Tuesday, April 24, 2012

African American Women Thrown Under the Bus by Sellouts

I am "America's Most Censored: Mary Neal" (Please Google that). When you read this article, you will understand why a team of four(4) cyberstalkers were assigned to monitor and edit my Internet input 24/7, and stalkers were hired to follow me in person to note when I use library computers and rent computer usage at FedEx Kinkos. The stalkers' bosses (whoever they are) are somehow able to take control of computers I use in both those locales. They do not want me to use my "freedom" of press to publish truths like you will read in these fourteen(14) paragraphs and nine(9) links. 

 2. Here is the sad truth they wish to hide: Black women are the main voting block among African Americans, yet we fare very poorly under sellouts we sent to office in Georgia and Washington and probably your own state. They do little or nothing to help us in our roles to nurture and protect the young, old, and infirmed black people. In fact, they work against our efforts to uplift our people and to bridge the gulf between African Americans and other races. Without unity among people in the 99%, we all risk our liberty. No one can determine the best candidates for office or who really cares about human and civil rights by their race or political party. It is important to be cognizant about laws being proposed and passed. I solute the representatives from Georgia who voted against NDAA with its concentration camp provision. How did your officials vote? Follow congressional bills at OpenCongress.org at http://www.OpenCongress.org  . A wise leader urged us to judge people by character, not skin color. Working class and poor people (the 99%) must stand together as brethren or perish together as fools (MLK).

     A)  See one of Edwina Davis's videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjuFFWeP4tk&feature=relmfu Edwina was tricked by a black attorney at The Cochran Firm after going to the traitors who misuse Johnnie Cochran's name. Her boss at Tyco International was touching her breasts whenever she passed him at work. Edwina said that M. Pete, Esq., of The Cochran Firm, defrauded her on behalf of Tyco then started a romantic relationship with her before she knew about the fraud. Edwina was terrorized and stalked after standing her ground against persecution and refusing to be used to satisfy her white boss sexually. 

     B)  See one of five Yvonne Hickman videos http://youtu.be/xjp_jY7so8A Hickman was jailed and banned from her husband, home, and business in Glynn County, Georgia in 2009. Her husband is a Vietnam veteran who is 100% mentally disabled and suffers acute Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They lived in a mostly white subdivision, and they were not welcome. Banishing Hickman was apparently an elaborate housing discrimination scheme. Hickman was arrested and banished from her county when her husband hallucinated and accused his wife of repeatedly running over him in her car! His wife was jailed on a felony charge and banned from Glynn County although Nathaniel Hickman didn't have a scratch on him and kept going to the gym every morning! Officials know Hickman's husband hasn't the wherewithal to pay bills properly. Now their home is in foreclosure. Hickman's wrongful banishment continues today because no one in government or civil and human rights organizations helps her to fight victimization by the injustice system, and neither did any of the five attorneys she hired. She recently spent two days on Capitol Hill going to offices of members of the Congressional Black Caucus members. She went to the Justice Department, which is supposed to protect people from housing discrimination and other racism. So far, Hickman received assistance from exactly NOBODY.

     C)   See Mary Neal's videos www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1ltCpy1uu0 My elderly mom and I were sorely victimized by The Cochran Firm fraud, which held the wrongful death of Larry Neal case secretly inactive while the Tennessee statute of limitations ran in order to protect Memphis Shelby County Jail, our intended defendant. Our loved one was a lifelong schizophrenic heart patient who police secretly arrested until his death under UNDISCLOSED CIRCUMSTANCES 18 days after his kidnapping by police. We are stalked online and in person but denied police services in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Atlanta Police threatened to arrest and taser me for exposing Larry's lynching to people on public sidewalks in 2010. Slaves are their masters' property. Murdering slaves was not even illegal. Plantation overseers were expected to keep the peace after lynchings, and they were sent to prevent me from speaking or writing about Larry's murder which happened in 2003 - black police officers. See this videohttp://youtu.be/ROkthmx1Dlc The video is called "Boycott 4 Justice 9th of Every Month," and I proclaimed thereon that I refuse to be a slave. On April 21, 2012, I received a letter from the City of Atlanta saying that the MOSTLY BLACK city commission takes no responsibility for its police officers who threatened me for exercising my First Amendment rights. That is how much it helps to elect black mayors like Kasim Reed and black council members in the U.S.A. Racism is actually stronger many places where blacks are in charge because authorities feel that victimized African Americans cannot claim mistreatment due to racism. I respectfully disagree. Black on black racism is precisely how 17 men could sail into Africa and leave with 400 blacks; it is how 1,000 plantation slaves could be managed by a single family.  

