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What Happened to Mitrice Richardson?

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Nancy Lockhart launched a petition for a federal investigation into the disappearance of a gifted young woman who suffers from depression. Mitrice Richardson was arrested in Lost Hills, CA Jail on September 16 at 10 p.m., then was reportedly released due to jail overcrowding after midnight with no money, I.D., food, water, or cell phone. Join petitioners in asking for federal help resolving this mystery. WHAT HAPPENED TO MITRICE RICHARDSON?

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$10,000 reward
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Please support the petition for a federal investigation into Mitrice Richardson's disappearance at this link:


Mitrice Richardson was a Psychology major at California State University of Fullerton who recently graduated with a 4.00 GPA and started the process of seeking acceptance into the Psychology Professional College, Alliant, to pursue a degree in Clinical Psychology. Mitrice is an openly gay African American. Mitrice is in crisis, and she is in danger. Help is needed to find her. Please use the link above to petition to support a federal investigation into her whereabouts to bring her home and ensure that this does not happen to more people.

Unfortunately, many families know what it is to have a missing loved one. America's Most Wanted's host lost his son, Adam. My family searched in vain for Larry Neal for nearly three weeks only to have him returned dead in 2003. Memphis Shelby County Jail had him the whole while, but repeatedly denied that Larry was incarcerated in response to inquiries by his family and social worker. Memphis Police Department did absolutely nothing to help find Larry because they knew where he was and planned to keep him. See

Luckily, Mitrice Richardson's family and supporters went straight to the media when she went missing. My family went to the Johnnie Cochran Firm.
When the statute of limitations had nearly run to file a wronful death lawsuit and force records release during discovery, Larry's survivors learned that the Cochran Firm had an undisclosed conflict of interest and contracted with Larry's survivors to prevent another lawyer from getting the case. The managing partner of the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm was a Shelby County Commissioner which owns and operates Shelby County Jail. The Cochran Firm had actually done zero during the 10.5 months after signing contract with us to conduct discovery and bring suit against the jail for Larry's secret arrest and death, but the law firm pretended to do so and sent us lies about a case going forward. We sued the Cochran Firm for its fraud, serving suit to the Atlanta office where our initial contact was made with the law firm. However, the suit was dismissed with the firm's Atlanta law office and Fulton County Superior Court falsely claiming there is no Cochran Firm in Georgia. That must be a new slogan: "WHEN YOU'VE GOT NO DEFENSE, CLAIM YOU DON'T EXIST!"
I urge everyone to go to the media first if you have a missing relative with mental or emotional problems. Call the media at the same time that you put in the missing person report, particularly if you suspect there was an arrest in connection with the disappearance. Do not give a cover-up an opportunity to be established. By the time Larry Neal's family went to the media with the injustice, the media was apparently under orders not to report Larry's secret death and The Cochran Firm Fraud to the public, so they did not. Efforts to ascertain records, accountability, and justice for Larry's death have been met with cover-up, intimidation toward Larry's relatives, and censorship of my writing, which is done in the absence of mainstream media coverage.

Hopefully, Mitrice will be found and all will be well with her.
Her family needs help ascertaining information about her disappearance. Please join thousands petitioners for a federal investigation. In Larry's case, the petition for an investigation regarding his period of secret arrest and death has not been met with investigative effort like Michael Vick's dogs' deaths. However, maybe the government will help Mitrice's family. Endorsing petitions is an important way to show support for families who need and deserve government assistance to locate missing loved ones or investigate circumstances surrounding their disappearances.

Mitrice Richardson, Missing in California After Arrest in Lost Hills Jail
September 16, 2009

April 6, 2010 update - Sabrina Halmilton requested in a recent update that people who have anything to share should e-mail Mitrice's father, Michael Richardson, at and follow him on Twitter at - A search for Mitrice was conducted in multiple cities in Southern California March 28, 2010. Her family and friends appreciate the time and dedication searchers invested assisting in the search. Visit the Mitrice Richardson official website at - The Twitter account is

Before her arrest, Mitrice was said to be acting erratically and suffering from depression. She was reportedly arrested and released shortly thereafter without a bond hearing for 1) disturbing the peace in a restaurant - talking about Martians; 2) possession of a small amount of marijuana; and 3) running an $89.00 tab at the restaurant without adequate funds to pay. She was reportedly released after 1:30am without a bond hearing, alone, defenseless, and on foot, since police had her car.

My brother Larry was a lifelong parinoid schizophrenic patient with heart trouble, so I know what the family endures looking for a lost loved one. My family and Larry's social worker searched in vain for him for weeks. Missing children and people with mental or emotional problems deserve federal investigations. Hopefully, the Justice Department will honor thousands of requests for Mitrice's disappearance to be investigated. My family's requests and petitions have been ignored. Larry's second petition:
People who are experiencing a mental health crisis like Mitrice should not be released from jail after midnight in unfamiliar territory to fend for themselves without money or a means to call for assistance, if that is what happened. No one should, especially not a woman.

Your comments and support for advocacy for incarcerated mental patients and other justice issues are appreciated. Please be aware that Rep. Eddie Johnson introduced an important bill in January 2009 that can help decriminalize mental illness in America - H.R.619. The bill proposes resuming Medicaid funds for inpatient psychiatric services, which stopped during President Regan's administration decades ago. As a result, mental hospitals closed across the nation and continue to close today, leaving police no place to take citizens who experience mental health crises except to jail, which only escalates their anxiety. Like any medical crisis, mental health crises should be dealt with medically, not legally. Although H.R.619 affects millions of mentally challenged Americans and their families, it will require your support to pass. Most congressional bills never reach the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote. YOUR vote is needed today. Please take a moment to contact your representatives and let them know you support resuming Medicaid funding for mental hospitalization. Passing H.R.619 would help end discrimination against mentally challenged people. It is also less expensive than imprisonment and far safer for mentally ill persons and their communities to treat rather than punish mental illness. LINK TO EMAIL CONGRESS -

Note: My writing for justice is censored. I think it is important to note what news is censored most. I had successfully posted's widget with the petition for Mitrice Richardson at this blog, but it was not permitted to show. I also posted her widget at Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, and the part with her photograph was deleted by stalkers. That is why I placed multiple photos of Mitrice on this blog. Why would anyone want to prevent her picture from being widely viewed? May God bless her with a safe return.

Please see more information about Larry Neal and the online advocacy effort that was founded after his secret arrest and wrongful death: Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill at - See more articles about metal illness in the criminal justice system and other prisoner issues in this blog - by using the handy index of articles in the left margin. Links to additional articles and petitions to help decriminalize mental illness and promote Human Rights for Prisoners are available in Mary Neal's Google profile at - Please follow me on Twitter, where I am KoffieTime -

When saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto ONE of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. ~ Matthew 25

JAIL IS THE LAST THING THAT MENTAL PATIENTS NEED, AND TOO OFTEN, IT IS THE VERY LAST THING THEY EXPERIENCE. Please join our effort to decriminalize mental illness. No one deserves to be punished for having a mental health crisis or a disability.

Thanks for your interest. God bless you for your help for Mitrice Richardson.

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