Thursday, December 17, 2009

Censorship on Twitter; New Year's Resolutions for Leaders, by Mary Neal

Please see my suggested 2010 resolution for leaders that follow tweets posted below.  Tweets from people I follow have been prohibited from reaching my home page at Twitter for 30 minutes, so I assume that my tweets may also be prevented from reaching my own followers.  I have no way of knowing what caused the problem or whether it came from within or from outside of Twitter.  The cyberdogs follow me to all Internet sites.  I COPIED MY MOST RECENT TWEETS TO PUT IN THIS BLOG, AND THE WORD "DELETE" APPEARS IN FRONT OF THEM ALL.  IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN AMERICA?  The word "delete" does not show on my profile page, but it showed up when I copied the tweets and pasted them here.  Do your tweets have "delete" in front of them if you copy and paste them like mine? 

My phone number is prevented from receiving incoming calls from people other than frequently-called numbers.  I called my home number from several people's cellphone and got a lying message that the number is not in service - 678.531.0262.  Cointelpro restricted my incoming calls last week when I printed it on some flyers I distributed about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal and The Cochran Firm Fraud - Callers hear a lying recording that says my phone number is not in service.  I tried calling my number from different phones and heard the message each time.  My email boxes are also compromised, and Cointelpro took over two other phone numbers this year, restricting my family to calls from other family members and close friends.  Cyberstalkers seek to prevent my communicating with the general public or any media about my handicapped brother's murder that was denied the investigative effort that Micheal Vick's dogs got and my advocacy for other incarcerated mental patients.  Can you beat that for censorship, China? 

You who read the tweets below should pay particular attention to my subject matter which is usually suppressed online: The Cochran Firm fraud, H.R. 645 for concentration camps in America, prison profiteering, wrongful convictions overturned, and the need to eliminate prejudice in America.  Please note that my tweet to support The Innocence Project is also marked "delete."  I do not know if the word "delete" appears before everyone's tweets when they copy and paste them, but I discovered some time ago that copying and pasting one's online writing makes some codes appear that are invisible on the source documents.  I also have videos that show censorship against human rights organizations like the Innocence Project, AIMI, mental health organizations, and Amnesty International.  It is hard for me to include data in my articles about the excellent human rights work beng done and include links for the public to make donations to those organizations in my articles.  The cyberdogs often delete the links or kick me off the site repeatedly when I write about human rights organizations that the public should know about and support. 

Wake up, people!  It is Koffie Time!

Followers, the censorship force prevents incoming phone calls to me @ 678.531.0262 by saying my number is out of service - a Nazi lie

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Delete TWITTER, my home page looks like my profile page - only my own tweets, although I follow 800 ppl. Check for cyberdogs. They're everywhere.

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Delete @simplymarty I follow Marty. He sent a tweet 15 min. ago that did not show on my home page, TWITTER. What's up? Tech problems?

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Delete TWITTER, am I the only person out of 800 I follow who is tweeting today? For 24 minutes, mine are the only tweets showing on my home page.

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Delete Other Africans supplied slave traders w/ slaves, helped catch & punish runaway slaves in the South, etc. Don't be overly impressed w/ race.

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Delete Let me be more plain: If y'all don't wake up, U're going back into slavery AfAms, sons of European serfs, Native Americans-WHO R THE CAMPS 4

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Delete NAMIMass Historian Asks, 'What On Earth Evolved?'

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Reply Retweeted (Undo) How many white Americans had relatives secretly arrested, murdered, and R denied any records or explanation? Congress' slavery apology phony

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Delete How many white Americans had relatives secretly arrested, murdered, and R denied any records or explanation? Congress slavery apology phony

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Delete @ACLU_Mass The Patriot Act, Massachusetts Martial Law Bill, H.R.645 for concentration camps, secret arrest & murder of Larry Neal #prison

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Delete @ACLU_Mass MCLU Blog: The Patriot Act: Still Going:  #mclu

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Delete ACLU_Mass RT @shennabellows MCLU Blog: The Patriot Act: Still Going:  #mclu

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Reply Retweeted (Undo) Minorities, handicapped ppl, & activists, U should be very concerned about concentration camps bill H.R.645

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Delete SUGGESTION: Ask your reps if they support H.R.645 for concentration camps in USA for Americans. Treason?