    D.   The rate of black women in prison is rising, and some people are born in prison, with their moms handcuffed and chained to the hospital beds. http://www.sott.net/articles/show/246462-Female-prisoners-in-USA-give-birth-in-handcuffs-and-chains

     E. Please share the "Boycott 4 Justice" video in paragraph C, wherein Mary Neal told officials over police in DeKalb County, Georgia and Atlanta City Government that she refuses to be their Masters' slave girl and be quiet about abuses of power, such as the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal and cyberstalking and in-person stalking or threats by police officers for exposing the Cochran Firm fraud against blacks - crimes that are allowed in order to keep blacks "in our place" on their masters' plantations. Police in Atlanta and DeKalb County show my family that crimes against us are "immaterial," as stated in the court order issued by United States District Court in 2009. Boycotting was used in the civil rights era to end systemic racism. Jim Crow did not die, but he was seriously wounded by using consumer boycotts in conjunction with marches and rallies. It is wrong for police to dare my family to complain about Larry Neal's lynching and crimes that are continually done to intimidate us or curtail our online communication. When I go to speak to people in person after cyberstalkers disable my computer, police arrive and threaten to arrest and Taser me if I do not go home. 

     F. Consider how African American women are treated. Below is a picture of Marissa Alexander on the beach. She was recently sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot to prevent a potentially deadly beating from her abusive husband. She never even pointed the weapon at him. Does this mean that women are back to being chattel and must accept being beaten to death by men?

    G.   There were absolutely no injuries caused by her shooting a warning shot. Oscar Grant's killer, a former B.A.R.T. officer, stretched the unarmed 20-year-old face-down on cold concrete of a San Francisco train station where other officers restrained him. Oscar was murdered by a single gunshot to his back before hundreds of commuters. The shooter only served eleven months behind bars and is now fighting to get his conviction overturned. Marissa Alexander sobs after being sentenced to 20 years in prison for self-protection. They plan to use her youthful vigor as a Florida prison slave and deprive her children of having a mother. Separating black families for slavery is not over in USA.

     H.  Local and federal justice officials allow (or cause) me to be censored to hide crimes against humanity like 1.25 million mental patients imprisoned for prison profits, the covered-up lynching death of Larry Neal, and The Cochran Firm's fraud against survivors of Kathryn Johnston, a 92-year-old black Atlanta woman who police shot and tried to frame as a drug pusher in 2006 - a woman who was nearly 100 years old. It became the job of black lawyers like Hezekiah Sistrunk, Esq., to help Atlanta dodge a jury trial and reduce the city's payout. Even where Negroes are over government, abusive police frequently escape accountability after killing blacks by saying the victims were drug pushers. That is the lie they could not make fly about Kathryn Johnston. But thanks to corruption that Georgia is noted for, her family received less than one-third of the demand on their lawsuit because they were deprived of a jury trial by their own lawyers' fraud. 

     I.  See also one of Katherine Conner's videos:  "Louisiana, Corruption in East Feliciana Parish, Court Misconduct, 'Systematic Racism' at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkekRdq056A  . Use that link to lead to all four of her videos on YouTube. Katherine filed a complaint against a judge and D.A. in her rural Louisiana parish for treating a financial dispute between Conner and an unlicensed Mississippi home repair contractor like it was a criminal matter. (Her home was damaged in Katrina). She was wrongly arrested for canceling the check she wrote the contractor because he had not deducted her prepayments from the bill, and she wanted a correct bill. You can imagine how angry Katherine Conner made the D.A. by uploading videos like the one at the link above where she wore a prison stripped uniform and a ball and chain to talk about her mistreatment, but he should have remained professional.  Unfortunately, the injustice system retaliated against Matthew Moore, Conner's 17-year-old son, within months of her complaint about misconduct in court regarding her prosecution for cancelling a check that would have extorted her of roughly $1,200 on her home repair. 

Mary Bethune and Warrior Women meeting

     J.   Matthew Moore was prosecuted by the same D.A. Matt's mother had filed the complaint against, who refused to recuse himself in Matthew's prosecution. Matthew was convicted of a crime he did not do on April 24, 2012, because his mother did not exhibit the subservient slave girl attitude that is demanded of black women in 21st century America when addressing officers of Pharaoh's corrupt courts. Kathrine Conner thought she had rights in the USA like I believed before the U.S. Department of Justice joined the conspiracy to hide Larry Neal's murder and a federal judge actually ruled that The Cochran Firm defrauding my family to hide Larry's jail death was "immaterial" and refused to let the righteous fraud case proceed to jury trial. The D.A. told Katherine Conner in front of witnesses that because of her "attitude," he was going to have her son arrested and see that he stayed in jail. Hoping to save her son from the vindictive district attorney, Katherine Conner went to a famous civil rights organization that she supported with her membership dues, but the black opportunists there told her they could/would not help Matthew. She, too, was thrown under the bus, and so was her son. 

