Sunday, December 28, 2014

Antonio Martin Reached for a Cell Phone

ANTONIO MARTIN SHOOTING - CLOSE-UP ~ NSA, FBI, CIA or someone stole the video of #AntonioMartin being shot in Missouri from my Facebook page. I cannot authenticate the video like the FBI can and should, but it clearly showed that Martin reached for his cellphone while speaking with police, probably to record the conversation. The rectangular face of the cell phone is illuminated in the video. Keep your eye on his left hand, which is where the cell phone was more clear in the video that was removed from Facebook.

The Facebook video had over 97k views and over 200 comments. Several friends had viewed it at my wall and commented on the video, including the three below:

Arie Marta ~ They knew who the hell he was and they knew he was no threat to them. Cops work in the same neighborhoods for years and know each of its citizens. So none of this shit fly with me.

Isacc Witham ~ ROLAND CARNABY was a CIA Agent ..... They KNEW Who He Was AS WELL

Mari Navarro Borrero ~ I saw the video after you posted. I tried to share on my page but to no avail. Last count it had over 97k views ...

Not only is the video gone from my page, but it also disappeared from its source at "Justice for Eric Garner" community. Although the Martin video had been widely viewed and was on its way to going viral, it disappeared time I shared it.

Somebody got censored or paid off to delete the video. It was much clearer than the one at YouTube, featured in this article. I suppose that is why "they" had to delete it. It was a slow motion video that showed every motion very clearly. The video embedded in this article from YouTube has one interesting point that the slow-motion video at Facebook did not have. It shows Martin running away from police. It might be interesting to learn where the bullet(s) struck him.

I'm thinking of going into business. Over 97k people saw the slow-motion video that was removed from Facebook, but it remained online until minutes after I shared it. I am so censored that politicians and public figures who have negative publicity online can pay me to feature the articles and videos they want removed. If I feature them, NSA, CIA, FBI or other stalkers will immediately come out of nowhere and zap them! I'm really beginning to feel SPECIAL in an insulting way.

The screenshot below proves that the video was also removed from Facebook messages I shared with Brother Lorenzo Ervin and Dr. Floyd Harris and others. I wish I had free speech and freedom of press.

I wrote the poem below after one of my telephone stalkers answered the phone when my niece called me twice last night ("they" sometimes redirect my phone number to ring at their house or headquarters). She said it was a very rude white man who told her she could NOT reach Mary Neal by calling 678.531.0262 (my cell phone number). 
A white man answered my phone
When my niece called twice tonight
My hopes for changing the gov are gone
But still I write to fight
and still I fight to write

More often, they redirect my phone calls to be answered by THEIR voice mail, then delete the messages people leave for me so that I won't know they called. They sometimes forget to also remove the calls from my "calls missed" list. I think it is insulting to have such sloppy stalkers. It is almost as bad as The Cochran Firm's lie when we sued them for fraud: "We have no law offices in Atlanta," they told the court. It was obvious perjury that Georgia judges accepted in the Neals vs. The Cochran Firm cases. Therefore, I am not as surprised as some people are about the denial of justice in U.S. courts for Brown and Garner and other blacks who were killed. You should read about my brother, who was secretly arrested (kidnapped) and killed in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003. The Cochran Firm frauds contracted as our wrongful death attorneys then worked behind our backs with police and probably the USDOJ to hide Larry Neal's murder. It is a long story; read about it at

Condolences to Antonio Martin's family and close friends. He was only 18 years old.

Mary Loves Justice Neal
Phone (678) 531.0262 or (571)335-1741
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
Stalker, do NOT run my phone numbers into my email address. Don't worry. Your partners don't let me receive emails they want to contain.

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