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Delete SUGGESTION: If USA is Nazi now & allows secret arrests & murder of mental patients like Larry Neal, be like Hitler and just say so.

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Delete Cochran Firm & accomplices think cyberdogs and censorship in mainstream media will prevent public knowledge of COCHRAN FIRM FRUAD. NOT!

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Delete Cochran Firm should NEVER have worked w/ Memphis Shelby Co. Jail behind our backs 2 save the jail from our lawsuit after police killed Larry

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Delete Many African Ams & Latinos don't yet use the Internet, so God made the cyberstalkers attack my new computer so we'd take it 2 the streets.

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Delete I told these cyberdogs that if they load malicious software on this my 7th computer this year - we will picket The Cochran Firm 4 its FRAUD

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Delete Unless someone can show me an exclusion 4 Mary Neal having free press, free speech, right to petition Gov't for grievances, we're picketing [soon, because cyberdogs render much of our online picketing ineffective].
Just downloaded IE8 on my new computer, but cyberstalkers prevented the "search 4 malicious viruses" feature from running. We're picketing.

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Delete SECRET ARREST & WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL His crime? Singing loud & getting on police nerves.  #prison

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Delete Hundreds of thousands bipolar and schizophrenic Americans R used to enrich prison investors. Mental hospitals closed 4 this purpose. #prison

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Delete America's acute mental patients are in prison chained naked in isolation cells for years, incl. some who were NEVER charged w/ any crime!

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Delete Identify representatives who really care about health care by their support for H.R.619 - inpatient care for acute mental patients, NOT jail

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Delete @vlu77 Good 4 U to work w/ Innocence Project. Ppl who cannot wk there can support the wk @

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Delete @vlu77 Weepy story of the day: a man who was released from prison after serving 35 years on a wrongful rape convict.. #prison

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Delete @cycast Work 2 decriminalize mental illness is attacked by cyberstalkers bc prison sys costs $50 BILLION ea yr, & half the inmates R sick

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Delete @cycast If my gp Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill got cycast channel, cyberstalkers would attack it. Our work is censored online.

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Delete @cycast It hurts taxpayers & Jeremy Smith 2 imprison Jeremy for 8 yrs for hitting another mental patient @ the mental hospital. It's WRONG!

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Delete @cycast Jeremy Smith's sentenced to 8 yrs for hitting another mental patient, causing no lasting damage. It helps prison investors 2 do this

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Delete @cycast Meet wrongly imprisoned mental patient: Jeremy Smith -

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Delete @cycast Mentally ill teens & adults are torn fr their families on criminal chrges they don't understand, sign plea deals, & then imprisoned

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Delete @cycast Pls visit my blogs for justice at  and

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Delete @cycast Visit  and  and

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Delete @cycast It's less expensive & more humane 2 treat nonviolent mentally ill in their communities & violent ones in mental hospitals. DECENCY!

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Delete @cycast Because 1.25 million American inmates are mentally ill, my advocacy is censored. My success means financial loss 4 prison investors

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Delete @cycast My brother was a lifelong schizophrenic heart patient. He was secretly arrested & euthanized for mental illness in 2003.

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Delete @cycast I advocate for the least of these, His brethren - people imprisoned for mental illness. Matt. 25:40 - sick, naked and in prison


HITLER began his quest to create the perfect race by exterminating the mentally ill, which he definitely was, and he hated everyone who looked like himself.
  German mental patients' families were not permitted to complain about their murders, like mine is not permitted to inquire about Larry Neal's muder in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003.  We are illegally deprived of Larry's arrest records and details about his secret incarceration and death.  Abused and murdered dogs are treated with more respect.  In pre-World War II Germany, the mentally ill were removed from their communities and executed.  Millions of Jewish citizens later perished. Unless people learn from history, we are doomed to repeat past mistakes.  What a country's leadership does to the most vulnerable citizens will be done to stronger ones next.  America's mental patients were removed from their communities and inpatient facilities during the 1960's and 70's, and 1.25 million of them are now imprisoned.  For the most part, their imprisonment is excessively cruel, and often deadly. (Look through this blog for specific examples.)  Now there is a congressional bill to erect six concentration camps capable of warehousing millions of Americans and a Martial Law bill to intern citizens for refusing vaccines for which neither the government nor vaccine manufacturers accept liability.


