Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stop Defrauding Black Clients, Cochran Firm

I was preparing for my interview with Press TV that is scheduled for next week and read about another family that was defrauded by The Cochran Firm: the Andersons in Kentucky. It angered me to think how the system is still using that CoIntelPro law firm to help government entities and wealthy corporations defraud black people.

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I will continue to expose CoIntelPro law firm until its doors close Shouldn't be accessories to murder of Larry Neal
Sociopaths think if they stalk me and threaten family,use malicious pros. or HURT SOMEBODY they can defraud  in secret. NO!
There's no telling HOW MANY seniors CochranFirm attys defraud re DePuy and Gulf Coast ppl re BP oil spill. Were those cases their reward?
Excuse the rant, friends. I read about another family defrauded by Cochran Firm attys in preparing for interview w/  and got angry.
 Hezekiah Sistrunk is an atty who should be jailed Who pays my gangstalkers 24/7? Criminals, frauds, woof!
 No, the Neal family didn't have $50,000 to contribute to inaugural dinner like TheCochranFirm. Justice shouldn't be ForSale
 ... media, police, civil and human rights orgs. TheCochanFirm fraud is most elaborate conspiracy ever. Blk targets as usual
 If ANYONE had done their jobs instead of conspiring w/CochranFirm, things would be different. FTC, FCC, BBB, courts, DOJ...
 As CoIntelPro loses black business, fed judges put 'em over large class actions: DePuy & BP Oil Spill. Dogs
 Crooks cheated my fam of millions and helped jail escape accountability for  They can gangstalk FOREVER
 GA courts help Cochran Firm defraud blacks.Allowed perjury "No Atl office!" Crooks are mad 'cuz I tell
 CochranFirm DENIES having an Atl office when clients sue for FRAUD, DELIBERATE MALPRACTICE Racketeers!
 CochranFirm DENIES having an Atlanta office when clients sue 4 FRAUD, DELIBERATE MALPRACTICE Racketeers
 TheCochranFirm DENIES having an Atlanta office when clients sue for FRAUD, DELIBERATE MALPRACTICE Racketeers
 "JOHNNIE COCHRAN'S COINTELPRO MURDER THEORY"  Reason I'm persecuted, censored, stalked, threatened by police.
 "JOHNNIE COCHRAN'S COINTELPRO MURDER THEORY"  Reason I'm persecuted, censored, stalked, threatened by police.
 Need CochranFirmFraud video2 placed as response to video1 STALKERS moved it defrauding blks
 Need Cochran Firm Fraud video 2 placed as response to video 1 STALKERS moved it. Thx
 Need Cochran Firm Fraud video 2 placed as response to video 1 STALKERS moved it. Thx

Court re attorney's fee for a   who uncovered several public scandals, including sexual harassment  

We pray for trees, God gives acorns. Big things are hidden inside small things.

Jahuwah, pour out your wrath... upon the kingdoms that do not call upon your Name. Psalm 79:6
 If one gives police the IP addresses that one's security system captured, can't they investigate and arrest the ppl if they want
 There was NO break in the TalkShoe tape, but anti-DP advocacy is cyberstalked. Stalkers added the break hoping ppl wouldn't hear
 Forgot to tell U, there's a 2-min. break after 45 min., then "DP in Bible Belt" radio continues for an hour
 Thank you again, Governor. Mr. Awkal may not have the wherewithal to say thank U, so I wanted be sure U were thanked. Blessings!

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Friends, if you copy any of these tweets to paste and share, be sure to put a space before the "http" in each one. That is how my tweets are coded to prevent the links from linking on copy/paste. They give censoring Mary Neal lots of thought. I think their moms and wives and sisters are retarded, because they do the most obvious censorship and think I do not notice.

I was very angry when I found out they moved my Cochran Firm Fraud video 2 away from being a response to Cochran Firm Fraud video 1. Video 2 has the information about the Georgia Superior Court lying and saying there is no Cochran Firm law office whatsoever in the State of Georgia and my ORDEAL being chased by a government vehicle leading four other vehicles on September 27, 2008. I did not even know at the time why on earth the feds would care if I sued The Cochran Firm - I just reported it because it seemed so strange and terrifying. Now I know why it happened. The USDOJ was in overview of Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003 when Larry Neal was murdered there, and federal officials conspired with The Cochran Firm to keep the wrongful death case out of court plus deny the Neal family from ever having records and accountability for the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, a mentally, physically disabled black man. Whatever evil deal was made is still in place today. This is the same justice system that HAS PEOPLE ON DEATH ROW for murders, but they conspire to hide the murder of handicapped Americans. It is sick. Have a blessed day.