta in 2006, The Cochran Firm quickly signed contract with her survivors. Although police who murdered her were convicted for her murder, the law firm sued for negligence, according to news reports, rather than for wrongful death. (News reports did not name the court where suit was filed, so I do not know if the lawsuit ever really was filed.) See our Cochran Firm Fraud video #2 at the link below to understand how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Cochran Firm Fraud Video 2 -

Coitelpro also frequently inserts spaces into links sent by email to prevent addressees from accessing the data. Just look at if they do that to the links below in this email. Since Cointelpro destroyed six of my home PCs this year, I am forced to work in the library now. They force me away from home because they mean me harm. See one of my police reports online at Mary Neal Finally Heard From Police Re 911 Emergency Call When Waylaid

I published 173 articles at to advocate for justice in America for mentally ill citizens presently imprisoned for reason of their handicap and advocating for wrongfully convicted persons and condemned inmates. I write about these issues in my Blogger blog as well. Advertising is running on all of my articles and blogs. However, I am DENIED an AdSense account by Google. The reson I am given is that advertisers might object to my content - advocacy for fairness and human rights. But the ads continue to run on my articles and blogs, regardless. This means that Cointelpro cannot stop all of my articles for justice and exposing The Cochran Firm Fraud, but the NWO is ensuring that I do not profit from my own work. Therefore, they illegally block my income and keep me a slave.

If I am a slave, I am a slave for God. I do God's work by providing help for the least of these, His brethren. Blocking my phone number from receiving cals, blocking me from having an AdSense account number so that prejudice people can profit from my years of hard work at the computer, and sending agents to follow me in multiple vehicles and a USDOT truck will not stop my advocacy, and it will not stop the truth. I work for God, and one of his names is JUSTICE.

See my petition to end censorship and terrorism to prevent my free speech, which was in the top 10% of blogs on congressional websites during July. So, yes. Your elected officials know about this. So do your favorite news affiliates, but the media censors news on demand. They will soon be paid a bailout for withholding certain news and putting the prescribed slant on news they do report.

Stop Censorship and Terrorism Against Mary Neal - The Petition Site -

The courts, certain private businesses, the media, and certain government agencies work together in the NWO. Things are moving fast now toward the day when some officials expect to intern citizens in the six concentration camps (FEMA centers) that black man Alcee Hastings proposed days after President Obama's inauguration under H.R. 645. For Congressman Hastings (an ousted federal judge from Florida) to be able to propose the camps on January 22, the bill was obviously drafted during the previous administration. Perhaps more people would ASK WHO GOES TO THE CAMPS if the bill were proposed under the Bush Admn. Why don't you join me in asking anyway?

I write about these matters because free press and free speech in America are lies. Nothing disappoints me more than having learned this while advocating for equal rights for my family, being dogged out in the justice system, denied records and explanation about Larry's murder by police, and experiencing great interference and endangerment for my advocacy for other prisoners. I endure all of this because I believe if enough of you wake up in time, we can still make turn the lie into truth. We can still have free speech and free press. We can still work together for equal justice for all. We can really become "one nation under God," but not if we think we already have it. As a great abolitionist said, "I could have helped more people get free if I could have convinced them they were slaves."


Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


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