Friday, November 27, 2009

"BLACK FRIDAY" E-MAIL - I'm too black for my support to help Native Americans

I want any white people or affluent minority persons to please help the Native Americans get health care in accordance with their request below.  I explained to them in the following email that since I have been ruled an "immaterial" person in the USA, my help beyond alerting others to their need would be "immaterial." I have been told by a federal court that my black self is "immaterial," so I want to pass this request on to some of you Americans who are "material."  If I had a dog, I might call the senators and let the animal bark out a request.  DOGS COUNT MORE THAN MY FAMILY IN THE USA.  When they are murdered, their deaths are investigated and accountability is demanded, unlike my brother who died under SECRET jail arrest in 2003.


cc:  Mary Neal,, BET,,

date: Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 3:22 PM  --  mailed-by

subject:  Re: Ask Your Senator to Include the Indian Health Care Improvement Act in the Current Senate Health Care Reform Bill

Sorry, I cannot help you with your petition to the senate. In fact, my signature might make you have less of a chance of getting health care. Far as I know, they murder sick minority people and then dare you to ask what happened.

I cannot even get authorities to tell me how they murdered my disabled brother who was in jail under SECRET ARREST in 2003 - see Wrongful Death of Larry Neal at  -Therefore, I don't think they care much about what I request on petitions. If authorities cared about doing what is right, moral, and legal, they would release Larry Neal's arrest records and investigate his death. However, I am black, so that makes a difference in how you get treated by the government, you know. You probably need to get someone white to help with this issue about Native Americans' health care.

We minority people don't matter to authorities, and in my experience, petitions don't matter much either. See mine below asking them to stop chasing me and censoring me to prevent the disclosure of my brother's secret jail murder. When they murdered poor Larry in Shelby County Jail in Memphis, TN, the authorities sent The Cochran Firm to defraud Larry's family into thinking we had lawyers to file wrongful death for us. The law firm signed contract to represent us, but it never filed suit. The lawyers just lied to us for almost a year (the entire statute of limitations in TN), but finally confessed the law firm had done ZERO to investigate Larry's murder, conduct discovery and file suit about his murder. Minorities are important only to pay taxes, fight "terrorists," and populate prisons. See my petition, and you will understand how powerless my signature is, being a black citizen in this "land of equal justice."

Stop Censorship and Terrorism Against Mary Neal - The Petition Site
Human and civil rights protections requested to end censorship and endangerment (60 signatures on petition)

My family is deemed so insignificant as African American taxpayers with members in active military service, veterans, and civil service employees that USDC signed an order stating that whatever people did to defraud my family to cover up my handicapped brother's secret jail death is "immaterial." Then USDC Northern District of Georgia dismissed our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm in February 2009. Shelby County Jail never had to answer its subpoenas and release records about Larry's murder, and the television stations and newspapers that advertise the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm were allowed to ignore federal subpoenas, too. They never had to submit responsive documents about their prolific advertising of the Atlanta law office. Defrauding minorities is not a big deal in America. No one knows that better than Africans and Native Americans, I am sure.

It is hard being a minority person in a place as prejudice as America is. Dogs' get justice after their murders, but not black people. In fact, I am followed, accosted, and cyberstalked for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL by up to four vehicles and a USDOT truck. See Cochran Firm Fraud videos 1 and 2 on YouTube. It is a mess. I have to stay home most of the time dodging folks who followed me home from work every night in 2008. Somebody murdered a person who planned to sue Shelby County Jail in November 2008 - Duanna Johnson. I just stayed home after I escaped those folks in cars and the government vehicle in September 2008 and found out other litigants against that jail were being executed in November. These folks don't like minority people to get uppity and ask questions and try to sue behind police brutality and murders, you see.

If you think that is bad, consider why we filed suit in federal court in 2007. We did that because when we filed suit in Georgia Superior Court in 2005, the judge told my family that we served the suit wrongly by serving The Cochran Firm's Atlanta, GA office. The Cochran Firm lied in court and claimed it had no office in Georgia (despite prolific advertising and being open for business every single day), and the judge agreed with them. The Cochran Firm's office was within sight of the courthouse, but what can you do when these white people stick together like that? (Johnnie Cochran died years ago, you see. He partnered with some Alabama FOLKS before he died, so that's that.) Anyway, Georgia Superior Court dismissed our lawsuit claiming there is no such thing as a Georgia office of The Cochran Firm. Yep - the very law office that is listed first on The Cochran Firm's website's list of offices. They did not even bother to think up a good excuse to dismiss our lawsuit, because we are African Americans, you see.

The Cochran Firm tricked the family of Kathryn Johnston, too. That's the 92-year-old black woman that Atlanta police murdered during a home invasion in November 2006. I don't think her survivors got a dime, either. If they did, the Cochran Firm just kept the matter out of court so Atlanta would not have to pay a jury verdict. Those lawyers sued for NEGLIGENCE, not wrongful death in Ms. Johnston's murder. Isn't that something? Keeping things in check for THE MAN. There have been other families tricked, also. They're opening Latino law offices now, and I hear they represented the Native Americans in a matter this year. It is a shame how that law firm runs around to trick the minorities in Johnnie Cochran's name. I think they're government agents, because the media won't even report how they went to Georgia Superior Court and denied their own identity. The FCC, FTC, FBI, HS don't care. I reported the consumer fraud to all of them. The FCC took a report, but did not really do anything. The BBB refused to even take the complaint.

