Saturday, April 7, 2012

GA Housing Discrimination: Arrest and Ban Blacks

PARAGRAPH 1.    Google, I am prevented from posting this comment at Yvonne Hickman's "GLYNN COUNTY, GA BANISHES BLACKS Video 1 of 5" at YouTube. I have four characters remaining, but the rejection message says, "! Error, try again." THEY will not let it post at Video 1 of the series, which is . See all five videos in an article at Dog Justice for Mentally Ill blog at this address . (This article has seven(7) links. I will report in the comments below which links stalkers code. It shows in my input field. The two links in this paragraph 1 AND one link in paragraph 5, which is to "WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL," are a different color from the four links to Hickman's censored videos in paragraph 2, wherein she divulges her victimization as a black woman who claims being maliciously arrested, banned from her home, and divorced by the system from her mentally ill husband in Georgia.) The censored message is below. I hope the fact that this lady's plight is censored will be helpful to her lawsuit against Glynn County officials and lawyers who conspired against her to make the Hickmans lose their home in a predominately white subdivision by arresting and banning Ms. Hickman, with full knowledge that Mr. Hickman is a PTSD Vietnam veteran who hasn't the wherewithal to handle legal and financial matters.

PARAGRAPH 2.    "See all five videos regarding Hickman being arrested twice and banned from Glynn County, GA because her husband, a Vietnam vet who is 100% mentally disabled, makes police reports saying she continually runs him over in her car!
Video 2 - 
Video 3 -
Video 4 -
Video 5 -
The Hickmans live in a predominantly white suburb. She feels this is an elaborate housing discrimination case."

PARAGRAPH 3.    Stalkers would not let Hickman's video 2 of 5 link by my selecting "link" from my toolbar. They probably intend to attack it. The way racists prevent minority persons from communicating about their injustices online in America is by using "INTERNET CENSORSHIP AMERICAN STYLE." Google that title and add my name in your web browser to the title. I found that Nazis sometimes name articles the same title I use immediately after I publish censored news to divert the public from injustices which I report online.

PARAGRAPH 4 (EIGHT LINES OR MORE).   Before I was prevented from adding the data above and links to Hickman's other four videos in this series, this Georgia slave woman was allowed to post four other comments. In one comment, I wrote:  "Hickman filed criminal fraud charges against Jason Clark, the attorney who she said accepted $10,000 from her to sue Glynn County officials but was not even registered to appear before the court where suit was to be filed. I told Hickman it would have gone badly anyway. I have a federal court order from USDC, Northern District of GA, dismissing Neals v. The Cochran Firm stating that WHATEVER THE COCHRAN FIRM DID TO DEFRAUD MY FAMILY IS "IMMATERIAL." We're too black for justice in Georgia. One on the judges on the order to dismiss our lawsuit had already recused himself! For more information about this, be sure to see me on the upcoming movie "LAWLESS AMERICA - THE MOVIE," and please purchase my book, "COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD - COINTELPRO IN THE 21st Century." We may use another title, but that one seems most appropriate for what is happening. Other possible titles are: "MaryLovesJustice," or "Giving Assistance to the Mentally Ill PUNISHED IN AMERICA," or "DON'T TAKE OUR PRISON SLAVES, MARY NEAL," or "21st Century Book Burning - Internet Censorship Against Human Rights," or simply "Nazism and Negro Facilitators."

PARAGRAPH 5.    Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill - an online group that CoIntelPro completely took over months ago and has total control over when I can post there and what they allow to stay posted. No, police and The Justice Department will not address this illegal stalking. They have much to say about ANONYMOUS stalking against rich people, but I am poor and black, therefore undeserving of having my rights protected like Sarah Palin when her email box was stalked. It is probably futile for me to seek freedom of press protections since what I want to tell about is abuses of power like the SECRET ARREST AND WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL . At least when people read about my freedom quest, they will know what time it is in the U.S.A. If you owe taxes, you need to get your passport now. Authorities may stop issuing them to people who owe taxes. What is being planned? Perhaps officials expect a rush to the borders soon. Y'all are SERIOUSLY oversleeping, lazy, scared, or sold-out people. Which are you?

PARAGRAPH 6.    Tags: YvonneHickman, MaryNeal, wrongfuldeathoflarryneal, AfricanAmerican,  VietnamVeteran, PTSD, HousingDiscrimination, Georgia, LawyerFraud, AttorneyMalpractice, BlacksBannedFromGlynnCounty - I have to list my paragraphs and tags within the article in hopes that doing so will deter stalkers a little bit. Authorities are not doing anything to deter them. They refuse to uphold U.S. Code and Georgia law where my online and in-person stalking is concerned. Christians actually DOING the Word instead of merely talking about the exploits of Jesus and Apostles who died thousands of years ago is not allowed, even in the so-called "Bible Belt." Google, do you see that white car that parked at the vacant house across the street when I published this article? Please train one of your cameras on our street. WE ARE SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE SENT HERE TO LIVE IN FORECLOSED HOMES AND WATCH OUR HOUSE OR WORSE. My grandson dreams about home invasions. My mother cringes and worries about bombs falling on us when they stand helicopters over our rooftop for 30 minutes. When one of us leaves home, you will see a stalker from one of the government and bank-owned houses leave within seconds. The cartoonist who came to Georgia to assist me by drawing some pictures no one could falsely claim was nearly run over by two stalkers in a red and a white van the week of January 24, 2012. We did not even bother to call the police because POLICE REFUSE TO ADDRESS CRIMES TO PREVENT DISCLOSURE ABOUT LARRY NEAL'S MURDER UNDER SECRET ARREST AND OTHER CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY I REPORT.

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