4.   While black families, overwhelmingly headed by females, continue to combat racism to SAVE THE CHILDREN, many blacks in political offices and hypocritical organizations have become PRISON INVESTORS. They help their masters capture innocent African American youths from their communities to work as prison slaves. Roughly one million inmates work on jobs that were removed from "free" people in order to save  government entities and corporations from paying minimum wage and union scale wages. In fact, continuing and enlarging the slave trade is why America has 2.3 million inmates, more than any nation in world history. Prison populations are almost exclusively comprised of African Americans, Latinos, and working class whites from the "slave pool," which is how elitists view people in this country who lack wealth. That attitude is why police feel perfectly at ease killing unarmed minorities. OUR PEOPLE's abuses and deaths are ordinarily covered up whenever possible, or police get paid vacations after those incidents that do go public. The system tells black families that we are "immaterial" by denying accountability for wrongful deaths and brutality, and that has changed NONE where blacks are sheriffs, mayors, and federal justice officials. 

5. Black women are catching hell in the USA, as usual. The 21st century plantation overseers help hold black women down for their white supremacist masters to misuse us. If we do not submit ourselves as slave girls, black traitors in law firms, media, civil and human rights organizations, and government positions help persecute us, or they simply look the other way while African American women, disabled people, and our young are gang raped by the system. Black gangstalkers were hired to censor and stalk me in Georgia for asking what happened to Larry Neal just as black whipping boys beat slaves who had a philosophy of liberty. Yes, there are righteous leaders, but we cannot determine who they are merely by observing their race or party.

Rosa Parks, a Warrior Woman

6.   We note that the rate of inmates in America did not rise to today's epidemic levels until after the Voting Rights Act passed. The people we elected either went to sleep on the job or they joined oppressors after Rosa Parks, a black woman, refused to relinquish her seat on an Alabama bus and started the civil rights movement. Black women allowed their children to desegregate schools that the students needed police protection to enter. Black women risked their children's lives because we esteem freedom more important than life itself. Black women go to the polls and to elect people who we think will help us keep our families safe from the racism and the constant threat of slavery reemerging under such illegal, immoral laws as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and people we voted for actually supported the concentration camp bill and other freedom-killing legislation. We are being undermined by men and women we helped to place in high positions. 

7. Overt racism and classism grow more oppressive, and the prison slave trade runs amok without intervention by the injustice system. Police violence against blacks has increased, and few officers are held responsible for brutality or wrongful deaths regardless of who governs. Yet, individuals and organizations that refuse to help people after numerous tragedies grandstand on Trayvon Martin's coffin. Some actually use the Internet to call for riots and race wars, but they are not arrested for their criminal conduct. These negative circumstances may be ploys to induce violence and excuse Martial Law in order to fill NDAA concentration camps with black, brown, and working class white people. See "Trayvon Martin Shooting - Setup for Martial Law?" at this link   http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2012/03/trayvon-martin-shooting-set-up-for.html - I am convinced that some elitists encourage racial tension among poor and middle class people to prevent unity among racially diverse 99% people. They fear our unity against corporate greed and oppressive laws. Unity is our strength (Gen. 11:6). 

Black mothers risked their children's safety to fight Jim Crow

8. I believe that many, if not most, of our elected and appointed officials and officers in some civil/human rights organizations, mainstream media companies and other corporations are prison investors who united to benefit by the enslaving more people than any nation in world history, with or without guilt being proved. My suspicions are partly based on the fact that miscreants recently passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to enslave people in military concentration camps indefinitely without having to name any crime whatsoever. NDAA was supposedly written to apply to terrorists connected to 9/11 and their domestic supporters. Who believes that would be more than a handful of people - certainly not enough to fill six concentration camps? Alcee Hastings, a black U.S. Congressman (D-FL) introduced H.R.645 for concentration camps in 2009, the year of change. (Make sure the next paragraph is number 9, beginning with a sentence in bold re "rising alarm about oppressive laws.)

 9. I feel that most officials ignore The People's rising alarm about the direction of the nation, and they continue to introduce and pass oppressive laws in total disregard of their responsibility to represent their constituents' interests. A good many officials seem to hold their oaths of office in contempt and disregard and undermine the Constitution. News of relevance for and about African Americans is frequently suppressed in mainstream media, such as the fact that The Cochran Firm claims nonexistence in Atlanta when sued for fraud. Without the ability to post our own reports in Internet social media and upload videos that expose police violence on YouTube, more victimization would be covered-up and abuses of power would proliferate. 