While many Americans are worried about communism, I worry about Nazism. You would understand if you had a relative to be secretly arrested, exterminated, and your family was then denied any records or explanation and terrorized for making inquiries and for writing about the injustice online. Cyberdogs destroyed six computers of mine this year to prevent my informing the public about the secret arrest and murder of my handicapped brother and our advocacy for human rights for prisoners.

Today, I uploaded virus protection on my new computer, but it only took the cyberdogs a few minutes to get around it. Why do I bother with computer security if the folks censoring me probably run the satellites? In addition to the recording that says my telephone is not a working number, those calls that are prevented from reaching me do not register on my "missed calls" list. I changed my number several times in 2009 when Cointelpro took over, but that does not help. That is illegal censorship and terrorism! I did not complain about this to my carrier yet because I would like for the public to try calling me and see for yourselves.  I am in prison like the inmates for whom I advocate, and like some of them, I have done no crime.

I admire people who work for justice, especially for prisoners' rights. Although people deserve to be separated from society if they harm others or violate their neighbors' property rights, convicted persons do not park their humanity outside prison gates.  However, many inmates are subjected to inhumane conditions by the some of the same people who interned and tortured the Guantanamo prisoners in offshore War on Terror camps who will be relocated  to Chicago but still denied trials.

AIMI members and I have worked very hard over the past few years to inform the public of my discovery that 1.25 million Americans are being punished in often cruel prison conditions for having a common, treatable health condition - mental illness. Sometimes, it took me 10 hours or more to post just one of my articles at  due to Cointelpro-like interference. That is partly because I write about the monetary motivation behind America having the highest incarceration rate of any nation in world history. PRISON PROFITEERING created a prison nation where 1 in 9 young black men is incarcerated today - many of whom were captured from our neighborhoods for nonviolent crimes like possession of marijuana so that their youth and vigor can be used as slaves (prison laborers), just like their forefathers were enslaved over a century ago. I also write about the extra $90,000 per year that taxpayers pay for each death row inmate, which may be why innocent  men like Cameron Willingham are sometimes executed and Thomas Arthur's DNA test results proving his innocence are ignored.  Although innocent, Arthur awaits execution in Alabama. Willingham and Arthur are both white. If white men are treated this way, what hope do wrongly convicted African Americans like Troy Davis and Darrell Lomax have? My censorship began in order to contain news about The Cochran Firm Fraud against minorities and disenfranchised Americans.  As I learned more about how the mentally ill and other disenfranchised people are treated and began to write against capital punishment, wrongful conviction, overuse of force by police officers, and excessive sentencing, the censorship worsened.  It is rewarding to thousands of human rights activists who advocate to repeal the death penalty to know that public support for capital punishment is diminishing. 

Washington has worked hard this year to effect a national health care insurance plan and is reportedly close to agreement on that issue. Ask your representatives if they support H.R. 619, a bill proposed by Texas congressperson Eddie Johnson to replace imprisonment with hospitalization for acute mental patients. It would cost substantially less to treat mental illness than to punish those who suffer from the common health problem. It is shocking and reprehensible for mentally ill people to be jailed in America under conditions that are frequently as inhumane as in the 14th century.  Representatives who care about Americans' health and community safety should support the bill. Do your elected officials support it, or would they prefer to continue imprisoning your relatives and neighbors for being sick in order to enrich prison investors?  Are they prison investors themselves?

Visit Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill  - Group discussions that were posted by many AIMI members and myself are MISSING. I could not find any of our discussion strands having to do with Troy Davis' wrongful incarceration, for instance. In fact, many of the discussions we posted advocating against execution, criminalizing mental illness, police brutality, unjust sentencing practices, and inappropriate use of Tasers were REMOVED. The "www" in some of my Sharebook's links was replaced with the word "primate," and the links led to the picture of a large, black ape rather than to my articles.

Some of our legislators on the local and national levels, the judiciary, and the Justice Department made numerous improvements in 2009 in the area of human and civil rights for prisoners. I truly want to write about the positive changes and to congratulate all our officials who CARE about people and demonstrate a willingness to improve our justice system. That is what I intend to write about many times when I go online. But oftentimes my PCs are immediately attacked by Cointelpro when I go online like today, and I become so upset that I cannot write at my HubPages blog where I report positive developments in the Steps Toward Justice blog. It is hard to disconnect from the crimes that are allowed to continue against my family and me and congratulate leaders who allow them.


