Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Holiday Tragedies for America's Mentally Ill

Below is a report with thirteen (13) links within twelve(12) numbered paragraphs that I repeatedly sent to one of my own email accounts, but it never arrived there. I said, "My goodness! Did anyone I mailed this information to actually receive it?" Whatever cyberstalkers hide, I try harder to expose. "Mary, Mary, quite contrary!" While my online friends enjoy this festive season like I hope you are, thanks for not forgetting sick people living homeless, being brutalized, killed, or suffering in solitary confinement or on death row this very minute. Below are quick summaries about five of your mentally challenged neighbors, including veterans, who were killed, injured, or jailed because of their mental dysfunctions over the 2011 holiday season. This report includes data about two mentally challenged condemned inmates and a brief update about our justice quest for my brother Larry - America's secret government lynching.

2. -- A 15-year-old was shot and killed by Atlanta area police days before Christmas 2011 ta'Shawn Williams had just been transported to the hospital by police a week before his fatal shooting. The child was acting dangerous. What happened the police officers' Tasers? I read about tranquilizers used to arrest a man in Tennessee a few years ago. Aren't there tranquilizer guns for humans, or only elephants captured alive?

3. --- An Afghanistan veteran with PTSD was killed by police  28-year-old Justin Crowley-Smilek was shot by police days before Thanksgiving, allegedly after threatening officers with a knife. (Whenever you read my articles via cellphone, elect to "go to page 1." The stalkers seemingly are censoring the account about sick prisoners in Georgia at paragraph 6 and my brother's lynching in Tennessee at paragraph 8.)

4. --- ANOTHER Afghanistan vet, this one with bipolar disorder, was brutalized by police - "Kayvan Sabehgi, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, is in intensive care with a lacerated spleen. He says he was beaten by police close to the Occupy Oakland camp, but despite suffering agonising pain, did not reach hospital until 18 hours later." (Quote from Booman Tribune)

5. --- The Neal family is still DENIED any records or accountability by the United States Department of Justice or Memphis Shelby County Jail regarding the 18 days of secret arrest and extermination of Larry Neal in 2003. The means of Larry's murder remain undisclosed, and it seems dangerous to ask! Taser? Restraint Chair? Brutality? Medical experiments? Waterboarding training? We ask authorities year after year - eight years and counting. Because I ask for open disclosure and records, I was put on watchlists - See "Open Letter to President Obama from Mary Neal . Homelessness, prison and death continue to be the nation's provisions for chronic mental patients, including veterans. If the link fails, use this one -  - Stalkers often corrupt links regarding my brother, Larry, the harmless, black, middle-aged schizophrenic heart patient whose murder the USDOJ helps Shelby County Jail to cover-up. Censoring the truth is not the way to appear democratic. It is best for America to "BE WHAT SHE SAID ON PAPER" (MLK).

6. --- Roughly 1.25 million mentally ill Americans are behind bars. Please help the mother of two mentally ill inmates (ages 19 and 22) visit her sons this holiday season. Ms. Goolsby must pay $700 probation and $50 transportation expenses to see them. It is easy to be on probation in Georgia, where 1 in 13 people are in the system. People are offered probation if they owe traffic tickets they are unable to pay on their court dates. Write 1572 Hardee St., #25-E, Atlanta, GA  30307, or call Ms. Goolsby's mom's house, Ms. Benjamin is at 404/272-5575. See - Ms. Goolsby phone is off today, but she expects to have it back on by January 5 - 404/370-2507. Her 22-year-old was beaten and raped in prison recently, and the 19-year-old was in solitary confinement when we spoke. His grandmother reported to me since that time that the teen is out of solitary now. Hopefully Ms. Goolsby can see her son before he goes back in "the hole" again. Both sons were mentally ill from early childhood and declared disabled by the Government. However, mentally ill people are sorely punished if they act inappropriately in America. There are not enough hospital beds, but plenty of jail cells, including "private rooms." Hopefully, there will be room at Georgia Regional for the teen soon. His mother expected his transfer in July.

7. --- Some mental patients are on death row, like Andre Thomas who ate both his eyes since his arrest, and Jeff Wood, who is awaiting execution in Texas under the law of parties (that means Jeff never killed anyone). The justice system is merciless, and Texas leads the nations in executions that happened since the 1970's. Another state leads in executions throughout U.S. history, however. If you want to know which state has first place, visit my article in my MaryLovesJustice blog, "DP: The Unholy Race" at this link - - Please also Google my name with Andre Thomas and with Jeff Wood (separately) to find their stories by this writer.

8. --- Pray for the Hickman family. N. Hickman, a 100% mentally incompetent Vietnam vet with severe PTSD, thinks his wife continually runs over him in her car, and he calls police. Ms. Hickman has been arrested on her husband's wild allegations twice and is banned from their home in Glynn County, Georgia. See her five "Glynn County Bans Blacks" videos at YouTube at her channel. Although 2011 marks the third Christmas of the couple's court-enforced separation, Ms. Hickman cannot get a trial date set to defend herself against her sick husband's accusations. She worries about her husband, plus she has two open felonies against her and needs to clear her name. Video 1 of 5 - is embedded below:

9. --- Pray also for legal clients who rely on The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm in civil actions and for criminal defense. The law firm has a serious identity crisis and compulsion to lie to its own clients about legal work the firm is not really doing. My elderly mother and I sued the firm for defrauding my family regarding our wrongful death lawsuit against Memphis Shelby County Jail when Larry was killed there, but The Cochran Firm claimed nonexistence in the State of Georgia where Georgia marshals served our lawsuit (at the firm's widely advertised Peachtree Street office in Atlanta). That was in Superior Court of Fulton County. In United States District Court, The Cochran Firm claimed it has no law offices whatsoever within the State of Tennessee. Apparently, law firms can have mental health issues like people can. Judges allowed the perjury to go without censure. Numerous former clients across America are currently suing The Cochran Firm for defrauding them, so I hope their judges are more astute than my family had.

10. --- Some mentally ill people have no criminal charges but were arrested on lunacy warrants. My brother's capital crime was singing loud and occasional panhandling. Larry Neal irritated police and was killed. See - . Larry's death is a treated like a national secret although over a million people know. I use Larry as our poster child for a worst-case scenario regarding incarcerating acute mental patients. Exposing his lynching and the cover-up that yet continues eight years later engenders much censorship and terrorism against me. But if each one will tell one, together we can decriminalize mental illness in America. 

11. --- This holiday season and throughout 2012, please give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL and those in danger of imprisonment due to a common, treatable health condition. Here is a link  Use it to call, write, or email your elected and appointed officials to say, "TREATMENT, NOT PRISON FOR OUR MENTALLY CHALLENGED NEIGHBORS!" 

12. --- It is more scary than ever to advocate for human rights with horrible bills like the National Defense Authorization Act on the president's desk. I initially thought everyone would be real pleased with me for advocating for sick people, but the opposite is true. Pray for all human rights advocates, please. This article, with 13 links within 12 numbered paragraphs, is offered as advocacy for the least among us, His brethren (Matt. 25:40), by Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI), a/k/a "The Dorothea Dix Group" link - - Happy holidays! 

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