Sunday, December 6, 2009

Media Payoff (Bailout) Planned for Censoring Your News

THE SECRET ARREST AND MURDER OF A MENTAL PATIENT AND SUBSEQUENT COVER-UP FACILITATED BY THE (JOHNNIE) COCHRAN FIRM AND OTHERS. Please browse online for the bold, underlined terms. See The Cochran Firm Fraud videos 1 and 2 on YouTube.

The news will not report that before Johnnie Cochran’s death, he partnered with some Alabama FOLKS who now own and operate his law firm. After Johnnie’s death, lawyers who worked with him were fired. Former Cochran Firm attorney SHAWN HOLLEY stated in her NPR radio interview that the attorneys who refused to deliver shabby legal services to blacks were fired after Johnnie Cochran died. Cochran Firm attorneys sued the firm for racial discrimination and fraud. News about The Cochran Firm fraud is censored in the media and online. Call Mary Neal at 678.531.0262 for more info.

THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD refers to the process of using the law firm to defraud minorities and other disenfranchised citizens after police brutality, deaths by police and in other matters. My family was defrauded by The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm after the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003. Larry Neal was a mentally and physically handicapped black man who police were tired of arresting for singing loud, begging, and disturbing the peace.  Larry was secretly arrested while police denied having him under arrest, depriving Larry of his vital heart drugs long enough to kill him - nearly three weeks.  Today, 1.25 million of the 2.3 million inmates in America are mental patients like Larry Neal who should be in treatment. Psychiatric patients are in prisons and jails instead of hospitals or community care in order to enrich the private prison industry at taxpayers’ expense. The Cochran Firm contracted with my family to sue the jail, then lied to us for 10.5 months about work that was being done.  The Cochran Firm actually held our lawsuit inactive to help Memphis Shelby County Jail to hide Larry Neal’s murder. Visit ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL online.

My family sued The Cochran Firm in Georgia Superior Court for its fraud against my family – pretending to be our lawyers but really working for the jail to prevent our lawsuit while the statute of limitations passed. Georgia Superior Court dismissed our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm in May 2006 by claiming there is no Cochran Firm office in Georgia.  The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office remained open for business while committing perjury in court, and its commercials continued on MARTA, television, and the Internet to trick other minorities. In November 2006, Atlanta police staged a home invasion under a no-knock warrant and murdered an African American elder, 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston. The Cochran Firm contracted with her survivors to sue for that police murder, too -- although the firm had been declared “nonexistent” by the court six months earlier. Johnston’s family was likely defrauded like the Neals to help police the City of Atlanta keep damages low.  Since police fired 39 bullets in Kathryn Johnston's home and news of Johnston's murder went worldwide, it was impossible for police and The Cochran Firm to keep it quiet as they did Larry Neal's murder-by-police. 

I knew the the civil case regarding Johnston's murder would never go before a jury once The Cochran Firm signed contract with her family. The jury would have been fair with Johnston's survivors, and that had to be prevented.  When citizens are being treated unjustly in the justice system, they are denied trial by jury in civil court, like the Neals were.  In criminal court, defendants are encouraged to give up their right to jury trials and cop a plea.  Even innocent defendants often do accept a plea bargain if they cannot afford good legal representation against criminal charges they face.

After Georgia Superior Court helped The Cochran Firm dodge accountability for defrauding Larry's family by pronouncing its Georgia law office as being "nonexistent," Larry’s family then sued the law firm for fraud in United States District Court (federal court) under the diversity rule. The federal judge dismissed our lawsuit by saying that what The Cochran Firm did to defraud our family was “immaterial,” presumably because African American taxpayers are considered immaterial.  Larry Neal's wrongful death was once again denied public disclosure in a trial by jury, and The Cochran Firm again got away with its fraud against the Neals  - signing contract with Larry's family as our wrongful death attorneys and doing zero but using U.S. Mail (mail fraud) to lie to us for nearly a year about a fake legal case they never actually started. 

News regarding The Cochran Firm Fraud and other important news is censored in the media because the media has been promised a payoff in the form of a government bailout (your tax money) for reporting only news that the government wants reported.  It is strange indeed that a major law firm like The Cochran Firm can go to court and deny its prolific advertising of its Atlanta office and the media refuse to report this to protect other consumers like Kathryn Johnston's survivors. 

If you need further proof that the media censors your news, you probably never heard reports about H.R.645, a bill pending before the House of Representatives to erect six concentration camps (FEMA centers) in America. The bill was proposed by U.S. Congressman Alcee Hastings on January 23, 2009, and it is gaining co-sponsors.  Who do officials plan to put in those concentration camps that We the People pay to erect in America?  For starters, the Massachusetts Marshal Law Bill which was passed on October 13, 2009, states that everyone who will not take the H1N1 vaccine if an “emergency” is declared will be interned in concentration camps. Secret arrests and deaths of American citizens like Larry Neal, The Cochran Firm fraud against minority citizens, the news blackout about The Cochran Firm being falsely declared nonexistent in Georgia, the upcoming payoff to the media by the government for censoring news, and H.R. 645 are evidence that America is turning fascist.

I am followed and censored by Cointelpro to prevent my reports.  Pray for me.  Please don't wait until a FEMA van is loading people on your street to protest the government arresting your family for refusing mystery drugs for which neither the Government nor vaccine manufacturers will accept liability.

Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcrated Mentally Ill

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