When you visit my articles at or my blogs at , at HubPages, and articles I posted elsewhere on the web, you will see advertising running. I DO NOT GET ONE PENNY OF PROCEEDS FROM THOSE ADS. I suppose the New World Order decided that although some of my articles get published despite their cyberstalkers' dedicated efforts, they would prevent my earning anything from the work. Cyberstalkers clicked on my ads so much that Google had to suspend my AdSense account to protect its advertising clients from paying more than they should.  Cyberstalkers were assigned to do that to prevent my income. 

My income was initially interrupted by in-person stalkers who followed me home from work every night in 2008 until God blessed me to be laid off for safety. (See Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2 on YouTube.)  Since I am still followed when I leave home, I was relieved to learn that blogs can be monetized, and my 173 articles at NowPulic now carry ads like my blog does. My 86-year-old mother and I depend on my income to help maintain our home. But although my AdSense account was started in September, it was immediately stopped. I was told to expect information about my AdSense account within two weeks, but that was long ago.  I do not know if Google tried to write to me and the cyberstalkers stole the email (they do that often with my incoming and outgoing mail).  In any case, it is clearly the work of cyberstalkers again.  Computer technicians earn good wages, and probably much more for doing illegal work. 

How American is my family's situation?  How many other families in America are in similar circumstances and do not have resources to publish it?  I expected people to doubt me when I wrote about this subject matter, and I took care to videotape the Cointelpro-like cyberstalking and get affidavits from people who witnessed my in-person stalking as well as license numbers from some of the vehicles involved.  Surprisingly, instead of people commenting at my articles with extreme doubt that such things happen in America, some readers shared similar experiences at the comments to my articles.  Can any law firm be influencial or wealthy enough to have mainstream media ignore The Cochran Firm fraud and my family's victimization after the secret murder of my handicapped brother while in jail under SECRET arrest?  Having to pay that much hush money would bankrupt any firm.  Can any law firm have the police ignore their duty to investigate crimes?  Doubtful.

I feel that my income is impeded as punishment for my human rights advocacy.  I am wronged at many online companies.  I don't always know whether cyberstalkers are to blame or if the blame rests with the individual companies.  I determine the level of the companies' complicity by whether or not they respond to my queries about the interference.  American Greetings did not respond about why it could only account for 30 of my 566 eVites to a radio interview I sent out through that service.  Slaves are people who are deprived of their freedom and forced to work while others benefit from their labor. Since my worse stalking experience happened on September 27, 2008, I have lived like a person under house arrest for safety.  Proceeds from ads running on my articles and blogs go to others instead of me.  Suing in America for wrongs done by Pharaohs is useless sometimes, because many of our courts are dishonest.  Nevertheless, I am not their slave - I slave for freedom and justice and compassion for the least of these, His brethren. My advocacy for human rights for prisoners, especially sick ones like my unfortunate brother, is dedicated to the Lord.

Cointelpro and those who sent you, I have questions. Why do you keep destroying my computers? Can you not see that there are computers in most libraries and for rent at computer centers across America? Are you trying to force us to picket those courts and The Cochran Firm offices in towns where Larry's family members live in order to make our injustices known? Do you await an opportunity to Taser the Neal family for asking about our handicapped relative and requesting justice for being made victims of The Cochran Firm Fraud? I am not afraid to leave home as much as I was immediately after being followed and accosted by four cars of men (agents?) and a USDOT truck on Sept. 27, 2008. That is because I have my Cointelpro videos and other videos in the right hands to ensure that regardless of what you do to me, the fight for truth about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal will continue and people everywhere will be made fully aware of the plight of America's incarcerated mentally ill. People who see my videos and know that the Internet is already on lockdown. No matter what you do, you cannot hide Truth. God is the Truth and the Light, and you are not strong enough to extinguish His illumination, nor will you ever be.