Look at my petitions, and you will see the authorities don't care about what petitions I endorse. They see me as an "immaterial" black person, you understand. If I had money, maybe that would make a difference. But I don't. So that's that.  Frankly, I don't think white citizens matter much if they don't have money, either.  Prisons are full of sick, indigent black and white people, and sometimes they execute innocent white men.  It is a long story. Read more about it at the links after my signature below.  I used to think these things would change.  Now, I don't know.  Good luck with your attempt to get Dog Justice for Native Americans.

Mary Neal

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On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 7:59 AM, First Nations Development Institute wrote:

Ask Your Senator to Include the Indian Health Care Improvement Act in the Current Senate Health Care Reform Bill

Indian Country needs your immediate support of and action on the reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act of 2009 (IHCIA of 2009), S. 1790. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, introduced the bill with 15 bi-partisan co-sponsors in the Senate on October 15, 2009. S. 1790 proposes a reauthorization and extension of the IHCIA of 1976 (last reviewed by Congress in 1992). During his introduction of S. 1790, Senator Dorgan recognized, "Native Americans suffer staggering health disparities due to an outdated, strained and underfunded health care system. We have a federal health care system for Native Americans that is only funded at about half of its need. Clinician vacancy rates within this system are high and misdiagnosis is rampant. Only those with 'life or limb' emergencies seem to get care. Native Americans die of tuberculosis at a rate 600 percent higher than the general population, suicide rates are nearly double, alcoholism rates are 510 percent higher, and diabetes rates are 189 percent higher than the general population."

If passed, the IHCIA of 2009 would:

Extend the life of the IHCIA, which has served as the underlying programmatic and legal framework for carrying out the federal government's trust responsibility for health care in Indian Country, and

Provide essential updates to the IHCIA by addressing modern methods of health care delivery that are urgently needed in Indian Country such as:

Authorizing programs to increase the recruitment and retention of health care professionals in Indian Country health care settings;

Authorizing long-term care, including home health care, assisted living, and community based care for the elderly in Indian Country; and

Establishing mental and behavioral health programs that address a wide spectrum of problems in Indian Country including fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, child sexual abuse and domestic violence, and high rates of youth suicide.

Current Status of the IHCIA in Congress:

Indian Country health care advocates have been working for a decade to improve the delivery of health care to Indians. As of today, Indian Country has seen measured success in the IHCIA of 2009. On November 7, 2009, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 3962, "the Affordable Health Care for America Act," which includes the language of the IHCIA of 2009. However, the next critical step in the reauthorization of the IHCIA of 2009 lies with the Senate. The Senate is currently considering a broader health care reform bill, "the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," introduced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Although this proposed Senate bill does contain some important health care protections benefiting American Indians and Alaska Natives, it does not incorporate the language of the IHCIA of 2009. The proposed Senate health care reform bill needs to be amended to include the IHCIA of 2009, which would strengthen the probability of Congress passing the IHCIA this year. Your action is needed now to avoid further delays to improving substandard health care in Indian Country.

What can you do?

To help make the IHCIA a permanent law of the United States, we ask that you act today by contacting your Senator.

Tell your Senator that you support immediate meaningful, comprehensive, and long-term health care reform in Indian Country and that you support an amendment to the current Senate health care reform bill to include the Indian Health Care Improvement Act of 2009.

You may contact your Senator today by:

Calling the Capitol Switchboard toll-free at 877-851-6437 and asking to speak to your Senator, or clicking the button below and following the simple steps to email your Senator.

On behalf of tribal governments and the Native nonprofit sector across the nation, First Nations Development Institute thanks you for your time, effort, and support of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act of 2009.
First Nations Development Institute 703 Third Ave, Suite B Longmont, CO 80501

tel 303.774.7836 fax 303.774.7841


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Anonymous said...

i love that picture of the native american homeland security its so true. but anyway as a brittish person i must say on your health issue no offence but i think our health system (the n.h.s) is way better than the american health system were everyone gets treated, don't get me wrong theres obviously a lot of things better in america than here, but just on the health system ours is better. in america if you can't afford it are you thrown out in the street?

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Thanks, Bobbyboy84. The answer to your question is yes and no. It depends on whether treatment is needed for mental or physical health problems as to whether sick people are thrown out into the street. Americans who have no health care insurance are not necessarily deprived of treatment for physical health problems, especially in emergencies. In addition, poor children qualify for the Medicaid program, and elderly citizens who receive Social Security benefits have Medicare. Medicare usually pays 80% for treatment regardless of the elder's ability to pay. Indigent elders qualify for Medicaid insurance to assume the medical and pharmaceutical costs that Medicare does not cover. One organization suggested that rather than overhaul the entire health care system in America, the existing Medicaid program that now insures indigent minors and elders should be expanded to offer coverage to everyone who has no medical insurance without regard to age. It made sense to me.

Medicaid insurance for inpatients in psychiatric hospitals ended in the 1960s and 70s. After that, hospitals closed across the nation and sick people did indeed die in the street from freezing, starvation, medical neglect, and brutality. Acute mental patients are presently incarcerated rather than treated in hospitals or in community treatment programs. In fact, 1.25 million mentally ill Americans are presently behind bars. Learn more about that as you read more articles in this Free Speak Blog, and visit our online advocacy to improve care for mentally challenged people at ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL.

Thanks for your interest and comment.


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