Friday, June 8, 2012

African Americans: Democratic Party's Fool

1)  NEGRO CONFEDERATES, a few of whom I met, work for people who hate Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. I just sent a new article in FreeSpeakBlog to my email list. although the article has four embedded videos in it and the links for all four videos, ONE video did not show up in the email. Gmail lists videos included in emails and shows them at the bottom of the email screen. Only three(3) videos showed up in my copy of the email, and the MLK montage was obviously deleted. I do not know if there is a technical reason. Cyberstalkers who censor me for, or by permission of, authorities are able to make links disappear or redirect them to other data. The video that would not email:is called "MLK = King" at this link .Three links and seven(7) numbered paragraphs are in this article.

2)   The article cyberstalkers removed the video above from before or when I emailed it is called "Exposed: African Americans: Democratic Party's Freebie" at this link : Excerpt: "This election year, ask for something! Let's stop being the Democratic Party's free ho because we follow leaders other people chose for us by giving them good press. CROSS YOUR LEGS AND HAVE SOME PRIDE. That is such a new concept for African Americans in the 21st century that some might call it radical." I will read the article aloud when I am interviewed on Press TV next week. Press TV is conducting interviews in New York, Atlanta, and Washington, DC June 5-15, 2012, making a documentary on discrimination against blacks in America. Victimized African Americans may still have time to participate. See the article in this blog called "Discuss Racial Oppression on Press TV." Racism has become more pronounced recently and my articles' sabotage by stalkers who removed the MLK montage evidences this problem. See the montage below IF THEY LET YOU. They hate MLK almost as much as they hate God. I say "almost" because they let me use capital letters in Dr. King's name, but that is sometimes a struggle for posting "God."

3) Press TV was impressed last week when a reporter tried to call me at 678.531.0262 and reached a recording saying my phone is out of service while I was on the phone with another person in their team. "I say to Iran, let your people march ...." ~ VP Biden

4) The next article in FreeSpeakBlog is "Tell Obama and Senate: End Indefinite Detention Now! "Excerpt: To President Obama: You can put an end to indefinite detention. Having lost your request for reconsideration, I urge you not to further appeal the ruling by Judge Forrest that makes it clear that indefinite detention violates the Constitution. To My Senators: I urge you to stand with the Constitution and oppose indefinite detention during the debate on this year's NDAA. SIGN HERE:  ." The petition has 50,000+ signatures so far. Add yours today. Avoid CAMPing trips.

It is interesting that the word "fool" is replaced in the link to this article with "_08," and the word "freebie" was omitted from the previous article, although both titles are short.



7)  Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally ill, an online advocacy to decriminalize mental illness, which would inconvenience prison investors whose order for concentration camps is presently endangered by court order by one righteous judge, Judge Katherine Forrest of Manhattan.

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