Within moments of going online using my new computer, it notified me that someone was uploading software on my system.  Later when I downloaded Internet Explorer 8 on my system, Microsoft reported it was unble to check for malicious software during the download. Then, I tried to access one of my articles at NowPublic, and I got a FAKE message that NowPublic is down for maintenance. I know the message was fake because when I went to Twitter, there were messages from NowPublic that had just been sent. Therefore, that independent news source (from which I was promptly suspended after publishing a successful series of articles advocating against enforced H1N1 vaccines in July) was certainly NOT offline. Cointelpro does not work only against Mary Neal. The first time I browsed for IndyMedia and selected that link, I was redirected to a message saying that opening IndyMedia's link would harm my computer. By then I knew enough about the tricks being played online to ignore the message.  What is wrong with these people?  Cyberterrorists even sent pictures of lethal injection beds with my name underneath to try and prevent my advocacy for the incarcerated mentally ill and justice for my family after the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal which was followed by The Cochran Firm Fraud.

ANOTHER example of terrorism: I rented the Decatur, Georgia Community Center for children in our community to have a talent showcase on November 20 at 6:00 p.m. People were apparently so scared I would tell the crowd about The Cochran Firm Fraud that my cyberterror witness was pulled over by DeKalb County Police and beaten unmercifully on November 20 at 10:30 a.m. Most of the cyberterror I experience has no witnesses except for my cameras, but the young woman happened to be visiting my home one night and was near my computer when the cyberterrorists struck.  She gave me an affidavit about what she witnessed on my computer - a lethal injection table with my name posted underneath.  I filed her affidavit along with a printout of the cyberterror in the United States District Court during our federal lawsuit against The Cochran Firm. The execution table and other evil photographs meant to intimidate me were somehow coded to appear on pages I frequent online, like at my Yahoo email account and on Care2.

Cyberterrorists would ensure that when I open the Internet to my Yahoo email or to my Care2 Sharebook, I would see something threatening and frightening. (See my Google profile page for another example - a coffin ad that kept appearing on every Internet page I frequently open.) They stopped only when I published the fact that I videotaped these crimes and plan to show the WHOLE WIDE WORLD proof of the cyberterror and censorship I endure. On November 21, hours before the show at the community center, my cyberterror witness was stopped by police, drug from her car, beaten badly, thrown in the gutter and kicked in her sides, and her toe was broken. She was sent from the scene of her abuse to the hospital by ambulance. She was not able to stand or drive after one police officer sat on her neck until she lost consciousness. We feel that her abuse was likely a warning to my family not to tell the talent show's attendees about my brother's murder and The Cochran Firm Fraud.

Where are the civil rights leaders while such atrocities are happening? Where are the human and civil liberties organizations?  The problem may be that some noted civil rights leaders were on the Memphis Shelby County Commission when my brother Larry Neal was murdered in the jail and his death was covered up.  I perceive that the time has passed when people can count on leaders to tell us what to think or do about problems. Some leaders lack understanding or courage, others can be bought or blackmailed. Some cases of abuse against citizens' civil rights involve too many powerful parties for civil liberties organizations to address with their limited budgets.

WHY IS THE MEDIA REPORTING EVERY DIRTY THING IT CAN FIND ON TIGER WOODS, BUT REFUSE TO REPORT THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD? When is the media going to report that The Cochran Firm went to Georgia Superior Court and disclaimed having an Atlanta, Georgia office while the office was prolifically advertising and open for business every single day? When will the media report that The Cochran Firm also filed pleadings in federal court wherein it denied the existence of its Memphis office?  When will mainstream media acknowledge that minority citizens deserve consumer protection like other people? What is the price tag for keeping this and other censored news out of the news - a bailout payoff?

IN WHAT COURT DID THE COCHRAN FIRM FILE A LAWSUIT FOR KATHRYN JOHNSTON'S SURVIVORS? Ordinarily, the media gives the name of the court for high-profile cases, but no reports I read about the 92-year-old Atlanta woman's murder named the court where the civil action was filed. Ms. Dozier's lawsuit regarding her aunt's death was not listed in Georgia Superior Court's Fulton County records online when I checked.  Kathryn Johnston's murder occurred six months after the judge dismissed our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm for its fraud in connection with Larry Neal's death by police. The Cochran Firm and the Georgia Superior Court judge falsely claimed our suit was served wrongly because there is no Cochran firm office in Georgia.  Defendants everywhere should try that defense:  "I did nothing wrong because I do not exist."  Browse for "Cochran Firm Fraud" online.