10. CISPA, an Internet censorship bill, passed in the U.S. House of representatives in April 2012. It was sponsored by Representatives Mike Rogers (R-Mich) and Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) and passed by 248 to 168 votes. The fact that 289 representatives in the House and 93 senators voted for NDAA (the concentration camp bill) is alarming. Traditionally, laws are used to prosecute but seldom to protect the 99%, especially African Americans. Minorities have decision making powers regarding government, human rights organizations, and corporations, but too many of them ignore or actively participate in impoverishing and enslaving Americans or otherwise victimizing people, including other minorities. Their apathy about or participation in suppressing human rights is particularly abhorrent. We deserve better. 

11. I am convinced that many "public servants" (including whites and minorities, Democrats and Republicans) are actual slave masters through their private prison investments. Furthermore, they use our children and tax money to engage in wars supposedly for human rights globally while ignoring human rights in the USA. Apparently, they consider 99% people, particularly blacks, as being "material" only as taxpayers, prison slaves, and military troops. People who have a philosophy of liberty, like the women speaking at the five video links at paragraph 2(A) through 2(E) above,  are subjected to illegal persecution and malicious prosecution while persons they helped to elect to government offices or promote in the media and other corporations withhold assistance and/or actually participate in mistreatment of African American females and our families, especially our men. We Have Been Thrown Under the Bus.

12. HAPPY ELECTION YEAR, LADIES! Do you know where your children are (going)? While we were busy electing people who look like us, those who look most like us (our loved ones) are being enslaved or killed. Unless we support Rep. Ron Paul's congressional bill to repeal NDAA, more will follow. Support H.R.3785 for your family's sake and to eliminate the threat of Nazi concentration camps that can be used to hold millions more people than the millions presently interned in America.  (Final link will be added here). There seems to be a concerted effort to prevent the masses in America from knowing that H.R.3785 is pending before Congress to repeal the concentration camp provision of NDAA. Sisters must continue to be vigilant soldiers for ourselves, our families and our communities like we have been since stepping off the slave master's boat. 

13.   Many of the people who should care about us do not, and many who have a responsibility to protect and defend our rights will not. If you doubt me, I challenge you to share this article with anyone in government or positions of influence in media, corporate America, or civil/human rights organizations to help the women mentioned herein. Their lack of response will make you recognize there is an elite integration among cruel, racist Masters and plantation overseers. Yes, red pills have side effects - disappointment, pain, and frustration. But the truth shall make us free. We cannot bury our heads in the sand, but we must resolve to be people our families and communities can depend on during critical times like these. Unfortunately, the only shoulders that many African American women have to lean on belong to Jesus Christ, who already said, "Rise up and walk." This is not to take anything away from our revolutionary brothers, but we know they are usually killed or arrested for standing up. Handle your business, sistahs. As usual, it is largely on us. Demand that America BE what she said on paper (MLK). Toss out the sell-outs. We must acknowledge that there are strangers in our House. See the video entitled "There's a Stranger in My House," embedded below and also available at YouTube link http://youtu.be/pcGzLc9mgV8 . The 1960s song title was wrong. Sometimes big girls do cry. But then we must "rise up and walk."

14.   Advocacy article by Mary Neal urging unity against oppression. "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all ONE in Christ. ~Gal. 3:28 and Matt. 12:50.


Mmuhammad95 said...

Sister Mary no one can say that you are lying about anything you have written. But the problem is us not them. I say that because we continue to beg this people to do right by us but they fail and the lawyers know there is no place set up on earth to truly give us Justice that is why they will continue to rip us off and to take from us what belongs to us. The only thing that will stop this action is to strike back You will never be able to call the true God and his teaching to be a lie. I challenge anybody in the world to prove me wrong on that. Our condition is the answer that we can't hide away! Truth has come to you!

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Thanks for the affirmation, Maurice. We must support only people who support human and civil rights and re-elect only those incumbents who have earned our votes during their previous term in office. As bad as things are now, they can get worse. Conditions will get much worse if we show ourselves to be pushovers in the 2012 elections. I was astonished when Alcee Hastings (D-FL) was reelected after introducing H.R.645 for erecting six concentration camps in America. History shows that prisons and concentration camps are for minorities and political prisoners first and actual criminals second, but only if the criminals are middle class or poor. Before going to Congress, Hastings was a federal judge who was ousted for corruption, an extremely rare event. When people like Hastings get reelected, other unethical officials and candidates find no reason to respect their constituents. They realize that many voters consider only the candidates' race and party rather than their performance. Just in case the voting machines are not rigged and our votes really do count, we should be more prudent about who we support for local as well as national offices.

Many blessings to you, Maurice. We appreciate your response.