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(9 links in this article)    WHY ARE YOU BLOCKING MY URL FROM REGISTERING,  Other news reports told about Officer Tesler's conviction being overturned in State Court.  Officers shot 39 bullets at Kathryn Johnston, an elderly black woman in Atlanta, after crashing into her home late at night on November 21, 2006.  Six bullets hit her, and she died.  I want to read the USLaw report, but USLaw blocked me from registering to read the article it held out to the public to read with FREE REGISTRATION.  It is illegal to block my URL from a public service,
Jan 15, 2009 ... Police Officer's conviction overturned in the Kathryn Johnston case. ...

Don't deny me the right to register for a PUBLIC service you offer, or I will sue you,  (Of course, you can always say USLaw does not exist and prevail in court or just $ay $omething el$e. Anything will do.  That's how things are done in the halls of ju$tice, I learned.)

It is shameful the way mainstream news and apparently some online legal sites are being used to deny justice and hide certain news.  When The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm presented in Georgia Superior Court that it had NO law office in Georgia, I tried to run an ad in the AJC to find other people who had contracted with The Cochran Firm out of the Atlanta office (127 Peachtree Street), and AJC declined to sell the ad space.  That was before I knew about the connection between some law firms, courts, police, and the media.  I learned more about the connection when one media company was allowed to IGNORE our federal subpoena for The Cochran Firm's advertising records.  It is unethical to advertise oneself under one identity, but deny that same identity in court. Unfortunately, the media is an active participant in misleading African Americans and other minority or disenfranchised citizens.  See the data at these links:

Media Blackout re Secret Arrest and Wrongful Death of Larry Neal and Cochran Firm Fraud

Excuse Me ... The Dogs Got Your Newspaper, by Mary Neal
The survey results from "Jails or Mental Hospitals?" is no longer available at the link that is in the article above, but the results were published in another article called, "New Jersey v. Cynthia Johnson for Being Young, Gifted, and Black." One hundred percent of the people surveyed said they were concerned about news coverage having read about The Wrongful Death of Larry Neal and The Cochran Firm Fraud.  A second "Jails or Mental Hospitals?" poll was published in OpEdNews in an article called "Mentally Ill Patient's Secret Incarceration and Wrongful Death."  Google the articles.  Larry's death cover-up stopped being a secret long ago.

When powerful people want news stifled, it is also censored online.  A couple of years ago, whenever I tried to register for certain online services, the carrier would repeatedly deny that I correctly descrambled the code to join.  I have films and printouts of this.  A congressional bill to resume Medicaid insurance for mental hospitalization - H.R.619 - is also denied media coverage.  The bill was introduced in January 2009, yet no mainstream media wrote about it.  America has 1.25 million mentally ill people currently imprisoned, and mental illness affects approximately 1 in 5 Americans.  That means the issue of criminalizing mental illness impacts millions of people with that common, treatable health condition.  It also impacts their millions of family members who are tortured when their sick loved ones being imprisoned for having psychiatric disorders.  Despite the number of Americans who have a vested interest in the success of H.R.619, the congressional bill has no media coverage whatsoever.  Is that a censored congressional bill?  Yes, it is.

Q:  "Is censorship practiced in America?" 

A:  Only when there is something to hide.

Below are links to other news reports regarding Tesler's dismissal in State Court from charges connected with Kathryn Johnston's case.

Neal Street Cop Conviction Overturned

Georgia defense lawyer obtains reversal of criminal conviction of Atlanta police officer

My interest in Kathryn Johnston's murder case stems in part from the fact that six months after Georgia Superior Court issued a court order stating there is no Cochran Firm in Georgia, the same law firm undertook representing Kathryn Johnston's survivors - in Georgia. 

Either something is amiss with US Law's computer system, or I am being denied registration pointedly and purposefully by a DoS on my URL.  I wrote this note to the Contact for USLaw and sent it at 7:30 a.m on 11/7/09.

I completed the registration for USLaw several times. I used a different email address each time. Each time it told me that my email address was already in use. This is a lie. The site said that everyone is welcome to register. I want you to please get in touch with me immediately and tell me why I am excluded from "everyone."

Mary Neal

Is everyone in on The Cochran Firm Fraud? 
Is everyone in the legal community and mainstream media a prison investor?

My being denied registration at USLaw is not unlike what happened to minority children from Creative Steps, Inc. summer camp program when they showed up at Valley Swim Club in Pennsylvania in June.  Creative Steps had completed the necessary steps for membership, but upon Valley Swim Club learning who the new members were who would be using their facilities, Creative Steps, Inc. was rejected.  I wrote about that at this article: 

Steps Toward Justice Hub3
It is unacceptable, unethical, illegal, and actionable to hold out a service as being "public" and deny membership to certain persons without a legally valid reason, i.e., a prior member who violated rules.

I hope will address this.  If someone is controlling the registration process from outside, USLaw needs to seal the security breach and let me know I can register for its free service for "everyone."  I know cyberstalkers control my own PC through remote access.  They prevent me browsing to certain sites (i.e., African American groups and prisoner activists organizations).  The censorship force also edits my online posts, like they did in the two-minute video at YouTube called "PRISON LABOR PROFITS" - - But the DoS had to come from USLaw's system, not mine.  Hopefully all legal services are not a party to THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD.   Legal referral services should be ashamed to refer that firm to people.  The ONLY reason my family being defrauded by The Cochran Firm is not in their record with the State Bars is because the Bars let them off - not because they don't deserve censure.  The Georgia Bar would not even send me a form to file a complaint - didn't want to hear anything bad about The Cochran Firm.  I had to write the governor, and he had the State attorney general make the Georgia Bar send me the complaint form.  What kind of mess is that?  I didn't even bother to fill it out YET because the Bar obviously does not care what The Cochran Firm does.  The Tennessee Bar did take the complaint, got the evidence not only that The Cochran Firm defrauded my family to protect a murderous jail, but much more.  People are not supposed to reveal what happens in Bar complaint cases, and since WE ARE SUING THEM AGAIN, I will not reveal to you what happened.  But it was as crooked as a law firm being allowed to swear in court that it does not exist.  Just as crooked, and almost laughable.  You will not find our complaint with BBB, because BBB flat refused to take any complaint against The Cochran Firm.  Johnnie Cochran is dead, but if he knew how his name is being misued, he would complain, himself.  Google for Shawn Holley's interview at NPR.  She was a Cochran Firm attorney for 17 years, but reports that when Johnnie Cochran died, the new partners he contracted with shortly before death embarked on a program of giving substandard services to minority clients DELIBERATELY.  I read that The Cochran Firm rebutted Ms. Holley, saying she had no evidence about dissatisfied clients.  That is another lie. 

I worked with attorneys for almost two decades.  The people I worked with seemed so decent and honest toward their clients that I never understood what all the lawyer jokes were about until being deceived by The Cochran Firm to protect the jail where Larry Neal was secretly arrested for 18 days and died, while police denied having him under arrest.  Unfortunately, the legal community seems convinced that if they ignore Larry's murder, it will go away.  Even the DOJ (more lawyers) refuse to obey the law and release Larry Neal's records and investigate how police killed him.  He does not count as much as Michael Vick's dogs, being a black man and handicapped, too.  Yes, some lawyers are acting very peculiar lately - and I suppose legal services like are following suit.  For instance, the Cochran Firm has gone from "If the glove doesn't fit . . . " to this slogan:  "If you have no defense, just say you don't exist!"  To top it off, I am stalked online and in person for knowing about The Cochran Firm fraud. People need to hire more stalkers to cover all the people who know.  It is the most non-secret secret anyone could imagine.
Mary Neal

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