THE MEDIA exposed alleged indiscretions by Tiger Woods, Michael Vick, Michael Jackson, Jesse Jackson, and all other successful African Americans, but the media refuses to report that The Johnnie Cochran Firm went to Georgia Superior Court in 2006 and denied the existence of its Atlanta, Georgia office - perjury to dodge accountability to my family.  Why is that?  I believe the fraud was allowed to continue in court and the media will not report this news precisely because The Cochran Firm did its JOB by defrauding black families after police abuse and murders of minority citizens like Larry Neal. I believe that law firm is used to minimize damages to police departments and municipalities after police violence. Do other private businesses have clandestine purposes like that? Censorship in the media leads to Nazism. Please abort plans to give the media a payoff for censorship. Don't erect concentration camps in America under H.R. 645 or any other bill. Please don't embrace the New World Order and the loss of freedom for Americans that it entails.

I am censored because anyone with average intelligence who reads about The Cochran Firm Fraud knows that my family would not still be deprived of records and accountability about Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder six years after his demise if these things crimes were not allowed. As Johnnie Cochran admonished in his famous closing statement in the O.J. Simpson case, "Don't be a part of the cover-up." I was told that Johnnie Cochran was planning a lawsuit for reparations for African Americans before he fell terminally ill and died. If someone has data about that, I would appreciate receiving a copy. If it is true that Mr. Cochran was going to work for reparations, I am sure that made him unpopular with a good many people.  The media does not report that Johnnie Cochran contracted with some FOLKS from Alabama right before his illness, and now they own and operate his firm. When they took over, lawyers and staff who worked with Johnnie Cochran were allegedly terminated for refusing to deliver substandard legal services to minorities, and some filed lawsuits against the law firm for racial discrimination and fraud. (Listen to former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Holley's NPR interview online.)

If Mr. Cochran planned to work for reparations for African Americans, he had powerful opposition.  Many people disagree that African Americans should be compensated for centuries of enforced servitude under cruel and murderous conditions, although others have been compensated for less suffering over shorter time periods.  (The very next time someone objects to reparations by saying slavery and Jim Crow are bygone issues, please tell them about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal and my victimization for asking for an explanation about his termination.  Tell them that I work constantly writing articles, but I am denied any proceeds from my labor.  Let them know that black men are still lynched like Larry and Sean Bell, and their families are denied judical recourse.  Let them know that black women are still made to toil for free, like myself.  I am a prisoner who must stay close to home for safety, and my phone calls are monitored and controlled like people in jail.  But thousands of black women are enduring actual incarceration under the "girlfriend law," made guilty by association if they had a romantic relationship with someone who was in the drug culture.  They became prison laborers (slaves), and no proof of criminal conduct by these women was required for their prosecution and sentencing.   [Patrice Gaines' article in the Tri-State Defender reports "There are signs that a change in conspiracy laws could happen during the Obama administration. Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) has introduced the Fair Sentencing Act of 2009.”  Please support that legislation.  The problem is explained at this link: my cyberterror witness who was beaten by DeKalb County police on November 20.  Consider Cynthia Johnson, who reports that she was raped by officers in New Jersey last year, then arrested and denied a rape kit.  Johnson stated that she was kept incarcerated long enough for her body to have no remaining evidence of the rape.  Slavery has not ended for everyone.  See information regarding New Jersey v. Cynthia Johnson at this link: )

I recognize that when the Constitution was drafted, civil rights were not intended for Africans. However, they pertain to me now, and I expect the Bill of Rights to be honored. My family did not arrive here on the Mayflower seeking religious freedom and the promise of wealth in the "newly discovered" land where indigenous people did not count, but we were conveyed here on slave vessels to become slaves. We have slaved in this country for centuries. We did not come from Europe in the 1940's seeking better economic conditions and freedom from political oppression. In fact, during the 40's, black men were regularly lynched without any explanation or judicial recourse for their families. This is the 21st Century, and I refuse to be silenced about the lynching of my handicapped brother, Larry Neal, and 1.25 million other mental patients of all races being imprisoned to benefit prison profiteers.  Approximately 60% of those in solitary confinement today are mental patients and 80% are African Americans. PLEASE CORRECT THE PREJUDICE AND ECONOMIC DISPARITY IN AMERICA THAT FREQUENTLY LEAD TO DRUG USAGE, MANIC DEPRESSION, AND OTHER CONDITIONS, thereby reducing a main cause of mental illness among some people - stress.

