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Burning Cross to Terrorize Neal Family

The isolation and terrorism inflicted on the Neal family and specifically on Mary Neal are intended to scare our African American family into silence about the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal. In the bad old days, families of victims were isolated from their neighbors by miles of empty farmland, and crosses were burned on the survivor's lawn. In the 21st century, they distance you from your neighbors by taking over your means of communication. There are four(4) links at the end of this article carrying information   published to promote peace between races and cultures within the United States and throughout the world. Ask authorities why a Christian advocate's messages to promote peace and unity among 99% people are allowed to be censored by a team of cyberstalkers 24/7, although I already gave authorities the IP numbers of the saboteurs, which my computer security system captured.

Despite the risks announced by our cyber terrorists, I continue to publish Larry Neal's 2003 lynching  in Memphis Shelby County Jail and The Cochran Firm fraud that followed his murder. I continue to debunk the idea that a so-called "black administration" will be just and give open records and due process of law about a lynching cover-up they walked in on in 2009. I think it is important for African Americans to know how things are. If the injustice system gets away with killing Larry Neal by (1) using a law firm people trust to defraud black families like The Cochran Firm, (2) arranging for every official to ignore his/her job regarding the murder and lawyer fraud (State Bars, law enforcement, justice officials, the media), (3) then inventing an elaborate program to intimidate the family into silence (the modern burning cross is cyberterror and gangstalking), then the system may move on to kill and suppress the murders of hundreds more African Americans - thousands more - millions more. Larry is one of a number of black mental patients who disappeared in or immediately after police custody. The genocide in Nazi Germany began with killing mental patients, then Hitler kept going and going and going. It happened before.

PEOPLE SAY TO ME, "YOU ARE SO BRAVE." I know elitists probably mean me harm like my cyber terrorists indicate. But what most people who say I'm brave do not seem to understand is this: I BELIEVE THEY MEAN YOU HARM, TOO. In 2009, Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) introduced H.R.645 for six(6) concentration camps capable of holding millions. It did not pass. But like the Internet censorship bills, more attempts were made. Now we have NDAA, which passed in 2011 and was signed into law by President Obama on New Year's eve. Who do you think NDAA concentration camps are for - a handful of terrorists? When will NDAA be used, and who will be the people indefinitely detained in military camps without any criminal charges, trials or opportunities for defense? Consider this: Who is imprisoned now? Minorities and working class whites. Wake up and support H.R.3785 to repeal NDAA and free yourselves and/or future generations of the threat of being enslaved for no defensible reason whatsoever. It is good if you are shocked by the way the Neals are treated (secret arrest and murder of the weakest member, persecution, stalking, isolation and terrorism). It could be your family next year or next decade. Save yourselves and the country. Your coffee is burning. Unite and resist oppression. Please read the four articles at the following four(4) links:

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AUGUST 2012 UPDATE: The Neal's home was burglarized in August 2012, and the only things stolen were two boxes of records containing the Neals v. The Cochran Firm lawsuit and substantiating documents that the Neals were denied the opportunity to take before a jury, and one crystal vase was stolen, probably because it was close to the files. The burglary was called in to the DeKalb County, Georgia police department on August 19, 2012. An officer responded around noon, but he REFUSED to write a police report. I called the U.S. Attorney's office, Georgia Bureau of Investigations, Internal Affairs for the police department, and the local police office. When the local police office called me back, an officer stated that although the record showed my burglary report, there had been no officer dispatched yet. Therefore, the burglars or their employers paid someone to impersonate a police officer. The black man was dressed like a police officer, but I noticed that he wore no gun. He parked the police car in a space between my home and our neighbor's near shrubbery  instead of parking directly in front of our home. In retrospect, I wonder if he did that to block me from having a clear view of his car number or the car itself. A woman called me after I reported this online and said people who do that are either off-duty officers or impostors playing the role of "cousin nancy." More about the burglary is in this and other blogs. Google "Mary Neal Burglary." My readers will still have an opportunity to see much of the data burglars stole because I used scanners, flash drives, and discs to save data offsite when we started receiving house fire threats.

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Note: When I came to this article on April 23, 2012, the third paragraph, which is about the threat of slavery through NDAA, was missing. Cyberstalkers can make parts of people's blogs and websites invisible. They had also removed tags "NDAA" and "H.R.3785," which is the bill to repeal the concentration camp provision from NDAA.

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Within the last ten years, I have welcomed a white Protestant, a Turkish Muslim, and a Latino Catholic into my family through marriages of close relatives. My linage includes a Native American and a white on my dad's side and mother's side, respectively, within three generations of my birth. The faces at our dinner table on holidays look different from each other, and that is fine. It was a long time before I realized prejudice had everything to do with our mistreatment, because my family does not think that way. And to have the mistreatment coming at us from blacks and whites is truly disconcerting. I am sad for everyone who can mistreat people for looking different from themselves. No matter how bad I am treated, I will never think that way. God bless you.