Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cointelpro at Voting Central Against Mary Neal

VOTING CENTRAL - I was logged in using my password and user name. However, every time I elected to make a new poll or comment on one I already posted, I was told to log in. I tried to do that AGAIN, and each time I was told my user name and password were incorrect - A LIE. I am stalked over the Internet to protect The Cochran Firm Fraud and to limit my advocacy against PRISON PROFITEERING. Please check your security. I got this message that Voting Central is sending a new password, and it is yet to be received. I have a witness that I was already logged in when I was asked to log in again. I will get an affidavit.


My polls deal with enforced H1N1 Vaccines, the need for CHANGE in the justice system, which allows murders of black mentally ill detainees such as my brother's murder and the subsequent cover-up discussed in .  I write about the need for citizens to work together to establish democracy, including freedom of press and free speech.  I say "establish" democracy instead of  "preserve" it, because many poor Americans, especially minorities, have never been treated with equal justice in America.

I was kicked off Voting Central when I elected to comment on my polls.  I was then kicked off when I elected to start a new poll to join my others at

I was sent this message when I asked to send me my password, although it was already working fine.

We have created you a new password and sent it to the email address associated with this user name.

This message should arrive in your email inbox pretty soon. Please make sure you add  into your email address book to prevent any delay in email delivery.

Login to your account using the temp password and make sure you change the password to something you are more likely to remember.

Password and other account information can be changed from 'My VotingCentral'.



I received the following response from Voting Central and a new password.  The new password itself was attacked and could not work for a couple of weeks, but it was allowed to work today.  My email from Voting Central is below.

Hi Mary,

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. The behavior you saw below may have been a software issue( a bug in the code). We reached out to you directly in a different email to reset your UserName and Password. Please follow the instructions in that email and you should be able to login successfully. Please reach out to us if you continue to have issues.

We are confident that the security of the site was not compromised in anyway and VotingCentral doesn't work with any external parties to block users.

Since you were not able to login to the site for a brief period, we can give any poll of your choice "Featured Poll" status. This will make the poll visible on the home page as a featured poll for at least 3 days free of charge. Please send us a link to a poll of your choice and we will be glad to make that the Featured Poll.

Best Regards,

Customer Support



I do not assert that the numerous Internet sites where I publish or attempt to publish human rights news are all complicit in my denial of free speech and free press rights.  The cyberstalkers who follow me over the Internet to censor me are able to compromise security at online sites without their knowledge or cooperation.  The only way I know when the Internet sites are actually cooperating with my censorship is when they fail to respond to my inquiries by taking corrective action.  I am grateful to Voting Central and pleased to report that the valuable polling service did respond, and my DoS issue is resolved.


Mary Neal's Google Profile -  - Get the RSS feed for my Care2 Sharebook at:  - Get the RSS feed for my Twitter KOFFIETIME at  - Current, urgent justice issues from a laywoman's viewpoint at my primary blog  (the name is a joke, believe me).

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