Altough the Constitution was not meant for me originally, my forefathers' and foremothers' blood, sweat, and tears made it mine. The Constitution was made mine by courageous efforts of many abolitionists, including white people like Quakers and others who took risks by denouncing slavery and providing financing and safehouses along the Underground Railroad. Then thousands of Africans and some Jewish people and whites worked together to reduce oppression during the civil rights movement. Their sacrifices made the Constitution mine. I demand freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, and the right to peaceful assemble with others who share my concerns. People who love liberty believe all men must be free. Others believe freedom and comfort are for the elite only and do not particularly care whether their slaves are black, white, red, or yellow. I hope evil people in high positions are not so desperate to eliminate our Constitutional rights that they release a horrible disease or lynch Troy Davis, an innocent man, to start riots as an excuse for Martial Law. I pray for our leadership. Please be righteous! Please be true to your oaths of office! Please do your jobs the very best that you can. Work as though you work for God and not for man, like the Bible instructs.

Because of my ongoing censorship and illegal cyberstalking, I did not get to congratulate officials as I planned on numerous positive changes that are underway. I am not a negative person, and I regret that most of my online reports focus on injustice rather than the remedies that are being applied in some areas. But the injustice is so blatant and constant in my case that it overshadows the corrective actions that are being applied in other cases.

America has some dedicated officials and organizations working to improve conditions, but I am sadly disappointed at the absence of resolution about my family being deprived justice regrding Larry's murder and The Cochran Firm Fraud, the concentration camp bill that a black congressman proposed in January (by Alcee Hastings, an African American ousted federal judge from Florida), and the Martial Law Bill that Massachusetts passed on October 13, which has provisions to intern citizens in concentration camps who refused mandatory H1N1 vaccines should an "emergency" be called. Please recognize that would mean millions of Americans could be "legally" imprisoned for maintaining control over their own bodies. This might hit African Americans hardest because many remember the Tuskegee Experiments that the U.S. Department of Health conducted on unsuspecting Southern blacks from 1932 to 1972, injecting their bodies with syphilis deliberately in order to study the effects while the test subjects suffered, went blind, and died.

The concentration camps under H.R. 645 are called emergency FEMA centers for "Katrina-like disasters." Can anyone forget who were forced to endure the inhuman conditions in the New Orleans Dome? Can we forget who was forced to watch their babies float off rooftops to drown in dirty water? Is it possible to forget the patients who were euthanized in the New Orleans Memorial Hospital during Katrina? News helicopters flew overhead while people suffered and died, collecting entertaining news reports for the rest of America while some victims fired shots in the air hoping to get the choppers' attention. I will never forget the old woman's body, draped with a sheet in her wheelchair where she decomposed for days outside the Dome. I wonder whether her strong sons and grandsons or nephews were imprisoned somewhere or fighting "terrorists" in distant deserts while she rotted.  Most Katrina victims were the disadvantaged people of that region, predominantly African Americans. Having assurance that the FEMA centers proposed under H.R. 645 are for "Katrina-like disasters" does not sound encouraging at all. Something does not compute. Who would spend $200 million to build FEMA centers against the possibility of a natural disaster while millions of Americans already suffer financial disaster today? Something is WRONG with that picture. It looks crooked on the wall.  It is horrifying that such a bill would ever be considered in the U.S.

Although I did not report on as many positive changes as planned in my Steps Toward Justice posts at HubPages, prisoner activists are pleased about the increase in drug courts, jail diversion programs for the mentally ill that support treatment in their communities, increased emphasis on rehabilitation and education in some correctional institutions, New York judges being restored the right to make decisions without mandatory sentencing laws, innocent prisoners freed from wrongful convictions and death sentences, increased support for repealing capital punishment, better support for Native Americans' health care and criminal judicial issues, the jail diversion program for veterans of recent military conflicts, the U.S. Supreme Court's decision allowing defendants to question forensic scientists about evidence used against them, America's 2009 rate for capital punishment being reduced to 1976 levels, and other steps toward justice. I thank officials, advocates, and supporters who are responsible for these and other advancements as well as pending legislation that will help address other concerns if the bills pass.  I am excited about Rep. Johnson proposing H.R.619 to resume insurance coverage for long-term hospitalization for America's acute mental patients to deliver these people from cruel prison conditions. I am grateful to officials who strive to govern humanely and improve the quality of life for Americans and promote human rights in other countries. But decision makers should know that ruling righteously is like being a Christian or a top athlete: 99.5% just won't do.

Please be totally committed to being upright regarding ALL your responsibilities as police officers, judges, elected officials and other decision makers, and community leaders. Help to make "liberty and justice for all" a reality throughout our country for all people, including former slaves: African Americans, descendants of European serfs, Native Americans, and some of the earliest Asians on this continent. Have compassion and exact justice for disenfranchised people and handicapped people like Larry Neal was. Please do your best to steer us away from the present course toward Nazism. Do not be induced to compromise your standards. If you have low standards, raise them so high that no Americans must live as I do - censored and stalked online and in person for revealing wrongdoing and advocating for change.

Holiday greetings to government officials, human and civil rights leaders, and community leaders across the nation. I hope you enjoy being with your family and friends during the festive season and that we arrive in the new year led by people whose firm resolution is to protect the rights of all Americans and to support human rights for people worldwide. No one is really at peace with himself if his actions are in conflict with his ideals. Please prioritize equal justice, freedom, and peace in 2010.

Most Americans still use the Holiday Season to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. He was born to bring peace on earth and goodwill toward men. The Bible says that He changes not. Peace is still a worthy goal - peace among people and mutual respect regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality and cultural background, socio-economic status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or health status. We do not have to agree on anything except that all human beings deserve respect - equally.  Jesus Christ was a conscientious objector who was executed for refusing to use His power destructively.  He went from the Christmas manger to Golgotha's cross because He loves all mankind.  He changes not.  Jesus is still the Prince of Peace.  Decision makers should commit in 2010 to end the war and resolve future conflicts without bloodshed unless war is unavoidable.  Below is an Easter poem I wrote about Jesus Christ, the conscientious objector.


Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27

Peace, equal justice, and freedom are worthy goals.  DON'T BE AFRAID TO STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT. No one is hiding H.R. 645 from Americans. Erecting six concentration camps for Americans with our own tax money was proposed in Congress in January 2009. If leaders can draft a proposal to put us in camps, we need to talk about it - NOW, before a FEMA van is in your driveway to haul you and your loved ones into captivity. Although authorities apparently want to hide my brother's murder and The Cochran Firm Fraud (they ignore my pleas for justice and freedom from censorship), just look at the Internet and see how many people already know - over 300,000 visited our website and read my articles thus far. If you agree that information in my blog is relevant to your friends, group members, and others should know, please forward it to them.  See the list of articles in FreeSpeakblog on the left of the page, arranged by date of publication. I don't think mainstream media will ever report on the events that I do. The media expects a bailout (payoff) for censoring certain news or for putting a prescribed slant on their news reports. Pass the information along yourselves.  Consider the third rule of Kwanzaa.  Do you merely celebrate holidays, or live by the principles being celebrated?

The Bible instructs us to "Love ye one another." Think about what people throughout history in many lands fought and died for - their desire to gain or preserve freedom. Consider the rules of Kwanzaa and LIVE them.  Meditate on what Martin Luther King, Jr. said: "We must come together as brothers or perish together as fools." Those are just other ways of saying, "Together we stand, divided we fall." Believe me, it is no fun to have your relatives secretly arrested and murdered and be dared to complain about it.

Please do not allow concentration camps in America, and never accept inducements to do your neighbors wrong or look the other way while people are being victimized - even if it is your "job," like the German soldiers claimed during Hitler's reign of terror.  Police officers should tell if their partners overuse force; officials should always uphold the law of the land (and eliminate unjust laws) to meet the ideal of justice for all.  Oppression SPREADS. We are all responsible for keeping America beautiful.  Together, we can overcome injustice and show respect for one another from sea to shining sea!  First, they came for Larry Neal . . .

[UNDER GODLY LEADERSHIP] The LORD shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow.  And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the LORD thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them. ~ Deuteronomy 28:12-13


Mary Neal


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